identification of novel cryptosporidium genotypes from avian hosts.a total of 430 avian-derived fecal specimens were randomly collected from selected western australian commercial aviaries, poultry farms, hatcheries, wildlife parks, and the perth zoo and screened for the presence of cryptosporidium by pcr. of these, 27 cryptosporidium-positive isolates were detected, characterized, and compared with 11 avian-derived isolates from the czech republic at the 18s rrna and actin gene loci. sequence and phylogenetic analysis identified four genetically distinct genot ...200617028234
molecular characterization of cryptosporidium spp. from fecal samples of birds kept in captivity in brazil.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of cryptosporidium species and genotypes in birds kept in captivity in brazil. a total of 966 samples from 18 families of birds was collected and stored in 5% potassium dichromate solution at 4 degrees c until processing. oocysts were purified in sheather sugar solution following extraction of genomic dna. molecular analyses were performed using nested-pcr for amplification of fragments of the 18s subunit of rrna gene and of the actin gene. a ...200919683397
cryptosporidium galli and novel cryptosporidium avian genotype vi in north american red-winged blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus).proventriculus and intestinal samples from 70 north american red-winged blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus; order passeriformes) were examined for the presence of cryptosporidium by pcr amplification and sequence analysis of the 18s ribosomal rna (18s rrna), actin, and 70-kda heat shock protein (hsp70) genes. twelve birds (17.1 %) were positive for the cryptosporidium 18s rrna gene: six birds were positive at the proventriculus site only and six birds were positive at the proventriculus and intesti ...201626818945
diagnosis of gastric cryptosporidiosis in birds using a duplex real-time pcr assay.three species and several genotypes of cryptosporidium can infect the epithelial surface of the bursa of fabricius, the respiratory tract, the proventriculus, the intestine, and the urinary tract in birds. there is reason to believe that gastric cryptosporidiosis in birds is caused by cryptosporidium galli and cryptosporidium avian genotype iii, resulting in a chronic illness of the proventriculus that can lead to a debilitating and fatal clinical condition in birds of the orders passeriformes a ...201425155280
cryptosporidium infections of ring-necked pheasants (phasianus colchicus) from an intensive artificial breeding programme in the czech republic.from july to november 2012, preliminary coprological examinations were carried out on 85 pooled faecal samples of different aged ring-necked pheasants (phasianus colchicus) (hatches from may until july) from an intensive artificial breeding programme in the czech republic. cryptosporidium oocysts were detected in 12 samples (14.1 %) of ages >12 weeks (august-september). these results were supported by findings of cryptosporidium baileyi and cryptosporidium meleagridis oocysts in intestinal, or c ...201626815038
cryptosporidium spp. in pet birds: genetic diversity and potential public health characterize the prevalence and assess the zoonotic transmission burden of cryptosporidium species/genotypes in pet birds in henan, china, 434 fecal samples were acquired from 14 families of birds in pet shops. the overall prevalence of cryptopsoridium was 8.1% (35/434) by the sheather's sugar flotation technique. the cryptosporidium-positive samples were analyzed by dna sequence analysis of the small subunit (ssu) rrna gene. three cryptosporidium species and two genotypes were identified, in ...201121557938
genotyping of cryptosporidium spp. from free-living wild birds from wild and domestic birds, cryptosporidiosis is often associated with infections by cryptosporidium galli, cryptosporidium baileyi and cryptosporidium meleagridis. in addition to these species, a number of avian cryptosporidium species yet to be fully characterized are commonly found among exotic and wild avian isolates. the present study aimed to detect and identify samples of cryptosporidium spp. from free-living wild birds, in order to contribute to the knowledge of the variability of this p ...201021035268
physical, epidemiological, and molecular evaluation of infection by cryptosporidium galli in passeriformes.due to the scarcity of information related to the epidemiology of cryptosporidium infection in passerine birds, this study aimed to determine the periodicity of fecal shedding of cryptosporidium spp. oocysts, after natural infection, and its clinical signs, mortality, and molecular characterization. four hundred eighty fecal samples were collected from 40 birds, including 372 samples from 31 adult birds and 108 samples from nine young birds (up to 12 months old), housed in five aviaries, monthly ...201020407911
natural infection with cryptosporidium galli in canaries (serinus canaria), in a cockatiel (nymphicus hollandicus), and in lesser seed-finches (oryzoborus angolensis) from brazil.proventricular infection by cryptosporidium sp. or cryptosporidium galli has been associated with mortality, weight loss, diarrhea, and pasty feces. the purpose of this study is to report the occurrence of natural c galli infection in canaries (serinus canaria), in a cockatiel (nymphicus hollandicus), and in lesser seed-finches (oryzoborus angolensis) with clinical complaints of apathy and sporadic mortality. screening for cryptosporidium spp. using microscopic examination of fecal samples and s ...200819166068
real-time pcr assay targeting the actin gene for the detection of cryptosporidium parvum in calf fecal samples.cryptosporidium parvum infection is very important with respect to public health, owing to foodborne and waterborne outbreaks and gastrointestinal illness in immunocompetent and immunocompromised persons. in cattle, infection with this species manifests either as a subclinical disease or with diarrheal illness, which occurs more often in the presence of other infectious agents than when alone. the aim of this study was to develop a real-time polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay for the detectio ...201122042503
a redescription of cryptosporidium galli pavlasek, 1999 (apicomplexa: cryptosporidiidae) from birds.cryptosporidium galli pavlasek, 1999, described from the feces of birds, is redescribed with additional molecular and biological data. oocysts are ellipsoidal, are passed fully sporulated, lack sporocysts, and measure 8.25 x 6.3 microm (range 8.0-8.5 x 6.2-6.4 microm) with a length-width ratio of 1.30 (n = 50). oocysts are structurally similar to those of cryptosporidium baileyi described from chickens, but in addition to being considerably larger than oocysts of c. baileyi, these oocysts infect ...200314533694
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