bird mitochondrial gene order: insight from 3 warbler mitochondrial genomes.two main gene orders exist in birds: the ancestral gene order and the remnant control region (cr) 2 gene order. these gene orders differ by the presence of 1 or 2 copies of the cr, respectively. among songbirds, oscines were thought to follow the ancestral gene order, with the exception of the lyrebird and phylloscopus warblers. here, we determined the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of 3 non-phylloscopus warblers species and found that the blackcap (sylvia atricapilla) and the reed warbl ...200818178969
[high prevalence and diversity of blood parasites of passerine birds in southern turkmenistan].thirty nine specimens of passerine birds belonging to 19 species and eight families were investigated by blood smear technique in four localities of southern turkmenistan in 3-18 august 1991. the overall prevalence of infection was 59%. protists from the orders haemosporida (genera haemoproteus, plasmodium, leucocytozoon), kinetoplastida (trypanosoma), and adeleida (hepatozoon), as well as microfilaria were found. haemoproteids (the prevalence of infection is 44%), leucocytozoids (23%), malarial ...200111548579
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