identification of new world leishmania using ribosomal gene spacer probes.dna probes from the nontranscribed ribosomal spacer (nts), of leishmania garnhami and leishmania braziliensis were constructed and tested for sensitivity and specificity against different leishmania isolates. the l. garnhami probes were species-specific under hybridization conditions of high stringency, but displayed specificity for the mexicana complex under conditions of intermediate stringency. the l. braziliensis probes showed 'complex' specificity. rflp for the nontranscribed spacer within ...19921361963
[effectiveness of paromomycin-i against leishmania garnhami in heterozygote albino mice]. 19853915382
[infectiousness of leishmania garnhami promastigotes for the hamster]. 19853915385
[the taxonomic status of leishmania garnhami, indicated by its pattern of development in the vector].under experimental conditions, the developmental pattern of leishmania garnhami in its vector lutzomyia townsendi, was established following daily dissections between the 1st and the 12th day post-infection. l. garnhami succeeded in establishing initial infections in any of the gut regions and in the malpighian tubules of infected sandflies. similar behavior was observed in infected lu. longipalpis. the distribution of l. garnhami in the digestive tract of infected flies, is different to that ob ...19854088042
[host-parasite relations between leishmania garnhami from venezuela and histiocytes from skin lesions in hamsters]. 19836379771
[experimental transmission of leishmania garnhami to the hamster by the bite of lutzomyia townsendi]. 19846399593
homogeneous restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of the ribosomal dna repeating unit in new world leishmania.we have studied the sau 3ai restriction length polymorphisms (rflp) of the non-transcribed ribosomal spacer of leishmania isolates from the mexicana and braziliensis complexes, using cloned sequences of leishmania garnhami and leishmania braziliensis. the l. garnhami probe produced very complex but conserved patterns in the homologous organisms, and these were shared by all the mexicana complex isolates at intermediate stringency conditions. the small subunit rrna coding region within the probe ...19937670526
antimony determination in tissues and serum of hamsters infected with leishmania garnhami and treated with meglumine antimoniate.hamsters were experimentally infected with leishmania garnhami and then treated for 10 days with n-methyl-glucamine antimoniate (glucantime); 60 mg/kg/day by intramuscular (im) or intralesional (il) routes. hydride generation-atomic absorption spectroscopy was used to determine the concentrations of sbiii and sbv in the blood serum and total sb in the tissues of the hamsters from 1 to 30 days after initiation of the treatment. serum concentrations of sbiii and sbv were always similar. total sb c ...19948192513
detection of species of the subgenus leishmania parasites using polymerase chain reaction and southern this study, an attempt was made to identify different leishmania species by polymerase chain reaction (pcr). fourteen leishmania strains from stock were tested by pcr and southern blotting. a pair of primers were employed that anneal to the kinetoplast dna sequence conserved among subgenus leishmania. of the 14 leishmania strains used in this study, six showed strong bands of approximately 170 bp, and all the positive strains belonged to the species of the subgenus leishmania viz., leishmania ...200111603387
an enhanced method for the identification of leishmania spp. using real-time polymerase chain reaction and sequence analysis of the 7sl rna gene region.the accurate identification of leishmania spp. is important for the treatment of infected patients. molecular methods offer an alternative to time-consuming traditional laboratory techniques for species determination. we redesigned a 7sl rna gene-based polymerase chain reaction and sequence assay for increased species identification. dna extracted from 17 reference strains and 10 cultured clinical isolates was examined. sequence comparison was used successfully to identify organisms to the compl ...201020226334
[experimental chemotherapy in cutaneous leishmaniasis. iii. effect of glucantime and humatin (p&d) on leishmania garnhami and leishmania braziliensis in hamsters]. 19846537698
[host-parasite relations between leishmania garnhami from venezuela and histiocytes of dermal lesions in hamsters]. 19863425106
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