plant species modifies the functional response of phytoseiulus persimilis (acari: phytoseiidae) to tetranychus urticae (acari: tetranychidae): implications for biological control.the functional response of the predatory mite phytoseiulus persimilis athias-henriot to eggs of its prey, the spider mite tetranychus urticae koch was examined on three plant species. experiments were done to determine whether differences in the functional response on the three plant species were due to the morphological features of the crop directly on the predator or through an effect of the plant species on the prey. the results show that crop morphology is the only factor influencing the pre ...200111228589
physicochemical characteristics of ambient particles settling upon leaf surfaces of urban plants in beijing.particulate pollution is a serious health problem throughout the world, exacerbating a wide range of respiratory and vascular illnesses in urban areas. urban plants play an important role in reducing particulate pollution. physicochemical characteristics of ambient particles settling upon leaf surfaces of eleven roadside plants at four sites of beijing were studies. results showed that density of particles on the leaf surfaces greatly varied with plant species and traffic condition. fraxinus chi ...200617278748
two new insecticidal sesquiterpene esters from euonymus japonicus.two new insecticidal sesquiterpene esters with a beta-dihydroagarofuran sesquiterpene skeleton, ejaponine a (1) and ejaponine b (2), and two known compounds, 3 and 4, were isolated from the etoac extract of the root bark of euonymus japonicus thunb. by bioassay-guided fractionation. their chemical structures were elucidated mainly by analysis of ms and nmr spectral data. the ld50 values of ejaponine a (1), ejaponine b (2), 3 and 4 showed against mythimna separata were 89.2, 98.6, 181.4 and 109.2 ...200919809912
efficacy of some botanical extracts against trogoderma granarium in wheat grains with toxicity an attempt to find alternative control methods for stored products insects, extracts of seven plant species (cassia senna, caesalpinia gilliesii, thespesia populnea var. acutiloba, chrysanthemum frutescens, euonymus japonicus, bauhinia purpurea, and cassia fistula) were evaluated under laboratory conditions for their ability to protect wheat (triticum spp.) grains against trogoderma granarium insect. moreover, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (gc-ms) analysis was carried to identify the c ...201222606054
spatial distribution and management of isolated woody plants traditionally used as farmland boundary markers in ibaraki prefecture, japan.although noncrop woody plants in crop field landscapes serve multiple functions, the modernization of agriculture has threatened their preservation. in this study, isolated woody plants used as farmland boundary markers were investigated in ibaraki prefecture in the eastern kanto region. a total of 2001 individuals of 50 species were found around 177 equidistantly spaced points. the most frequently used species was deutzia crenata (60.7%), and the main subordinate species were pourthiaea villosa ...201223420389
dna damage in euonymus japonicus leaf cells caused by roadside pollution in beijing.the inhalable particles from vehicle exhaust can cause dna damage to exposed organisms. research on dna damage is primarily focused on the influence of specific pollutants on certain species or the effect of environmental pollution on human beings. to date, little research has quantitatively studied the relationship between roadside pollution and dna damage. based on an investigation of the roadside pollution in beijing, euonymus japonicus leaves of differing ages grown in heavily-polluted secti ...201627455298
dihydroagarofuranoid sesquiterpenes as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors from celastraceae plants: maytenus disticha and euonymus japonicus.natural cholinesterase inhibitors have been found in many biological sources. nine compounds with agarofuran (epoxyeudesmane) skeletons were isolated from seeds and aerial parts of maytenus disticha and euonymus japonicus. the identification and structural elucidation of compounds were based on spectroscopic data analyses. all compounds had inhibitory acetylcholinesterase (ache) activity. these natural compounds, which possessed mixed or uncompetitive mechanisms of inhibitory activity against ac ...201526545100
assessing the capacity of plant species to accumulate particulate matter in beijing, china.air pollution causes serious problems in spring in northern china; therefore, studying the ability of different plants to accumulate particulate matter (pm) at the beginning of the growing season may benefit urban planners in their attempts to control air pollution. this study evaluated deposits of pm on the leaves and in the wax layer of 35 species (11 shrubs, 24 trees) in beijing, china. differences in the accumulation of pm were observed between species. cephalotaxus sinensis, euonymus japoni ...201526506104
the complete chloroplast genome sequence of euonymus japonicus (celastraceae).the complete chloroplast (cp) genome sequence of the euonymus japonicus, the first sequenced of the genus euonymus, was reported in this study. the total length was 157 637 bp, containing a pair of 26 678 bp inverted repeat region (ir), which were separated by small single copy (ssc) region and large single copy (lsc) region of 18 340 bp and 85 941 bp, respectively. this genome contains 107 unique genes, including 74 coding genes, four rrna genes, and 29 trna genes. seventeen genes contain intro ...201626407184
[ability of typical greenery shrubs of beijing to adsorb and arrest pm2.5 ].four typical types of green shrubs of beijing (euonymus japonicus, buxus microphylla, berberis thunbergii cv. atropurpurea, taxus cuspidate cv. nana) were selected to study their capacities in adsorbing and arresting pm2.5 using both field observations and air chamber simulations. concurrently, in order to analyze the pollution characteristics of beijing in winter and spring, the pm2.5 concentrations of december 2012 to may 2013 were collected. experimental results showed that: from the gas cham ...201425518685
effects of stomatal development on stomatal conductance and on stomatal limitation of photosynthesis in syringa oblata and euonymus japonicus thunb.during leaf development, the increase in stomatal conductance cannot meet photosynthetic demand for co2, thus leading to stomatal limitation of photosynthesis (ls). considering the crucial influences of stomatal development on stomatal conductance, we speculated whether stomatal development limits photosynthesis to some extent. to test this hypothesis, stomatal development, stomatal conductance and photosynthesis were carefully studied in both syringa oblata (normal greening species) and euonymu ...201425443830
measurement of partition coefficients for selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons between isolated plant cuticles and water.partition coefficients between plant cuticles and water (kcutw) were measured for 10 selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) to evaluate the sorption capacity of plant cuticular layers for hydrophobic organic chemicals. the partitioning properties of pahs between cuticles and water were evaluated by using (1) isolated cuticular layers and (2) leaf homogenate. the abaxial and adaxial cuticular layers of euonymus japonicus were isolated by enzymatic digestion. a third-phase partitioning m ...201425038429
an endoparasitoid avoids hyperparasitism by manipulating immobile host herbivore to modify host plant morphology.many parasitic organisms have an ability to manipulate their hosts to increase their own fitness. in parasitoids, behavioral changes of mobile hosts to avoid or protect against predation and hyperparasitism have been intensively studied, but host manipulation by parasitoids associated with endophytic or immobile hosts has seldom been investigated. we examined the interactions between a gall inducer masakimyia pustulae (diptera: cecidomyiidae) and its parasitoids. this gall midge induces dimorphi ...201425033216
glycosylsphingolipids from euonymus japonicus thunb.the stem bark of euonymus japonicus thunb. led to the isolation of three new glycosylsphingolipids (1-3), 1-o-[-l-rhamnopyranosyl-(1→2)-β-d-glucopyranosyl]-(2s,3r,9e)-2-n-[(2r)-hydroxystearoyl]-octadecasphinga-9-ene (euojaposphingoside a, 1), 1-o-[β-d-glucopyranosyl-(1→2)-β-d-glucopyranosyl]-(2s,3r,4r,11e)-2-n-[(2r)-hydroxydocasanoyl]-octadecasphinga-11-ene (euojaposphingoside b, 2), 1-o-[β-d-glucopyranosyl]-2'-o-[β-d-glucopyranosyl]-(2s,3r,4r,11e)-2-n-[(2r)-hydroxytetracosanoyl]-octadecasphinga ...201323685045
light brown apple moth in california: a diversity of host plants and indigenous parasitoids.the light brown apple moth, epiphyas postvittana (walker), an australia native tortricid, was found in california in 2006. a field survey of host plants used by e. postvittana was conducted in an urban region of the san francisco bay area. an inspection of 152 plant species (66 families), within a 23-ha residential community, found e. postvittana on 75 species (36 families). most (69 species) host plants were not australian natives, but had a wide geographic origin; 34 species were new host reco ...201222525062
cadmium stabilization with nursery stocks through transplantation: a new approach to phytoremediation.disposal of heavy metal contaminated biomass after phytoremediation is still unfeasible. this paper presents a viable phyto-extraction approach in which metals in contaminated soils are stabilized by nursery stocks before transplantation for greening. in this respect, two pot-experiments are reported comparing seven nursery stocks species exposed to different cd levels. the first experiment revealed that cd was mainly stabilized in the roots of all species studied. greater amounts of cd were acc ...201222138169
[analysis on urban vegetations reflectance characteristics in shanghai].the spectral features of ground objects are not only the brief contents of mechanism of remote sensing, but also the important basis in remote sensing application. as one of main components of terrestrial ecosystems, urban forest plays a key role in maintaining urban ecosystem balance. in the present paper, the authors adopted fieldspec 3 portable spectroscope made by american asd company, and investigated or examined some spots in the kangjian park of shanghai, china. the spectra of euonymus ja ...201021284194
isolation, biological evaluation and 3d-qsar studies of insecticidal/narcotic sesquiterpene polyol esters.for the first time, a set of (43) natural sesquiterpene polyol esters isolated from the root bark of celastrus angulatus maxim and euonymus japonicus thunb were subjected to 3d-qsar comparative molecular field analysis (comfa) and comparative molecular similarity indices analysis (comsia) studies, with the aim of proposing novel sesquiterpene-based compounds with optimal narcotic or insecticidal activities. the established 3d-qsar models exhibit reasonable statistical quality and prediction capa ...201120532805
a new aromatic triterpene from euonymus japonicus.a new aromatic triterpene was isolated from the root bark etoac extract of euonymus japonicus thunb, and its chemical structure was elucidated mainly by analysis of ms and nmr spectra.200919401915
[coupling effect of two drought-resistant agents on photosynthetic characteristics of euonymus japonicus].a field study on the coupling effect of new drought-resistant agents fa handilong (fa hdl) and beijing green angel (bga) on the photosynthetic characteristics of euonymus japonicus showed that these two agents could all decrease the stomatal conductance (gs) and transpiration rate (tr) , and increase the net photosynthesis rate (pn) and pn/tr of e. japonicus leaves. the inhibitory effect of fa hdl on gs and tr was more significant when bga was not applied. fa hdl inhibited the pn and pn/tr when ...200717552185
[pahs in foliar dust from beijing urban area].a five-step sequential elution procedure with or without supersonic effect was tested for extraction of foliar dust from leaves of euonymus japonicus collected at two locations of beijing urban area. the samples were collected from either roadside or campus far away from any motor traffic. the foliar dust was characterized for size distribution, organic carbon content, and pahs content. it was found that majority of the foliar dust can be eluted in 4 min by distill water under supersonic effect ...200415202256
group feeding as a strategy for exploiting food resources in the burnet moth pryeria sinica.pryeria sinica (zygaenidae) larvae feed on young and growing leaves of euonymus japonicus in groups. the larvae often defoliate their host plant. hence, the larvae are occasionally subject to serious shortage in food resources. we hypothesize that larval aggregation is an adaptation for the economical utilization of limited food resources. to test this hypothesis, the patterns of resource utilization were studied on larvae settled on shoots of host plant in various group sizes. the amount of foo ...198228309896
penetration of iron and some organic substances through isolated cuticular membranes.cuticular membranes were isolated enzymically from tomato fruits and from the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the leaves of euonymus japonicus. penetration of fe from feso(4) and feeddha (ferric ethylenediamine di(o-hydroxyphenylacetate) in the absence and presence of urea through the isolated cuticular membranes was studied. fe from feso(4) penetrated more rapidly through the cuticles than fe from feeddha. urea reduced the penetration of fe from feso(4) and feeddha. binding of fe on the inner su ...196916657094
occurrence of dulcitol as exudate from euonymus japonicus and e. europaeus. 194915399602
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