[total nitrogen, alpha-amine nitrogen and ph in the cultural filtrates of various leptospiral serotypes being cultured in a liquid korthof's medium (author's transl)]. 197844830
immunity to leptospirosis: antiserums in dogs and hamsters.resistance to clinical and renal leptospirosis in dogs injected with antiserum to leptospira interrogans serotype canicola and leptospira interrogans serotype icterohaemorrhagiae was demonstrated. the relationship between resistance induced in serum-injected hamsters was also demonstrated, using criteria of leptospiremia, renal infection, leptospiruria, and clinical signs of disease in dogs and death in hamsters.1975234703
immunity to leptospirosis: bacterins in dogs and hamsters.resistance to clinical and renal leptospirosis in dogs vaccinated with a bacterin containing leptospira interrogans serotype canicola and leptospira interrogans serotype icterohaemorrhagiae was demonstrated. the relationship between resistance induced in vaccinated dogs and that induced in vaccinated hamsters was also demonstrated, using criteria of leptospiremia, renal infection, leptospiruria, and clinical signs of disease in dogs and death in hamsters.1975234704
[occupational leptospiroses in laboratory workers (author's transl)]. 1975236837
human leptospirosis.human leptospirosis is a subject of increasing interest. although this disease was frequently associated with individuals whose occupation or geographic location placed them in close proximity to wild animals or farm animals, recent cases have been particularly prevalent in young children and adolescents in urban and suburban america. many of the recent cases have been acquired from household pets, particularly from dogs or hamsters. in particular, healthy dogs who have been immunized with lepto ...1975237740
[human disease caused by leptospira canicola in budapest]. 1975234186
[leptospirosis in children: a not infrequent disease (author's transl)].a total of 14 cases of leptospirosis in children aged from 5 to 15 years, hospitalized in the paris region, are reported. the polymorphe character of the disease is pointed out. the necessity for respecting a rigorous chronological order when requesting complementary examinations, which could confirm the diagnosis, is stressed. domestic animals, team-mates, and while swimming at week-ends or during holidays, are potential sources or means of infection in the young. this justifies searching for l ...1979224477
experiements with an inactivated hepatitis leptospirosis vaccine in vaccination programmes for dogs.a fluid adjuvanted vaccine consisting of inactivated hepatitis virus (ih) and leptospirae antigens (l) was developed. the vaccine (kavak ihl; duphar) was tested in several vaccination programmes both alone and in combination with freeze dried measles (m) or distemper (d) vaccines. the results demonstrate that this new vaccine is also effective in pups with maternally derived antibodies, although a second vaccination at 14 weeks of age is recommended to boost the first vaccination. for the booste ...1977196386
survey of leptospiral agglutinins in the sera of swine of southeastern alabama.the occurrence of leptospirosis in swine of southeastern alabama was determined. a total of 627 sera were tested, using the microscopic agglutination method, with live antigens of 12 serovars. of the sera tested, 121 (19.3%) had a titer of 1:100 or greater to the serovars employed. the percentage distribution of sera with titers of greater than or equal to 1:100 among serovars most commonly reported was as follows: leptospira interrogans serovars pomona, 3.8%; icterohaemorrhagiae, 3.3%; canicola ...1979507487
serological incidence of leptospirosis and leptospiral serotypes among livestock farms. 1979511443
serological studies on leptospirosis in cattle in east central alabama.serological surveys of leptospiral antibodies in cattle were carried out in macon and the surrounding counties of east central alabama. a total of 286 bovine serum samples were screened for the presence of antibodies against live antigens from twelve pathogenic leptospiral serotypes using a microscopic agglutination test. the most frequently encountered serotypes were leptospira hardjo (47%), leptospira wolffi (34%), leptospira canicola (12%), leptospira pomona (10%) and leptospira ballum (10%). ...1978567520
humoral immune response of dogs vaccinated with leptospiral pentavalent outer envelope and whole culture vaccines.the humoral immune response of dogs vaccinated with leptospiral pentavalent outer envelope and whole culture vaccines was monitored with the microscopic agglutination (ma) test and leptospiricidal activity (la) test for a 2-year period. the leptospiral serovars in the vaccines was canicola, icterohaemorrhagiae, grippotyphosa, pomona, and hardjo. the la test was markedly more sensitive than the ma test for detecting anti-leptospira antibodies and was least noticeable with anti-pomona antibodies. ...1978727583
evaluation of the hemagglutination test for epidemiologic studies of leptospiral antibodies in wild mammals.sera from 153 wild animals of 18 species were tested for antibodies against 12 serovars of leptospira by the microscopic agglutination (ma) test. seventy-five percent of the animals tested were seropositive against one or more of the 12 serovars used. the most commonly found serovars were pomona, autumnalis, pyrogenes, icterohaemorrhagiae, australis, and canicola. of 62 carnivores representing 7 species, 55 (89%) were seropositive, as were 46 (60%) of 77 rodents from 9 species. leptospira of the ...1978650784
humoral immune responses of cattle vaccinated with leptospiral pentavalent outer envelope and whole culture vaccines.the humoral immune response of cattle vaccinated with leptospiral pentavalent outer envelope and whole culture vaccines was monitored with the microscopic agglutination (ma) test and the leptospiricidal activity (la) test for a 2.5-year period. the serovars present in the vaccines were canicola, icterohaemorrhagiae, grippotyphosa, pomona, and hardjo. the la test had greater sensitivity than the ma test for detecting antibodies to the hardjo, canicola, and icterohaemorrhagiae components of the pe ...1978677529
[leptospirosis caused by an association of different serotypes of leptospira]. 1978715527
[free aminoacids in a liquid korthof's medium during the culturing of various serotypes of leptospirae (author's transl)]. 1978757921
[investigations into the activity of some leptospiral enzymes (author's transl)]. 1978757922
dynamic changes in the epidemiology of canicola fever in israel. natural adaptation of an established serotype to a new reservoir host.investigation of human leptospirosis caused by the serotype canicola revealed a significant shift in the chain of infection of this disease. the adaptation of an old and well-established serotype to a new and abundant host, the norway rat, provides a new means for spreading and transferring canicola fever to man and farm animals. the changes in the epidemiology of leptospirosis described should serve as a warning to epidemiologists responsible for suggesting proper prophylactic measures.1977831464
canine leptospirosis: an immunopathological study of interstitial nephritis due to leptospira an attempt to define the pathogenetic mechanisms involved in acute interstitial nephritis due to leptospira canicola the kidneys of 14 dogs were subjected to histological immunofluorescence and elution studies. leptospiral antigen was found in three sites within the kidney; as discrete organisms in the proximal tubules, as granular deposits in the cytoplasm of macrophages and in large extracellular clumps in the interstitium. deposits of igg were also detected in the latter site and in plasma ...1976789837
[level of antibodies against leptospira in sera of dogs in gdaƄsk]. 1976828112
[leptospirosis (author's transl)].leptospirosis is one of the most widely distributed zoonoses. dogs are the pets in which leptospirosis is most common. the use of diagnostic laboratory procedures is discussed. during the first seven days of the disease, leptospires may be detected in the blood and organs; after the seventh day, they are detectable in the kidney and possibly also in the urine. examination of the serum for antibodies is possible after the first week of the disease. a clinical diagnosis is often hard to establish. ...1977831321
leptospirosis as a cause of erythema nodosum. 1976947446
[intracutaneous leptospirin test on swine within the framework of the examination of slaughtered animals and control of animal epidemics]. 1976948809
serologic survey of leptospiral antibodies in horses in california.a serologic survey was made of the prevalence of common leptospiral infections in horses in california. a total of 465 serums were tested, using the microscopic agglutination method, against 5 leptospiral serotypes: leptospira pomona, leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae, leptospira canicola, leptospira grippotyphosa, and leptospira hardjo. of the serums tested, 127 (27.30%) were positive against 1 or more of the leptospires, with percentage distribution among the reactors as follows: l pomona, 12.47% ...1977921041
an international survey of leptospiral agglutinin of dogs by rmat.from 1970 through 1973, the author used rmat to examine the canine leptospiral antibodies against 10 serotypes in 12,374 attended dogs, 1,855 stray dogs and 480 house dogs in 24 countries. among the 10 serotypes, l. icterohaemorrhagiae and l. canicola were the most prevalent. positive rates were in the following order: peru 26.3%, chile 18.4%, turkey 17.4%, austria 16.0%, korea 15.0%, cina (taiwan) 11.4%, japan 9.8%, brazil 7.7%, united states 5.5%, united kingdom 4.5%, italy 3.5%, germany 2.0%, ...1976977231
bovine leptospirosis: a serological and clinical study.antibodies to serotypes representing one or more of 10 leptospira serogroups were detected in the sera of 1766 (49-1 per cent) cows and heifers out of a total of 3600 sera tested. infection by the hebdomadis serogroup was the predominant infection; antibodies to serotype sejroe were found in 1503 (41-8 per cent) sera. antibodies to the icterohaemorrhagiae (7-7 per cent) and balllm (7-3 per cent) serogroups were the next most common, while antibodies to the australis, javanica, canicola, panama, ...1976997182
leptospiral antibodies in serum from cattle, swine, horses, deer, sheep, and goats: 1973 and 1974.during 2 years (fiscal years 1973 and 1974), microscopic agglutination tests were performed on 12,565 serums from cattle, swine, horses, deer, sheep, and goats for the detection of leptospiral antibodies. the most frequent presumptive infecting serogroups were hebdomadis, pomona, autumnalis, ballum, australis, and canicola.19751163878
leptospira canicola isolated from apodemus speciosus speciosus in kyushu. 1976957526
deoxyribonuclease production by leptospires. 19751180199
antileptospiral activity in lower-vertebrate sera.normal serum from the painted turtle (chrysemys picta), the snapping turtle (chelydra serpentina), and the frog (rana pipiens) were found to possess bactericidal activity towards leptospira. leptospires from both the parasitic and biflexa complexes were killed by these sera at high dilutions. this pattern differs from that of mammalian serum, as generally only the biflexa complex leptospires are killed by normal mammalian serum. the activity in c. picta serum was characterized as being complemen ...19751081972
[the etiology structure of the leptospiroses in bulgaria (author's transl)].in the course of many years the authors have studied the etiological structure of the leptospiroses in bulgaria and have typed a significant number of leptospira strains isolated from humans and animals. the strains have been isolated by the authors themselves for the most part, while some others have been received from other laboratories in the country. the contributions of other authors in this field have been taken into consideration. in identifying these strains use has been made of the meth ...19751179869
some leptospira agglutinins detected in domestic animals in british columbia.during a period of six years 7,555 bovine sera, 421 canine sera, 251 porcine sera and 135 equine sera were tested for agglutinins to leptospira interrogans serotypes canicola, grippotyphosa, hardjo, icterohemorrhagiae, pomona and sejroe. the bovine sera reacted predominantly with hardjo and/or sejroe at a rate of 15% compared to 3.5% with pomona. breeding or abortion problems were associated with pomona but not with sejroe/hardjo agglutinins. the canine sera reacted to canicola (9.9%y and ictero ...19761000389
an investigation of canine antileptospiral antibodies in japan.from 1970 through 1973, blood samples of 7113 attended dogs and 1615 stray dogs in 50 cities of japan were examined for leptospiral antibodies by rmat on filter paper specimens. results were as follows: 1. prevalences of antibodies against l. icterohaemorrhagiae and l. canicola in attended dogs in 50 cities ranged from 22.5% to 0% with an average of 9.8%. those of stray dogs in 8 cities ranged from 52.5% to 0% with an average of 21.7%. 2. 64 and 37 of 7113 attended dog sera reached positively on ...19751205671
[detection of leptospiral dna in the serum of 175 patients with early leptospirosis by polymerase chain reaction].we have developed a sensitive assay for leptospira, using the polymerase chain reaction (pcr). on the basis of the published nucleotides sequence of 23s rrna gene from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton, primers were chosen to produce an amplified fragment of 123 bp. primer a: 5'gat cta att cgc tgt agc agg3' and primer b: 5'act ttc acc ctc tat ggt cgg3' eight different svs. of leptospira interrogans could all be detected by pcr, but the dnas from l. biflexa. leptonema bacteri ...19921298712
[attempts at obtaining a pentavalent vaccine against leptospirosis].obtained was a five-valent vaccine (leptospira pomona, l. canicola, l. grippotyphosa, l. mitis, and l. icterohaemorrhagiae). it was found that storage at 4degreesc does not impair the immunogenicity of the vaccine in the course of one year. three groups of rabbits were used to test its immunogenicity--group i, injected once, subcutaneously, with 1 cu. cm of the vaccine; group ii, injected subcutaneously, twice, at an interval of 7 days, with 1 cu. cm of the vaccine each time; and group iii, inje ...19751216680
human leptospirosis in brazil.serological data on the prevalence of human leptospiroses in certain regions of brazil are presented. out of 467 diseased and clinically healthy persons, 40 were positive in the amazonia. the most frequent serotypes were grippotyphosa (27.5%), panama (25%), icterohaemorrhagiae (10%) and woffi (10%). in 1966 and 1970, 279 cases were identified in recife (northeastern brazil) during outbreaks subsequent to floods. among these 92.5% belonged to the icterohaemorrhagiae serotype. from 1947 to 1972, i ...19751205669
[an evaluation of the elisa-igm test in the early diagnosis of human leptospirosis].thirty-seven sera samples from patients with leptospirosis icterohaemorrhagic form were studied with a time interval of 2 to 12 days between the beginning of the symptoms and the collection blood samples. it was isolated leptospira of 5 patients' hemocultures (13.5%) and from 4 of these the etiological agent pertained to the serogroup icterohaemorrhagiae serovar copenhageni. thirty-five of them (94.6%), including the four patients whose the etiological agent was isolated, showed reactivity in th ...19921342094
chemical and biological properties of endotoxin from leptospira interrogans serovars canicola and icterohaemorrhagiae.1. endotoxin-like activity was extracted with phenol-chloroform-petroleum either (pcp) from leptospira interrogans serovars icterohaemorrhagiae and canicola. chemical analysis of leptospiral cells obtained from the pcp extract indicated the following distribution of lipopolysaccharide (lps), protein and polysaccharide in mg/ml: 3.0, 4.5 and 1.0 for icterohaemorrhagiae and 3.3, 5.6 and 1.5 for canicola. 2. the preparations presented several biological activities: positive limulus test (1.0 pg/ml) ...19921342222
[pulmonary compromise in leptospirosis].to study the pulmonary complications in leptospirosis case records of 23 such patients admitted at the hospital universitário antônio pedro, universidade federal fluminense, niterói, brasil, were reviewed. hemoptysis were seen in 21.7% and sputal blood in 30.4% of patients. arterial gasometry detected hypoxemia and hypocapnia in most cases. thoracic radiology showed an alveolar pattern in 60% of the patients, alveolo-interstitial in 20%, interstitial in 6%, and in 14% the lungs were considered t ...19921308063
[an immunoenzyme test (elisa) for the detection of circulating class-iga antibodies in human leptospirosis].an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay elisa was evaluated for the detection of iga antibodies in the human leptospirosis. the assay proved to be sensitive and specific when compared with the elisa-igm, in the examined serum samples. the results found suggest that iga antibodies became positive later in leptospirosis, and will can be an evolutive indicator in the development of the disease.19921342077
leptospirosis in trinidad and grenada, with special reference to the trinidad, six leptospira isolates were made from 957 febrile patients between 1968 amd 1972. in addition, cf antibodies were detected in 6-6% of febrile patients and human survey sera collected during this period. in 1972 alone, 10-4% (38/363) of sera examined had cf titres consistent with positive exposure to the disease. grenada does not report leptospirosis, but the disease is common in mongooses in both trinidad and grenada. serogroups icterohaemorrhagiae, pomona and canicola are present ...19761265819
clinical evaluation of the efficacy of inoculating cattle with a vaccine containing tritrichomonas test the efficacy of a polyvalent tritrichomonas foetus vaccine, 130 nulliparous heifers were randomly assigned to either receive the test t foetus vaccine or to serve as nonvaccinated controls. the polyvalent test vaccine consisted of a campylobacter fetus/leptospira canicola-grippotyphosa-hardjo-icterohaemorrhagiae-pamona bacterine containing 5 x 10(7) killed t foetus/dose. the polyvalent control vaccine consisted of the aforementioned formulation without t foetus. heifers were administered ...19921466496
polymerase chain reaction for detection of leptospira spp. in clinical samples.a sensitive assay for leptospira spp., the causative agent of leptospirosis, was developed on the basis of the polymerase chain reaction (pcr). a 331-bp sequence from the leptospira interrogans serovar canicola rrs (16s) gene was amplified, and the pcr products were analyzed by dna-dna hybridization by using a 289-bp fragment internal to the amplified dna. specific pcr products also were obtained with dna from the closely related nonpathogenic leptospira biflexa but not with dna from other spiro ...19921400983
serodiagnosis of leptospirosis in pigs using an axial filament enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.the axial filament (af) from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola was isolated by cesium chloride density gradient centrifugation of 2% sarcosyl treated whole cells. isolation of af was confirmed by electron microscopic examination, by protein-a immunogold labelling, sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (sds-page), and immunoblotting. analysis by sds-page of the purified preparation showed relatively weak bands of molecular size 41 kda and 21 kda, and strong bands of 35 ...19921615635
evaluation of an immunoenzymatic test (elisa) for the diagnosis of leptospirosis in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was assessed to detect in humans igm and igg against the main serogroups/serovars of leptospira present in italy. sonicated antigens from strain wijnberg, serogroups icterohaemorrhagiae and riccio 2, serogroup australis, were used in elisa and the results were compared to microagglutination test (mat). igm were confirmed to be the predominant class of antibodies; the total sensitivity obtained by wijnberg/elisa with the sera of patients infected by di ...19921426167
[the identification of leptospira strains of different origins].leptospirosis is at present an ever-increasing problem in human and animal health. by means of the korthof medium, 43 leptospira strains were isolated from samples of human blood, water and soil. for their identification the microagglutination technique was used. the strains corresponded to the species leptospira biflexa and leptospira interrogans.19921344685
serologic survey for selected microbial pathogens in bison from kansas.a serologic survey was conducted on an american bison (bison bison) herd in kansas for antibodies against brucella spp., leptospira interrogans serovar canicola, pomona, grippotyphosa, icterohaemorrhagiae, and hardjo, anaplasma spp., bluetongue virus, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus and bovine viral diarrhea virus. there was an increase in prevalence of bluetongue antibodies from 38% in 1987 to 100% in 1989 in animals greater than or equal to 24-mo-old. prevalences of antibodies against ...19911656107
canicola fever in man. 19911821886
leptospira interrogans serovar canicola: a causal agent of sow abortions in arequipa, outbreak of abortions, stillbirths, mummified piglets and neonatal deaths in a pig herd in arequipa, peru is described. a total of 31 of 240 sows aborted between may and september 1988. when sera were examined 12 of 14 had very high titres of antibody to canicola pc125 and canicola hond utrecht, but there were also high titres of antibody to other leptospiral serovars. a detailed investigation was made and serovar canicola pc125 was isolated from the urine of four sows which had aborted and t ...19911796527
phospholipid catabolism enzymes of leptospires.phospholipase a2, c, d activities of pathogenic (vgnci-3, hs-26) and saprophytic (k-1028, g-80) strains of leptospires were determined. the strains used synthesized intracellular and extracellular forms of these esterases. to a considerable degree the endophospholipase activity was associated with the membrane structures. differences in substrate specificity, km, vmax ph optimum values between exophospholipases of pathogenic and saprophytic leptospires used in the experiments are demonstrated.19921576404
[the mechanisms maintaining epidemic foci of leptospirosis].24,419 samples of blood serum, collected in the azerbaijan ssr among different professional groups of the population, have been tested for leptospirosis. the comparison of the results with those obtained in the natural foci of leptospirosis and in the foci of this infection appearing as a consequence of human activities has made it possible to come to the conclusion that the epidemic foci of leptospirosis are maintained due to the existence of foci among cattle. the cases of contamination among ...19911830996
[outbreak of leptospirosis, predominantly meningoencephalitic, among children in the municipality of morón].a description is made of a leptospirosis outbreak in children who bathed in the cimarron channel in morón. ciego de avila. the outbreak started on september 25 and ended on october 20, 1986. six cases were reported, of which four had meningoencephalic appearance. ages ranged from 8 to 13 years. fever, cephalalgia, arthralgia and myalgia were the most common signs and symptoms in the confirmed cases. all the patients were positive to canicola serogroup. the results of a survey on 12 dogs in the z ...19911812532
pulsed-field gel electrophoretic analysis of leptospiral dna.the genomic structures of spirochete species are not well characterized, and genetic studies on these organisms have been hampered by lack of a genetic exchange mechanism in these bacteria. in view of these observations, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis was used to examine the genomes of leptospira species. live cells, prepared in agarose plugs, were lysed in situ, and the dna was analyzed under different electrophoretic conditions. pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of dna digested with infrequen ...19911987046
the changing epidemiology of leptospirosis in europe. a report on the 6th meeting of european leptospira workers, brnò, czechoslovakia, september 1988. 19901976307
isolation and characterization of partially purified leptospiral antigens.the methanol extract of leptospira interrogans serovar canicola was purified by precipitation with acetone or acetone and chloroform. the antigenicity of the antigen was not altered by heating or treatment with pepsin and pronase. however the antigenicity was lost when the antigen was treated with periodic acid. chemical analysis revealed the presence of 40% carbohydrate (22% methylpentose, 28% hexoses), 4% protein, 20% lipid and 2.7% phosphate. the complement fixation test with sera from patien ...19911844967
the mongolian gerbil as laboratory animal for testing the potency of leptospira antisera. 19911913137
[severe leptospirosis. description of a series of 10 cases].clinical aspects of 10 consecutive patients hospitalized for acute human leptospirosis, confirmed by serology using the microscopic agglutination test (mat), between 1975 and 1988 in a 1000 beds teaching hospital are retrospectively analyzed. all of them were male, mean age of 55, presenting a suggestive epidemiological data to be at risk for leptospira infection. leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae was responsible for 8 cases and leptospira canicola for 2. 7 patients were treated, after 3-4 days of ...19902098117
serum agglutinating antibodies to leptospira interrogans serovar canicola presumed due to serovar robinsoni infection in an australian dog. 19902222370
leptospirosis with atrial flutter (a case report). 19902132249
nucleotide sequence of a 16s rrna gene for leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton. 19902326171
protective activity of glycolipid antigen against infection by leptospira interrogans serovar canicola.a protective glycolipid antigen (pag) was extracted from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola with chloroform/methanol/water (1:2:0.8, by vol.) and partially purified by silica gel column chromatography. the pag elicited a protective response in hamsters and in cyclophosphamide-treated mice subsequently challenged with homologous leptospira. the pag band was detected as a single smear-like band, corresponding to a protein of 23-30 kda, by silver-staining in sds-page. in immunoblots, this band ...19902182771
fatty acid profiles in the family leptospiraceae.fatty acid profiles of six leptospira strains representative of genera, species, and serogroups within the family leptospiraceae were determined by gas liquid chromatography (glc) of fatty acid methyl ester (fame) derivatives. the influence of methodological and biological variables on fame profiles of the same strain was tested. fame profiles were sharply affected by the fatty acid composition of the culture medium but not by the growth phase. twenty-four fame peaks were selected on the basis o ...19902261064
serological survey for leptospiral antibodies in goats in st elizabeth parish, jamaica, 1985-1986.a serological survey of goats in st elizabeth parish, jamaica, comprising the breeding herd at the agricultural development corporation (adc) facility at hounslow, five commercial herds and 21 family herds was carried out in 1985-1986. the leptospira microscopic agglutination test indicated that one or more serovars in the canicola serogroup were the most prevalent. repeated samplings of goats at adc, hounslow demonstrated an increase in portlandvere and canicola seropositive animals following t ...19902219456
leptospirosis in barbados. a clinical study.a 39-month clinical study of leptospirosis was undertaken at the queen elizabeth hospital, barbados. eighty-eight patients had a confirmed diagnosis of the disease during the period. the major serogroups identified were autumnalis (including a new serovar bim), icterohaemorrhagiae, ballum and canicola. the majority of patients presented with jaundice (95%,) anorexia and headaches (85%), fever (76%) and conjunctival suffusion (54%). while abnormal creatinine levels were seen in 49% of patients on ...19902333695
isolation and characterization of the 5s rrna gene of leptospira interrogans.the gene encoding the 5s rrna for leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton was isolated and sequenced. the 5s rrna gene occurs as a single copy within the genome and encodes a 117-nucleotide-long rna molecule. the 5s rrna gene is flanked at both the 5' and 3' ends by regions of a + t-rich sequences, and the 5'-flanking region contains a promoter sequence. l. interrogans has a unique and remarkable organization of the 5s rrna gene. the 5s rrna molecule exhibits a strong similarity t ...19902345145
affinity constants of anti-leptospira monoclonal antibodies, numbers of antigenic determinants on leptospiras, and their influence on the microscopic agglutination test and elisa.the affinity constants of anti-canicola and anti-hebdomadis monoclonal antibodies and the numbers of antigenic determinants per organism of each serovar of leptospira were determined, and their influence on the results of microscopic agglutination test (mat) and elisa were examined. in the combinations of a monoclonal antibody and some serovar which showed higher affinity constants at levels of 10(7) to 10(8)/m order, both mat and elisa were positive except for one combination, while in the comb ...19882462157
nucleotide sequence of a 23s ribosomal rna gene from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton. 19892467256
monoclonal antibody against leptospira interrogans serovar canicola.nine cell lines producing monoclonal antibodies (mabs) against leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton were established by the cell fusion technique. the immunological reactivity of these mabs with various kinds of serogroups, serovars and strains were examined by microscopic agglutination test (mat) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). mabs w1-w3 derived from mice, which were immunized with whole cells of the strain moulton, reacted with the serogroups canicola, icteroh ...19892743485
characterization of a partially purified leptospiral genus-specific protein antigen.a leptospiral genus-specific protein antigen (gp-ag) was partially purified from leptospira interrogans serovar kremastos strain kyoto and canicola strain hond utrecht iv, by treating the organisms with triton x-100 followed by a purification procedure including fractionation with deae-cellulose column chromatography and ethanol precipitation. genus-specificity of the antigens from kremastos kyoto and canicola was shown by the immunodiffusion (id) test. complement fixation (cf) test and enzyme-l ...19852413655
selection of antigenic variants from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola by means of anti-canicola monoclonal antibody.antigenic variants were isolated from canicola by a single selection with anti-canicola monoclonal antibody ct-3. the variants were not identical to any serovars of serogroup canicola and thought to be a new serovar. variation frequency was calculated at 5.9 x 10(-4). the usefulness of monoclonal antibodies for selection of antigenic variants of leptospiras is discussed.19872445125
detection of antibodies to leptospirosis in experimentally infected dogs using the microcapsule agglutination test.six puppies were infected with a virulent strain of leptospira interrogans serovar icterohaemorrhagiae and another five animals with a virulent strain of leptospira interrogans serovar canicola, respectively. antibodies were examined at 3, 5, 7, 11 and 14 days after infection, using the microcapsule agglutination test (mcat) and the conventional microscopic agglutination test (mat). compared with the mat, the mcat detected early specific igm antibody with high sensitivity. the mcat titres reache ...19892775983
leptospirosis. epidemiological features of a sporadic case.leptospirosis occurred in a 45-year-old man with presumed infection from an exposure to contaminated water at his source of employment. an intensive epidemiological investigation, including serological examination of all family members and pets and cultures on the patient and his family pets (cats and dogs), proved that the leptospiral organism was acquired by the patient's exposure to his dogs. the risk of acquiring infection from dogs that are asymptomatic and vaccinated is emphasized by this ...19892764659
unique organization of leptospira interrogans rrna genes.we cloned sau3ai fragments containing the rrna genes for leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton in the bamhi site of lambda embl3 bacteriophage dna. physical maps of the fragments were constructed, and the locations of the rrna genes were determined by southern blot hybridization and s1 protection. each fragment of the 23s or the 16s rrna gene contained at least one copy of the 23s or the 16s sequence. genomic hybridization showed that there were two genes for the 23s rrna and th ...19892808297
hemolysin production by leptospira interrogans serovar canicola in a protein-free medium with hemin.leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton was grown to a high cell density in a protein-free medium. when hemin was added to this medium, hemolysin was produced. hemolysin was not detected when other porphyrins or cytochrome c were substituted for hemin in the medium.19882852404
restriction endonuclease dna analysis of antigenic variants of leptospires selected by monoclonal antibodies.the genome of antigenic variant cv (ct3)-1 derived from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola was compared by cleavage with restriction endonucleases with the parent and serovar bafani, to which the variant was serologically most closely related. no differences were observed between the parent and variant in dna restriction endonuclease patterns using eight restriction endonucleases. serovar bafani was different in the patterns from the parent and antigenic variant cv (ct3)-1. the two antigeni ...19882852766
[serological study of the ocular complications of human leptospirosis]. 19883194619
human leptospirosis--a review of 50 cases.epidemiological and clinical aspects of 50 consecutive patients, 47 adults and three children, hospitalized between 1977 and 1987 for human leptospirosis, were reviewed. 45 (90%) of the patients were from rural regions. 32 (64%) cases occurred in individuals at occupational risk for the infection. 35 (70%) cases were registered in the warm season. the source of infection was known in 34 (68%) cases. weil's disease was diagnosed in 31 (62%) patients, aseptic meningitis in 12 (24%) and acute unexp ...19892921094
[use of microcapsular leptospiral antigens for detecting specific antibodies].the sensitivity of microcapsular leptospiral antigens, produced by japan lyophilization laboratory and intended for use in tests for the detection of antibodies to leptospires in the sera of experimentally immunized laboratory animals, were studied. the comparative study of the microcapsular agglutination (mca) test and other serological tests, such as the microagglutination (ma) test and the indirect enzyme immunoassay (eia), was made. the leptospiral antigens under study were found to actively ...19883064517
expression of antigen genes of leptospira interrogans serovar canicola in escherichia coli.leptospira interrogans serovar canicola dna was cloned into the plasmid pbr322 and introduced into e. coli. eight out of approximately 10,000 transformants were found to express antigens of canicola by elisa including colony elisa blot test using anti-canicola antiserum. the canicola antigens expressed in the transformants reacted with the antisera against the serovars belonging to canicola serogroup and other serogroups of l. interrogans. they did not react, however, with the antiserum against ...19883070308
variation in the hemolytic activity of leptospira interrogans serovar canicola.leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton was grown to a high cell density in a protein-free medium with hemin. the hemolysin produced in this culture system showed a greatly expanded spectrum of hemolysis as compared to previous reports of leptospiral hemolysin produced in a more traditional culture system containing serum.19883238474
[characteristics of the interaction of leptospira with the host organism in the infectious process in golden hamsters].the comparative evaluation of the interaction of l. icterohaemorrhagiae strain p, l. canicola strain cl and l. hebdomadis strain 650 with golden hamster liver and kidney cells is presented. three variants of the course of leptospira infection have been distinguished: (1) the hepato-renal (icteric) variant, caused by the adhesion of leptospires to liver cells with the colonization of their surface and the disaggregation of liver-cell complexes and by the accumulation of leptospires in the kidney ...19883389008
[distribution and dynamics of leptospiral serovars on the frontier of yunnan province]. 19883383231
biological activities of lipopolysaccharide-like substance (lls) extracted from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton.the biological activities of lipopolysaccharide-like substance (lls) extracted from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton by the hot phenol-water method were studied in mice. the addition of 12.5 micrograms/ml or more of lls fraction increased the incorporation of [3h]thymidine into in vitro cultured spleen cells of c57bl/6 mice, while the activity of the lls fraction was about 20 times weaker than that of salmonella typhimurium lipopolysaccharide (lps). pretreatment of murine s ...19873500390
[actual problems of leptospirosis in animals in poland]. 19883247482
the bacteriological prevalence of leptospiral infection in cattle and buffaloes in west malaysia.a cross-sectional bacteriological survey of cattle in west malaysia revealed 14.4% (32/222) had leptospiral infection. isolates were obtained from all except one herd with prevalence of infection in herds ranging from 0-44.8%. a small number of buffalo urine samples were examined and all of them were found to be negative. a leptospiral isolate obtained from a bovine kidney proved to be a new serovar of leptospira interrogans and the name unipertama was assigned to it. six other leptospiral serov ...19883356222
c-reactive protein in dogs.serum concentrations of c-reactive protein (crp) in dogs with various diseases or undergoing various procedures were measured by specific immunoassay. in 20 healthy dogs from various sources, values were all less than 5 mg/l, but in 22 healthy dogs from a single source, values ranged from less than 5 mg/l in 14 dogs and from 8 to 67 mg/l in 8 dogs. increased concentrations of serum crp were attained 24 hours after injection of casein (n = 9; median 188 mg/l), ovariohysterectomy (n = 11; median, ...19873605808
the incidence of severe leptospirosis in trinidad.between february 1977 and september 1982, sera from febrile patients from all areas of trinidad were examined for leptospiral agglutinins; 158 of 1714 patients (9%) were confirmed as current cases of leptospirosis (annual average 26 or 2.6 per 100,000 population). of the remaining 1556 patients only 711 provided paired sera; 167 of these (23%) showed evidence of previous leptospiral infection. of the 845 single samples, 125 were positive. the true incidence of the disease is probably much higher ...19873629704
chemical properties of lipopolysaccharide-like substance (lls) extracted from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton.the aqueous layer was isolated from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola strain moulton by the hot phenol-water method. after ultracentrifugation, the precipitate was designated as lipopolysaccharide-like substance (lls) fraction and the chemical composition was compared with that of bacterial lps. the lls fraction consists of 35.2% carbohydrate, 3.8% amino sugar, 36.4% lipid, 15.2% protein, and 0.3% phosphorus. neutral sugars were detected as rhamnose, arabinose, xylose, 4-o-methylmannose, m ...19873683216
serological and bacteriological study of leptospiral infection in a cattle herd in malaysia. 19863776042
purification, characterization and serological properties of a glycolipid antigen reactive with a serovar-specific monoclonal antibody against leptospira interrogans serovar canicola.a glycolipid antigen possessing a serovar-specific antigenic determinant of leptospira interrogans serovar canicola was purified from a chloroform/methanol extract of the organism. the purification procedures included silicic acid column chromatography and preparative thin-layer chromatography (tlc). antigenic activity was detected by a tlc-enzyme immunostaining technique using monoclonal antibody ct3, which specifically agglutinates serovar canicola and only weakly serovar sumneri but no other ...19873655741
elisa for the detection of specific igm and igg in human leptospirosis.elisa was used to detect specific igm and igg in sera from humans with current or past leptospirosis. a serological pattern of a high igm titre (greater than or equal to 1280), or moderately increased igm (160-640) in conjunction with a low igg titre (less than or equal to 20), with serovar copenhageni antigen was characteristic for approximately two-thirds of the sera from serovar icterohaemorrhagiae patients obtained in the first two months of the disease. the antigen was the supernatant of a ...19853981131
laboratory and clinical features of experimental feline order to assess the clinical, laboratorial and epidemiological aspects of feline leptospirosis, ten female and male adult cats were experimentally inoculated with pathogenic and autochthonous field isolate of leptospira interrogans. five of them were inoculated subcutaneously with serovar icterohaemorrhagiae (r-192) and the others five with serovar canicola. no clinical and laboratorial alterations were found in these animals. antileptospiral agglutinins were detected in 90% of the infected c ...19854077410
prevention of renal carriage of leptospirosis in dogs by vaccination.dogs vaccinated with a leptospira interrogans vaccine containing serogroups canicola and icterohaemorrhagiae and prepared from cultures grown in a protein-free medium resisted challenge with heterologous representatives of these serogroups. in contrast, control dogs were pyrexic and leptospires were isolated from the blood for nine days following canicola challenge and six days after icterohaemorrhagiae challenge. leptospires were isolated from the urine of controls throughout the post challenge ...19854060538
[seroepidemiologic study on leptospirosis in the camargue region].the damp environment and density of animal population in camargue are good arguments for the study of leptospirosis. a serological and epidemiological survey on 642 blood samples revealed 36 (5.6%) with significant antibody titers. icterohaemorrhagiae is followed by canicola, grippotyphosa, australis and ballum... the most endemic area is not camargue but the area situated at the northeast (basse-durance). women are twice more affected than men. these two results are not consistent with our init ...19854075464
efficacy of certain chemical agents in the treatment of leptospiruria in hamsters. 19724111742
[studies on the haemolytic properties of leptospira with the application of a radioisotopic method (author's transl)]. 19734150116
effects of fluorescein isothiocyanate labeling on staining characteristics of a fluorescent antibody conjugate for the diagnosis of leptospirosis. 19734119566
[a vi antigen in leptospirae]. 19724124476
studies on the antigenic determinant group of the type-specific antigen of leptospira canicola. 19744140640
electrophoretic determination of leptospiral enzymes. 19674164899
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