monogenea of marine fishes from hainan island, china. viii. two new species of euryhaliotrema kritsky & boeger, 2002 (dactylogyridae) from lutjanus argentimaculatus (teleostei: lutjanidae).this paper reports two new species of euryhaliotrema kritsky & boeger, 2002 collected from the gills of lutjanus argentimaculatus (forsskål). e. xinyingense n. sp. is similar to euryhaliotrema atlanticum kritsky & boeger, 2002 in the structure of copulatory apparatus, but differs from the latter in the shape of anchors and the structure of vagina. e. hainanense n. sp. also closely resembles e. atlanticum kritsky & boeger, 2002, but differs from the latter in the structure of haptor and the shape ...200616612651
ciguatera incidence and fish toxicity in okinawa, being located in the subtropical region has the highest incidence of ciguatera in japan. officially, 33 outbreaks involving 103 patients have been reported between 1997 and 2006. the implicated species were variola louti, lutjanus bohar, lutjanus monostigma, epinephelus fuscoguttatus, unidentified lutjanus sp., plectropomus areolatus, oplegnathus punctatus, epinephelus polyphekadion, caranx ignobilis and moray eel. toxicities of the leftover meals, as determined by mouse bioassays, range ...201019520098
molecular characterization and expression analysis of cathepsin b and l cysteine proteases from rock bream (oplegnathus fasciatus).cathepsins are lysosomal cysteine proteases of the papain family that play an important role in intracellular protein degradation and turn over within the lysosomal system. in the present study, full-length sequences of cathepsin b (rbcathepsin b) and l (rbcathepsin l) were identified after transcriptome sequencing of rock bream oplegnathus fasciatus mixed tissue cdna. cathepsin b was composed of 330 amino acid residues with 36 kda predicted molecular mass. rbcathepsin l contained 336 amino acid ...201021195770
Identification of putative cathepsin S in mangrove red snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus and its role in antigen presentation.Cathepsin S (CTSS) is a key enzyme employed in the histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II-restricted antigens, which are presented by processing class II-associated invariant chains and loaded antigen peptides into class II molecules. To date, little is known about the character and function of CTSS in fish. In the present study, we screened and identified a CTSS cDNA sequence from the mangrove red snapper head kidney cDNA library. The full-length CTSS cDNA contained 1339-bp nucleotide acids ...201122210546
[anisakis simplex larvae: infection status in marine fishes for sale in shantou].to investigate the infection status of anisakis simplex larvae in marine fishes for sale in shantou.201425223058
cardicola beveridgei n. sp. (digenea: aporocotylidae) from the mangrove jack, lutjanus argentimaculatus (perciformes: lutjanidae), and c. bullardi n. sp. from the australian spotted mackerel, scomberomorus munroi (perciformes: scombridae), from the northern great barrier reef.cardicola short, 1953 is a genus of the aporocotylidae odhner, 1912 (digenea), with 25 currently recognised species described from 32 species of perciformes and mugiliformes fishes around the world, including eight species from the great barrier reef. here, we describe two new species from this region, namely cardicola beveridgei n. sp. from the ventricle and atrium of the mangrove jack, lutjanus argentimaculatus (forsskål) (perciformes: lutjanidae), and cardicola bullardi n. sp. from the ventri ...201424980892
using remote underwater video to estimate freshwater fish species richness.species richness records from replicated deployments of baited remote underwater video stations (bruvs) and unbaited remote underwater video stations (ubruvs) in shallow (<1 m) and deep (>1 m) water were compared with those obtained from using fyke nets, gillnets and beach seines. maximum species richness (14 species) was achieved through a combination of conventional netting and camera-based techniques. chanos chanos was the only species not recorded on camera, whereas lutjanus argentimaculatus ...201323639156
modulation of telomerase activity in fish muscle by biological and environmental factors.telomerase expression has long been linked to promotion of tumor growth and cell proliferation in mammals. interestingly, telomerase activity (ta) has been detected in skeletal muscle for a variety of fish species. despite this being a unique feature in fish, very few studies have investigated the potential role of ta in muscle. the present study was set to prove the concepts that muscle telomerase in fish is related to body growth, and more specifically, to muscle cell proliferation and apoptos ...201526400776
characterization of cathepsin b gene from orange-spotted grouper, epinephelus coioides involved in sgiv infection.the lysosomal cysteine protease cathepsin b of papain family is a key regulator and signaling molecule that involves in various biological processes, such as the regulation of apoptosis and activation of virus. in the present study, cathepsin b gene (ec-cb) was cloned and characterized from orange-spotted grouper, epinephelus coioides. the full-length ec-cb cdna was composed of 1918 bp and encoded a polypeptide of 330 amino acids with higher identities to cathepsin b of teleosts and mammalians. ...201424239598
control of parasites in cultured marine finfishes in southeast asia--an overview.mariculture in southeast asia began in the 1970s and expanded rapidly during the 1980s, with the commercial hatchery production of the seabass lates calcarifer. other important cultured species were epinephelus coioides, epinephelus malabaricus, lutjanus johni, and lutjanus argentimaculatus. intensification in the polyculture of these species and the large-scale international movement of fingerlings or juveniles, as well as the rapid expansion and concentration of fish farms, have caused severe ...19979394188
patterns of coral-reef finfish species disappearances inferred from fishers' knowledge in global epicentre of marine shorefish the philippines, very high fishing pressure coincides with the globally greatest number of shorefish species, yet no long-term fisheries data are available to explore species-level changes that may have occurred widely in the most species rich and vulnerable marine ecosystem, namely coral reefs. through 2655 face-to-face interviews conducted between august 2012 and july 2014, we used fishers' recall of past catch rates of reef-associated finfish to infer species disappearances from catches in ...201627191602
seasonal abundance and composition of finfish and shellfish seeds inmangroves of gangolli estuary, off south-west coast of india.the composition and seasonal abundance of the fin and shellfish seeds in mangrove areas of gangoli estuary were studied for one year from january to december, 2013. monthly day time sampling was conducted with a rectangular dragnet of 75 m2 length having 5 mm mesh size. the mean monthly density was highest in january (avg. of 12,996/haul) and lowest during may (avg. of 859/haul). thirty species of fish, four species of shrimps and two species of crabs belonging to 26 families were recorded durin ...201526688975
two new gonad-infecting species of philometra (nematoda: philometridae) parasitic in lutjanus spp. (osteichthyes: lutjanidae) in the bay of bengal, india.based on light and scanning electron microscopical studies, two new gonad-infecting species of philometra costa, 1845 (nematoda: philometridae) are described from marine fishes of the genus lutjanus bloch (lutjanidae, perciformes) in the bay of bengal, off the eastern coast of india: philometra argentimaculati sp. n. and philometra fulvi sp. n. from the mangrove red snapper lutjanus argentimaculatus (forsskål) and blacktail snapper lutjanus fulvus (foerster), respectively. p. argentimaculati is ...201424951169
dactylogyrids (monogenoidea: polyonchoinea) parasitising the gills of snappers (perciformes: lutjanidae): species of euryhaliotrema kritsky & boeger, 2002 from the golden snapper lutjanus johnii (bloch) off northern australia, with a redescription of euryhaliotrema johni (tripathi, 1959) and descriptions of two new species.three species of euryhaliotrema kritsky & boeger, 2002 (monogenoidea: dactylogyridae) were collected from the gills of four golden snapper lutjanus johnii (bloch) (lutjanidae) from the marine and brackish waters off darwin, northern territory, australia. type-specimens of ancyrocephalus johni tripathi, 1959 apparently have not survived and the possibility existed that the species was based on specimens representing more than one species. euryhaliotrema johni (tripathi, 1959) (sensu young, 1968) ...201424395576
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