exploitation of erythrina dominguezii hassl. (fabaceae) nectar by perching birds in a dry forest in western brazil.among the vertebrate pollinated plants, the genus erythrina includes tree species in which birds are the pollen vectors. two groups in this genus may be distinguished: a) the hummingbird, and b) the perching bird pollinated species. erythrina dominguezii is included in the second group and occurs in deciduous/semi-deciduous forests in the southwestern neotropics. i studied the exploitation of erythrina dominguezii nectar by perching birds in a dry forest in western brazil. six perching bird spec ...200312659040
infiltrative lipoma in a blue-crowned conure (aratinga acuticaudata).a 14-year-old blue-crowned conure (aratinga acuticaudata) of unknown sex was brought to the hospital with a 3-week history of straining and vocalizing during defecation. physical examination revealed blood and urate staining on feathers around the cloaca. a 2.5-cm subcutaneous swelling was palpated along the midline of the caudoventral abdomen. during surgical exploratory, a subcutaneous soft-tissue mass was found, which extended through the body wall musculature and into the coelomic cavity. th ...200718065137
first finding of melanic sylvatic triatoma infestans (hemiptera: reduviidae) colonies in the argentine chaco.triatoma infestans (klug), the most important vector of chagas disease in southern south america, is a highly domiciliated species with well-known sylvatic foci only in the bolivian andean valleys and in the bolivian chaco, where melanic insects designated as "dark morphs" were found. after the tentative identification of two melanic bugs collected from parrot nests in a forest reserve in the argentine chaco as t. infestans, we conducted an intensive search there using mouse-baited sticky traps ...200919769054
sex determination in 58 bird species and evaluation of chd gene as a universal molecular marker in bird sexing.the aim of this research was to test the chd gene (chromo helicase dna-binding gene) as a universal molecular marker for sexing birds of relatively distant species. the chd gene corresponds to the aim because of its high degree of conservation and different lengths in z and w chromosomes due to different intron sizes. dna was isolated from feathers and the amplification of the chd gene was performed with the following sets of polymerase chain reaction (pcr) primers: 2550f/2718r and p2/p8. sex de ...201522553188
complete mitochondrial genome of blue-crowned parakeet (aratinga acuticaudata)--phylogenetic position of the species among parrots group called parakeet (aratinga acuticaudata) is a south american parrot species with a taxonomic position not confirmed by molecular studies. we sequenced full mitochondrial genome and constructed phylogenetic tree using sequences of mitochondrial nd2 gene from a. acuticaudata and some other representatives of conures group. our results confirmed previously described distribution of aratinga species into three clades, but surprisingly did not classify blue-crowned parakeet to any of them. we fo ...201323351080
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