functional anatomy of the interrenal tissue and chromaffin cells in two teleosts, cirrhina fulungee (sykes) and ompok bimaculatus (bloch). 19744448489
effect of corticoid administration and osmotic disturbances on the adrenocortical homologue (ah) of a freshwater catfish, ompok bimaculatus (bloch). 19827121847
an in situ study of the hypothalamo-neurohypophysial complex of the freshwater teleost ompok bimaculatus (bloch) with a note on the tetrapodan features of its ompok bimaculatus the neurosecretory axons of both the pars magnocellularis and pars parvocellularis component of the nucleus preopticus contribute to the formation of the left and right main tracts. at rostral levels, one third of the tracts are loosely built forming a king of curtain, while they become more compact at caudal levels. the caudal two thirds of the main tracts give off several pairs of lateral tracts which join at the midline to form the paired median tracts. the median and the ...1979479875
mercury concentration of four dominant species in the bebar peat swampy forest river, malaysia.muscle, stomach and gill from four dominant fish species, mytus nemurus, pristolepis fasciata, ompok bimaculatus and osteochilus hasseltii, caught from bebar peat swamp forest river were analyzed for mercury (hg). the concentration of hg was measured with a fast and sensitive flow injector mercury spectrometer (fims). the average hg concentration of all species caught was 0.169 microg g(-1) dry weights, lower than a limit for human consumption recommended by the world health organization, 0.5 mi ...200719070059
the relationship between the ovary and the corpuscles of stannius of the catfish ompok bimaculatus (bloch).the corpuscles of stannius (cs) of ompok bimaculatus showed signs of inactivation as revealed by a significant decrease in cellular and nuclear diameters (p less than 0.001) 10 days after ovariectomy. this was accompanied by accumulation of aldehyde fuchsine-positive granules in the cytoplasm. estradiol injection partially restored the normal secretory activity of the cs cells. estradiol administration to unoperated normal fish led to hyperactivity of the cs cells including increased cellular an ...19882452118
studies on the urophysis and the caudal neurosecretory system in a teleost, ompok bimaculatus (bloch). 19734356906
histochemical and experimental study on the adrenal of the freshwater catfish, ompok bimaculatus (bloch).the adrenal tissue is situated around the cardinal vein and its branches in the pronephric head kidney. the medullary cells are largely confined to the wall of these blood vessels whereas the cortical cells are arranged in several layers around the medullary cells. the cortical cells are eosinophilic and give positive reaction to sudan black-b, baker's acid haematein and schultz's tests. in response to acth and thiourea treatments the cortical cells exhibited hypertrophy, degranulation and deple ...19826309083
regeneration of the neurosecretory tract in hypophysectomized catfish ompok bimaculatus (bloch)--an in situ study.regeneration and reorganization of the proximal cut end of the pituitary stalk is demonstrated in ompok bimaculatus with the aid of in situ staining technique. the lesioned end exhibited an increase of axonal density and some axons became prominent by their uncontrolled growth. in few instances the cut ends were reorganized into a neurohypophysis-like organ.1979535580
evidence for general hypocalcemic hormone from the stannius corpuscles of the freshwater catfish ompok bimaculatus (bl).the present data reveal that (a) the stannius corpuscles (cs) of ompok bimaculatus are active even in their natural freshwater environment (0.4 mm ca2+/liter) and produce hypocalcemic hormone or stanniocalcin, which lowers the ca level in normal freshwater fish injected with 0.2 ml of cs extract (1 mg of cs) per fish, (b) this hypocalcemic activity is enhanced in fish that are adapted to a calcium-rich environment (0.6% cacl2 solution), and (c) adaptation to this calcium-rich environment leads t ...19947926628
histological and histochemical study of the caudal neurosecretory system of the freshwater teleost ompok bimaculatus (bloch) with a note on its response to hypophysectomy and osmotic stress.the caudal neurosecretory system in well developed in ompok bimaculatus. it extends from 8th to the last caudal vertebra. in the last vertebra the spinal cord forms a distinct, lobate and highly vascular ventral urophysis where the neurosecretory fibers have perivascular endings forming a neurohaemal organ. in the anterior segment near the 8th preterminal vertebra the dahlgren cells are large and sparsely distributed. in the posterior segment close to the urophysis they are small and densely arr ...19817264279
diet and dietary habits of the fish schilbe mystus (siluriformes: schilbeidae) in two artificial lakes in southwestern and dietary habits of african butter catfish schilbe mystus (linne, 1766), an economically important fish in oyan and asejire lakes (southwest nigeria) were examined between july 2000 and december 2001. stomach contents were analysed using the numerical, frequency of occurrence and points methods. the fish is predatory but the diet differs among lakes and seasons. insects were more important in the diet of small (<than 18 cm) fish. there were also differences in the quantity of food encount ...200819419086
pollution problem in river kabul: accumulation estimates of heavy metals in native fish species.the contamination of aquatic systems with heavy metals is affecting the fish population and hence results in a decline of productivity rate. river kabul is a transcountry river originating at paghman province in afghanistan and inters in khyber pakhtunkhwa province of pakistan and it is the major source of irrigation and more than 54 fish species have been reported in the river. present study aimed at the estimation of heavy metals load in the fish living in river kabul. heavy metals including c ...201526339622
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