Population structure of a novel putative mycovirus infecting the conifer root-rot fungus Heterobasidion annosum sensu lato.We describe a novel putative mycovirus infecting the conifer root-rot fungus Heterobasidion annosum sensu lato. This virus, designated as Heterobasidion RNA virus 6 (HetRV6), is taxonomically distant from all previously known viruses of Heterobasidion species, but somewhat related to the Curvularia thermal tolerance virus and the Fusarium graminearum virus 4. Based on a population analysis including 35 virus strains from Heterobasidion abietinum, Heterobasidion parviporum, Heterobasidion annosum ...201222138214
evolutionary history of the conifer root rot fungus heterobasidion annosum sensu lato.we investigated two hypotheses for the origin of the root rot fungus heterobasidion annosum species complex: (i) that geology has been an important factor for the speciation (ii) that co-evolutionary processes with the hosts drove the divergence of the pathogen species. the h. annosum species complex consists of five species: three occur in europe, h. annosum s.s., heterobasidion parviporum and heterobasidion abietinum, and two in north america, heterobasidion irregulare and heterobasidion occid ...201020964759
stand-structural effects on heterobasidion abietinum-related mortality following drought events in abies pinsapo.climate change may affect tree-pathogen interactions. this possibility has important implications for drought-prone forests, where stand dynamics and disease pathogenicity are especially sensitive to climatic stress. in addition, stand structural attributes including density-dependent tree-to-tree competition may modulate the stands' resistance to drought events and pathogen outbreaks. to assess the effects of stand structure on root-rot-related mortality after severe droughts, we focused on het ...201020838816
ws-5995 b, an antifungal agent inducing differential gene expression in the conifer pathogen heterobasidion annosum but not in heterobasidion abietinum.the mycorrhization helper bacterium streptomyces sp. ach 505 inhibits norway spruce root infection and colonisation by the root and butt rot fungus heterobasidion annosum 005 but not by the congeneric strain heterobasidion abietinum 331 because of higher sensitivity of h. annosum 005 towards the ach 505-derived naphthoquinone antibiotic ws-5995 b. differences in antibiotic sensitivity between two isolates belonging to two species, h. annosum 005 and h. abietinum 331, were investigated by compara ...200919798499
heterologous array analysis in heterobasidion: hybridisation of cdna arrays with probe from mycelium of s, p or f-types.because of the close relatedness between three species of heterobasidion annosum (p-type), heterobasidion parviporum (s-type) and heterobasidion abietinum (f-type), we investigated the possible use of arrays from one species for studies of gene expression in the other. clones containing partial cdnas from 94 identifiable genes expressed during spore germination and differentiation in h. parviporum were printed manually in six replications on nylon membranes. the membrane was hybridized with chem ...200818621083
root inoculation with a forest soil streptomycete leads to locally and systemically increased resistance against phytopathogens in norway spruce.soil streptomycetes are commonly antagonistic against plant pathogens. however, interactions involving increased defense responses in the host plant, leading to suppression of plant disease development, have not yet been detailed. here, the mechanisms were studied of disease suppression by streptomyces sp. gb 4-2 against heterobasidion root and butt rot in norway spruce (picea abies) seedlings. gb 4-2 promoted mycelial growth of the phytopathogenic fungus, germination rate of fungal spores, exte ...200818086220
suppression of plant defence response by a mycorrhiza helper bacterium.the aim of the present study was to determine whether the mycorrhiza helper bacterium streptomyces sp. ach 505 could serve as a biocontrol agent against heterobasidion root and butt rot. bacterial influence on mycelial growth of heterobasidion sp. isolates, on the colonization of wood discs and norway spruce (picea abies) roots was determined. the effect of ach 505 on plant photosynthesis, peroxidase activity and gene expression, and needle infections were investigated. ach 505 was antagonistic ...200717504470
a novel putative partitivirus of the saprotrophic fungus heterobasidion ecrustosum infects pathogenic species of the heterobasidion annosum complex.we characterized the bisegmented genome of a putative double-stranded (ds) rna virus from a chinese isolate of the fungus heterobasidion ecrustosum, a member of the heterobasidion insulare species complex. the larger genomic segment of 1885bp encoded a putative rna dependent rna polymerase (rdrp, 585aa), and the smaller one for a putative coat protein of 521aa (1826bp). phylogenetic analyses suggest that this novel virus species, named as 'heterobasidion rna virus 3 from h. ecrustosum, strain 1' ...201021036340
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