[effects of acidic polysaccharide from holothuria leucospilota on platelet aggregation in rabbits]. 19873450181
constituents of holothuroidea. 10. isolation and structure of a biologically active ganglioside molecular species from the sea cucumber holothuria leucospilota.three ganglioside molecular species, hlg-1 (1), hlg-2 (2), and hlg-3 (3) have been obtained from the lipid fraction of the chloroform/methanol extract of the sea cucumber holothuria leucospilota. the structures of these gangliosides have been determined, on the basis of chemical and spectroscopic evidence, as 1-o-[(n-glycolyl-alpha-d-neuraminosyl)-(2-->6)-beta-d-glucopyranosyl]-ceramide (1), 1-o-[(n-glycolyl-alpha-d-neuraminosyl)-(2-->4)-(n-acetyl-alpha-d-neuraminosyl)-(2-->6)-beta-d-glucopyrano ...200111310672
a sea cucumber homolog of the mouse t-brain-1 is expressed in the invaginated cells of the early gastrula in holothuria leucospilota.a cdna clone for a sea cucumber t-box gene was isolated and characterized. based on molecular phylogenetic analysis it is concluded that the putative gene hl-tbr, encoded by the cdna clone, is a t-box gene of the t-brain subfamily and hence a homolog of the mouse t-brain-1 (tbr-1) as well as of the xenopus eomesodermin. in situ hybridization analysis of whole mount specimens showed that hl-tbr was expressed in the invaginated cells at the early gastrula stage and the expression of the gene was s ...200018494594
acidic mucopolysaccharide from holothuria leucospilota has antitumor effect by inhibiting angiogenesis and tumor cell invasion in vivo and in vitro.acidic mucopolysaccharide from holothuria leucospilota (hs) may affect some steps in metastasis cascade. in vitro, hs inhibited the growth of b16f10 cells and proliferation of vegf-induced huvec dose-dependently compared to the control, vegf-induced capillary-like tube networks and the numbers of migratory and invasive cells were significantly inhibited by hs in a dose-dependent manner under the cytotoxic doses. additionally, vegf-induced vessel sprouting of rat aortic ring was also inhibited by ...200919483477
a novel sulfated holostane glycoside from sea cucumber holothuria leucospilota.a new sulfated holostane glycoside, leucospilotaside b (1), together with the two related structurally known compounds holothurin b(2) (2) and holothurin b (3), was isolated from sea cucumber holothuria leucospilota collected from the south china sea. the structure of 1 was elucidated by spectral analysis (1h-, 13c-, and 2d-nmr, esi-ms, and hr-esi-ms) and chemical methods. the compounds 1-3 possess the same disaccharide moiety, but were different in the side chains of the triterpene aglycone. co ...201020658664
antibacterial and antifungal activity of holothuria leucospilota isolated from persian gulf and oman sea.emergence of antimicrobial resistance toward a number of conventional antibiotics has triggered the search for antimicrobial agents from a variety of sources including the marine environment.201425147657
holothurians antifungal and antibacterial activity to human pathogens in the persian gulf.pharmaceutical industries now accept that oceans contain a vast array of organisms with unique biological properties. as investigation of antimicrobial activity, three species of holothuria sea cucumbers (holothuria scabra, holothuria parva and holothuria leucospilota) from the persian gulf, iran, were obtained, their different organs: gonads (g), body wall (bw), intestine tract (it), respiratory tree (rt) were isolated and extracted with organic solvents: ethyl acetate and methanol. antifungal ...201727641487
cytotoxic activity of holothuria leucospilota extract against leishmania infantum in vitro.leishmaniasis is a tropical parasitic infection. the resistance and toxicity issues are the major complications and remain significant consequences related to the treatment of leishmaniasis with the recent and classical drugs. thus there is an immediate requirement to develop new compounds for the treatment of this protozoan disease. sea cucumbers or holothurians are potentially presented as the marine sources of antimicrobial and cytotoxic compounds. the aim of this study was investigation of i ...201627022392
holothuria leucospilota extract induces apoptosis in leishmania major promastigotes.the present study aimed to survey antileishmanial activity of methanolic holothuria leucospilota extract against leishmania major promastigotes in vitro.201728127339
antibacterial activity of the body wall extracts of sea cucumber (invertebrata; echinodermata) on infectious oral streptococci.abstract background: the present study was carried out to test the antibacterial effect of the body wall of the sea cucumber holothuria leucospilota brandt on streptococcus mutans and streptococcus salivarius. methods: after sampling sea cucumbers from the persian gulf, different extractions were prepared. then, aqueous, phosphate-buffered saline (pbs, ph 7.8), chloroform, hexane and methanolic extracts from sea cucumber body wall were screened for antibacterial activity against pathogenic bacte ...201424468613
baseline of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the surface sediment and sea cucumbers (holothuria leucospilota and stichopus hermanni) in the northern parts of persian gulf.polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) were determined in the surface sediments and in the sea cucumbers (holothuria leucospilota and stichopus hermanni) from around six islands in the northern parts of persian gulf. the ranges of the average concentrations of pahs in surface sediments, h. leucospilota and s. hermanni were 10.33-186.16ngg(-1) dw, 12.49-505.44ngg(-1) dw and 8.08-389.39ngg(-1) dw, respectively. the spatial distribution of pahs reveals that pollutant concentration is relatively hi ...201627216041
effect of holothuria leucospilota extracted saponin on maturation of mice oocyte and granulosa cells.sea cucumbers saponins are triterpenoid glycosides which exert beneficial biomedical effects. this study was performed to assess the effect of saponin extracted from sea cucumber holothuria leucospilota (h. leucospilota) on maturation of mice oocytes and granulosa cells. the germinal vesicles oocytes were collected from 6-8 weeks old naval medical research institute (nmri) mice ovaries, randomly divided into untreated and four experimental groups and cultured in vitro. maturation medium was supp ...201727168752
changes in sediment fatty acid composition during passage through the gut of deposit feeding holothurians: holothuria atra (jaeger, 1883) and holothuria leucospilota (brandt, 1835).sea cucumbers holothuria atra and holothuria leucospilota play an important role in the bioturbation of sediment in coral reef and rocky intertidal ecosystems. this study investigated changes in sediment fatty acid (fa) composition during gut passage in h. atra and h. leucospilota. the fa composition did not differ significantly between species. comparison of fa composition in ambient sediment (as), foregut (fg), midgut (mg), hindgut (hg), and faecal pellets (fps) indicated that marked changes i ...201627042355
heavy metal accumulation in tissues of two sea cucumbers, holothuria leucospilota and holothuria scabra in the northern part of qeshm island, persian gulf.the concentrations of some heavy metals (cd, cu, zn andpb) were investigated in the sediments and the two species of sea cucumber (holothuria leucospilota and holothuria scabra) from northern part of qeshm island, persian gulf. the levels of cu, zn and pb in sediment varied significantly among sampling sites (p<0.05). the highest levels of zn and pb in h. leucospilota were recorded in body wall whereas the highest contents of zn and pb in h. scabra were measured in respiratory tree organ, respec ...201626769107
putative mechanism for apoptosis-inducing properties of crude saponin isolated from sea cucumber (holothuria leucospilota) as an antioxidant compound.marine organisms are known as a potential source of natural products, which contain bioactive substances with therapeutic properties. sea cucumbers are prominent among marine organisms because of their dietary and therapeutic applications. in addition, they have capacity of synthesizing saponins molecules and other metabolites with therapeutic properties such as antitumor, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. the aim of this study was to evaluate the antioxidant and pro-a ...201525810893
hemolytic and cytotoxic properties of saponin purified from holothuria leucospilota sea cucumber.holothuroids (sea cucumbers) are members of the phylum echinodermata, which produce saponins. saponins exhibit a wide spectrum of pharmacological and biological activities. in this study, we isolated the crude saponins from the body wall of the dominant iranian species of sea cucumber, holothuria leucospilota (h. leucospilota). the purpose of this study was to confirm the presence of saponins in the persian gulf h. leucospilota and study the hemolytic and cytotoxic activities of these compounds.201426989736
diversity and function of aerobic culturable bacteria in the intestine of the sea cucumber holothuria leucospilota.sea cucumbers play an important role in nutrient cycling of marine ecosystems by consuming sediments and moving sand, thus occupying a similar niche to earthworms in terrestrial ecosystems. however, our understanding of microbial diversity and functions associated with sea cucumbers is meager. here, we isolated 141 bacterial strains under aerobic conditions using various media from the intestine of holothuria leucospilota, a common sea cucumber in japanese warm waters. by partial 16s rrna gene s ...201223337580
a novel stiffening factor inducing the stiffest state of holothurian catch connective tissue.the dermis of sea cucumbers is a catch connective tissue or mutable collagenous tissue that shows large changes in stiffness. extensive studies on the dermis revealed that it can adopt three different states having different mechanical properties that can be reversibly converted. these are the stiff, standard and soft states. the standard state is readily produced when a dermal piece is immersed in the sea water containing ca²+, whereas the soft state can be produced by removal of ca²+. a stiffe ...201020889821
qualitative and quantitative saponin contents in five sea cucumbers from the indian avoid predation, holothuroids produce feeding-deterrent molecules in their body wall and viscera, the so-called saponins. five tropical sea cucumber species of the family holothuriidae were investigated in order to study their saponin content in two different organs, the body wall and the cuvierian tubules. mass spectrometry techniques (maldi- and esi-ms) were used to detect and analyze saponins. the smallest number of saponins was observed in holothuria atra, which contained a total of four ...201020161976
tensilin-like stiffening protein from holothuria leucospilota does not induce the stiffest state of catch connective tissue.the dermis of sea cucumbers is a catch connective tissue or mutable connective tissue that exhibits large changes in mechanical properties. a stiffening protein, tensilin, has been isolated from the sea cucumber cucumaria frondosa. we purified a similar protein, h-tensilin, from holothuria leucospilota, which belongs to a different family to c. frondosa. h-tensilin appeared as a single band with an apparent molecular mass of 34 kda on sds-page. no sugar chain was detected. tryptic fragments of t ...200616621940
a new endosymbiotic bivalve (heterodonta: galeommatoidea), from pacific holothurians.a fourth known species of entovalva (mollusca: galeommatoidea), found in the esophagus of holothuria spinifera and holothuria leucospilota from nha trang bay, viet nam, is described. morphologic comparisons with the 3 previously described species are presented and the first dna sequences for entovalva are provided. entovalva nhatrangensis, n. sp., differs from entovalva mirabilis voeltzkow, 1890 in its body shape, folded outer body epithelium, and lack of ovary in the foot. it differs from entov ...201020557198
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