isolation of streptococcus agalactiae from cultured silver pomfret, pampus argenteus (euphrasen), in kuwait. 200415139909
naricolax insolitus n. sp., a bomolochid copepod (poecilostomatoida) parasitic in the nasal cavities of silver pomfret pampus argenteus off taiwan.a new species of bomolochid copepod (poecilostomatoida), naricolax insolitus n. sp., parasitic in the nasal cavities of the silver pomfret pampus argenteus (euphrasen) from the strait of taiwan is described. the new species is distinguished from its only known congener, n. atypicus ho, do & kasahara, 1983, by possessing the following four apomorphic features: (1) a complex outgrowth on the egg-sac attachment area; (2) a bent egg-sac; (3) a sharp hook (modified seta v) on the caudal ramus; and (4 ...200312652073
evaluation of trace metal content by icp-ms using closed vessel microwave digestion in fresh water fish.the objective of the present study was to investigate trace metal levels of different varieties of fresh water fish using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrophotometer after microwave digestion (md-icpms). fish samples were collected from the outlets of twin cities of hyderabad and secunderabad. the trace metal content in different varieties of analyzed fish were ranged from 0.24 to 1.68 mg/kg for chromium in cyprinus carpio and masto symbollon, 0.20 to 7.52 mg/kg for manganese in labeo rohi ...201424744789
arsenic and mercury in commercially valuable fish species from the persian gulf: influence of season and habitat.this study was undertaken to determine the concentrations of arsenic and mercury in edible muscle of pelagic (scomberomorus commerson, chirocentrus dorab, sphyraena jello, rachycentron conadum, thunus tonggol), benthopelagic (trichiurus lepturus, caranx sem, pampus argenteus, parastromateus niger) and demersal (nemipterus japonicas, epinephelus coioides, platycephalus indicus, psettodes erumei, pomadasys argenteus, acanthopagrus latus) fish species from the persian gulf during summer and winter. ...201020667462
ability of lactobacillus plantarum lipoteichoic acid to inhibit vibrio anguillarum-induced inflammation and apoptosis in silvery pomfret (pampus argenteus) intestinal epithelial cells.lipoteichoic acid (lta) is a major constituent of the cell wall of gram-positive bacteria. the structure and immunomodulation of lta vary greatly between different species. lta from lactobacillus plantarum has been shown to exert anti-pathogenic effects. vibrio anguillarum is a major causative agent of vibriosis, one of the most prevalent fish diseases. the purpose of this study was to examine the effects of l. plantarum lta on v. anguillarum growth, adhesion, and induced inflammation and apopto ...201627179425
molecular characterization and expression analysis of toll-like receptor 2 in response to bacteria in silvery pomfret intestinal epithelial cells.toll-like receptor 2 (tlr2) has been shown to play a crucial role in the host defense of pathogenic microbes in innate immunity. in this study, the full-length cdna of tlr2 in silvery pomfret (pampus argenteus) was cloned by homology cloning and the rapid amplification of cdna ends (race) technique. the complete cdna sequence of tlr2 was 2932 bp, containing an open reading frame (orf) of 2469 bp encoding 822 amino acids. a multiple alignment analysis of the silvery pomfret tlr2 protein-coding se ...201627574826
[effects of low salinity stress on the antioxidant enzyme activities in juvenile pampus argenteus liver and the aptase activities in its gill and kidney].by decreasing water salinity gradually, the pampus argenteus juveniles were cultured at water salinity 25, 20, 15 and 10, for 24 h, 48 h, 96 h and 120 h, respectively, with the activities of superoxide dismutase (sod), catalase (cat), glutathione peroxidase (gpx), glutathione-s-transferase (gst), and glutathione reductase (gr) in liver and the activities of na+/k+- and ga2+/mg2+ -atpase in gill and kidney determined. with the lowering of water salinity and the elongation of treated time, the liv ...201121774333
growth kinetics, protease activity and histophagous capability of uronema sp. infesting cultured silver pomfret pampus argenteus in kuwait.laboratory-produced and -reared sub-adults of silver pomfret (zobaidy) pampus argenteus affected by severe scuticociliatosis during april and may 2005 were investigated and the causative was a scuticociliate, presumptively identified as uronema sp. the parasite was capable of producing highly necrotic skin lesions. mortalities started with a rise in the seawater temperature from 20 to 21.5 degrees c, coinciding with an increase in the total bacterial load of the rearing tank water from 10(3) to ...200717718165
[distribution of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in aquatic species from the pearl river estuary].polybrominated diphenyl ethers (pbdes) were detected in biota samples collected from the pearl river estuary. the concentrations of sigma10 pbdes (bde28, 47, 66, 100, 99, 85, 154, 153, 138, 183) in fish species (including platycephalus indicus, pseudosiaena crocea , pampus argenteus, cynoglossus robustus, and harpodon nehereus), shrimps (including metapenaeus ensis and metapenaeus affinis) and squilla oratoria were from 37.8 ng x g(-1) to 407.1 ng x g(-1) (normalized to lipid), from 49.0 ng x g( ...200617117624
a review of the status and development of kuwait's fisheries.the status of kuwait's fisheries landings and relative abundance for major species was reviewed using research data from kuwait institute for scientific research and landing data from the kuwait's central statistical bureau. landing data showed significant decreases for major commercial species such as zobaidy (pampus argenteus), suboor (tenualosa ilisha), hamoor (epinephelus coioides), newaiby (otolithes ruber) and hamra (lutjanus malabaricus) while abundance data for the shrimp penaeus semisul ...201526233306
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