ancient and recent evolutionary history of the bruchid beetle, acanthoscelides obtectus say, a cosmopolitan pest of beans.acanthoscelides obtectus say is a bruchid species of neotropical origin, and is specialized on beans of the phaseolus vulgaris l. group. since the domestication and diffusion of beans, a. obtectus has become cosmopolitan through human-mediated migrations and is now a major pest in bean granaries. using phylogeographic methods applied to mitochondrial dna (mtdna) and nuclear microsatellite molecular markers, we show that the origin of this species is probably further south than mesoamerica, as co ...200515773933
anthropogenic effects on population genetics of phytophagous insects associated with domesticated plants.the hypothesis of isolation by distance (ibd) predicts that genetic differentiation between populations increases with geographic distance. however, gene flow is governed by numerous factors and the correlation between genetic differentiation and geographic distance is never simply linear. in this study, we analyze the interaction between the effects of geographic distance and of wild or domesticated status of the host plant on genetic differentiation in the bean beetle acanthoscelides obvelatus ...200717971171
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