the egg-laying behaviour of phyllodistomum folium, in vivo and under experimental conditions. 19675625913
[the distribution of phyllodistomum umblae and phyllodistomum folium (trematoda: gorgoderidae) in the excretory system of fishes].it is shown, that the distribution of phyllodistomum umblae in the excretory system of all investigated species of salmonids has a principal similarity. the distribution of p. umblae in the excretory system of the siberian dace and the siberian roach is distinguished from that of p. folium.200010750159
chromosome analysis of phyllodistomum folium (trematoda, gorgoderidae) infecting three european populations of zebra mussels.the mitotic chromosome sets of the larval stages of phyllodistomum folium infecting three european populations of dreissena polymorpha were studied using conventional giemsa staining and karyometrical analysis. the karyotype, described herein for the first time, consisted of nine chromosome pairs (2 n=18). the chromosomes were comparatively small and measured from 1.19 micro m to 5.22 micro m. the first and second longest chromosome pairs were, respectively, approximately 20% and 18% of the mean ...200312736817
prevalence and sequence comparison of phyllodistomum folium from zebra mussel and from freshwater fish in the ebro river.we utilised dna analysis to detect the presence of the digenean phyllodistomum folium in three cyprinid species, scardinius erythrophthalmus, cyprinus carpio and rutilus rutilus. dna sequencing of the region containing the genes its1-5.8s-its2 revealed 100% sequence identity between dna from the sporocysts found in zebra mussels and dna from adults located in the urinary system of 29 cyprinid fish. a second genetically different (variation=1.6%) sequence was observed in two samples from r. rutil ...201020971214
molecular and karyological identification and morphological description of cystocercous cercariae of phyllodistomum umblae and phyllodistomum folium (digenea, gorgoderidae) developing in european sphaeriid bivalves.two cystocercous gorgoderid cercariae of the genus phyllodistomum braun, 1899, phyllodistomum umblae (fabricius, 1780) and phyllodistomum folium (olfers, 1816), developing in sphaeriid bivalves from norway and lithuania, were studied and compared. our previous molecular studies revealed very close phylogenetic relation of these two species and proved that cystocercous cercariae of p. folium develop in sporocysts in the gills of sphaeriid bivalves. in the present study morphological descriptions ...201526116245
different host exploitation strategies in two zebra mussel-trematode systems: adjustments of host life history traits.the zebra mussel is the intermediate host for two digenean trematodes, phyllodistomum folium and bucephalus polymorphus, infecting gills and the gonad respectively. many gray areas exist relating to the host physiological disturbances associated with these infections, and the strategies used by these parasites to exploit their host without killing it. the aim of this study was to examine the host exploitation strategies of these trematodes and the associated host physiological disturbances. we h ...201222448287
involvement of apoptosis in host-parasite interactions in the zebra mussel.the question of whether cell death by apoptosis plays a biological function during infection is key to understanding host-parasite interactions. we investigated the involvement of apoptosis in several host-parasite systems, using zebra mussels dreissena polymorpha as test organisms and their micro- and macroparasites. as a stress response associated with parasitism, heat shock proteins (hsp) can be induced. in this protein family, hsp70 are known to be apoptosis inhibitors. mussels were diagnose ...201323785455
phyllodistomum folium (trematoda: gorgoderidae) infecting zebra mussels (dreissena polymorpha) in the ebro river, spain.zebra mussels (dreissena polymorpha) were first found in the ebro river (spain) in ribaroja reservoir, in the summer of 2001. this paper reports a study to detect parasites in this bivalve species. from september 2003 to august 2004, a total of 1380 zebra mussels were collected and dissected or sectioned in paraffin and haematoxylin and eosin staining. we observed the presence of phyllodistomum folium (olfers, 1816) in two hosts (prevalence 0.14%). sporocysts containing metacercariae were locate ...200616503186
comparison of rdna sequences from colchicine treated and untreated sporocysts of phyllodistomum folium and bucephalus polymorphus (digenea).the most frequently used antimitotic agent in cytogenetic studies is colchicine. we investigated whether the initial treatment of trematodes for karyological analysis with colchicine would have mutagenic or degradational effect on rdna sequences. dreissena polymorpha is the intermediate host of phyllodistomum folium and bucephalus polymorphus, and the sporocyst stage of these trematode species develop, respectively, in the gills and gonads of this mussel. sporocysts of p. folium and b. polymorph ...200415468529
[the morphological variability of the maritae of phyllodistomum umblae and phyllodistomum folium (trematoda: gorgoderidae) from fish in the lake baikal basin].the host variability of adults of phyllodistomum umblae and p. folium in fishes of the baikal region has been studied. the absence of considerable geographical variability of p. umblae in coregonus lavaretus (lake baikal, lake storsjön in sweden) has been shown. the complexes of most stable (the size of acetabulum and eggs, location of acetabulum, ovary and vitelline bodies) and variable (the distance from oral sucker to intestinal bifurcation, distance from intestinal back edge to body end, wid ...200011060890
Is there a link between shell morphology and parasites of zebra mussels?The shell morphology of zebra mussels, Dreissena polymorpha, was analyzed to determine if alterations in shell shape and asymmetry between valves were related to its infection status, i.e. infected or not by microparasites like ciliates Ophryoglena spp. or intracellular bacteria Rickettsiales-like organisms (RLOs), and by macroparasites like trematodes Phyllodistomum folium and Bucephalus polymorphus. For microparasites, two groups of mussels were observed depending on shell measurements. Mussel ...201122146241
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