[status of yunnan drug banxia and its botanical origin].l. yunnan, the medicinal material banxia recorded in the pharmacopoeia of the people's republic of china (1985 ed.) is called "dizhu banxia" (stem tuber of pinellia ternata). besides, "shanzhu banxia" (stem tuber of arisaema yunnanense, a. bathycoleum, a. saxatile and a. prazeri) is also used medically as banxia, while "gouzhua banxia" (stem tuber of arisaema franchetianum, a. likiangense and pinellia pedatisecta) is not.19911883493
[a survey on the medicinal history of pinellia ternata breit].the work in this paper has a twofold aim: 1 verifying the chinese drug "banxia" in medicinal books before 1900 as the tuber of pinellia ternata (araceae), while p.ternata in qizhou (licheng county, shandong province) had been mistaken for p.tripartita which only grow in japan; 2 proving young tuber of p.pedatisecta to be "youba" which was confused with "banxia" in some ancient medicinal books, while "youba" has been regarded as arisaema regens so far.19892695108
radioimmunoassay of pinellia ternata lectin.radioimmunoassay of pinellia ternata lectin (ptl) in rabbit serum and in root extract has been tried. the ptl was labelled with 125i using chloramine-t, and the labelled product was purified by gel chromatography. standard suppression lines were obtained and the parallelism in serum or buffer was demonstrated. the assay time was 48 h with an intra- and inter-assay coefficient of variation of less than 12%. the ptl content in dried pinellia ternata roots was about 28 +/- 3 mg/g. more than 40% of ...19853910590
effect of pinellia ternata lectin on membrane currents of mouse motor nerve terminals.pinellia ternata lectin (ptl) extracted from the fresh juice of rhizome of pinellia ternata used as a traditional chinese medicine facilitated the quantal release of acetylcholine (ach) in the mouse motor nerve terminals and formed cation channels in artificial lipid bilayer. here we report the action of ptl on presynaptic membrane currents of motor nerve terminals. the experiments were performed on the intercostal nerve triangularis sterni muscle preparations. by means of the perineurial record ...19948068197
[32 cases of postoperative osteogenic sarcoma treated by chemotherapy combined with chinese medicinal herbs].32 cases of postoperative osteogenic sarcoma treated by chemotherapy combined with chinese medicinal herbs were compared with 26 similar cases as control group. the drugs used in chemotherapy consisted of two regimens, ddp and high-dose mtx plus vcr. the results showed that the side effects of chemotherapy in control group were consistent with literatures; while the group treated with chinese medicinal herbs suffered less toxic effects, the difference between two groups was statistically signifi ...19938339032
[studies on stimulating components of raw pinellia ternata (thunb.) (banxia)].to study the stimulating components of raw pinellia ternata (banxia).199912205980
determination of the site of origin of pinellia ternata roots based on rapd analysis and pcr-rflp.analyses of randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) and pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp) were performed in an effort to distinguish between two different origins of pinellia ternata. to determine whether the origin of pinellia ternata is in china or korea. rapd analysis was carried out using ten 20-mer random primers. although the coefficients of similarity between the dna of chinese and korean accessions of pinellia ternata were high, distinguishable band patterns were ...200212369097
[study on growth rhythm in populations of pinellia ternata (thunb.) breit].to study the genetic diversity of pinellia ternata. the growth rhythm.200112525045
pinelloside, an antimicrobial cerebroside from pinellia antimicrobial cerebroside, pinelloside, was isolated from the air-dried tubers of pinellia ternata (thunb.) breit. its structure was determined as 1-o-beta-d-glucopyranosyl-(2s,3r,4e,11e)-2-(2'r-hydroxyhexadecenoylamino)-4,11-octadecadiene-1,3-diol by chemical transformation and extensive spectroscopic analyses (ir, ms, 1h and 13c nmr, dept as well as 2d nmr techniques hmbc, hmqc, 1h-1h cosy and noesy). the antimicrobial assay showed that this compound was inhibitory to the growth of bacillus ...200314559289
expression and purification of a novel mannose-binding lectin from pinellia ternata.pinellia ternata agglutinin (pta) from the tubers of p. ternata is a monocot mannose-binding lectin that catalytically agglutinated rabbit erythrocytes. the potential effect of pta has gained considerable interest in recent years owing to clinical use of native pta as the preparation against cancer and for plant protection against insect pests. here we report a successful strategy to allow high-level expression of pta as inclusion bodies in escherichia coli m15. purification of refolded recombin ...200314668535
transgenic tobacco expressing pinellia ternata agglutinin confers enhanced resistance to aphids.tobacco leaf discs were transformed with a plasmid, pbipta, containing the selectable marker neomycin phosphotransferase gene (nptii) and pinellia ternata agglutinin gene (pta) via agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. thirty-two independent transgenic tobacco plants were regenerated. pcr and southern blot analyses confirmed that the pta gene had integrated into the plant genome and northern blot analysis revealed transgene expression at various levels in transgenic plants. genetic ...200314713200
a virus related to soybean mosaic virus from pinellia ternata in china and its comparison with local soybean smv isolates.a potyvirus isolated from pinellia ternata in china was characterised and shown to be related to soybean mosaic virus (smv). the virus was pathogenic on p. ternata and some soybean cultivars, whereas the local soybean smv isolate hh5 did not infect p. ternata. western blot experiments demonstrated a serological relationship between the virus from pinellia, smv and watermelon mosaic virus (wmv). the complete nucleotide sequences of the pinellia virus (isolate p-1, 9735 nt) and of the chinese soyb ...200414745600
further molecular characterisation of potyviruses infecting aroid plants for medicinal use in china.degenerate primers were used to detect and amplify 3'-terminal genome fragments of potyviruses from medicinal aroid plants growing at 16 sites in china. virus was detected in 7 samples of which six, all of pinellia ternata, contained a strain of soybean mosaic virus (smv) similar to that previously reported from this host in china. the complete sequence of one isolate and the p1 protein coding region of the other isolates were also sequenced. in all cases, the p1 proteins resembled isolates of d ...200515449140
[the change of activity of protective enzyme around sprout tumble of pinellia ternate under high temperature stress].to study the change of the activity of protective enzyme to avoid sprout tumble of pinellia ternata.200415503767
[study on chemical constituents in rhizome of pinellia ternata].to study the chemical constituents in rhizome of pinellia ternata.200516075730
neuroprotective effect of chuk-me-sun-dan on nmda- and ampa-evoked nitric oxide synthase activity in mouse brain.chukmesundan (cmsd) is composed of 8 medicinal herbs including panex ginseng c.a. meyer, atractylodes macrocephala koid, poria cocos wolf, pinellia ternata breit, brassica alba boiss, aconitum carmichaeli debx, cynanchum atratum bge, and cuscuta chinensis lam and used for the treatment of various symptoms accompanying hypertension and cerebrovascular disorders. this study was carried out to examine the effects of cmsd on n-methyl-d-aspartate (nmda)-evoked, and alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-is ...200516237959
neuroprotective effect of a chuk-me-sun-dan on neurons from ischemic damage and neuronal cell toxicity.chukmesundan (cmsd), composed of the following 8 medicinal herbs including panex ginseng c.a. meyer, atractylodes macrocephala koid, poria cocos wolf, pinellia ternata breit, brassica alba boiss, aconitum carmichaeli debx, cynanchum atratum bge and cuscuta chinensis lam. cmsd is being used in korea for the treatment of various symptoms accompanying hypertension and cerebrovascular disorders. this study was carried out to examine the effects of cmsd on cultured primary neuron cell, cell cytotoxic ...200616474991
[study on morphological characteristics of pollen grains of pinellia ternata in different populations].to study the genetic diversity of pollen grains morphologies of pinellia ternata in different populations and supply palynological evidences for further research.200616548162
[aflp fingerprinting of pinellia ternata and its application].to obtain more information on dna fingerprintings and to confirm the genetic relationships of ten wide populations of pinellia tornata.200616548163
genomic cloning and characterization of a ppa gene encoding a mannose-binding lectin from pinellia pedatisecta.a gene encoding a mannose-binding lectin, pinellia pedatisecta agglutinin (ppa), was isolated from leaves of pinellia pedatisecta using genomic walker technology. the ppa contained an 1140-bp 5'-upstream region, a 771-bp open reading frame (orf) and an 829-bp 3'-downstream region. the orf encoded a precursor polypeptide of 256 amino acid residues with a 24-amino acid signal peptide. there were one putative tata box and six possible caat boxes lying in the 5'-upstream region of ppa. the ppa showe ...200616845824
[study on marking method for germplasm evaluation of pinellia ternata].setting a valuable method of pinellia ternate to provide references for germplasm evaluation of medicinal plant.200617048641
[studies on cytogeography of pinellia ternata poliploid complex].in order to clarify the genetic background of pinellia ternata germplasm resources in china, the chromosomal constitution and cytogeographical distribution of p. ternata were investigated in 27 different populations among 16 provinces and regions in china systematically.200617087076
[study on irritation of calcium oxalate crystal in raw pinellia ternata].confirm the irritation of needle-like calcium oxalate crystals in raw pinellia ternata.200617225542
[ribosomal dna its sequence analyses of pinellia ternata from different geographical origin in china].to study the its sequence variation of pinellia ternata from different population in china, and it correlation to geographical distribution and morpha of the plant.200617260788
the '6k1' protein of a strain of soybean mosaic virus localizes to the cell periphery.the '6k1' protein of the pinellia isolate of soybean mosaic virus was cloned into a prokaryotic expression vector and a polyclonal antiserum raised to the expressed fusion protein. in immunogold labeling of thin sections of infected leaves of pinellia ternata, specific labeling occurred at the cell periphery. this might suggest that the potyvirus '6k1' protein plays some role in viral cell-to-cell movement but the lack of transmembrane domains suggests that it does not conform to currently-recog ...200717458620
[efficient agrobacterium-mediated transformation of soybean].to improve agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation of embryonic tips of soybean [glycine max (l.) merr], the effect of several factors on transformation efficiency were examined by measuring transient expression levels of beta-glucuronidase and the number of resistant explants. the hypervirulent agrobacterium tumefaciens strain kyrt1 was proved to be a better transformer than eha105 and lba4404. improved transformation efficiencies were obtained when embryonic tips were incubated with ...200717674770
[comparative study on main economic characters of different populations of pinellia ternata in china].to analyze the content of guanosine, total alkaloid and individual yield of pinellia ternata from different populations in china and evaluate its quality.200717802872
[analysis of lipid compounds of high-yielded rhizoma pinelliae growing in the west of hubei province by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry].to investigate lipid components of high-yielded pinellia ternata rhizomes growing in the west of hubei province.200717918435
[study on processing mechanism of pinellia ternate].elucidating the detoxification mechanism of the raw pinellia ternata processed by alum solution or alkaline solution (ph > 12).200717966350
[bioactive constituents inhibiting tnf-alpha production in fresh rhizome of pinellia ternata].to study the bioactive constituents of the fresh rhizome of pinellia ternata, and provide the scientific basis for quality control.200717992993
in vitro assessment of plant lectins with anti-pinwood nematode activity.two lectin proteins were purified from the corms of pinellia ternata and lycoris radiata. both p. ternata agglutinin (pta) protein and l. radiata agglutinin (lra) protein formed polymers and coagulated both rabbit red blood cells and yeast cells. the two proteins were each diluted to different concentration and then mixed with pinewood nematodes, and nematode survival was measured. results showed that the two lectin proteins showed significant levels of resistance against nematodes and the nemat ...200818158158
[growth and propagation of wild pinellia ternata in cultivation].to study the growth and propagation of pinella ternata in cultivation.200818619342
protein-protein interactions in two potyviruses using the yeast two-hybrid system.interactions between all ten mature proteins of the potyviruses soybean mosaic virus (pinellia ternata isolate) and shallot yellow stripe virus were investigated using yeast two-hybrid (y2h) assays. consistently strong self-interactions were found between the pairs of hc-pro, vpg, nia-pro, nib and cp in both viruses. apart from the nib, such interactions have been previously reported for some other potyviruses. the 6k1/nia-pro combination gave a consistently moderate to strong interaction in bot ...200919189854
isolation and characterization of endophytic and rhizosphere bacterial antagonists of soft rot pathogen from pinellia ternata.pinellia ternata, a traditional chinese herb that has been used in china for over 1000 years, is susceptible to a soft rot disease, which may cause major loss of yield. the use of bacteria as potential antagonists against pectobacterium carotovorum sxr1, the causal agent of the disease on p. ternata, was evaluated. altogether, 1107 candidate bacteria were isolated from the rhizosphere and surface-sterilized plants of p. ternata. in petri dish tests, 55 isolates inhibited the growth of strain sxr ...200919473246
[photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophy ii fluorescence parameters of different populations of pinellia ternata].to study the photosynthetic characteristics and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of pinellia ternate from different sources, in order to provide basis for cultivation and breeding.200919771857
[agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated chitinase and beta-1,3-glucanase gene transformation for pinellia ternata].to obtain transgenic pinellia ternata plants resistant to fungus by transfer chitinase and beta-1,3-glucanase gene from trichoderma harzianum.200919894502
disclosure of the tuberous lectin composed of homogeneous tetramers in pinellia pedatisecda schott.pinellia pedatisecta (schott) and pinellia ternata (thumb) breit, whose tuberous stems are an important chinese medicine, taxonomically belong to pinellia, araceae species. pinellia contains various lectins in their tubers, leading to distinct roles in chinese medicine. difference of the lectins, however, is little known between p. pedatisecta and p. ternata tubers. for addressing to this purpose, lectins were isolated from their tuberous stems, purified through porcine thyroglobulin chromatogra ...201020094922
characterization of the endophytic antagonist py11t-3-1 against bacterial soft rot of pinellia ternata.biocontrol is an emerging trend aimed at reducing chemical input while increasing plant fitness, productivity and resistance to diseases in sustainable agriculture. an antagonist, py11t-3-1, was herein characterized for potential applications against soil-borne plant diseases.201020438622
[pathogen identification of pinellia ternata tuber disease and selection of fungicide].the rotten tuber of pinellia ternata was found as an important disease during the growing season in tianshui production area. the isolated pathogens were tested following koch's postulates and identified as fusarium oxysporum. the suitable growth conditions for the f. oxysporum were 15-30 degrees c, ph 6-8, the optimal condition was 21.9 degrees c and ph 7.2. some fungicides were demonstrated to be effective to inhibit the pathogen growth. 70% thiophanate-methyl and 58% metalaxyl mz were most ef ...201020575381
[irritant stability of raphides and tubers from pinellia ternate].to investigate the irritation stability of raphides from pinellia ternata and the contribution of raphides proteins on irritation.201021049611
controlling myzus persicae with recombinant endophytic fungi chaetomium globosum expressing pinellia ternata agglutinin: using recombinant endophytic fungi to control insect pests have become the major threats to many crops in recent years; however, only a few biopesticides have been developed for controlling those pests. here, we developed a novel pest management strategy, which uses endophytes to express anti-pest plant lectins.201121414115
transgenic tetraploid isatis indigotica expressing bt cry1ac and pinellia ternata agglutinin showed enhanced resistance to moths and of multiple genes encoding different kinds of insect resistant proteins has been developed to confer a broader spectrum of pest control. tetraploid isatis indigotica fort was transformed with a plasmid, p3300bp, containing bacillus thuringiensis cry1ac gene (bt) and pinellia ternata agglutinin gene (pta) and the selectable marker herbicide resistance gene (bar) driven by the camv35s promoter via agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. the integration and expression of in ...201121559837
pinellia ternata agglutinin expression in chloroplasts confers broad spectrum resistance against aphid, whitefly, lepidopteran insects, bacterial and viral pathogens.broad spectrum protection against different insects and pathogens requires multigene engineering. however, such broad spectrum protection against biotic stress is provided by a single protein in some medicinal plants. therefore, tobacco chloroplasts were transformed with the agglutinin gene from pinellia ternata (pta), a widely cultivated chinese medicinal herb. pinellia ternata agglutinin (pta) was expressed up to 9.2% of total soluble protein in mature leaves. purified pta showed similar hemag ...201122077160
[genetic transformation of pinellia ternata with agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated shsp genes].to establish an efficient genetic transformation system of pinellia ternata.201223627174
endophytic bacteria from pinellia ternata, a new source of purine alkaloids and bacterial manure.pinellia ternata (thunb.) berit., a perennial herb belonging to araceae, is one of the few medicinal plants to produce purine alkaloids. it is speculated that endophytic bacteria from p. ternata may produce guanosine or inosine. however, there is no report about endophytic bacteria in p. ternata.201525868618
a cell-based high-throughput protocol to screen entry inhibitors of highly pathogenic viruses with traditional chinese medicines.emerging viruses such as ebola virus (ebov), lassa virus (lasv), and avian influenza virus h5n1 (aiv) are global health concerns. since there is very limited options (either vaccine or specific therapy) approved for humans against these viruses, there is an urgent need to develop prophylactic and therapeutic treatments. previously we reported a high-throughput screening (hts) protocol to identify entry inhibitors for three highly pathogenic viruses (ebov, lasv, and aiv) using a human immunodefic ...201727704591
cloning and molecular characterization of a novel lectin gene from pinellia ternata.the full-length cdna of pinellia ternata agglutinin (pta) was cloned from inflorescences using race-pcr. through comparative analysis of pta gene (pta) and its deduced amino acid sequence with those of other araceae species, pta was found to encode a precursor lectin with signal peptide and to have extensive homology with those of other araceae species. pta was a heterotetrameric mannose-binding lectin with three mannose-binding boxes like lectins from other araceae and amaryllidaceae species. s ...200312974620
pinellia ternata agglutinin produced in bombyx mori cells exhibits bioactivity.pinellia ternata agglutinin (pta) is highly homologous to many other monocot mannose-binding lectins which reportedly possess antitumor activities. its production in silkworm cells has great application potential because the baculovirus expression system can produce post-translationally modified proteins at low cost. in the current study, the pta gene was cloned and expressed in silkworm cells, and the expressed protein was analyzed using a hemagglutination assay. a preliminary in vitro study on ...201222611529
[studies on the medicinal plant in the "sambutsu-cho" of higo province possessed by the kumamoto clan (ii): on the medicina herbs].in the previous report, i studied the medicinal trees contained in the sambutsu-cho of the kumamoto clan in higo province. in this report, i studied the medicinal herbs contained in the same book. there were 439 names in the herbal part. i identified 214 species and found 129 species as the medicinal plants. the ratio of the medicinal plants was 60%. the famous medicinal plants were as follows: atractilodes japonica, platycodon grandiflorum, prunella vulgaris var. lilacina, pharbitis nil, cnidiu ...199311639722
[studies on the medicinal plant in the "sambutsu-cho" of bungo province possessed by the kumamoto clan (ii); studies on the medicinal herbs].in the previous report, i studied the medicinal trees contained in the sambutsu-cho of the kumamoto clan in bungo province. in this report, i studied the medicinal herbs contained in the same book. there were 259 names in the herbal part. i identified 156 species and found 103 species as the medicinal plants. the ratio of the medicinal plants was 66%. the famous medicinal plants were as follows: atractilodes japonica, platycodon gradiflorum, mentha arvensis var. piperascens, lisospermum erythror ...199211639706
antidepressant effects of banxia houpu decoction, a traditional chinese medicinal empirical formula.banxia houpu decoction, having been used for the treatment of depression-related diseases since ancient times, is a traditional chinese medicinal empirical formula consisting of pinellia ternata, poria cocos, magnolia officinalis, perilla frutescens and zingiber officinale. the effects of the total decoction extract and five fractions therefrom, were evaluated in mice by tail suspension and forced swimming tests. the total 90% ethanol extract of the decoction was shown to possess an antidepressa ...200011025166
effect of oral administration of pinellia ternata, zingiberis rhizoma and their mixture on the efferent activity of the gastric branch of the vagus nerve in the rat.the effect of taste stimulation of pinellia temata, zingiberis rhizoma and their mixture on the efferent activity of the gastric branch of the vagus nerve was observed in the anesthetized rat. taste stimulation by pinellia ternata (50 mg/ml, 10 min) resulted in a suppression in vagal gastric nerve activity. on the contrary, stimulation by zingiberis rhizoma (50 mg/ml, 10 min) caused a facilitation in efferent activity. the mixture of pinellia ternata and zingiberis rhizoma (5:1, 50 mg/ml, 10 min ...19989876038
effect of pinellia ternata tuber on the efferent activity of the gastric vagus nerve in the rat.effect of intraduodenal infusion with the hot aqueous extract of pinellia ternata tuber on the efferent discharges in the gastric branch of the vagus nerve was observed in the anesthetized rat. the infusion of the extract in doses of 2-15o mg per animal (c.a. 300 g, b.wt.) resulted in a dose-related increase in efferent activity of the vagal gastric nerve. the enhancement of the nerve activity following administration of 150 mg of this substance lasted longer than 90 min. it was observed that th ...19938348334
an integrated global chemomics and system biology approach to analyze the mechanisms of the traditional chinese medicinal preparation eriobotrya japonica - fritillaria usuriensis dropping pills for pulmonary diseases.traditional chinese medicine (tcm) herbal formulae provide valuable therapeutic strategies. however, the active ingredients and mechanisms of action remain unclear for most of these formulae. therefore, the identification of complex mechanisms is a major challenge in tcm research.201626742634
the complete chloroplast genome sequence of medicinal plant pinellia ternata.pinellia ternata is an important medicinal plant used in the treatment of cough, to dispel phlegm, to calm vomiting and to terminate early pregnancy, as an anti-ulcer and anti-tumor medicine. in this study, we found that the complete chloroplast genome of pinellia ternata was 164 013 bp in length, containing a pair of inverted repeats of 25 625 bp separated by a large single-copy region and a small single-copy region of 89 783 bp and 22 980 bp, respectively. the chloroplast genome encodes 132 pr ...201626153849
cannabis, 21. biotransformation of cannabinol to its glycosides by in vitro plant tissue.a marijuana compound, cannabinol [1], was converted to two metabolites using in vitro tissue of pinellia ternata. the structures of the metabolites were determined to be cannabinol-o-beta-d-glucopyranoside [2] and 9'-hydroxycannabinol-o-beta-d-glucopyranoside [3] by 1h nmr and 13c nmr. from the time course experiments, 1 was absorbed rapidly in the tissues and glycosylated. hydroxylation at the pentyl group occurred, and its metabolite was secreted in the medium.19938133296
immunochemical approach using monoclonal antibody against δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (thca) to discern cannabis plants and to investigate new drug candidates.a monoclonal antibody (mab-4a4) against δ9- tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (thca) showing extensive cross-reactivity against various cannabinoids was prepared. using this antibody, a competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay (elisa) was developed to detect δ9-thca in the range of 1 to 100 mg/ml. various cannabinoids including δ9-thc (δ9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), δ8-thca (δ8-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), δ8-thc (δ8-tetrahydrocannabinol), cbd (cannabidiol), and cbn (cannabinol) were recognized by mab ...201121143135
selected extracts of chinese herbal medicines: their effect on nf-κb, pparα and pparγ and the respective bioactive compounds.chinese herbal medicinal (chm) extracts from fourteen plants were investigated in cell-based in vitro assays for their effect on nuclear factor κb (nf-κb), a key regulator of inflammation, as well as on peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (ppars) being key regulators of genes involved in lipid and glucose metabolism. 43% of the investigated chms showed nf-κb inhibitory and 50% pparα and pparγ activating effects. apolar extracts from cortex and flos of albizia julibrissin durazz. and proc ...201222675394
anti‑inflammatory and antioxidant activity of the traditional herbal formula gwakhyangjeonggi‑san via enhancement of heme oxygenase‑1 expression in raw264.7 macrophages.gwakhyangjeonggi‑san (ghjgs) is a mixture of herbal plants, including agastache rugosa, perilla frutescens, angelica dahurica, areca catechu, poria cocos, magnolia officinalis, atractylodes macrocephala, citrus reticulata, pinellia ternata, platycodon grandiflorum, glycyrrhiza uralensis, ziziphus jujuba and zingiber officinale. ghjgs has been used for treating diarrhea‑predominant irritable bowel syndrome in traditional korean medicine. in the present study, the anti‑inflammatory and antioxidant ...201627052497
prokaryotic expression and bioactivity analysis of n-terminus domain of pinellia ternata agglutinin using alkaline phosphatase signal peptide.pinellia ternata agglutinin (pta) from the tubers of p. ternata is a two-domain monocot mannose-binding lectin. pta-n encoding n-terminus domain of pta (pta-n) was fused with escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase signal peptide (apsp) gene by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for secretion expression. the fused nucleotide sequence apsp-pta-n was inserted into pet-28a prokaryotic expression vector by restriction enzyme digest sites (nco i and xho i), and then overexpressed in e. coli bl21(de3) cell ...201323500721
a potyvirus p1 protein interacts with the rieske fe/s protein of its host.abstract yeast two-hybrid (y2h) screens were used to test for interactions between the p1 protein of soybean mosaic virus pinellia isolate (smv-p) and a cdna expression library of its host, the aroid pinellia ternata. of the 13 independent interacting clones identified, ten were identical and had an open reading frame predicted to encode a 23.7-kda protein closely related to the cytochrome b6/f complex rieske fe/s genes of plants. the interaction between smv-p-p1 and the mature rieske fe/s prote ...200720507538
oral adjuvant activity for nasal influenza vaccines caused by combination of two trihydroxy fatty acid stereoisomers from the tuber of pinellia ternata.pinellic acid from the tuber of pinellia ternata was isolated as an effective oral adjuvant for nasal influenza vaccine, and identified 9s,12s,13s-trihydroxy-10e-octadecenoic acid (9s,12s,13s) by the enantioselective total synthesis [nagai et al., int. immunopharmacol., 2, 1183-93 (2002); shirahata et al., tetrahedron, 62, 9483-96 (2006)]. however, present study showed that synthetic 9s,12s,13s that was nearly 100% pure was not effective as an oral adjuvant. hplc analysis also showed that the ad ...201020230917
pinellia ternata, citrus reticulata, and their combinational prescription inhibit eosinophil infiltration and airway hyperresponsiveness by suppressing ccr3+ and th2 cytokines production in the ovalbumin-induced asthma model.this study was aimed to analyse the curative effects of pinellia ternata, citrus reticulata, and their combination on airway hyperresponsiveness (ahr) to inhaled methacholine, pulmonary eosinophilic infiltration, th2 cytokine production, and ige and histamine production in a murine model of asthma.200919657453
molecular characterization and evolutionary analysis of soybean mosaic virus infecting pinellia ternata in china.twenty-nine pinellia ternata specimens were collected from representative areas in china, including the major production provinces of zhejiang, henan, shanxi, hunan, shandong and hubei. seven isolates related to soybean mosaic virus (smv), which could be pathogenic on p. ternata and some soybean [glycine max (l.) merr.] cultivars, were detected using double antibody sandwich immunosorbent assay (das-elisa) and rt-pcr amplification performed with degenerate primer of potyviruses. it is revealed t ...200818058013
[detection of two viruses infecting pinellia ternata in china].to study viruses infecting pinellia ternata in china.200717608213
anti-obesity effect of pinellia ternata extract in zucker rats.pinellia ternata is known as the herb effective in removing dampness-phlegm, one of the causes of obesity in traditional korean medicine. pinellia ternata water extract (pe) was fed to rats after mixing with diet once a day (400 mg x kg(-1)) for 6 weeks. we investigated its effect on the thermogenesis and fatty acids oxidation with obese zucker rats. we also determined the gene expression of uncoupling protein 1 (ucp1), peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor alpha (pparalpha), and ppargamma ...200616755034
occupational asthma caused by two herb materials, dioscorea batatas and pinellia ternata.there have been very few cases of occupational allergies caused by herb materials. in this paper, we report a case of occupational asthma and rhinitis caused by two herb materials, dioscorea batatas and pinellia ternata, which are known as sanyak and banha respectively. the patient had strong positive responses to grass pollens and cat fur, as well as to sanyak and banha extracts on skin-prick tests. bronchoprovocation tests showed a dual asthmatic response to sanyak whereas only an early asthma ...19947922777
[study on optimization of srap-pcr reaction system for pinellia ternata in suzhou].to investigate the optimization system of srap-pcr molecular marker technology in the analysis on pinellia ternata.201223627186
anti-allergic activity of a kampo (japanese herbal) medicine "sho-seiryu-to (xiao-qing-long-tang)" on airway inflammation in a mouse model.effects of a kampo (japanese herbal) medicine "sho-seiryu-to (sst, xiao-qing-long-tang in chinese)", which has been used for the treatment of allergic bronchial asthma clinically, were examined on ovalbumin (ova)-sensitized allergic airway inflammation model (i.e., bronchial asthma) in a mouse. when sst was orally administered at 0.5 g/kg/day from day 1 to 6 days after ova inhalation, sst reduced the ova-specific ige antibody titer in bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) fluids at 7 days after the ova i ...200415313433
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