new records of alien monogeneans from lepomis gibbosus and silurus glanis in italy.the first geographical records of five alien monogeneans for italy is reported. four species have been detected from lepomis gibbosus (linnaeus, 1758): actinocleidus recurvatus mizelle et donahue, 1944, actinocleidus oculatus (mueller, 1934), urocleidus similis (mueller, 1936) and urocleidus dispar (mueller, 1936); one species from silurus glanis linnaeus, 1758: thaparocleidus vistulensis (siwak, 1932) n. comb.200315267103
occurrence and intensity of parasites in wels catfish, silurus glanis l. 1758 from amirkelayeh wetland, southwest of the caspian sea.amirkelayeh international wetland with a surface area of 1,230 hectares and fifteen fish species is an important water resource in the southern part of the caspian sea. there is few reports on fish parasites of this area. in the present study, a total of 80 wels catfish, silurus glanis, were collected from april through july 2011. after recording biometric characteristics, common necropsy and parasitology methods were used. in the present study, a total of 441 individuals of seven parasite speci ...201627605796
introduction and spread of non-native parasites with silurus glanis l. (teleostei: siluridae) in uk fisheries.despite growing concern of the ecological risks posed by the european catfish siluris glanis l. in freshwater fisheries, little information exists on the parasite fauna of this silurid catfish in britain. parasitological examinations of released s. glanis from four still-water fisheries in england revealed the presence of thaparocleidus vistulensis (siwak, 1932) and ergasilus sieboldi (nordmann, 1832), both non-native parasites, the latter known to be an important fish pathogen. this represents ...201122130112
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