[the oncomiracidium of ancyrocephalus paradoxus creplin, 1839 (monongenea, monopisthocotylea), parasite of sander lucioperca (teleostei, percidae)].the distribution of ciliated cells and the oncomiracidium chaetotaxy in ancyrocephalus paradoxus creplin, 1839 (ancyrocephalidae) parasite of sander lucioperca (teleostean, percidae) are described for the first time as well as the larval ciliated cells in dactylogyrus extensus (dactylogyridae) parasite of cyprinus carpio. also is given a description of the larval haptorial armature of ancyrocephalus paradoxus which shows some original features in our region. the ciliated cell pattern and chaetot ...1977603199
locomotion in the gill-parasitic monogenean tetraonchus monenteron. 19873572655
the adhesive mechanism of the monogenean parasite tetraonchus monenteron from the gills of the pike (esox lucius). 19665968799
[the family tetraonchidae (monogenea): its structure and position among the monogeneans].the muscle fascicles of the haptor in tetraonchus monenteron have been described. the muscle connection of the fan-shaped dorsal bars with dorsal anchors is shown. when these muscle fascicles are contracted the dorsal anchors works as pincers. the division of tetraonchids into two genera based on types of copulatory organs, morphology of bars and haptor ans associations with different groups of fishes is restored. different authors based on ciliated cells and chaetotaxy of the oncomiracidium and ...199810206855
fish monogeneans from a shallow, eutrophic oświn lake in poland.a study was carried out in a shallow, eutrophic oświn lake, within seven islands reserve (north-eastern poland), in order to determine the infection of fish with monogeneans as sensitive indicators of water quality. this paper presents comparative analysis of the occurrence of monogenea in fishes from two, distinctly separated pools of the lake, differing in environmental conditions. the impact of fish size and sampling season on the infection parameters was also analyzed.200617007335
[the forms of the population variability of the chitinoid formations in tetraonchus monenteron (monogenea: tetraonchidae)].population variability of the adhesive apparatus and copulatory organ of tetraonchus momenteron from young and adult pikes (esox lucius) from rybinsk reservoir (volga river system) and adult pikes from lake baikal has been studied. comparison analysis of seven plastic and one meristic characters allowed to discover differences between the groups of monogeneans from young and adult pikes from "rybinsk" population by frequently of the variations of number of the tight coils of copulatory organ sup ...19948177612
further monogeneans from iranian freshwater fishes.thirteen dactylogyrus, 1 dogelius and 1 tetraonchus species are first recorded on iranian fishes. of them, twelve dactylogyrus species and tetraonchus monenteron are identified with known species. dogelius persicus sp. n. from barbus sharpeyi, barbus grypus and carassobarbus luteus, as well as dactylogyrus holciki from chalcalburnus mossulensis and c. chalcoides are described as new species. besides the first record of the above monogeneans, new host records are given to some known species.19921476091
[the oncomiracidium of tetraonchus monenteron (wagener 1857) diesing 1858 (monogenea, tetraonchidae), parasite of esox lusius l. (teleosteen)]. 1978677706
investigation of parasites of pikes (esox lucius linnaeus, 1785) from chamkhale river, anzali and amirkelayeh wetlands, investigate the health status, the parasite diversity and abundance were studied in three pike populations. for this purpose, totally 90 fish were caught from three natural habitats of pike including chamkhale river, anzali and amirkelayeh wetlands, iran. after biometry and age determination, fish were dissected and parasites were investigated in intestine, gill and eye. according to results, five parasite species were identified in whole body of pikes including eustrongylides exises, raphida ...201627605833
occurrence of monogenea in italian freshwater fish (po river basin).sixteen monogenean species were found on the skin and gills of 10 different fish species collected from north italian water bodies. cleidodiscus pricei from ictalurus melas; dactylogyrus alatus from alburnus alburnus; d. anchoratus, d. formosus and d. vastator from carassius carassius; d. difformis from scardinius erythrophthalmus; d. rutili from rutilus aula; d. tincae and gyrodactylus gasterostei from tinca tinca; d. ergensi from leuciscus cephalus and telestes muticellus; d. vistulae and para ...200212701382
hematological parameters associated with parasitism in pike, esox lucius caught from anzali wetland.this study involved 120 pike, esox lucius, captured from anzali wetland. parasite fauna were identified in captured fish. also, changes of haematological parameters were compared both infected and uninfected fish. parasitological inspections revealed the following infestations: skin: lernea cyprinacea, argulus foliaceus (crustacean) and tricodina sp. (ciliatea). gill: dactylogyrus sp. (digenea) and tetraonchus monenteron (monogenea). eye: diplostomum spathaceum (digenea). gut: eustrongylides exi ...201526064009
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