methanogen community in zoige wetland of tibetan plateau and phenotypic characterization of a dominant uncultured methanogen cluster zc-i.zoige wetland of tibetan plateau is characterized by being located at a low latitude (33 degrees 56'n, 102 degrees 52'e) region and under the annual temperature around 1 degrees c. previous studies indicated that zoige wetland was one of the ch(4) emission centres in qinghai-tibetan plateau; in this study, the methanogen community in this low-latitude wetland was analysed based on the homology of 16s rrna and mcra genes retrieved from the soil. the results indicated that members of methanosarcin ...200818373675
analysis of methanogenic archaeal communities of rumen fluid and rumen particles from korean black goats.molecular diversity of methanogens in the rumen of korean black goats was investigated with 16s rrna gene clone libraries using methanogen-specific primers. the libraries were composed of rumen fluid-associated methanogens (fam) and rumen particle-associated methanogens (pam) from rumen-fistulated korean black goats. among the 141 clones of the fam library, the sequences were mostly related to two phyla, the methanobacteriaceae family (77.3%) and the thermoplasmatales family (22.7%); and among t ...201121951902
differences in the rumen methanogen populations of lactating jersey and holstein dairy cows under the same diet the dairy cattle industry, holstein and jersey are the breeds most commonly used for production. they differ in performance by various traits, such as body size, milk production, and milk composition. with increased concerns about the impact of agriculture on climate change, potential differences in other traits, such as methane emission, also need to be characterized further. since methane is produced in the rumen by methanogenic archaea, we investigated whether the population structure of m ...201121705541
phylogenetic comparison of the methanogenic communities from an acidic, oligotrophic fen and an anaerobic digester treating municipal wastewater sludge.methanogens play a critical role in the decomposition of organics under anaerobic conditions. the methanogenic consortia in saturated wetland soils are often subjected to large temperature fluctuations and acidic conditions, imposing a selective pressure for psychro- and acidotolerant community members; however, methanogenic communities in engineered digesters are frequently maintained within a narrow range of mesophilic and circumneutral conditions to retain system stability. to investigate the ...200818776026
in silico screening of archaeal trna-encoding genes having multiple introns with bulge-helix-bulge splicing archaeal species, several transfer rna genes have been reported to contain endogenous introns. although most of the introns are located at anticodon loop regions between nucleotide positions 37 and 38, a number of introns at noncanonical sites and six cases of trna genes containing two introns have also been documented. however, these trna genes are often missed by trnascan-se, the software most widely used for the annotation of trna genes. we previously developed splits, a computational tool ...200717369313
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