metschnikowia orientalis sp. nov., an australasian yeast from nitidulid beetles.a novel species, metschnikowia orientalis sp. nov., is described for haploid, heterothallic yeasts isolated from nitidulid beetles sampled in flowers in rarotonga in the cook islands, and the cameron highlands of malaysia. as evidenced by analysis of d1/d2 large subunit rdna sequences, the species is related to candida hawaiiana, to which it is similar in growth responses. cylindrical, conjugated asci and acicular ascospores of moderate size are formed. rudimentary mating reactions were observed ...200617012584
geography and niche occupancy as determinants of yeast biodiversity: the yeast-insect-morning glory ecosystem of kīpuka puaulu, hawai'i.biodiversity theory proposes two types of hypotheses to account for the species composition of a given community. the first encompasses geographic and historical factors. for example, local species richness is thought to be affected by area, proximity to large landmasses, dispersal mechanisms, and climatic history, collectively known as biogeography. the second type, termed niche occupancy rules, deals with the intrinsic properties of the species as they affect their interaction with the habitat ...200314554202
metschnikowia santaceciliae, candida hawaiiana, and candida kipukae, three new yeast species associated with insects of tropical morning glory.a new haplontic heterothallic species of metschnikowia and two related asexual yeast species were discovered in morning glory flowers and associated insects. metschnikowia santaceciliae came from conotelus (coleoptera: nitidulidae) and other insect species associated with flowers of ipomoea indica (purple morph) in costa rica. candida hawaiiana and candida kipukae were found in i. indica (syn. i. acuminata) and its insects in hawai'i, and the former was also isolated in a specimen of conotelus c ...200312702252
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