laurenditerpenol, a new diterpene from the tropical marine alga laurenciaintricata that potently inhibits hif-1 mediated hypoxic signaling in breast tumor cells.the degree of tumor hypoxia correlates with advanced disease stages and treatment resistance. the transcription factor hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (hif-1) promotes tumor cell adaptation and survival under hypoxic conditions. therefore, specific hif-1 inhibitors represent an important new class of potential tumor-selective therapeutic agents. a t47d human breast tumor cell-based reporter assay was used to examine extracts of plants and marine organisms for inhibitors of hif-1 activation. bioassay- ...200415620241
brominated metabolites from an okinawan laurencia intricata.two halogenated c(15) acetogenins, itomanallenes a and b, with a terminal bromoallene moiety along with a halogenated sesquiterpene, itomanol, have been isolated from the red alga laurencia intricata collected in okinawan waters. their structures were deduced from 1d and 2d nmr experiments including (1)h-(1)h cosy, hsqc, hmbc, and noesy methods. the alcohol corresponding to itomanallene b seems to be a plausible precursor of itomanallene a, which has an unusual 2,10-dioxabicyclo[7.3.0]dodecene s ...200212150813
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