comparative therapeutic efficacy of recombinant interferons-alpha, -beta, and -gamma against alphatogavirus, bunyavirus, flavivirus, and herpesvirus infections.recombinant (r) preparations of interferons (ifn)-alpha, -beta, and -gamma were shown to protect mice against experimental virus infections with herpes simplex virus type 2 (hsv-2), and with three rna-containing viruses from different families: banzi, a flavivirus; semliki forest virus (sfv), an alphatogavirus; and caraparu, a bunyavirus. the antiviral effects of the three different types of ifn were different with each virus. hsv-2 was the most sensitive virus, followed by sfv. against banzi vi ...19901696607
iguape: a newly recognized flavivirus from são paulo state, brazil.a new virus, sp an 71686, was isolated from sentinel mice exposed in a forest area in iguape county, são paulo state, brazil, in 1979. the results suggest [hemagglutination inhibition (hi), complement fixation, neutralization, and elisa] that sp an 71686 virus is a new arbovirus and that it demonstrates some cross-reactivity with other members of the family flaviviridae, but can be differentiated from them. although there is an intensive circulation of several arboviruses in the area, the only d ...19938150595
characterization of murine caraparu bunyavirus liver infection and immunomodulator-mediated antiviral protection.a rapid, peripheral disease model utilizing the bunyavirus, caraparu, was established in mice for the evaluation of antiviral therapy with immunomodulators. 4-6-week-old b6c3f1 female mice, inoculated intraperitoneally with virus, developed coagulative liver necrosis and died between 4-6 days after infection. this caraparu disease model was relatively resistant to treatment with immunomodulators, such as abmp, ampligen, alpha-interferon (ifn-alpha) or beta-interferon (ifn-beta). however, a signi ...19938460932
molecular epidemiology of group c viruses (bunyaviridae, orthobunyavirus) isolated in the date, no molecular studies on group c viruses (bunyaviridae, orthobunyavirus) have been published. we determined the complete small rna (srna) segment and partial medium rna segment nucleotide sequences for 13 group c members. the full-length srna sequences ranged from 915 to 926 nucleotides in length, and revealed similar organization in comparison with other orthobunyaviruses. based on the 705 nucleotides of the n gene, group c members were distributed into three major phylogenetic groups, ...200516051848
caraparu virus (group c orthobunyavirus): sequencing and phylogenetic analysis based on the conserved region 3 of the rna polymerase, for the first time, we report the nucleotide sequence of caraparu virus (carv) l segment and the analysis of the rna polymerase region 3 encoded by this segment. the 1,404 bp nucleotide sequence shares the highest identity with bunyamwera, la crosse, oropouche, and akabane virus sequences. the amino acid sequence was deduced and aligned with sequences from members of the bunyaviridae family and used for phylogenetic analysis. the carv clustered in the orthobunyavirus genus. the premotif a ...200717705031
identification of a phylogenetically distinct orthobunyavirus from group c.apeu virus (apeuv) (family bunyaviridae, genus orthobunyavirus) was plaque purified and characterised by serological and molecular analysis. neutralising assays confirmed cross-reactivity between purified apeuv clones and the caraparu virus complex of group c orthobunyaviruses. partial sequencing of the l, m and s segments of one apeuv clone (apeuv-cl5) was carried out. a phylogenetic tree constructed with the l amino acid sequences clustered apeuv-cl5 within the genus orthobunyavirus, confirmin ...201121465087
identification and genomic analysis of a novel group c orthobunyavirus isolated from a mosquito captured near iquitos, c orthobunyaviruses are single-stranded rna viruses found in both south and north america. until very recently, and despite their status as important vector-borne human pathogens, no group c whole genome sequences containing all three segments were available in public databases. here we report a group c orthobunyavirus, named el huayo virus, isolated from a pool of culex portesi mosquitoes captured near iquitos, peru. although initial metagenomic analysis yielded only a handful of reads be ...201627074162
itaya virus, a novel orthobunyavirus associated with human febrile illness, peru.our genetic analyses of uncharacterized bunyaviruses isolated in peru identified a possible reassortant virus containing small and large gene segment sequences closely related to the caraparu virus and a medium gene segment sequence potentially derived from an unidentified group c orthobunyavirus. neutralization tests confirmed serologic distinction among the newly identified virus and the prototype and caraparu strains. this virus, named itaya, was isolated in 1999 and 2006 from febrile patient ...025898901
random amplification and pyrosequencing for identification of novel viral genome sequences.ssrna viruses have high levels of genomic divergence, which can lead to difficulty in genomic characterization of new viruses using traditional pcr amplification and sequencing methods. in this study, random reverse transcription, anchored random pcr amplification, and high-throughput pyrosequencing were used to identify orthobunyavirus sequences from total rna extracted from viral cultures of acute febrile illness specimens. draft genome sequence for the orthobunyavirus l segment was assembled ...022468136
caraparu virus induces damage and alterations in antioxidant defenses in the liver of balb/c mice after subcutaneous infection.oxidative stress is a disturbance in the oxidant-antioxidant balance leading to potential cellular damage. most cells can tolerate a mild degree of oxidative stress because they have a system that counteracts oxidation that includes antioxidant molecules such as glutathione (gsh) and superoxide dismutase (sod). disruption of the host antioxidant status has been recognized as an important contributor to the pathogenesis of many viruses. caraparu virus (carv) is a member of group c of the bunyavir ...201424862187
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