immunohistochemical reactivity of polyclonal antibodies against sphaerospora testicularis and ceratomyxa labracis (myxosporea: bivalvulida), with other myxosporean parasites.immunological staining with rabbit antibodies raised against sphaerospora testicularis and ceratomyxa labracis was used to characterise their specificity and their reactivity towards other fish parasites. polar capsules and valves of s. testicularis and c. labracis were labelled with their homologous antibody and cross reaction was observed with all the myxosporean parasites assayed from marine and freshwater fish hosts. all polar capsules were stained with both antibodies, except those of zscho ...199910333336
antigenic characterization of sphaerospora dicentrarchi (myxosporea: bivalvulida), a parasite from european sea bass dicentrarchus labrax (teleostei: serranidae).the biochemical composition of sphaerospora dicentrarchi was studied. periodate and proteinase k treatments as well as lectin blots were used to analyse carbohydrate terminals. zymography was applied to detect proteases. four polyclonal antisera, raised against s. dicentrarchi (rasdic), s. testicularis (rastest), ceratomyxa labracis (raclab) and c. sparusaurati (racspr), were used in sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and immunoblot. bands with molecular weight (mw) between 32 and 130 kda we ...200010782345
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