phenology of bombus pennsylvanicus sonorus say (hymenoptera: apidae) in central mexico.we studied the seasonal activity of bombus pennsylvanicus sonorus say in subtropical conditions of the mexican central plateau. monthly during 1998, we recorded caste of active individuals (inferred form corporal size measured as wing length), presence and activity of reproductive individuals, and mating activity. also, we recorded the flower plants used as resources. subtropical conditions of the mexican central plateau do not seem to modify phenological features of b. pennsylvanicus sonorus si ...200617144129
physiological and antioxidant responses of cotton and spurred anoda under interference and mild drought.the influence of plant interference and a mild drought on gas exchange and oxidative stress was investigated using potted plants of two cotton species (gossypium hirsutum l. cv. delta pine 5415, and gossypium barbadense l. cv. pima s-7) and spurred anoda (anoda cristata l. schlecht.) of the malvaceae. without interference, cotton and spurred anoda had similar net photosynthesis (pnet) but different pigment profiles. stomatal conductance (gs) and transpiration rate (e) were greater in spurred ano ...200314504299
in situ management and domestication of plants in mesoamerica.ethnobotanical studies in mexico have documented that mesoamerican peoples practise systems of in situ management of wild and weedy vegetation directed to control availability of useful plants. in situ management includes let standing, encouraging growing and protection of individual plants of useful species during clearance of vegetation, which in some cases may involve artificial selection. the aim of this study was to review, complement and re-analyse information from three case studies which ...200717652338
hypoglycemic, antihyperglycemic, and antioxidant effects of the edible plant anoda cristata.some studies refer that the entire plant of anoda cristata is consumed as food and medicine; in particular for treating diabetes, inflammation, fever, cough, and wounds. the aim of this study was to establish the preclinical efficacy of anoda cristata as hypoglycemic and/or antihyperglycemic agent using well-known animal models.201525490313
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