pulmonary actinomycosis caused by actinomyces cardiffensis.we herein present the first case of pulmonary actinomycosis caused by actinomyces cardiffensis (a. cardiffensis). a computed tomography (ct) examination revealed a nodule with cavitation in the left upper lobe of the lung. one month later, the lesion had almost disappeared, but a new nodule with peripheral consolidation had appeared in the right middle lobe. because organizing pneumonia was suspected, prednisolone was begun and improvement was seen. however, two months after the initiation of co ...201223064570
actinomyces cardiffensis septicemia: a case report.actinomyces cardiffensis is an anaerobic, gram-positive, non-spore-forming rod that was first identified by hall et al. (hall v. et al. (2002) j clin microbiol 40:3427-31). here we report a case of bacteremia with liver and lung abscesses associated with a. cardiffensis. a 67-year-old man was hospitalized with fever and headache for 20 days. blood culture revealed an actinomyces species, which was ultimately identified as a. cardiffensis by 16s rrna gene sequencing. a computed tomography scan of ...201222445645
actinomyces cardiffensis sp. nov. from human clinical sources.eight strains of a previously undescribed catalase-negative actinomyces-like bacterium were recovered from human clinical specimens. the morphological and biochemical characteristics of the isolates were consistent with their assignment to the genus actinomyces, but they did not appear to correspond to any recognized species. 16s rrna gene sequence analysis showed the organisms represent a hitherto unknown species within the genus actinomyces related to, albeit distinct from, a group of species ...200212202588
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