chromosome-encoded gene cluster for the metabolic pathway that converts aniline to tca-cycle intermediates in delftia tsuruhatensis ad9.delftia tsuruhatensis ad9 was isolated as an aniline-degrading bacterium from the soil surrounding a textile dyeing plant. the gene cluster involved in aniline degradation was cloned from the total dna of strain ad9 into escherichia coli jm109. after shotgun cloning, two recombinant e. coli strains showing aniline oxidation activity or catechol meta-cleavage activity were obtained by simple plate assays. these strains contained 9.3 kb and 15.4 kb dna fragments, respectively. sequence analysis of ...200516207925
molecular characterization of class 3 integrons from delftia spp.two environmental strains, delftia acidovorans c17 and delftia tsuruhatensis a90, were found to carry class 3 integrons, which have seldom been reported and then only from pathogens in which they are associated with antibiotic resistance genes. the delftia integrons comprised a highly conserved class 3 integrase gene, upstream and oppositely oriented from a set of three or four gene cassettes that encoded unidentified functions. the a90 integron had one more gene cassette than the c17 integron, ...200717573473
diversity of nifh gene pools in the rhizosphere of two cultivars of sorghum (sorghum bicolor) treated with contrasting levels of nitrogen fertilizer.the diversity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria was assessed in the rhizospheres of two cultivars of sorghum (is 5322-c and ipa 1011) sown in cerrado soil amended with two levels of nitrogen fertilizer (12 and 120 kg ha(-1)). the nifh gene was amplified directly from dna extracted from the rhizospheres, and the pcr products cloned and sequenced. four clone libraries were generated from the nifh fragments and 245 sequences were obtained. most of the clones (57%) were closely related to nifh genes of un ...200818070072
a novel and complete gene cluster involved in the degradation of aniline by delftia sp. an3.a recombinant strain, escherichia coli jm109-an1, was obtained by constructing of a genomic library of the total dna of delftia sp. an3 in e. coli jm109 and screening for catechol 2,3-dioxygenase activity. this recombinant strain could grow on aniline as sole carbon, nitrogen and energy source. enzymatic assays revealed that the exogenous genes including aniline dioxygenase (ad) and catechol 2,3-dioxygenase (c230) genes could well express in the recombinant strain with the activities of ad and c ...200818763567
physiological adaptations and tolerance towards higher concentration of selenite (se(+4)) in enterobacter sp. ar-4, bacillus sp. ar-6 and delftia tsuruhatensis ar-7.environmental contamination with selenium is a major health concern. a few bacterial strains have been isolated that can transform toxic selenite to non-toxic elemental selenium only at low concentrations (0.001-150 mm) in recent past. we have previously reported isolation and characterization of few selenite-tolerant bacterial strains. these strains were found to be resistant to selenite at (300-600 mm) concentrations. in the present study we have characterized some physiological adaptations of ...201020232096
soil-derived microbial consortia enriched with different plant biomass reveal distinct players acting in lignocellulose, we investigated how different plant biomass, and-for one substrate-ph, drive the composition of degrader microbial consortia. we bred such consortia from forest soil, incubated along nine aerobic sequential - batch enrichments with wheat straw (ws1, ph 7.2; ws2, ph 9.0), switchgrass (sg, ph 7.2), and corn stover (cs, ph 7.2) as carbon sources. lignocellulosic compounds (lignin, cellulose and xylan) were best degraded in treatment sg, followed by cs, ws1 and ws2. in terms of composition, th ...201526487437
purification and gene cloning of the oxygenase component of the terephthalate 1,2-dioxygenase system from delftia tsuruhatensis strain t7.the terephthalate 1,2-dioxygenase system (terdos) was found in cell extracts of delftia tsuruhatensis strain t7 (=ifo16741) grown in terephthalate-salt medium. the cell extract was separated by anion exchange chromatography to yield two fractions (r and z) that were necessary for oxygenation of terephthalate with nadh and fe(2+). the oxygenase component of terdos (terz) was purified from fraction z by gel filtration chromatography to near homogeneity. an alpha(3)beta(3) subunit structure was ded ...200312670689
draft genome sequence of delftia tsuruhatensis mtq3, a strain of plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium with antimicrobial activity.delftia tsuruhatensis mtq3 is a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium (pgpr) isolated from tobacco rhizosphere. here, we report the draft genome sequence of d. tsuruhatensis mtq3. several functional genes related to antimicrobial activity and environment adaption have been found in the genome. this is the first genome sequence of d. tsuruhatensis related to pgpr.201526251486
impact of delftia tsuruhatensis and achromobacter xylosoxidans on escherichia coli dual-species biofilms treated with antibiotic agents.recently it was demonstrated that for urinary tract infections species with a lower or unproven pathogenic potential, such as delftia tsuruhatensis and achromobacter xylosoxidans, might interact with conventional pathogenic agents such as escherichia coli. here, single- and dual-species biofilms of these microorganisms were characterized in terms of microbial composition over time, the average fitness of e. coli, the spatial organization and the biofilm antimicrobial profile. the results reveale ...201626901701
biodegradation of 2-chloroaniline, 3-chloroaniline, and 4-chloroaniline by a novel strain delftia tsuruhatensis h1.a new strain delftia tsuruhatensis h1 able to degrade several chloroanilines (cas) as individual compounds or a mixture was isolated from a ca-degrading mixed bacterial culture. the isolated strain could completely degrade 3-ca and 4-ca as growth substrates, while concurrently metabolize 2-ca by growing on other ca compounds. the strain could also efficiently degrade all the three ca components when presented as a mixture. following ca consumption, stoichiometric amounts of chloride were release ...201020417029
selection of bacteria able to control fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici in stonewool substrate.tomato foot and root rot (tfrr), caused by fusariumoxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici (forl), is an economically important disease of tomato. the aim of this study was to develop an efficient protocol for the isolation of bacteria, which controls tfrr based on selection of enhanced competitive root-colonizing bacteria from total rhizosphere soil samples.200717241352
exploitation and characterization of three versatile amidase super family members from delftia tsuruhatensis zjb-05174.amidases can be assigned into two families according to their amino acid sequences. three amidases (dt-amis) were mined and identified from genome of delftia tsuruhatensis. homology analysis demonstrated that dt-ami 2 and dt-ami 6 belonged to amidase signature (as) family, while dt-ami 7 belonged to nitrilase superfamily. as amidases were shown to hydrolyze a wide spectrum of amides. kinetic analysis demonstrated that the extension of chain length of aliphatic amides considerably decreased the k ...201626992798
unusual poly-3-hydroxyalkanoates (phas) biosynthesis behavior of pseudomonas putida bet001 and delftia tsuruhatensis bet002 isolated from palm oil mill effluent.pseudomonas putida bet001 and delftia tsuruhatensis bet002, isolated from palm oil mill effluent, accumulated poly (3-hydroxyalkanoates) (pha) when grown on aliphatic fatty acids, sugars and glycerol. the substrates were supplied at 20:1 c/n mole ratio. among c-even n-alkanoic acids, myristic acid gave the highest pha content 26 and 28 wt% in p. putida and d. tsuruhatensis respectively. among c-odd n-alkanoic acids, undecanoic gave the highest pha content at 40 wt% in p. putida and 46 wt% in d. ...201626800648
genetic diversity and phylogeny of antagonistic bacteria against phytophthora nicotianae isolated from tobacco rhizosphere.the genetic diversity of antagonistic bacteria from the tobacco rhizosphere was examined by boxair-pcr, 16s-rflp, 16s rrna sequence homology and phylogenetic analysis methods. these studies revealed that 4.01% of the 6652 tested had some inhibitory activity against phytophthora nicotianae. boxair-pcr analysis revealed 35 distinct amplimers aligning at a 91% similarity level, reflecting a high degree of genotypic diversity among the antagonistic bacteria. a total of 25 16s-rflp patterns were iden ...201121686169
beta-1,3-glucanase from delftia tsuruhatensis strain mv01 and its potential application in vinification.during vinification microbial activities can spoil wine quality. as the wine-related lactic acid bacterium pediococcus parvulus is able to produce slimes consisting of a β-1,3-glucan, must and wine filtration can be difficult or impossible. in addition, the metabolic activities of several wild-type yeasts can also negatively affect wine quality. therefore, there is a need for measures to degrade the exopolysaccharide from pediococcus parvulus and to inhibit the growth of certain yeasts. we exami ...201021169426
impact of polymicrobial biofilms in catheter-associated urinary tract infections.recent reports have demonstrated that most biofilms involved in catheter-associated urinary tract infections are polymicrobial communities, with pathogenic microorganisms (e.g. escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae) and uncommon microorganisms (e.g. delftia tsuruhatensis, achromobacter xylosoxidans) frequently co-inhabiting the same urinary catheter. however, little is known about the interactions that occur between different microorganisms and how they impact biofilm f ...201628033847
preclinical class 1 integron with a complete tn402-like transposition module.the presence of integrons was assessed in gut bacteria isolated from wild-caught prawns. a pseudomonad was recovered that contained a tn402-like class 1 integron with a complete transposition module and two gene cassettes. one cassette was identical to a previously described cassette from a chromosomal class 3 integron in delftia tsuruhatensis.201021037292
Immobilization of Delftia tsuruhatensis in macro-porous cellulose and biodegradation of phenolic compounds in repeated batch process.Delftia tsuruhatensis BM90, previously isolated from Tyrrhenian Sea and selected for its ability to degrade a wide array of phenolic compounds, was immobilized in chemically modified macro porous cellulose. The development of bacterial adhesion on the selected carrier was monitored by scanning electron microscopy. Evident colonization started already after 8h of incubation. After 72h, almost all the carrier surface was covered by the bacterial cells. Extracellular bacterial structures, such as p ...201221983235
enantioselective hydrolysis of (r)-2, 2-dimethylcyclopropane carboxamide by immobilized cells of an r-amidase-producing bacterium, delftia tsuruhatensis cctcc m 205114, on an alginate capsule carrier.immobilized cells of delftia tsuruhatensis cctcc m 205114 harboring r-amidase were applied in asymmetric hydrolysis of (r)-2, 2-dimethylcyclopropane carboxamide (r - 1) from racemic (r, s)-2, 2-dimethylcyclopropane carboxamide to accumulate (s)-2, 2-dimethylcyclopropane carboxamide (s - 1). maximum r-amidase activity of 13.1 u/g wet cells (0.982 u/g beads) was obtained under conditions of 3% sodium alginate, 2.5% cacl(2), 15 h crosslinking and 2 mm bead size, which was 53.9% of that of free cell ...201020177734
human infection with delftia tsuruhatensis isolated from a central venous catheter.we present the case of a patient with catheter-related infection caused by delftia tsuruhatensis, a newly described species closely related to delftia acidovorans (formerly comamonas acidovorans). to date, d. tsuruhatensis has not been described as a pathogen. to the best of our knowledge, this is the first report describing d. tsuruhatensis as the causative agent of a human infection.201020965913
metabolic characterization of a strain (bm90) of delftia tsuruhatensis showing highly diversified capacity to degrade low molecular weight phenols.a novel bacterium, strain bm90, previously isolated from tyrrhenian sea, was metabolically characterized testing its ability to use 95 different carbon sources by the biolog system. the bacterium showed a broad capacity to use fatty-, organic- and amino-acids; on the contrary, its ability to use carbohydrates was extremely scarce. strain bm90 was identified and affiliated to delftia tsuruhatensis by molecular techniques based on 16s rrna gene sequencing. d. tsuruhatensis bm90, cultivated in shak ...201019946734
delftia litopenaei sp. nov., a poly-β-hydroxybutyrate-accumulating bacterium isolated from a freshwater shrimp culture pond.a gram-negative, short-rod-shaped, motile, non-spore-forming and poly-β-hydroxybutyrate-accumulating bacterial strain, designated wsw-7t, was isolated from a freshwater shrimp culture pond in taiwan and was characterized using the polyphasic taxonomy approach. phylogenetic analyses based on 16s rrna gene sequences showed that the closest relatives of strain wsw-7t were delftia lacustris 332t, delftia tsuruhatensis t7t and delftia acidovorans atcc 15668t, with sequence similarities of 98.5, 98.4 ...201122140156
degradation of acetaminophen by delftia tsuruhatensis and pseudomonas aeruginosa in a membrane bioreactor.the incidence and fate of pharmaceuticals in the water cycle impose a growing concern for the future reuse of treated water. because of the recurrent global use of drugs such as acetaminophen (apap), an analgesic and antipyretic drug, they are often detected in wastewater treatment plant (wwtp) effluents, receiving surface waters and drinking water resources. in this study, the removal of apap has been demonstrated in a membrane bioreactor (mbr) fed with apap as the sole carbon source. after 16 ...201021167545
functional analysis of a putative regulatory gene, tadr, involved in aniline degradation in delftia tsuruhatensis ad9.delftia tsuruhatensis ad9 contains the chromosomally encoded tad gene cluster responsible for the complete metabolism of aniline to tca cycle intermediates. the tadqta1a2b genes encode a multi-component aniline dioxygenase, the first enzyme of aniline metabolism, and the tadr gene directly downstream of this gene cluster encodes a putative lysr-type regulatory protein. inactivation of tadr resulted in the inability to degrade aniline and to grow on aniline. transcriptional assays using a tadq pr ...200919504258
improvement of amidase production by a newly isolated delftia tsuruhatensis zjb-05174 through optimization of culture medium.the r-amidase production by a newly isolated strain of delftia tsuruhatensis zjb-05174 was optimized in this paper. effects of factors such as carbon sources, nitrogen sources, and inducers on amidase production were investigated. the medium composition was optimized using central composite designs and response surface analysis. the optimal medium components for enhanced amidase production were found to be as follows: glucose, 8.23 g/l; yeast extract, 11.59 g/l; 2,2-(r,s)-dimethylcyclopropane ca ...200819131696
[degradation of aniline by delftia tsuruhatensis 14s in batch and continuous processes].a delftia tsuruhatensis strain capable of consuming aniline as the sole source of carbon, nitrogen, and energy at concentrations of up to 3200 mg/l was isolated from activated sludge of purification works of oao volzhskii orgsintez. the strain grew on pyrocatechol and p-hydroxybenzoic acid, but did not consume phenol, 2-aminophenol, 3-chloroaniline, 4-chloroaniline, 2,3-dichloroaniline, 2,4-dichloroaniline, 3,4-dichloroaniline, 2-nitroaniline, 2-chlorophenol, or aminobenzoate. aniline is degrade ...200516240651
[molecular diversity and phylogenetic analysis of nitrogen-fixing (nifh) genes in alp prairie soil of sanjiangyuan natural reserve].research on the diversity of microorganism community in natural environment has been concerned hot spot using the newly molecular biotechnology in the world now. this was the first description of the molecular diversity and phylogenetic analysis of nitrogen-fixing (nifh) genes in alp prairie soil of sanjiangyuan natural reserve. dna was directly extracted from the soil microorganism and amplified the nifh gene fragment using pcr by the primers of nifh-34f 5'-aaagg(c/t)gg(a/t) atcgg(c/t)aa(a/g) t ...200515989253
effect of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates on the growth of aerobic heterotrophic cultivable bacteria isolated from an agricultural enrichment culture technique was used to isolate soil bacteria capable of growing in the presence of two different concentrations of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (las) (10 and 500 microg ml(-1)). nine bacterial strains, representatives of the major colony types of aerobic heterotrophic cultivable bacteria in the enriched samples, were isolated and subsequently identified by pcr-amplification and partial sequencing of the 16s rrna gene. amongst the isolates, strains las05 (pseudomonas syring ...200818443905
delftia tsuruhatensis sp. nov., a terephthalate-assimilating bacterium isolated from activated sludge.a terephthalate-assimilating bacterium was isolated from activated sludge collected from a domestic wastewater treatment plant in japan by enrichment with terephthalate as sole carbon source. the isolate, designated strain t7(t), was a gram-negative, short rod-shaped micro-organism. a phylogenetic study based on 16s rrna gene sequences indicated that strain t7(t) should be placed in the genus delftia: a dna-dna hybridization value of 69 % was determined between strain t7(t) and delftia acidovora ...200313130036
comparative genomic analysis of delftia tsuruhatensis mtq3 and the identification of functional nrps genes for siderophore production.plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (pgpr) are a group of rhizosphere bacteria that promote plant growth. delftia tsuruhatensis mtq3 is a member of pgpr that produces siderophores. the draft genome sequence of mtq3 has been reported. here, we analyzed the genome sequence of mtq3 and performed a comparative genome analysis of four sequenced delftia strains, revealing genetic relationships among these strains. in addition, genes responsible for bacteriocin and nonribosomal peptide synthesis were ...201627847812
complete genome sequence of delftia tsuruhatensis cm13 isolated from murine proximal colonic tissue.we report here the complete genome sequence of delftia tsuruhatensis cm13, isolated from murine proximal colonic tissue. the genome assembly using pacbio single-molecule real-time sequencing resulted in a single scaffold of 7.19 mb.201627979948
delftia lacustris sp. nov., a peptidoglycan-degrading bacterium from fresh water, and emended description of delftia tsuruhatensis as a peptidoglycan-degrading bacterium.extracellular peptidoglycan is commonly found in natural environments, yet little is known about its biodegradation in nature. we here describe a novel peptidoglycan-degrading bacterium, designated strain 332t, isolated from mesotrophic lake water in denmark. the strain was a gram-negative-staining, motile rod. it had chitinase and lysozyme activities, which are relevant to peptidoglycan degradation, and was capable of utilizing several mono- and disaccharides, amino acids and organic acids. phy ...200919605727
isolation and characterization of delftia tsuruhatensis zjb-05174, capable of r-enantioselective degradation of 2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxamide.r-enantioselective amidases are of considerable industrial interest due to potential applications in the production of optically active compounds. strain zjb-05174, capable of r-enantioselective degradation of 2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxamide, was isolated employing a newly established colorimetric screening method. based on morphology, physiological tests, atb system (id 32 gn) and the 16s rrna sequence, this strain was identified as delftia tsuruhatensis. the intracellular amidase exhibited ...200717320353
[distribution of potential pathogenic bacteria in the jiulong river watershed].recently, the human activities including economic growth and urbanization posed serious environmental health risks to the jiulong river watershed (jrw). in order to gain a full understanding of the distribution of potential pathogenic bacteria (ppb) in this area, we used 16s rrna amplicon pyrosequencing technology to investigate planktonic and benthic bacterial community in two main tributaries (north river, nr, and west river, wr) of the jiulong river (jr). at the genus level, a total of 68 gen ...201425055661
characterization of a novel plant growth-promoting bacteria strain delftia tsuruhatensis hr4 both as a diazotroph and a potential biocontrol agent against various plant pathogens.a novel, plant growth-promoting bacterium delftia tsuruhatensis, strain hr4, was isolated from the rhizoplane of rice (oryza sativa l., cv. yueguang) in north china. in vitro antagonistic assay showed this strain could suppress the growth of various plant pathogens effectively, especially the three main rice pathogens (xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae, rhizoctonia solani and pyricularia oryzae cavara). treated with strain hr4 culture, rice blast, rice bacterial blight and rice sheath blight for cv. ...200515709367
interaction between atypical microorganisms and e. coli in catheter-associated urinary tract biofilms.most biofilms involved in catheter-associated urinary tract infections (cautis) are polymicrobial, with disease causing (eg escherichia coli) and atypical microorganisms (eg delftia tsuruhatensis) frequently inhabiting the same catheter. nevertheless, there is a lack of knowledge about the role of atypical microorganisms. here, single and dual-species biofilms consisting of e. coli and atypical bacteria (d. tsuruhatensis and achromobacter xylosoxidans), were evaluated. all species were good biof ...201425184430
characterization of cadmium-resistant bacteria and their potential for reducing accumulation of cadmium in rice grains.cadmium (cd) pollution is a serious widespread environmental problem that not only destroys the microbial ecology of soil and decreases crop production, but also poses a serious risk to human health. many methods have been used for the remediation of cd pollution but none of these is totally satisfactory. microbial remediation strategies have attracted increasing interest since they are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. in the present study, three cd-resistant bacteria were isolated a ...201627341110
delftia tsuruhatensis wgr-uom-bt1, a novel rhizobacterium with pgpr properties from rauwolfia serpentina (l.) benth. ex kurz also suppresses fungal phytopathogens by producing a new antibiotic-amtm.the bacterial strain designated as wgr-uom-bt1 isolated from rhizosphere of rauwolfia serpentina exhibited broad-spectrum antifungal activity and also improved early plant growth. based on morphological, biochemical and 16s rrna gene sequence analyses, the strain bt1 was identified as delftia tsuruhatensis (kf727978). under in vitro conditions, the strain bt1 suppressed the growth of wide range of fungal phytopathogens. purified antimicrobial metabolite from the strain bt1 was identified as nitr ...201526258398
bacteriophage therapy for membrane biofouling in membrane bioreactors and antibiotic-resistant bacterial demonstrate elimination of bacterial biofilm on membranes to represent wastewater treatment as well as biofilm formed by antibiotic-resistant bacterial (arb) to signify medical application, an antibiotic-resistant bacterium and its lytic bacteriophage were isolated from a full-scale wastewater treatment plant. based on gram staining and complete 16 s rdna sequencing, the isolated bacterium showed a more than 99% homology with delftia tsuruhatensis, a gram-negative bacterium belonging to β-pro ...201525728819
port-related delftia tsuruhatensis bacteremia in a patient with breast cancer.delftia tsuruhatensis is a non-glucose fermenting, oxidase positive, motile, gram-negative bacillus first isolated from activated sludge collected from a domestic wastewater treatment plant in japan. to the best of our knowledge only one case of infection with delftia tsuruhatensis exists in the medical literature. this is the second case report of human infection having delftia tsuruhatensis as a causative agent.201323686127
delftia deserti sp. nov., isolated from a desert soil sample.a gram-staining negative, short rod, motile, light brownish-pigmented bacterial strain, designated yim y792(t), was isolated from a soil sample taken from turpan desert in xinjiang uyghur autonomous region, north-western china. phylogenetic analysis indicated that strain yim y792(t) belongs to the genus delftia. strain yim y792(t) shared highest 16s rrna gene sequence similarities with delftia lacustris dsm 21246(t) (93.96 %), delftia tsuruhatensis nbrc 16741(t) (93.74 %), and delftia acidovoran ...201525842037
analysis of bacterial diversity during the fermentation of inyu, a high-temperature fermented soy sauce, using nested pcr-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and the plate count method.the diversity of bacteria associated with the fermentation of inyu, also known as black soy sauce, was studied through the nested pcr-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (dgge) of samples collected from the fermentation stages of the inyu production process. the dgge profiles targeted the bacterial 16s rdna and revealed the presence of citrobacter farmeri, enterobacter cloacae, enterobacter hormaechei, enterococcus faecium, klebsiella pneumoniae, pantoea agglomerans, salmonella enterica, ser ...201323200659
central venous catheter infections in outpatients with pulmonary hypertension treated with continuous iloprost.intravenous prostanoid therapy is one cornerstone of therapy for patients with pre-capillary pulmonary hypertension (ph). long-term central venous catheters expose patients to infectious complications.201323817035
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