[isolation, identification, phylogenetic analysis and related properties of a pathogen in silurus meridionalis chen].in october 2005, a large number of adults of silurus meridionalis chen died in the mud fish farming of sichuan province. later, three predominate strains of bacteria were isolated from the body of moribund fish. by artificial infection tests, strain twn3 was confirmed to be the pathogen of the disease. based on the characteristics of morphology, physiology and biochemistry tests, twn3 was initially identified as proteus vulgaris, and its g + c content of dna is 39.1% . after being amplified, the ...200717436614
establishment and characterization of an ovarian cell line from southern catfish (silurus meridionalis).an ovarian cell line was successfully developed from the juvenile ovary of southern catfish (sco1) (silurus meridionalis), which was designated as sco1. the cell line multiplied preferentially in l-15 medium with 15 % fetal bovine serum at 28 °c for more than 70 passages over a period of 420 days. sco1 showed fibroblast-like morphology and predominantly retained a diploid karyotype of 58 chromosomes. from the gene expression patterns, sco1 showed a characteristic of ovarian granulosa cells. afte ...201424671650
dermocystidium sp. infection in cultured juvenile southern catfish silurus meridionalis in china.a species of dermocystidium was discovered on the skin and fins of reared southern catfish silurus meridionalis chen. the parasite only appeared and caused disease in juvenile catfish at a water temperature of 18 to 23 degrees c. marked external macroscopical clinical signs of the disease were sluggish movement of the fish, and the appearance of white filiform dermal cysts varying in size (3-20 mm in length and 0.15-0.35 mm in width). examination of both fixed and fresh mounts for light microsco ...200516119893
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