bioactive constituents of morus australis and broussonetia papyrifera.the biological activities of the active principles of two plants in the moraceae have been investigated. a new prenylflavonoid, australone a (1), and a new triterpenoid, 3 beta-[(m-methoxybenzoyl)oxy]urs-12-en-28-ioc acid (2) were isolated from the root bark of morus australis, and their structures determined by spectroscopic methods. also isolated from this plant were seven known compounds, morusin (3), kuwanon c (4), betulinic acid, beta-amyrin, quercetin, ursolic acid, and compound a. morusin ...19979358644
[sensitive screening of antifungal compounds from acetone extracts of medicinal plants with a bio-cell tracer].antifungal activity of medicinal plants against aspergillus niger was evaluated using bio-cell tracer (bct). by this system enabled the real time determination of hyphal growth rate could be done in the presence or absence of chinese herbal extracts. of the 41 herbal extracts with 60% acetone extracts tested by the present method, 26 were found to contain active components against a. niger hyphal growth. in contrast, by conventional methods, no active component was detected from every herbal ext ...199910630102
[repellent and antifeedant effect of secondary metabolites of non-host plants on plutella xylostella].based on the theory of co-evolution between plants and phytophagous insects, the repellent and antifeedant effect of secondary metabolites of non-host plants on diamondback moth(dbm) plutella xylostella was studied, aimed at finding out the oviposition repellents and antifeedants of insect pests. when the ethanol extracts(etho exts) of bauhinia variegata, eucalyptus tereticornis, euphorbia hirta, duranta repens, zanthoxylum bungeanum, magnolia grandiflora, and nicotiana tabacum were applied resp ...200415228000
[evaluation of non-host plant ethanol extracts against plutella xylostella population].through establishing experimental and natural population life tables, and by using the index of population trend (1) and interference index of population control (iipc), this paper evaluated 8 kinds of non-host plant ethanol extracts against experimental population of plutella xylostella, and 3 kinds of these extracts and their mixture against plutella xylostella natural population. the experimental population life table of dbm showed that the index of population trend (i) was 69. 8964 in contro ...200516180759
a synopsis of the occurrence and pathogenicity of phytophthora species in mainland date, 26 species of phytophthora have been reported in mainland china but only 23 are accepted as good taxa. phytophthora nicotianae (p. parasitica) is the single most important species causing over 40 different plant diseases; p. boehmeriae is widespread attacking gossypium, boehmeria, citrus, broussonetia papyrifera and pterocarya stenoptera; p. "fragariae var. oryzo-bladis" is unique to mainland china causing blight of oryza sativa seedlings; p. megasperma sensu lato has been isolated from ...199716283113
metal bioaccumulation in plant leaves from an industrious area and the botanical garden in beijing.the concentrations of fe, mn, al, zn, pb, ni, cr, and as were measured in soils and leaves from 21 plant species growing on hills near the beijing steel factory (bsf) and 17 plant species in the beijing botanical garden (bbg). the results showed that soils from bsf were zn contaminated according to the threshold of natural background of china. there was a metal contamination of the soils by ni, and cr in bsf comparing with those in bbg. the comparison between concentrations of metals in leaves f ...200516295909
[protective effects of total flavonoids of broussonetia papyrifera on oxidative injury of ultraviolet a to human keratinocytes].to investigate the oxidative damage of ultraviolet a (uva) to human immortalized keratinocytes line hacat and the protective effects of total flavonoids of broussonetia papyrifera (tfbp) gotten from the leaves of broussonetia papyifera.200516405779
inhibitory effects of plant extracts on tyrosinase, l-dopa oxidation, and melanin synthesis.for medical, pharmacological, and cosmetic reasons, the demand for effective and safe depigmentating agents has increased. in this study, 101 plant extracts (methanol or water extracts) were screened for their inhibitory activities against tyrosinase, (l-3, 4,-dihydroxyphenylalanine) l-dopa oxidation, and melanin biosynthesis in b16 mouse melanoma cells. of the extracts examined, 31 showed over 50% inhibition of mushroom tyrosinase at a concentration of 666 microg/ml, and 11 inhibited l-dopa aut ...200717454565
[pharmacognostic identification on dai medicine" guo sha" (broussonetia papyrifera)].the present paper reports descriptions and microscopical studies on dai medicine" guo sha" (broussonetia papyrifera) , which is also the ethnomedicines of some minority nationalities in china. the diagram and the detailed drawing of the transection of the root, as well as microscopic drawing of its powder, were drawn in the studies. it was found that there are distinct microscopic characters of the transection and the powder which can serve as evidence for identification of the ethnomedicine.200717571757
single-shot fluorescence spectra of individual micrometer-sized bioaerosols illuminated by a 351- or a 266-nm ultraviolet laser.reproducible fluorescence spectra of individual 2- to 5-microm -diameter biological aerosol particles excited with a single shot from a q -switched laser (266 or 351 nm) have been obtained with highly improved signal-to-noise ratios. critical to the advance are crossed diode-laser trigger beams, which precisely define the sample volume, and a reflecting objective, which minimizes chromatic aberration and has a large n.a. for collecting fluorescence. several allergens (red oak, meadow oat pollen, ...199918071426
[growth response of broussonetia papyrifera seedlings to va mycorrhizal fungi inoculation].in an experiment with single inoculation (si) and co-inoculation (ci) of three va mycorrhizal fungi, i. e., glomus mosseea (gm), glomus versiforme (gv) and glomus diaphanum (gd), the growth response of broussonetia papyrifera seedlings in limestone area was studied. the results showed that after 3 months of growth, the aboveground-, underground-, and total biomass were increased significantly by the inoculation, being 2.49-8.19 times as much as the control. treatment ci had the highest biomass, ...200718163299
antihyperglycemic effect of stem bark powder from paper mulberry (broussonetia kazinoki sieb.) in type 2 diabetic otsuka long-evans tokushima fatty rats.the effect of stem bark powder from paper mulberry (pmsb) on serum glucose, insulin, fructosamine, and lipid concentrations, as well as enzyme activities that serve as liver injury markers, was investigated in genetically diabetic otsuka long-evans tokushima fatty (oletf) rats. both nondiabetic long-evans tokushima otsuka (leto) rats and diabetic oletf rats (30 weeks old) were fed a semisynthetic diet with or without 50 g/kg pmsb for 8 weeks and then compared. the oletf control rats showed a hig ...200818800898
antioxidant lignans from the fruits of broussonetia papyrifera.nine new lignans, chushizisins a-i (1-9), and three known lignans, threo-1-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-2-{4-[(e)-3-hydroxy-1-propenyl]-2-methoxyphenoxy}-1,3-propanediol (10), erythro-1-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-2-{4-[(e)-3-hydroxy-1-propenyl]-2-methoxyphenoxy}-1,3-propanediol (11), and 3-[2-(4- hydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxymethyl-2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-5-yl]propan-1-ol (12), were isolated from the fruits of broussonetia papyrifera. their structures were elucidated using spectroscopic methods. com ...200919296617
fungicidal effect of prenylated flavonol, papyriflavonol a, isolated from broussonetia papyrifera (l.) vent. against candida albicans.papyriflavonol a (papa), a prenylated flavonoid (5,7,3',4'-tetrahydroxy-6,5'-di-(r,r-dimethylallyl)-flavonol), was isolated from the root barks of broussonetia papyriferra. our previous study showed that papa has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. in this study, the mode of action of papa against candida albicans was investigated to evaluate papa as antifungal agent. the minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) values were 10~25 microgram/ml for c. albic ...201021030824
a hevein-like protein and a class i chitinase with antifungal activity from leaves of the paper mulberry.paper mulberry (broussonetia papyrifera, syn. morus papyrifera l.) is a chinese traditional medicine and its low-molecular-weight extracts are reported to have antifungal activity. in this study, two proteins (pmapi and pmapii) with activity against trichoderma viride were obtained from paper mulberry leaves with a fast protein liquid chromatography (fplc) unit. the purification protocol employed (nh(4))(2)so(4) precipitation, ion-exchange chromatography and hydrophobic-interaction chromatograph ...201121268047
estimation of anticipated performance index and air pollution tolerance index and of vegetation around the marble industrial areas of potwar region: bioindicators of plant pollution response.mitigating industrial air pollution is a big challenge, in such scenario screening of plants as a bio monitor is extremely significant. it requires proper selection and screening of sensitive and tolerant plant species which are bio indicator and sink for air pollution. the present study was designed to evaluate the air pollution tolerance index (apti) and anticipated performance index (api) of the common flora. fifteen common plant species from among trees, herb and shrubs i.e. chenopodium albu ...201525503327
sex distribution of paper mulberry (broussonetia papyrifera) in the pacific.paper mulberry (broussonetia papyrifera (l.) l'hér. ex vent) is a dioecious tree native to east asia and mainland southeast-asia, introduced prehistorically to polynesia as a source of bark fiber by austronesian-speaking voyagers. in oceania, trees are coppiced and harvested for production of bark-cloth, so flowering is generally unknown. a survey of botanical records of paper mulberry revealed a distributional disjunction: the tree is apparently absent in borneo and the philippines. a subsequen ...201627529483
laboratory evaluation of differential attraction of culex pipiens pallens to fruit-based sugar baits.mosquito adults usually need to obtain sugar from floral nectaries and damaged fruits/seed pods to replenish their energy reserves. the newly developed attractive toxic sugar baits have been successfully applied in controlling various mosquito species outdoors. however, the attraction of culex pipiens pallens to different fruit-based sugar baits remains unknown. in the present study, we selected nine common fruit species, prepared the fruit-based sugar solutions, and investigated the attractiven ...201627456936
extraction, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of broussonetia papyrifera fruits polysaccharides.polysaccharides were extracted from broussonetia papyrifera ((l.) l'herit. ex vent.) fruits (bpp), and response surface methodology was used to maximize extraction yield. the optimum extraction conditions were: ratio of water to solid, 30ml/g; extraction duration, 50min; extraction power, 180w; and extraction temperature, 60°c. under these conditions, the yield of bpp was 8.61%. then, bpp was purified, and three purified fractions (designated bpp-1, bpp-2 and bpp-3) were obtained for further phy ...201627370746
scientific investigation of crude alkaloids from medicinal plants for the management of pain.tissue damage is associated with pain, which is an alarming sign. aspirin and morphine have been widely used in recent decades for management of pain. medicinal herbs have been in use for treatment of different diseases for centuries. many of these herbs possess analgesic activity with relatively less incidences of adverse effects. the strong positive correlation of alkaloids in medicinal plants for analgesic activity persuades an intention to determine possible analgesic activity of total alkal ...201627296395
seedling growth and metal accumulation of selected woody species in copper and lead/zinc mine tailings.a greenhouse pot experiment was conducted to evaluate the potential of selected woody plants for revegetation in copper (cu) and lead/zinc (pb/zn) mine tailing areas. five woody species (amorpha fruticosa linn, vitex trifolia linn. var. simplicifolia cham, glochidion puberum (linn.) hutch, broussonetia papyrifera, and styrax tonkinensis) and one herbaceous species (sesbania cannabina pers) were planted in cu and pb/zn tailings to assess their growth, root morphology, nutrition uptake, metal accu ...201121517000
the evaluation of heavy metal accumulation and application of a comprehensive bio-concentration index for woody species on contaminated sites in hunan, metal-accumulating woody plants are considered potential candidates for phytoextraction of metals. shuikoushan mining, one of the biggest pb and zn production bases in china, presents an important source of the pollution of environment during the last 100 years. over 150 km(2) of fertile soil have been contaminated by the dust, slag, and tailings from this mining. the goal of the present work has been to determine the content of pb, zn, cd, and cu in wild woody plants (18 species) n ...201424374615
fabrication and characterization of micro-porous cellulose filters for indoor air quality control.micro-porous cellulose filters were fabricated from paper mulberry pulp, which has been used for thousands of years with korean history. 'han-ji' is the name of a traditional paper used widely in korea in construction, textile, craftworks and many household items but before now it has not been used for filtration purpose. seeking for the utilization of this abundant natural material, this study aims to develop a fabrication process for the traditional paper to be used as a filter for dust filtra ...201626370434
global transcriptomics identification and analysis of transcriptional factors in different tissues of the paper mulberry.the paper mulberry (broussonetia papyifera) is one of the multifunctional tree species in agroforestry system and is also commonly utilized in traditional medicine in china and other asian countries. to identify the transcription factors (tfs) and comprehensively understand their regulatory roles in the growth of the paper mulberry, a global transcriptomics tf prediction and the differential expression analysis among root, shoot and leaf were performed by using rna-seq.201425213425
cytotoxic activity of the alkaloids from broussonetia papyrifera fruits.broussonetia papyrifera (l.) vent. (moraceae), a traditional chinese medicinal herb, has been extensively applied for many years to treat various diseases. recently, a number of compounds with biological and pharmacological activities have been extracted from the plant and used as chemotherapeutic candidates to treat a range of diseases such as cancer.201424992202
a holistic picture of austronesian migrations revealed by phylogeography of pacific paper mulberry.the peopling of remote oceanic islands by austronesian speakers is a fascinating and yet contentious part of human prehistory. linguistic, archaeological, and genetic studies have shown the complex nature of the process in which different components that helped to shape lapita culture in near oceania each have their own unique history. important evidence points to taiwan as an austronesian ancestral homeland with a more distant origin in south china, whereas alternative models favor south china ...201526438853
tracking austronesian expansion into the pacific via the paper mulberry plant. 201526499243
the cold responsive mechanism of the paper mulberry: decreased photosynthesis capacity and increased starch accumulation.most studies on the paper mulberry are mainly focused on the medicated and pharmacology, fiber quality, leaves feed development, little is known about its mechanism of adaptability to abiotic stress. physiological measurement, transcriptomics and proteomic analysis were employed to understand its response to cold stress in this study.201526537770
quantifying the characteristics of particulate matters captured by urban plants using an automatic is widely accepted that urban plant leaves can capture airborne particles. previous studies on the particle capture capacity of plant leaves have mostly focused on particle mass and/or size distribution. fewer studies, however, have examined the particle density, and the size and shape characteristics of particles, which may have important implications for evaluating the particle capture efficiency of plants, and identifying the particle sources. in addition, the role of different vegetation ...201626899664
a facile and low-cost route to heteroatom doped porous carbon derived from broussonetia papyrifera bark with excellent supercapacitance and co2 capture this work, we present a facile and low-cost approach to synthesize heteroatom doped porous carbon via hydrothermal treatment of stem bark of broussonetia papyrifera (bp) as the biomass precursor in diluted sulfuric acid, and following thermal activation by koh at 800 °c. the morphology, structure and textural property of the prepared porous carbon (pc) are investigated by scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, n2 sorption isotherms, and x-ray photoelectron spectroscop ...201626935397
new cytotoxic compounds of endophytic fungus alternaria sp. isolated from broussonetia papyrifera (l.) vent.from the ethyl acetate extract of a culture of the endophytic fungus alternaria species g7 in broussonetia papyrifera, a new compound altertoxin iv (1) together with nine known compounds were isolated and identified by means of bioassay-guided fractionation. the structures of these compounds were established on the basis of spectroscopic methods, among which the absolute configuration of compound 1, a new tetrahydroperylenone derivative, was determined by means of x-ray crystallographic analysis ...201627001249
potential of woody plants from a tonglushan ancient copper spoil heap for phytoremediation of heavy metal contaminated soil(1).fast-growing metal-accumulating woody plants are considered potential candidates for phytoremediation of metals. tonglushan mining, one of the biggest cu production bases in china, presents an important source of the pollution of environment. the sample was collected at tonglushan ancient copper spoil heap. the aims were to measure the content of heavy metal in the soil and woody plants and to elucidate the phytoremediation potential of the plants. the result showed the soil cu, cd and pb were t ...201627014830
correction: sex distribution of paper mulberry (broussonetia papyrifera) in the pacific.[this corrects the article doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0161148.].201727626936
cytotoxic effects of kazinol a derived from broussonetia papyrifera on human bladder cancer cells, t24 and t24r2.broussonetia papyrifera (b. papyrifera), also known as paper mulberry, has been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of several diseases, including ophthalmic disorders and impotency. however, the biological activity of kazinol a (1) among flavonols isolated from b. papyrifera has not been identified.201627765366
evaluation of polyphenols from broussonetia papyrifera as coronavirus protease inhibitors.the current study was designed to assess the inhibitory activity of broussonetia papyrifera-derived polyphenols against 3-chymotrypsin-like and papain-like coronavirus cysteine proteases. the isolated compounds were broussochalcone b (1), broussochalcone a (2), 4-hydroxyisolonchocarpin (3), papyriflavonol a (4), 3'-(3-methylbut-2-enyl)-3',4,7-trihydroxyflavane (5), kazinol a (6), kazinol b (7), broussoflavan a (8), kazinol f (9), and kazinol j (10). all polyphenols were more potent against papai ...201728112000
phosphoproteomic analysis of paper mulberry reveals phosphorylation functions in chilling tolerance.paper mulberry is a valuable woody species with a good chilling tolerance. in this study, phosphoproteomic analysis, physiological measurement and mrna quantification were employed to explore the molecular mechanism of chilling (4 °c) tolerance in paper mulberry. after chilling for 6 hours, 427 significantly changed phosphoproteins were detected in paper mulberry seedlings without obvious physiological injury. when obvious physiological injury occurred after chilling for 48 hours, a total of 611 ...201728357858
transcriptional regulation of the paper mulberry under cold stress as revealed by a comprehensive analysis of transcription factors.several studies have focused on cold tolerance in multiple regulated levels. however, a genome-scale molecular analysis of the regulated network under the control of transcription factors (tfs) is still lacking, especially for trees. to comprehensively identify the tfs that regulate cold stress response in the paper mulberry and understand their regulatory interactions, transcriptomic data was used to assess changes in gene expression induced by exposure to cold.201525928853
characterization of bionanocomposite films prepared with agar and paper-mulberry pulp nanocellulose.crystallized nanocellulose (cnc) was separated from paper-mulberry (broussonetia kazinoki siebold) bast pulp by sulfuric acid hydrolysis method and they were blended with agar to prepare bionanocomposite films. the effect of cnc content (1, 3, 5 and 10 wt% based on agar) on the mechanical, water vapor permeability (wvp), and thermal properties of the nanocomposites were studied. changes of the cellulose fibers in structure, morphology, crystallinity, and thermal properties of the films were eval ...201424906782
de novo assembly of expressed transcripts and global transcriptomic analysis from seedlings of the paper mulberry (broussonetia kazinoki x broussonetia papyifera).the paper mulberry is one of the multifunctional tree species in agroforestry systems and is also commonly utilized in traditional medicine in china and other asian countries. however, little is known about its molecular genetics, which hinders research on and exploitation of this valuable resource. to discern the correlation between gene expression and the essential properties of the paper mulberry, we performed a transcriptomics analysis, assembling a total of 37,725 unigenes from 54,638,676 r ...201424848504
isolation and characterization of new phenolic compounds with estrogen biosynthesis-inhibiting and antioxidation activities from broussonetia papyrifera leaves.broussonetia papyrifera leaves (bpl) as a traditional chinese medicine are also used in livestock feed for stimulating reproduction, adipose tissue and muscle development; however, the mechanism of their action is still unknown. through estrogen biosynthesis-guided fractionation in human ovarian granulosa-like kgn cells, five new phenolic glycosides, broussoside a-e(1-5), along with fifteen known dietary phenolic compounds, were isolated from the n-butanol extract of bpl, and their structures we ...201424714659
therapeutic effect of broussonetia papyrifera and lonicera japonica in ovalbumin-induced murine asthma model.broussonetia papyrifera (l.) vent. and lonicera japonica thunb. have been used in recent medicinal research for their antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. the present study investigated the therapeutic efficacy of b. papyrifera and l. japonica ethanolic extracts in a murine model of ovalbumin-induced asthma, in which intra-peritoneal (ip) injections and aerosol ovalbumin delivery were used to induce allergic asthma. bronchioalveolar lavage fluid (balf), serum samples, lungs and livers ...201324427953
inhibition of experimental systemic inflammation (septic inflammation) and chronic bronchitis by new phytoformula bl containing broussonetia papyrifera and lonicera japonica.broussonetia papyrifera and lonicera japonica have long been used in the treatment of inflammatory disorders in chinese medicine, especially respiratory inflammation. previously, a new phytoformula (bl) containing b. papyrifera and l. japonica was found to exert strong anti-inflammatory activity against several animal models of inflammation, especially against an animal model of acute bronchitis. in the present investigation, the effects of bl on animal models of septic inflammation and chronic ...201324009861
purification and identification of 72 kda and 15 kda allergens from broussonetia papyrifera pollen."broussonetia papyrifera" (chinese mulberry) pollen is an important source of allergens in regions surrounding shanghai, china. to identify and purify major allergens from "b. papyrifera" pollen that reacted with serum antibodies from sensitized patients, "b. papyrifera" pollen was defatted, dried, and extracted proteins were separated using sp cationic exchange or q anionic exchange columns.serum samples from 29 allergic patients and 4 healthy controls were collected. allergens in eluted fracti ...201323996707
immunoglobulin e reactivity and allergenic potency of morus papyrifera (paper mulberry) pollen.paper mulberry (morus papyrifera) pollen is considered to be one of the most clinically relevant aeroallergens in pakistan. to date, the allergenicity of the pollen has not been investigated.201323967755
a novel anticancer agent broussoflavonol b downregulates estrogen receptor (er)-α36 expression and inhibits growth of er-negative breast cancer mda-mb-231 cells.estrogen receptor (er)-negative breast cancers are aggressive and unresponsive to antiestrogens, and current therapeutic modalities for er-negative breast cancer patients are usually associated with strong toxicity and side effects. less toxic and more effective targeted therapies are urgently needed to treat this type of breast cancer. here, we report that broussoflavonol b, a chemical purified from the bark of the paper mulberry tree (broussonetia papyrifera) exhibited potent growth inhibitory ...201323769740
cytotoxic constituents from the leaves of broussonetia investigate the chemical constituents from the leaves of broussonetia papyrifera.201323725840
broussoflavonol b restricts growth of er-negative breast cancer stem-like cells.accumulating experimental and clinical evidence has indicated that tumor-initiating or cancer stem-like cells are a sub-population of tumor cells capable of initiating and driving tumor growth, and cancer stem-like cells are resistant to most current cancer therapies, including chemo- and radiation therapy. more effective targeted-therapeutic approaches are urgently needed to eliminate cancer stem-like cells. here, we report that broussoflavonol b, a chemical purified from the bark of the paper ...201323645733
dna extraction and amplification from contemporary polynesian bark-cloth.paper mulberry has been used for thousands of years in asia and oceania for making paper and bark-cloth, respectively. museums around the world hold valuable collections of polynesian bark-cloth. genetic analysis of the plant fibers from which the textiles were made may answer a number of questions of interest related to provenance, authenticity or species used in the manufacture of these textiles. recovery of nucleic acids from paper mulberry bark-cloth has not been reported before.201323437166
effects of zn deficiency and bicarbonate on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of four plant species.calcareous soils are characterized by low nutrient contents, high bicarbonate (hco3-) content, and high alkalinity. the effects of hco3- addition under zinc-sufficient (+zn) and zinc-deficient (-zn) conditions on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of seedlings of two moraceae species (broussonetia papyrifera and morus alba) and two brassicaceae species (orychophragmus violaceus and brassica napus) were investigated. these four species were hydroponically grown in nutrient solution wit ...201728076430
antityrosinase and antioxidant effects of ent-kaurane diterpenes from leaves of broussonetia papyrifera.three new ent-kaurane type diterpenes, broussonetones a-c (1-3), were isolated from leaves of broussonetia papyrifera, together with seven known compounds, and their structures determined by 1d and 2d nmr and ms methods. compounds 1-3 were marginal inhibitors of tyrosinase. antioxidant assays showed them also to be inhibitors of xanthine oxidase. the mild inhibition of tyrosinase and significant inhibition of xanthine oxidase suggests that 1-3 could be useful ingredients in the development of sk ...200818986201
distribution and integrated assessment of lead in an abandoned lead-acid battery site in southwest china before redevelopment.lead-acid battery sites have contributed enormous amounts of lead to the environment, significantly affecting its global biogeochemical cycle and leaving the potential risks to human health. an abandoned lead-acid battery site prepared for redevelopment was selected in order to study the distribution of lead in soils, plants, rhizosphere soils and soil solutions. in total, 197 samples from 77 boreholes were collected and analyzed. single extractions by acetic acid (hoac) were conducted to assess ...201626921546
resource recovery potential from secondary components of segregated municipal solid wastes.fermentable components of municipal solid wastes (msw) such as fruit and vegetable wastes (fvw), leaf litter, paddy straw, cane bagasse, cane trash and paper are generated in large quantities at various pockets of the city. these form potential feedstocks for decentralized biogas plants to be operated in the vicinity. we characterized the fermentation potential of six of the above msw fractions for their suitability to be converted to biogas and anaerobic compost using the solid-state stratified ...200717503209
[chemical constituents from branch of broussonetia papyrifera].to investigate the chemical constituents from the branch of broussonetia papyrifera.200617048607
genetic diversity of broussonetia papyrifera populations in southwest china.broussonetia papyrifera is an important native tree species with high economic value in southwest china. its resources are drastically reduced because of over-harvesting and habitat fragmentation. in this study, 17 natural populations of b. papyrifera were analyzed using inter-simple sequence repeat (issr) markers to assess the genetic diversity and population structure. in total, 100 bands were obtained from 16 issr primers. the b. papyrifera populations showed relatively high genetic diversity ...201425222255
a case of pollinosis to broussonetia papyrifera. 200415355483
natural ptp1b inhibitors from broussonetia papyrifera.two new compounds, 8-(1,1-dimethylallyl)-5'-(3-methylbut-2-enyl)-3',4',5,7-tetrahydroxyflanvonol (1), 3'-(3-methylbut-2-enyl)-3',4',7-trihydroxyflavane (2) and three known compounds 3,3',4',5,7-pentahydroxyflavone (3), uralenol (4), broussochalcone a (5) were isolated from the roots of broussonetia papyrifera, and their structures determined by spectroscopic methods. compounds 1, 3, 4 and 5 significantly show the inhibitory activities against the ptp1b enzyme.200212419367
functional analysis of bpdreb2 gene involved in salt and drought response from a woody plant broussonetia papyrifera.the dehydration-responsive element binding proteins (drebs) are important transcription factors in the regulation of plant responses to abiotic stresses. in this study, bpdreb2, an ap2/dreb-type transcription factor gene, was cloned from a woody plant, broussonetia papyrifera by race-pcr. sequence analyses revealed that bpdreb2 protein has three characteristic domains, including an ap2/erebp, a nuclear localization signal and an acidic activation domain. yeast one-hybrid assays showed that bpdre ...201424315817
papyriflavonol a, a new prenylated flavonol from broussonetia papyrifera.a new prenylated flavonol, papyriflavonol a, was isolated from the root barks of broussonetia papyrifera. the structure of this compound was elucidated as 5,7,3',4'-tetrahydroxy-6,5'-di-(gamma,gamma-dimethylallyl)-flavonol (1) by spectroscopic analysis.200111395279
[pharmacognostic identification of the root bark of broussonetia papyrifera, an adulterant of cortex mori].the article reports the morphological characters, the histological structure, tlc and uv spectrum identification for the adulterant of cortex mori, the root bark of broussonetia papyrifera. the results show that they can be distinguished each other.199712572483
hardiness of the paper-mulberry tree. 194017776670
evaluation of anti-inflammatory effects of broussonetia papyrifera stem bark.broussonetia papyrifera is used as a traditional medicine to treat few diseases. however, the antiinflammatory effect of b. papyrifera stem bark has not been evaluated. the aim of this study is to investigate the effects of n-hexane fraction from methanol extract of b. papyrifera stem bark on lipopolysaccharide (lps)-stimulated inflammation using raw 264.7 cells.201222345865
protective effect of broussonetia papyrifera against hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in sh-sy5y cells.this study compared the antioxidant activity of various parts of broussonetia papyrifera (bp), and further evaluated the protective effects of bp against hydrogen peroxide (h(2)o(2))-induced neuronal injury in human neuroblastoma sh-sy5y cells. among four bp parts, bp radix and leaf possessed the best scavenging activities for 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (dpph), 2,2'-azino-bis-3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulfonic acid (abts) radical, and h(2)o(2). these two bp parts also had higher phenolic and ph ...200919734690
comparison with various parts of broussonetia papyrifera as to the antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities in rodents.this study compared the antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of various parts of broussonetia papyrifera (l.) l'herit. ex vent. (bp, moraceae) by chemical-induced pain and inflammation in rodents. all bp parts (1 and 2 g/kg, p.o.) effectively inhibited writhing responses induced by 1% acetic acid. the bp radix, leaf, and fruit effectively inhibited the late-phase licking responses caused by 1% formalin. but only the bp radix and fruit reduced the edema induced by 1% carrageenan at 1-2 h ...200818776680
papyriflavonol a from broussonetia papyrifera inhibits the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reaction and has a secretory phospholipase a2-inhibitory activity.papyriflavonol a, a new prenylated flavonol isolated from broussonetia papyrifera, selectively inhibits recombinant human secretory phospholipase a(2)s (spla(2)s). papyriflavonol a was found to inhibit human group iia and v spla(2)s potently and irreversibly in a dose-dependent manner, with respective ic(50) values of 3.9 and 4.5 microm. the inhibitory effects of papyriflavonol a against bovine group ib (ic(50) of 76.9 microm) and the human group x (ic(50) of 225 microm) spla(2)s were weaker tha ...200312612436
investigation of the inhibitory effect of broussochalcone a on respiratory burst in neutrophils.broussochalcone a, a prenylated chalcone isolated from broussonetia papyrifera (l.) vent. (moraceae), inhibited o2 consumption in formylmethionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine (fmlp)- and phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (pma)-stimulated rat neutrophils in a concentration-dependent manner with ic50 values of 70.3 +/- 4.9 and 63.9 +/- 7.1 microm, respectively. broussochalcone a did not affect the fmlp-induced increase of cellular inositol trisphosphate (ip3) and [ca2+]i. however, the enzyme activity of neu ...19979059855
behavioral responses of cao vit gibbon (nomascus nasutus) to variations in food abundance and temperature in bangliang, jingxi, china.the cao vit gibbon is a critically endangered species with only about 110 individuals remaining in a degraded karst forest along the china-vietnam border. behavioral data from this site are particularly useful in understanding gibbon behavioral adaptations to different sets of ecological conditions and will contribute to the conservation of the species. we studied seasonal variation in the time budget and diet of the cao vit gibbon in response to variation in food availability and ambient temper ...201222553151
chemical composition and antioxidant activities of broussonetia papyrifera fruits.fruits of broussonetia papyrifera from south china were analyzed for their total chemical composition, and antioxidant activities in ethanol and aqueous extracts. in the fruit of this plant, the crude protein, crude fat and carbohydrates was 7.08%, 3.72% and 64.73% of dry weight, respectively. the crude protein, crude fat and carbohydrates were 15.71%, 20.51% and 36.09% of dry weight, respectively. fatty acid and amino acid composition of the fruit were analyzed. unsaturated fatty acid concentra ...201222389678
improvement of paper mulberry tolerance to abiotic stresses by ectopic expression of tall fescue fadreb1.dehydration-responsive element binding/c-repeat-binding factors (dreb/cbf) control the activity of multiple stress response genes and therefore represent attractive targets for genetic improvement of abiotic stress tolerance. paper mulberry (broussonetia papyrifera l. vent) is well known for its bark fibers and high levels of chalcone and flavonoid derivatives. transgenic paper mulberry plants expressing a tall fescue (festuca arundinacea schreb.) fadreb1 gene under the control of camv 35s were ...201222170439
ectopic expression of fadreb2 enhances osmotic tolerance in paper mulberry.dehydration-responsive element binding (dreb) proteins are a subfamily of ap2/erf transcription factors that have been shown to improve tolerance to osmotic stresses in plants. to improve the osmotic stress tolerance of paper mulberry (broussonetia papyrifera l. vent), an economically important tree, we transformed it with a plasmid carrying tall fescue (festuca arundinacea schreb) fadreb2 under the control of camv 35s. the ectopic expression of fadreb2 did not cause growth retardation, and the ...201122067051
screening of plant species for phytoremediation of uranium, thorium, barium, nickel, strontium and lead contaminated soils from a uranium mill tailings repository in south china.the concentrations of uranium, thorium, barium, nickel, strontium and lead in the samples of the tailings and plant species collected from a uranium mill tailings repository in south china were analyzed. then, the removal capability of a plant for a target element was assessed. it was found that phragmites australis had the greatest removal capabilities for uranium (820 μg), thorium (103 μg) and lead (1,870 μg). miscanthus floridulus had the greatest removal capabilities for barium (3,730 μg) an ...201121523506
overexpression of atnhx5 improves tolerance to both salt and drought stress in broussonetia papyrifera (l.) vent.paper mulberry (broussonetia papyrifera l. vent) is well known for its bark fibers, which are used for making paper, cloth, rope, etc. it was found that, in addition to its well-documented role in the enhancement of plant salt tolerance, overexpression of the na+/h+ antiporter (atnhx5) gene in paper mulberry plants showed high drought tolerance. after exposure to water deficiency and salt stress, the wild-type (wt) plants all died, while the atnhx5-overexpressing plants remained alive under high ...201121512100
antioxidant phenolics from broussonetia papyrifera fruits.fractionation of the etoh extract from the fruits of broussonetia papyrifera led to the isolation of 15 phenolic compounds (1-15). their structures were identified using spectroscopic methods. among these compounds, 1 and 2 are new and 3-15 were isolated from this plant for the first time. antioxidant activities of compounds 2-15 against h(2)o(2)-induced injury in sy5y cells and 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical scavenging activities were evaluated.201020496197
influence of drought intensity on the response of six woody karst species subjected to successive cycles of drought and rewatering.tolerance to the effects of drought and subsequent recovery after a rainfall appear to be critical for plants in the karst regions of southwestern china, which are characterized by frequent but temporary drought events. this study investigated the effects of drought intensity and repetition on photosynthesis and photoprotection mechanisms of karst plants during successive cycles of drought and subsequent recovery. leaf water potential, gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence and several associate ...201020059730
polyphenols from broussonetia papyrifera displaying potent alpha-glucosidase inhibition.the organic extract of the roots of broussonetia papyrifera showed extremely high alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity with an ic50 of around 10 microg/ml. due to its potency, subsequent bioactivity-guided fractionation of the chloroform extract led to 12 polyphenols, 1-12, 4 of which were identified as chalcones (1-4), another 4 as flavans (5-8), 2 as flavonols (9 and 10), and 2 others as the novel species benzofluorenones (11 and 12). broussofluorenone a (11) and broussofluorenone b (12) emer ...201019954213
[absorption and allocation characteristics of k+, ca2+, na+ and cl- in different organs of broussonetia papyrifera seedlings under nacl stress].one-year-old broussonetia papyrifera seedlings were subjected to 0.4, 1, 2, 3, and 4 g x kg(-1) of soil nacl stress, and their biomass accumulation, leaf plasma membrane permeability, and the absorption, allocation and translocation of k+, ca2+, na+, and cl-, as well as the symptoms of salt injury, were studied and investigated. the leaf plasma membrane permeability increased with the increase of soil nacl concentration and of the duration of soil nacl stress, and the seedling's root/shoot ratio ...200919565753
"natural" ingredients in cosmetic dermatology.recently, both clinical and bench research has begun to provide scientific validation for the use of certain botanical ingredients. related findings regarding proposed biological mechanisms of action have translated into clinical practice. botanical compounds for which dermatologic and cosmetic applications have emerged include: olive oil, chamomile, colloidal oatmeal, oat kernal extract, feverfew, acai berry, coffee berry, curcumin, green tea, pomegranate, licorice, paper mulberry, arbutin, and ...200919562883
world allergy organization study on aerobiology for creating first pollen and mold calendar with clinical significance in islamabad, pakistan;: a project of world allergy organization and pakistan allergy, asthma & clinical immunology centre of islamabad.pollen and mold allergies are highly problematic in islamabad. this study was conducted to investigate the type and concentration of airborne pollens/molds causing allergic diseases in susceptible individuals. a volumetric spore trap (burkard) was placed at the height of 11 m and ran continuously for 3 years. once a week, the collecting drum was prepared by affixing melinex tape with a double-sided adhesive that was coated with a thin layer of silicone grease. every sunday at 9:00 am the drum wa ...201223283209
chemical constituents from the leaves of broussonetia separate and identify the chemical constituents from the leaves of broussonetia papyrifera (linn.) vent, various columns including diaion hp-20, toyopearl hw-40c, sephadex lh-20, silica gel were employed for the isolation and purification of compounds from the leaves of b. papyrifera. the structures of the compounds were elucidated by their physiochemical characteristics and spectral data. nineteen compounds were isolated from the leaves of b. papyrifera and their structures were identified a ...200818507345
accumulation of perchlorate in aquatic and terrestrial plants at a field scale.previous laboratory-scale studies have documented perchlorate clo(-)(4) uptake by different plant species, but less information is available at field scale, where clo(-)(4) uptake may be affected by environmental conditions, such as distance to streams or shallow water tables, exposure duration, and species. this study examined uptake of clo(-)(4) in smartweed (polygonum spp.) and watercress (nasturtium spp.) as well as more than forty trees, including ash (fraxinus greggii a. gray), chinaberry ...201315356223
enhanced expression of vacuolar h+-atpase subunit e in the roots is associated with the adaptation of broussonetia papyrifera to salt stress.vacuolar h(+)-atpase (v-h(+)-atpase) may play a pivotal role in maintenance of ion homeostasis inside plant cells. in the present study, the expression of v-h(+)-atpase genes was analyzed in the roots and leaves of a woody plant, broussonetia papyrifera, which was stressed with 50, 100 and 150 mm nacl. moreover, the expression and distribution of the subunit e protein were investigated by western blot and immunocytochemistry. these showed that treatment of b. papyrifera with nacl distinctly chan ...201223133565
aromatase inhibitors from broussonetia papyrifera.bioassay-guided fractionation of an ethyl acetate-soluble extract from the whole plants of broussonetia papyrifera, using an in vitro aromatase inhibition assay, led to the isolation of five new active compounds, 5,7,2',4'-tetrahydroxy-3-geranylflavone (1), isogemichalcone c (8), 3'-[gamma-hydroxymethyl-(e)-gamma-methylallyl]-2,4,2',4'-tetrahydroxychalcone 11'-o-coumarate (9), demethylmoracin i (10), and (2s)-2',4'-dihydroxy-2' '-(1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl)dihydrofuro[2,3-h]flavanone (11), and 10 ...200111678652
[responses of delta13 c values of plant leaves to environmental gradients along environmental gradient factors in rocky desertified area of a typical karst ggorge].we analyzed the responses of delta13 c values of plant leaves to environmental factors (namely, soil water storage, air relative humidity, light intensity, depths of soil, soil organic content, average temperature and soil water content) and the correlations between them, by measuring delta13 c values of leaves for 11 plants species from 4 typical communities with different karst rocky desertification backgrounds in a typical karst catchments basin, huajiang gorge. it is revealed that, the delta ...200819143390
microparticle collection and concentration via a miniature surface acoustic wave device.the ability to detect microbes, pollens and other microparticles is a critically important ability given the increasing risk of bioterrorism and emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. the efficient collection of microparticles via a liquid water droplet moved by a surface acoustic wave (saw) device is demonstrated in this study. a fluidic track patterned on the saw device directs the water droplet's motion, and fluid streaming induced inside the droplet as it moves along is a key advantage ...200717476381
broussochalcone a, a potent antioxidant and effective suppressor of inducible nitric oxide synthase in lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages.the antioxidant properties of broussochalcone a (bca) and its effects on nitric oxide (no) production in lipopolysaccharide (lps)-activated macrophages were investigated in this study. bca, isolated from broussonetia papyrifera vent., inhibited iron-induced lipid peroxidation in rat brain homogenate in a concentration-dependent manner with an ic(50) of 0.63 +/- 0.03 microm. it was as potent as butylated hydroxytoluene, a common antioxidant used for food preservation. in a diphenyl-2-picrylhydraz ...200111286985
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