variability in leaf morphology and chemical composition as a function of canopy light environment in coexisting deciduous trees.morphology, chemical composition, and photosynthetic capacity of leaf laminas were investigated in populus tremula l. and tilia cordata mill. along a canopy light gradient. variables determining the thickness of boundary layer for heat and water exchange at a given wind speed-effective leaf width (ww) and length (wd)-scaled positively with daily integrated quantum flux density averaged over the season (qint, mol m-2 d-1) in t. cordata, but wd decreased and ww was constant with increasing qint in ...199910506464
responses of foliar photosynthetic electron transport, pigment stoichiometry, and stomatal conductance to interacting environmental factors in a mixed species forest canopy.we studied limitations caused by variations in leaf temperature and soil water availability on photosynthetic electron transport rates calculated from foliar chlorophyll fluorescence analysis (u) in a natural deciduous forest canopy composed of shade-intolerant populus tremula l. and shade-tolerant tilia cordata mill. in both species, there was a positive linear relationship between light-saturated u (umax) per unit leaf area and mean seasonal integrated daily quantum flux density (ss, mol per s ...199910562401
evidence for bioadhesive effects of polysaccharides and polysaccharide-containing herbs in an ex vivo bioadhesion assay on buccal membranes.aqueous extracts of polysaccharide-containing plants are widely used in therapy for irritated mucus membranes in the pharynx region. in order to prove the existence of mucilaginous effects of polysaccharide hydrocolloids on epithelia an ex vivo system based on porcine buccal membranes was established. the tissue culture was stable and there was no indication of cytolytic processes during the 5 hour incubation period. this was confirmed through histological studies and the respective ldh values a ...200010705734
inhibition of non-haem iron absorption in man by polyphenolic-containing beverages.the effects of different polyphenol-containing beverages on fe absorption from a bread meal were estimated in adult human subjects from the erythrocyte incorporation of radio-fe. the test beverages contained different polyphenol structures and were rich in either phenolic acids (chlorogenic acid in coffee), monomeric flavonoids (herb teas, camomile (matricaria recutita l.), vervain (verbena officinalis l.), lime flower (tilia cordata mill.), pennyroyal (mentha pulegium l.) and peppermint (mentha ...199910999016
photosynthetic capacity in relation to nitrogen in the canopy of a quercus robur, fraxinus angustifolia and tilia cordata flood plain forest.we measured gas exchange and various leaf parameters of ash (fraxinus angustifolia vahl.) and oak (quercus robur l.) in the high canopy and of lime (tilia cordata mill.) in the lower canopy of a planted, 120-year-old floodplain forest in southern moravia, czech republic. the high-canopy leaves of f. angustifolia and q. robur had nitrogen concentrations on a leaf area basis (n(area)) that were twice those of low-canopy leaves of t. cordata. upper-canopy leaves of f. angustifolia had a photosynthe ...200011305457
sensitivity of photosynthetic electron transport to photoinhibition in a temperate deciduous forest canopy: photosystem ii center openness, non-radiative energy dissipation and excess irradiance under field conditions.we used chlorophyll fluorescence techniques to investigate responses of photosystem ii (psii) quantum yield to light availability in the short term (quantum flux density integrated over the measurement day, qd) and in the long term (qd averaged over the season, qs) in a mixed deciduous forest comprising shade-tolerant and water-stress-sensitive tilia cordata mill. in the lower canopy and shade-intolerant and water-stress-resistant populus tremula l. in the upper canopy. in both species, intrinsi ...200111498337
rate of stomatal opening, shoot hydraulic conductance and photosynthetic characteristics in relation to leaf abscisic acid concentration in six temperate deciduous trees.correlations between leaf abscisic acid concentration ([aba]), stomatal conductance (gs), rate of stomatal opening in response to an increase in leaf water potential (si), shoot hydraulic conductance (l) and photosynthetic characteristics were examined in saplings of six temperate deciduous tree species: acer platanoides l., padus avium mill., populus tremula l., quercus robur l., salix caprea l. and tilia cordata mill. species-specific values of foliar [aba] were negatively related to the mean ...200211874723
differences in salt sensitivity of four deciduous tree species to soil or airborne salt.seedlings of four deciduous tree species maple (acer pseudoplatanus), beech (fagus sylvatica), horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum) and lime (tilia cordata) were exposed to de-icing salt (nacl) either through the soil or applied to the above ground plant parts. a soil solution of 1.65 g l-1 nacl was maintained from the start of the experiment in january 1999 until termination in june 1999. the main effects caused by salt treatment through the soil were a reduction in photosynthesis of up to 5 ...200211903969
shoot structure and growth along a vertical profile within a populus-tilia canopy.we investigated shoot growth patterns and their relationship to the canopy radiation environment and the distribution of leaf photosynthetic production in a 27-m-tall stand of light-demanding populus tremula l. and shade-tolerant tilia cordata mill. the species formed two distinct layers in the leaf canopy and showed different responses in branch architecture to the canopy light gradient. in p. tremula, shoot bifurcation decreased rapidly with decreasing light, and leaf display allowed capture o ...200212414376
maldi-tof mass spectrometry and psd fragmentation as means for the analysis of condensed tannins in plant leaves and needles.maldi-tof mass spectrometry and 13c nmr spectroscopy were applied to unveil typical characteristics of condensed tannins of leaves and needles from willow (salix alba), spruce (picea abies) and beech (fagus sylvatica) of three tree species that are ubiquitous in german forests and landscapes. for further evaluation, lime (tilia cordata) was included. the 13c nmr spectroscopy confirmed the purity of the condensed tannin fractions and the efficiency of the procedure used for their extraction. whil ...200312591272
survival and development of lymantria monacha (lepidoptera: lymantriidae) on north american and introduced eurasian tree species.lymantria monacha (l.) (lepidoptera: lymantriidae), the nun moth, is a eurasian pest of conifers that has potential for accidental introduction into north america. to project the potential host range of this insect if introduced into north america, survival and development of l. monacha on 26 north american and eight introduced eurasian tree species were examined. seven conifer species (abies concolor, picea abies, p. glauca, p. pungens, pinus sylvestris with male cones, p. menziesii variety gla ...200312650343
stoichiometry of foliar carbon constituents varies along light gradients in temperate woody canopies: implications for foliage morphological plasticity.foliar morphology and chemical composition were examined along a light gradient in the canopies of five deciduous temperate woody species, ranked according to shade-tolerance as populus tremula l. < fraxinus excelsior l. < tilia cordata mill. = corylus avellana l. < fagus sylvatica l. foliar carbon was divided between structural (cell-wall polysaccharides, lignin) and nonstructural (proteins, ethanol-soluble carbohydrates, starch) fractions. foliar morphology of all species was strongly affected ...199812651358
an analysis of light effects on foliar morphology, physiology, and light interception in temperate deciduous woody species of contrasting shade tolerance.maximum rubisco activities (v(cmax)), rates of photosynthetic electron transport (j(max)), and leaf nitrogen and chlorophyll concentrations were studied along a light gradient in the canopies of four temperate deciduous species differing in shade tolerance according to the ranking: populus tremula l. < fraxinus excelsior l. < tilia cordata mill. = corylus avellana l. long-term light environment at the canopy sampling locations was characterized by the fractional penetration of irradiance in the ...199812651418
biomass investment in leaf lamina versus lamina support in relation to growth irradiance and leaf size in temperate deciduous trees.foliar biomass investment in support and assimilative compartments was studied in four temperate deciduous tree species along a natural light gradient across the canopy. the species ranked according to shade tolerance as betula pendula roth. < populus tremula l. < fraxinus excelsior l. < tilia cordata mill. long-term light conditions at sampling locations were characterized as seasonal mean integrated quantum flux density (q(int), mol m(-2) day(-1)) estimated by a method combining hemispherical ...199912651556
ozone air pollution and foliar injury development on native plants of switzerland.the objectives of this study were to examine the foliar sensitivity to ozone exposure of 12 tree, shrub, and herbaceous species native to southern switzerland and determine the seasonal cumulative ozone exposures required to induce visible foliar injury. the study was conducted from the beginning of may through the end of august during 2000 and 2001 using an open-top chamber research facility located within the lattecaldo cantonal forest nursery in canton ticino, southern switzerland (600 m asl) ...200312804826
floral affinity and benefits of dietary mixing with flowers for a polyphagous scarab, popillia japonica newman.many generalist herbivores, especially adult beetles, are facultative florivores, feeding on leaves but readily accepting floral tissues when available. we speculated that day-flying beetles with high energetic requirements would benefit from dietary mixing with nutrient-rich flower tissues and favor them during foraging. we tested that "floral affinity hypothesis" with popillia japonica, a day-active ruteline scarab that feeds intermittently throughout its adult life on multiple plant species. ...200415146324
characterization and discrimination of pollen by raman microscopy.the chemical characterization and discrimination of allergy-relevant pollen (common ragweed (ambrosia artemisiifolia), white birch (betula pendula), english oak (quercus robur), and european linden (tilia cordata)) has been studied by raman microscopy. spectra were obtained at different excitation wavelengths (514, 633, and 780 nm) and various methods were examined to minimize the strong fluorescence background. the use of a he-ne laser (633 nm) for excitation yields high-quality single pollen r ...200415605236
control of cytochrome b6f at low and high light intensity and cyclic electron transport in leaves.the light-dependent control of photosynthetic electron transport from plastoquinol (pqh(2)) through the cytochrome b(6)f complex (cyt b(6)f) to plastocyanin (pc) and p700 (the donor pigment of photosystem i, psi) was investigated in laboratory-grown helianthus annuus l., nicotiana tabaccum l., and naturally-grown solidago virgaurea l., betula pendula roth, and tilia cordata p. mill. leaves. steady-state illumination was interrupted (light-dark transient) or a high-intensity 10 ms light pulse was ...200515949986
aeroallergens sensitization in an allergic paediatric population of cova da beira, portugal.cova da beira is an interior central region of portugal, with a population of 93,000 inhabitants. the first pollen counts performed in portugal revealed the highest values of the country in this area. the aim of this study was to assess the aeroallergens sensitization in an allergic population, according to the age groups. in a 5 year period (1995-2000) 1790 consecutive outpatients were observed for suspected allergic symptoms. we included in this study all the 557 paediatric (< or = 15 years ol ...200516045856
tree species effects on decomposition and forest floor dynamics in a common garden.we studied the effects of tree species on leaf litter decomposition and forest floor dynamics in a common garden experiment of 14 tree species (abies alba, acer platanoides, acer pseudoplatanus, betula pendula, carpinus betulus, fagus sylvatica, larix decidua, picea abies, pinus nigra, pinus sylvestris, pseudotsuga menziesii, quercus robur, quercus rubra, and tilia cordata) in southwestern poland. we used three simultaneous litter bag experiments to tease apart species effects on decomposition v ...200616995629
[interrelationships between yeast fungi and collembolans in soil].the possibility of feeding on green and newly fallen leaves of the small-leaved lime tilia cordata was studied for the collembolans protaphorura armata and vertagopus pseudocinereus. young leaves grown under sterile conditions and almost free of yeast fungi were established to be toxic to the collembolan v. pseudocinereus: feeding on them led to the death of the animals. leaves grown under natural conditions were nontoxic: when used by the collembolans as feed, they provided for collembolan grow ...200617205807
induction of photosynthesis and importance of limitations during the induction phase in sun and shade leaves of five ecologically contrasting tree species from the temperate zone.we examined the principal differences in photosynthetic characteristics between sun and shade foliage and determined the relative importance of biochemical and stomatal limitations during photosynthetic induction. temperate-zone broadleaf and conifer tree species, ranging widely in shade tolerance, were investigated from one locality in the czech republic. the study species included strongly shade-tolerant abies alba mill. and tilia cordata mill., less shade-tolerant fagus sylvatica l. and acer ...200717472946
fine root decomposition rates do not mirror those of leaf litter among temperate tree species.elucidating the function of and patterns among plant traits above ground has been a major research focus, while the patterns and functioning of belowground traits remain less well understood. even less well known is whether species differences in leaf traits and their associated biogeochemical effects are mirrored by differences in root traits and their effects. we studied fine root decomposition and n dynamics in a common garden study of 11 temperate european and north american tree species (ab ...201019882174
characterization of fungal-degraded lime wood by x-ray diffraction and cross-polarization magic-angle-spinning 13c-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy (sem), and solid-state cross-polarization magic-angle-spinning (cp/mas) (13)c-nmr spectroscopy were applied to determine changes over time in the morphology and crystallinity of lime wood (tilia cordata miller) generated by the soft-rot fungi. wood samples were inoculated with trichoderma viride pers for various durations up to 84 days. structural and morphological modifications were assessed by comparing the structural features of decayed lime woo ...201020828443
the ecological significance of phenology in four different tree species: effects of light and temperature on bud burst.the process of adaptation is the result of stabilising selection caused by two opposite forces: protection against an unfavourable season (survival adaptation), and effective use of growing resources (capacity adaptation). as plant species have evolved different life strategies based on different trade offs between survival and capacity adaptations, different phenological responses are also expected among species. the aim of this study was to compare budburst responses of two opportunistic speci ...201021113629
thermogravimetric analysis of photodegraded acrylic coated lime wood.a series of experiments were carried out to investigate the photodegradation of lime wood (tilia cordata mill.) coated with acrylic copolymer during artificial uv/vis light irradiation for 600 h. photodegradation of the paraloid b72 films and paraloid b72 treated lime wood samples was evaluated by thermogravimetry throughout the irradiation period of 100 h. the results obtained indicate a shifting of the dtg maxima to lower temperatures, which may be related to a decrease in the stability of the ...201121413992
deposition of particulate matter of different size fractions on leaf surfaces and in waxes of urban forest species.particulate matter (pm) is an air contaminant in urban and industrial areas that often exceeds limit values, creating serious problems due to its harmful effects on health. planting trees and shrubs as air filters is a way to improve air quality in these areas. however,further knowledge on species effectiveness in air purification is essential this study compared four species of tree (acer campestre l, fraxinus excelsior l, platanus x hispanica mill. ex muenchh. 'acerifolia', tilia cordata mill. ...201121972570
effect of controlled inoculation with specific mycorrhizal fungi from the urban environment on growth and physiology of containerized shade tree species growing under different water regimes.the aim of this work was to evaluate the effects of selected mycorrhiza obtained in the urban environment on growth, leaf gas exchange, and drought tolerance of containerized plants growing in the nursery. two-year-old uniform acer campestre l., tilia cordata mill., and quercus robur l. were inoculated with a mixture of infected roots and mycelium of selected arbuscular (maple, linden) and/or ectomycorrhiza (linden, oak) fungi and grown in well-watered or water shortage conditions. plant biomass ...201121472449
using sex pheromone and a multi-scale approach to predict the distribution of a rare saproxylic beetle.the european red click beetle, elater ferrugineus l., is associated with wood mould in old hollow deciduous trees. as a result of severe habitat fragmentation caused by human disturbance, it is threatened throughout its distribution range. a new pheromone-based survey method, which is very efficient in detecting the species, was used in the present study to relate the occurrence of e. ferrugineus to the density of deciduous trees. the latter data were from a recently completed regional survey in ...201323840415
chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics, photosynthetic activity, and pigment composition of blue-shade and half-shade leaves as compared to sun and shade leaves of different trees.the chlorophyll (chl) fluorescence induction kinetics, net photosynthetic co2 fixation rates p n, and composition of photosynthetic pigments of differently light exposed leaves of several trees were comparatively measured to determine the differences in photosynthetic activity and pigment adaptation of leaves. the functional measurements were carried out with sun, half-shade and shade leaves of seven different trees species. these were: acer platanoides l., ginkgo biloba l., fagus sylvatica l., ...201323670216
plant species differences in particulate matter accumulation on leaf surfaces.particulate matter (pm) accumulation on leaves of 22 trees and 25 shrubs was examined in test fields in norway and poland. leaf pm in different particle size fractions (pm(10), pm(2.5), pm(0.2)) differed among the species, by 10- to 15-folds at both test sites. pinus mugo and pinus sylvestris, taxus media and taxus baccata, stephanandra incisa and betula pendula were efficient species in capturing pm. less efficient species were acer platanoides, prunus avium and tilia cordata. differences among ...201222554531
an ethnobotanical survey of traditionally used plants on suva planina mountain (south-eastern serbia).this study documents the ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal importance of plants in the suva planina mountain region (south-eastern serbia). it is reflected in their high diversity and their wide range of uses in the treatment of the local population. the aim of this study was a comparative analysis of data collected in the suva planina region with relevant data from the western balkans, which included identifying the 'most popular' plants, as well as those species which are used specifically for ...201526375774
knockdown, residual, and antifeedant activity of pyrethroids and home landscape bioinsecticides against japanese beetles (coleoptera: scarabaeidae) on linden foliage.residual toxicity and leaf protection capability of five pyrethroids, professional and home garden azadirachtin formulations, and six other bioinsecticides for the home landscape were evaluated against the japanese beetle, popillia japonica newman (coleoptera: scarabaeidae), on linden, tilia cordata l. capacity of intoxicated beetles to recover and subsequently feed and disperse also was evaluated to provide insight on activity characteristics of the different compounds. intact shoots were spray ...200717461070
the effects of nectar-nicotine on colony fitness of caged honeybees.nectar of many bee flowers contains secondary compounds, which are considered toxic for honeybees on repeated exposure. although many anecdotal reports indicate the toxicity of secondary compounds to bees, only a few studies have tested the extent of toxicity at different honeybee ages, especially at the larval stages. honeybees encounter nicotine at trace concentrations (between 0.1 and 5 ppm) in floral nectar of a few nicotiana spp. and in tilia cordata. adult honeybee workers tolerate these n ...200616525869
new tuber species found in information from a survey of truffles carried out in southern part of poland in september 2007 is presented. the fruit bodies of tuber aestivum, t. excavatum, t. rufum and one unidentified tuber sp. were found. the soil chemistry of the five t. aestivum sites was analysed. our inventory showed that t. aestivum prefers the mixed forest with host-trees such as: quercus robur, corylus avellana, carpinus betulus, fagus silvaticus and tilia cordata. selection of local inocula of t. aestivum for t ...200818414906
genotoxicity and anti-genotoxicity of some traditional medicinal herbs.six herbal infusions used worldwide (matricaria chamomilla, tilia cordata, mentha piperita, mentha pulegium, uncaria tomentosa and valeriana officinalis) were assayed for anti-genotoxicity using the somatic mutation and recombination test (smart) in drosophila melanogaster. all these infusions are traditionally used for various medical purposes, including anti-inflammatory processes. hydrogen peroxide was used as an oxidative genotoxicant to test the anti-genotoxic potency of the medicinal infus ...200516005256
ethnobotanical investigations on plants used in folk medicine in the regions of constantine and mila (north-east of algeria).constantine and mila regions have been investigated in an ethnobotanical study for the first time. a total of 102 medicinal plants have been cited to treat human ailments. twenty-eight new species of 31 common plants with 151 new therapeutic applications and 12 new cited species including one endemic specie zygophyllum cornutum coss were found as compared to other algerian regions. in addition, to the best of our knowledge, 369 new medicinal uses of 75 known plants, were reported for the first t ...201627592312
leaves of higher plants as biomonitors of radionuclides (137cs, 40k, 210pb and 7be) in urban air.leaves of linden (tilia tomentosa l. and tilia cordata mill.) and horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum l.) were analysed as biomonitors of radionuclides in urban air. samples of soils, leaves and aerosols were collected in belgrade, serbia. activities of (137)cs, (40)k, (210)pb and (7)be in the samples were measured on an hpge detector by standard gamma spectrometry. "soil-to-leaves" transfer factors were calculated. student's t test and linear pearson correlation coefficients were used for st ...201322562351
assessment of the microbial load of some medicinal plants commonly used in romania.this study aims to assess the microbial load of some medicinal plants (matricaria chamomilla, achillea millefolium, ocimum basilicum, calendula officinalis, tilia cordata, hypericum perforatum) commonly used as medicinal teas.201525970977
antifeedants against hylobius abietis pine weevils: an active compound in extract of bark of tilia cordata linden.linden (tilia cordata) bark was shown to contain an antifeedant effective against the large pine weevil, hylobius abietis. soxhlet extraction of inner and outer bark resulted in an extract that showed antifeedant activity in a microfeeding assay. the extract was fractionated by chromatography on silica gel using gradient elution with solvents of increasing polarity. the content of the fractions obtained was monitored by thin layer- and gas chromatography. fractions of similar chemical compositio ...200516124228
the use of medicinal herbs by diabetic jordanian patients.diabetes mellitus is the most common metabolic disorder worldwide. to date, there have been no reports on the frequency of use of herb medicines in the managements of diabetes mellitus in jordan. this cross-sectional study was conducted by interviewing 310 diabetic patients visiting two medical centers in jordan: jordan university of science & technology medical center and sarih medical center between december 2003 and august 2004. it is found that 31% of interviewed patients have used herbal pr ...200617182483
linking xylem water storage with anatomical parameters in five temperate tree species.the release of water from storage compartments to the transpiration stream is an important functional mechanism that provides the buffering of sudden fluctuations in water potential. the ability of tissues to release water per change in water potential, referred to as hydraulic capacitance, is assumed to be associated with the anatomy of storage tissues. however, information about how specific anatomical parameters determine capacitance is limited. in this study, we measured sapwood capacitance ...201627083523
stem water storage in five coexisting temperate broad-leaved tree species: significance, temporal dynamics and dependence on tree functional traits.the functional role of internal water storage is increasingly well understood in tropical trees and conifers, while temperate broad-leaved trees have only rarely been studied. we examined the magnitude and dynamics of the use of stem water reserves for transpiration in five coexisting temperate broad-leaved trees with largely different morphology and physiology (genera fagus, fraxinus, tilia, carpinus and acer). we expected that differences in water storage patterns would mostly reflect species ...201323999137
the determination of phenolic profiles of serbian unifloral honeys using ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography/high resolution accurate mass spectrometry.polyphenolic profiles of 44 unifloral serbian honeys were analyzed using ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (uhplc) coupled with hybrid mass spectrometer which combines the linear trap quadrupole (ltq) and orbitrap mass analyzer. rapid uhplc method was developed in combination with a high sensitivity accurate mass scan and a simultaneous data dependent scan. the honey samples were of different botanical origin: acacia (robinia pseudoacacia), sunflower (helianthus annuus), linden (tilia ...201323265452
from the linden flower to linden honey--volatile constituents of linden nectar, the extract of bee-stomach and ripe honey.honey is produced by honeybees (apis mellifera), which collect nectar from flowers, digest it in their bodies, and deposit it in honeycombs, where it develops into ripe honey. we studied the evolution of the volatile constituents from the nectar of linden blossoms (tilia cordata) to honey via the 'intermediate' honeybee. the sampling of the contents of the honey stomach or honey sack of the bee is unique. extracts were prepared from nectar, from the liquid of the honey stomach, and from ripe hon ...200417191825
differences in pigment composition, photosynthetic rates and chlorophyll fluorescence images of sun and shade leaves of four tree species.the differential pigment composition and photosynthetic activity of sun and shade leaves of deciduous (acer pseudoplatanus, fagus sylvatica, tilia cordata) and coniferous (abies alba) trees was comparatively determined by studying the photosynthetic rates via co(2) measurements and also by imaging the chl fluorescence decrease ratio (r(fd)), which is an in vivo indicator of the net co(2) assimilation rates. the thicker sun leaves and needles in all tree species were characterized by a lower spec ...200717587589
medicinal plant extracts can variously modify biofilm formation in escherichia coli.low concentrations of black tea and water extracts from medicinal plants arctostaphylos uva-ursi, vaccinium vitis-idaea, tilia cordata, betula pendula and zea mays stimulated biofilm formation in escherichia coli bw25113 up to three times. similar effect was observed for tannic acid and low concentrations of quercetin. in contrast, the extract from urtica dioica reduced biofilm production. pretreatment with plant extracts variously modified antibiotic effects on specific biofilm formation (sbf). ...201424500005
photosynthetic acclimation to light in woody and herbaceous species: a comparison of leaf structure, pigment content and chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics measured in the field.acclimation of foliage photosynthetic properties occurs with varying time kinetics, but structural, chemical and physiological factors controlling the kinetics of acclimation are poorly understood, especially in field environments. we measured chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics, leaf total carotenoid (car), chlorophyll (chl) and nitrogen (n) content and leaf dry mass per area (lma) along vertical light gradients in natural canopies of the herb species, inula salicina and centaurea jacea, a ...201221972867
[the use of the parameters of chlorophyll a fluorescence induction for assessment of plant state under anthropogenic load].the technique for recording of chlorophyll a fluorescence induction kinetics has been used for assessment of the physiological state of leaves of tillet (tilia cordata), pendent white birch (betula pendula), american arborvitae (thuja occidentalis) in urban environments. different sensitivity of plants to adverse growing conditions was observed. the most sensitive jip test parameters such as pi(abs), f(v)/f(0), f(v)/f(m), r(fd) are determined to be used as indicators of the physiological state o ...201526016029
dependence of guaiacol peroxidase activity and lipid peroxidation rate in drooping birch (betula pendula roth) and tillet (tilia cordata mill) leaf on motor traffic pollution intensity.hormesis and paradoxical effects are frequently found for different plant parameters. these phenomena were also observed for lipid peroxidation (lp) rate at environmental pollution. however, the role of antioxidant enzymes, particularly guaiacol peroxidases (gpx), in a nonmonotonic variation in the lp rate remains insufficiently explored. therefore, dependence of gpx activity and lp rate in betula pendula and tilia cordata leaf on motor traffic pollution intensity was studied. regression analysi ...201726676174
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