nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of metabolite disorder in orange trees caused by citrus sudden death disease.citrus sudden death (csd) is a new disease of sweet orange and mandarin trees grafted on rangpur lime and citrus volkameriana rootstocks. it was first seen in brazil in 1999, and has since been detected in more than four million trees. the csd causal agent is unknown and the current hypothesis involves a virus similar to citrus tristeza virus or a new virus named citrus sudden death-associated virus. csd symptoms include generalized foliar discoloration, defoliation and root death, and, in most ...200919161352
growth depression in mycorrhizal citrus at high-phosphorus supply (analysis of carbon costs).mycorrhizal-induced growth depression of plants in high-p soil has been reported in many species. the carbon costs of factors contributing to this growth depression were analyzed in volkamer lemon (citrus volkameriana tan. & pasq.) colonized by the mycorrhizal (m) fungus glomus intraradices schenck and smith. m and nonmycorrhizal (nm) plants were each grown at two p-supply rates. carbon budgets of m and nm plants were determined by measuring whole-plant carbon assimilation and respiration rates ...199312231758
responses of citrus fine roots to localized soil drying: a comparison of seedlings with adult fruiting trees.we studied the responses of citrus (citrus volkameriana tan. & pasq.) roots to 15 weeks of soil drying. a comparison was made between the fine roots of 1-year-old seedling root systems (seedling) and the fine roots of woody laterals of 6-year-old grafted trees (adult). each seedling and woody lateral root system was established in a pair of vertically separated and independently irrigated soil compartments located in field root chambers excavated adjacent to the trees to which the woody laterals ...199812651395
mn-induced changes in leaf structure and chloroplast ultrastructure of citrus volkameriana (l.) plants.seedlings of citrus volkameriana (l.) were grown hydroponically for 43 days in order to study the effect of mn concentration (0, 2, 14, 98 and 686 microm) in the nutrient solution on leaf anatomy and mesophyll chloroplast ultrastructure. increasing mn concentration stimulated leaf lamina thickness. the size of mesophyll chloroplasts decreased and increased under 0 and 686 microm mn, respectively, compared to the intermediate mn concentrations, similar with regard to the number of chloroplasts pe ...200716781796
a root is a root is a root? water uptake rates of citrus root orders.knowledge about the physiological function of root orders is scant. in this study, a system to monitor the water flux among root orders was developed using miniaturized chambers. different root orders of 4-year-old citrus volkameriana trees were analysed with respect to root morphology and water flux. the eight root orders showed a broad overlap in diameter, but differences in tissue densities and specific root area (sra) were clearly distinguishable. thirty per cent of the root branch biomass b ...201120807371
phenotypic plasticity and water flux rates of citrus root orders under salinity.knowledge about the root system structure and the uptake efficiency of root orders is critical to understand the adaptive plasticity of plants towards salt stress. thus, this study describes the phenological and physiological plasticity of citrus volkameriana rootstocks under severe nacl stress on the level of root orders. phenotypic root traits known to influence uptake processes, for example frequency of root orders, specific root area, cortical thickness, and xylem traits, did not change homo ...201222268156
characterization of a virus infecting citrus volkameriana with citrus leprosis-like symptoms.a citrus volkameriana tree displaying symptoms similar to citrus leprosis on its leaves and bark was found in hawaii. citrus leprosis virus c (cilv-c)-specific detection assays, however, were negative for all tissues tested. short, bacilliform virus-like particles were observed by transmission electron microscopy in the cytoplasm of symptomatic leaves but not in healthy controls. double-stranded (ds) rnas ≈8 and 3 kbp in size were present in symptomatic leaf tissue but not in healthy controls. e ...201221916557
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