[anisakis simplex larvae: infection status in marine fishes for sale in shantou].to investigate the infection status of anisakis simplex larvae in marine fishes for sale in shantou.201425223058
parabothriocephalus psenopsis n. sp. (eucestoda: pseudophyllidea) in psenopsis anomala from the taiwan strait, china.palabothriocephalus psenopsis n. sp. (eucestoda: pseudophyllidea) is described from the gastrointestinal tract of psenopsis anomala caught off the coast of xiamen, china. the new species most closely resembles, but differs from, parabothriocephalus segmentatus in its possession of muscular globular appendages on the posterior margin of the proglottids, a limited proglottid number (9-13), and the shorter strobila (7.6-13.2 mm vs. 165 mm). in addition, the uterus of p. psenopsis is strongly coiled ...200415270110
seasonal changes in infection with trematode species utilizing jellyfish as hosts: evidence of transmission to definitive host fish via the seto inland sea of western japan, metacercariae of three species of trematodes, lepotrema clavatum ozaki, 1932, cephalolepidapedon saba yamaguti, 1970, and opechona olssoni (yamaguti, 1934), were found in the mesoglea of the jellyfish aurelia aurita s.l., chrysaora pacifica, and cyanea nozakii. moreover, these jellyfish frequently harbored juveniles of the fish species psenopsis anomala, thamnaconus modestus, and trachurus japonicus. the former two fish species are well-known medusivores. ...201627055563
vitellogenesis and vitelline system in the pseudophyllidean tapeworm paraechinophallus japonicus: ultrastructural and cytochemical studies.the vitellogenesis of paraechinophallus japonicus (yamaguti, 1934), the first pseudophyllidean tapeworm of the family echinophallidae studied using transmission electron microscope, is described on the basis of ultrastructural observations of specimens from the benthopelagic fish psenopsis anomala (temminck et schlegel, 1844) (perciformes: centrolophidae). the process of vitellogenesis in p. japonicus follows the same general pattern observed in other tapeworms. five stages of vitellocyte develo ...200717441436
spermatozoon ultrastructure of the pseudophyllidean cestode paraechinophallus japonicus, a parasite of deep-sea fish psenopsis anomala (perciformes, centrolophidae).this paper provides the first ultrastructural data on the spermatozoon of a pseudophyllidean cestode belonging to the family echinophallidae, paraechinophallus japonicus, parasitizing deep-sea fish psenopsis anomala from japan. the mature spermatozoon contains two axonemes of the 9+"1" trepaxonematan pattern, nucleus, cortical microtubules, and electron-dense granules. its anterior extremity exhibits a single electron-dense crested body. one of the most interesting features of the mature spermat ...200616835797
[distribution of nekton stock density and its community structure in taiwan strait in summer and autumn].this research was conducted based on the bottom trawl surveys in summer and autumn. an analysis on the stock density and community structure of nekton in taiwan straits indicated that the average stock density was 8.50 kg x h(-1) in summer and 6.94 kg x h(-1) in autumn. the species number was 80 in summer and 91 in autumn, and the abundance, species diversity index, and evenness index were all higher in autumn than in summer. the average species diversity index was 2.0466 in summer and 2.3964 in ...200516422520
[effects of macro-jellyfish abundance dynamics on fishery resource structure in the yangtze river estuary and its adjacent waters].based on the bottom trawl survey data in may 2007 and may and june 2008, this paper analyzed the effects of the abundance dynamics of macro-jellyfish on the species composition, distribution, and abundance of fishery resource in the yangtze river estuary and its adjacent waters. from may 2007 to june 2008, the average catch per haul and the top catch per haul of macro-jellyfish increased, up to 222.2 kg x h(-1) and 1800 kg x h(-1) in june 2008, respectively. the macro-jellyfish were mainly distr ...201122384604
[ecological niche breadth and niche overlap of dominant species of fish assemblage in yangtze river estuary and its adjacent waters].based on the fishery resources data from the bottom trawl surveys conducted on the r/v beidou in the yangtze river estuary and its adjacent waters in june, august and october of 2006, the index of relative importance (iri) was measured to determine the dominant species of fish assemblage, and the niche indicators and their seasonal variations of the dominant species were analyzed. a total of 10 dominant species in the 3 survey cruises were recorded, which were divided into two groups by the bray ...201324380359
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