evaluation of cytotoxic activities of some medicinal polypore fungi from china.the petrol ether, ethyl acetate and methanol extracts of eight medicinal polypore fungi from china were evaluated for cytotoxic activities using mtt-dye assay. all the petrol ether and ethyl acetate extracts exhibited cytotoxicity against human cervix epitheloid carcinoma cell lines (hela) and human hepatoma cell lines (smmc-7721). cytotoxicity activity was also observed in the methanol extracts of phellinus conchatus and pycnoporus sanquineus, but the methanol extracts from cryptoporus volvatus ...200616797143
antennal and behavioral responses of cis boleti to fungal odor of trametes gibbosa.cis boleti (coleoptera: ciidae) preferentially colonizes fungi from the genus trametes that are known as important wood decomposers. the aim of our research was to investigate if c. boleti uses the chemical volatile composition of its fungal host, trametes gibbosa, as a key attraction factor. therefore, the t. gibbosa fruiting body volatiles were analysed by using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, with parallel electroantennographic detection (gc-ms/ead) using adults of c. boleti. furthermor ...200818283043
physiological regulation of laccase and manganese peroxidase production by white-rot basidiomycetes.this review integrates recent literature and our own data on the physiology of laccase and manganese peroxidase synthesis, focusing on the common characteristics and unique properties of individual fungi as well as on several approaches providing enhanced enzyme secretion. firstly, the enzyme yield is species-dependent and strain-dependent and selection of new organisms with tremendous synthesis of these enzymes is possible. for example, in screening program the laccase activity of tested basidi ...200919559737
characterization of two diesel fuel degrading microbial consortia enriched from a non acclimated, complex source of microorganisms.the bioremediation of soils impacted by diesel fuels is very often limited by the lack of indigenous microflora with the required broad substrate specificity. in such cases, the soil inoculation with cultures with the desired catabolic capabilities (bioaugmentation) is an essential option. the use of consortia of microorganisms obtained from rich sources of microbes (e.g., sludges, composts, manure) via enrichment (i.e., serial growth transfers) on the polluting hydrocarbons would provide biorem ...201020158909
the effect of white-rot basidiomycetes on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of wheat straw.five white-rot basidiomycetes were evaluated for their potential to improve ruminal degradation of wheat straw. polyorus brumalis, lyophyllum ulmarium iii, trametes gibbosa, pleurotus ostreatus, and a pleurotus ostreatus mutant were incubated on wheat straw for 30 d at 28 degrees c. detergent fiber, crude protein and in vitro dry matter digestibility (ivdmd) were determined. the results showed increasing crude protein and ash contents in fungus-treated straw. ivdmd values were increased in straw ...19969090827
beta-glucosidase of a white-rot fungus trametes gibbosa.extracellular beta-glucosidase was purified from a white-rot fungus, trametes gibbosa by 50% ammonium sulphate saturation and sephadex g-100 column chromatography. it showed maximum activity towards p-nitrophenyl- beta-d- glucopyranoside (pnpg). the ph optimum was 3.5. temperature optimum was 40 degrees c but shifted to 50 degrees c on preincubation with pnpg. hg2+, fe3+ and cu2+ strongly inhibited the activity. the enzyme was competitively inhibited by glucose with a ki of 5.2 mm. the apparent ...19921288491
effect of white-rot basidiomycetes-treated wheat straw on rumen fermentation in artificial rumen.this study evaluated three white-rot basidiomycetes for their potential to improve the ruminal degradation of wheat straw. pleurotus ostreatus (po), pleurotus ostreatus-mutant (po-m) and trametes gibbosa (tg) were incubated on wheat straw for 30 days at 28 degrees c. neutral detergent fiber (ndf), acid detergent fiber (adf), crude protein and in vitro dry matter digestibility (ivdmd) were determined. the results demonstrated increasing crude protein and ash contents (%) in the fungi-treated stra ...19968766731
carboxymethylcellulase from lenzites saepiaria, a brown-rotter.three wood-rotting fungi namely, lenzites saepiaria, polyporus xeranticus and trametes gibbosa, were screened as cellulose-degraders from 20 different genera of both brown and white-rotters of polyporaceae on the basis of their potential to degrade carboxymethylcellulose. the utilization of different carbon sources in the growth medium was studied with these fungi for identification of enzymes involved in saccharification. carboxymethylcellulase and beta-glucosidase were identified as the two ma ...19937693124
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