sequences of the raccoon poxvirus hemagglutinin protein.primers based on sequences flanking the vaccinia virus (vv) strain ihd hemagglutinin protein (ha) open reading frame (orf) enabled amplification of ha dna segments from the genome of raccoon poxvirus (rcn) and vv strain wr. the amplified segments produced unequal cross-hybridization signal intensities against each other, indicating sequence differences between the ha of rcn (in hindiii-g) and that of vv-wr (in hindiii-a). about 1.5 kb of sequences in the ha region were then determined from clone ...19921529542
detection of north american orthopoxviruses by real time-pcr.the prevalence of north american orthopoxviruses in nature is unknown and may be more difficult to ascertain due to wide spread use of vaccinia virus recombinant vaccines in the wild. a real time pcr assay was developed to allow for highly sensitive and specific detection of north american orthopoxvirus dna in animal tissues and bodily fluids. this method is based on the amplification of a 156 bp sequence within a myristylated protein, highly conserved within the north american orthopoxviruses b ...201121689420
endemic orthopoxvirus circulating in procyonids in serosurveillance studies suggested that orthopoxviruses (opxv) are widespread in the us (e.g., raccoonpox virus, skunkpox virus, volepox virus) and brazil (vaccinia virus); however, their animal reservoir(s) remain unconfirmed. mexican mammal diversity includes several species related to those in which evidence for opxv infections has been found (oryzomys, peromyscus, microtus, and procyonidae). the presence of these groups of mammals in mexico and the evidence of their possible involvem ...201627224209
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