a new species of rhabdias stiles et hassall, 1905 (nematoda: rhabdiasidae) from blommersia domerguei (guibé) (amphibia: mantellidae) in madagascar.rhabdias blommersiae sp. n. (nematoda: rhabdiasidae) is described from the lungs of domergue's madagascar frog, blommersia domerguei (guibé) (amphibia: mantellidae), in madagascar. the new species differs from congeners parasitizing amphibians in having a smaller body and buccal capsule, six equal lips, large excretory glands of unequal length and a posteriorly inflated body vesicle. a combination of characters distinguishes it from afromalagasy species of rhabdias stiles et hassall, 1905. rhabd ...201324471289
first record of viviparity in polystomatid flatworms (monogenea: polystomatidae) with the description of two new species of madapolystoma from the madagascan anuran hosts blommersia domerguei and mantella expectata.two frog species, blommersia domerguei and mantella expectata, are reported as hosts for new species of madapolystoma. phylogenetic analyses and genetic divergences observed in the genus supported the distinction of two morphotypes infesting selectively each host species and morphological investigation combining marginal hooklet morphometrics, genital spine number and measurements further showed that polystomes from the two host species differed from each other and from all other known polystome ...201830258781
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