buttonwillow virus, a new arbovirus isolated from mammals and culicoides midges in kern county, california. 19704392811
experimental vector and wildlife host ranges of buttonwillow virus in kern county, california. 19724399841
arbovirus surveillance in six states during 1972.a virus surveillance project was established and maintained during 1972 along 10 major river drainages in six states. mosquitoes, biting flies, and blood specimens from sentinel equines were collected during 83 field trip visits to 141 arthropod collecting sites and 22 sentinel locations from april into december 1972. there were 173,074 mosquitoes tested and 303 arboviruses isolated from 11 of 41 species. from 13,388 biting flies tested, 8 arbovirus isolations were obtained in 1 of 5 species. th ...19767148
ecologic studies of buttonwillow virus in kern county, california, 1961-1968. 19705463090
natural and experimental arboviral infections in a population of blacktail jackrabbits along the sacramento river in butte county, california (1971-1974).a serologic survey of the blacktail jackrabbit ( lepus californicus ) for infections with 10 arboviruses was conducted from 1971 through 1974 along the sacramento river in butte county, california. of 325 animals captured and bled a total of 493 times, 40% were found positive for hemagglutination-inhibiting (hi) antibody to california encephalitis (ce) virus, 34% to western equine encephalomyelitis (wee) virus, 20% to buttonwillow virus, 15% to st. louis encephalitis (sle) virus and 12% to main ...197724228958
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