genetic characterization of orf viruses isolated from various ruminant species of a the present study, an outbreak of proliferative dermatitis in musk ox (ovibos moschatus), sichuan takin (budorcas taxicolor tibetana) and domestic shetland sheep (ovis aries) in a zoo is described. skin lesions consisted of severe, persistent, multifocal, proliferative dermatitis in musk ox, and mild, transient, focal, dermatitis in the sichuan takin and shetland sheep. parapoxviruses were isolated from skin lesions, and characterized by restriction enzyme analysis and partial gene sequencing ...200415019099
phylogenetic analysis of the endangered takin in the confluent zone of the qinling and minshan mountains using mtdna control region.the takin (budorcas taxicolor) is an endangered ungulate. we analyzed the variation within mtdna control region sequences of takin populations in the qinling mountains, the minshan mountains and the confluence of these two mountain ranges. we did not find any shared haplotypes among the populations. we observed apparent variation in the control region length among the three populations, and independent population expansions in the late of pleistocene, which suggests these populations may have in ...201626024129
severe laminitis in multiple zoo species.a 10-year record review from a zoological institution in the western usa identified four cases of severe laminitis resulting in rotation and protrusion of the third phalanx through the sole. laminitis is reported in a masai giraffe (giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi), a sichuan takin (budorcas taxicolor tibetana), a greater malayan chevrotain (tragulus napu) and a giant eland (taurotragus derbianus). this is the first report of severe laminitis with pedal bone rotation and protrusion in multi ...201424730432
characterizing the behavior and reproductive biology of zoo-housed sichuan takin (budorcas taxicolor tibetana) using non-invasive techniques.the sichuan takin (takin; budorcas taxicolor tibetana) is distributed in the gansu and sichuan providences of southern china and along eastern tibet. because of their ecology, few data on takin reproductive biology exist, with the exception of its mating season in the sichuan province, which occurs from july through august. therefore, the objectives were to: 1) characterize reproductive hormones in zoo-housed male and female takin, including pregnancy in the female, using non-invasive fecal ster ...201222626770
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