versatile virus-like particle carrier for epitope based vaccines.recombinant proteins and in particular single domains or peptides are often poorly immunogenic unless conjugated to a carrier protein. virus-like-particles are a very efficient means to confer high immunogenicity to antigens. we report here the development of virus-like-particles (vlps) derived from the rna bacteriophage ap205 for epitope-based vaccines.201020352110
a vlp-based vaccine targeting domain iii of the west nile virus e protein protects from lethal infection in mice.since its first appearance in the usa in 1999, west nile virus (wnv) has spread in the western hemisphere and continues to represent an important public health concern. in the absence of effective treatment, there is a medical need for the development of a safe and efficient vaccine. live attenuated wnv vaccines have shown promise in preclinical and clinical studies but might carry inherent risks due to the possibility of reversion to more virulent forms. subunit vaccines based on the large enve ...201020604940
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