uptake hydrogenase activity determined by plasmid prl6ji in rhizobium leguminosarum does not increase symbiotic nitrogen fixation.six mutants of rhizobium leguminosarum 3855 lacking uptake hydrogenase activity (hup phenotype) as a result of tn5-mob mutagenesis of the hup-containing plasmid prl6ji were tested for symbiotic performance on pisum sativum l. and vicia benghalensis l. three pea cultivars and one vetch line, which induce four different levels of hup activity in strain 3855, were grown to flowering under microbiologically controlled conditions in the absence of combined n. direct kjeldahl n measurements showed tha ...198516346912
suspected vetch (vicia benghalensis l) poisoning in a friesland cow in the republic of south africa.the clinical findings, treatment and pathological changes are described in a case of suspected vetch (vicia benghalensis l.) poisoning in a friesland cow in the clanwilliam district, republic of south africa. these were characterised by a severe pruritic dermatitis, granulomatous myocarditis and a nephritis.19892607531
influence of crop management and environmental factors on wolf spider assemblages (araneae: lycosidae) in an australian cotton cropping system.wolf spiders (lycosidae) are the most abundant ground-hunting spiders in the australian cotton (gossypium hirsutum l.) agroecosystems. these spiders have potential in controlling pest bollworms, helicoverpa spp. (lepidoptera: noctuidae) in minimum-tilled fields. a study was carried out during a wet growing season (2011-2012) in narrabri, new south wales, australia, to determine how different crop rotations and tillage affect wolf spider assemblages in cotton fields. spider abundance and species ...201526308820
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