starvation survival of salmonella enteritidis.washed cells of salmonella enteritidis harvested from a defined medium during logarithmic growth were subjected to starvation in ph 7 phosphate buffer at 37 c. viability was measured by slide cultures and plate counts. the survival of cell suspensions equivalent to 1 to 10 mg (dry wt)/ml was influenced by cryptic growth. the rate of cryptic growth, assessed by plate counts, increased with cell density and could not be alleviated by starvation with dialysis. dialysis of the starving culture did r ...19761369
effect of sera from immunologically altered mice on phytohemagglutinin-induced mouse lymphocyte transformation.the dna-synthetic response of mouse spleen cells to phytohemagglutinin in vitro is depressed by the addition of normal mouse serum. the effects of sera from mice that had been modified immunologically were examined. increased depressive activity was found in sera from nude mice and from mice recently treated with anti-thymocyte globulin, but no change was found in sera from thymectomized, irradiated, bone marrow-reconstituted mice, nor from lethally or sublethally irradiated or cyclophosphamide- ...197613697
interferon and cytotoxic factor (cytotoxin) released in the blood of mice infected with mycobacterium bovis bcg. i. enhanced production of interferon and appearance of cytotoxin stimulated by capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae or bacterial lipopolysaccharide.interferon production stimulated by the active substance (neutral fraction) of the capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae (neutral cps-k) in bcg-infected mice was compared with that by bacterial lipopolysaccharide (lps). prior infection with bcg increased the responsiveness of mice to the lethal effect of neutral cps-k as well as to that of lps. associated with this, bcg-infected mice showed a markedly enhanced ability to produce interferon after stimulation not only by lps but also by ...197941163
letter: laboratory diagnosis of typhoid fever. 197549679
effect of the quality of the lipopolysaccharide on mouse virulence of salmonella enteritidis.the cell wall o antigen is known to affect mouse virulence of salmonella. we have shown earlier that s. typhimurium expressing somatic antigen 9,12 is less virulent than its 4,12 sister transductants in mice after intraperitoneal inoculation, suggesting that the 4,12-type o antigen is connected with high virulence in mice. in this report we show, in accord with this suggestion, that when the naturally occurring o-9,12 s. enteritidis is made o-4,12 by transduction, its virulence is increased. the ...197553202
[study of the antigenic structure of salmonella by means of immunoelectrophoresis].the method of immunoelectrophoretic analysis was applied to the study of the antigenic structure of 180 freshly-isolated and laboratory cultures of salmonellae belonging to 29 serological types. a complicated set of specific and common antigens of bacteria was revealed in direct and cross experiments with the use of homologous and heterogenous antisera; immunophoregrams were drawn for each of the serological type under study. general regularities in immunophoretic, diffuse and serological charac ...197555020
cell wall lipopolysaccharide response to the colib plasmid mutants.mutants of colib plasmid affected the synthesis of o-side chains of lipopolysaccharides (lps) in salmonella. the plasmid srd 25 (defective in colicin synthesis) caused a significant decline of rhamnose and mannose content and lack of abequose in lps of s. typhimurium. the number of repeating units in o-side chains was decreased after the indroduction of srd 25. cultures of s. typhimurium and s. enteritidis harboring drd2 (derepressed in colicin production) polymerised dideoxyhexose-defective o-s ...197659522
salmonella gallinarum - salmonella enteritidis relationship in rabbits.the polysaccharide of s. gallinarum, sharing factors 9.12 with the salmonellae of group d. cross-reacts with one of two serological determinants, present in the polysaccharide of s. enteritidis, and is different from the determinant responsible for the cross-reaction of s. enteritidis and s. typhy polysaccharides. the absorption of anti s. gallinarum sera with proteins from s. enteritidis removed all the antibodies induced for the homologous antigens; in contrast, the absorption of the anti s. e ...197766825
[cellular immunity in experimental salmonellosis and transfer agent of immunity (author's transl)]. 197767614
outbreaks of salmonella food-poisoning over a period of eight years from a common an outbreak of turkey-borne food-poisoning lasting 8 years there were 185 cases and 1 death. 10 incidents were traced to one breeding establishment. the investigation of the outbreak revealed the advantage of close medicoveterinary collaboration.197768344
[use of the indirect hamagglutination test for serodiagnosis of salmonella infection in patients with intestinal infections]. 197769764
antibacterial functions of macrophages in experimental protein-calorie malnutrition. ii. cellular and humoral factors for chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and intracellular bactericidal activity.cellular and humoral aspects of the antibacterial activity of macrophages during experimental protein-calorie malnutrition were studied. there were no defects in chemotaxis or bactericidal activity of cells from protein-deficient animals, although phagocytosis-associated oxygen consumption and hexose monophosphate shunt activity were depressed. however, marked impairment of humoral chemotactic factors generated in the peritoneal cavity by glycogen injection and of heatlabile serum opsonins for s ...197898599
strain-dependent cytotoxic effects of endotoxin for mouse peritoneal macrophages.the cytotoxic effects of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (lps) on mouse leukocytes have been examined in vivo and in vitro. intraperitoneal injection of lps into c57bl/6 mice greatly reduced the recovery of mononuclear cells; lps was cytotoxic for macrophages, but had a mitogenic effect on lymphocytes. similar effects of lps on peritoneal leukocytes were observed in vitro. when monolayers of adherent peritoneal cells were studied in vitro, cytotoxicity was also observed, suggesting that the effect ...1978101460
immunity to antigenically related salmonellae: effects of humoral factors on the bactericidal activity of normal and immune peritoneal exudate cells.immunity against salmonella enteritidis and listeria monocytogenes was studied by measuring in vitro the bactericidal activity of peritoneal exudate cells (pec) of control (normal pec) and s. typhi ty2-immune (immune pec) mice. specific immune serum, anti-s. tyhphi ty2, heat inactivated at 56 degrees c for 30 min, significantly inhibited the growth of s. enteritidis only with immune pec. these opsonic factors had no effect upon the activity of normal pec. that such inhibition could not be demons ...1978103836
[antibody against somatic antigen in patients with acute gastroenteritis due to salmonella. -- igg, igm and iga antbody responses determined by the indirect radioimmunoassay -- (author's transl)]. 1979107253
a simplified procedure for measuring the class of anti-bacterial antibodies by mixed reverse passive antiglobulin haemagglutination (mrpah).a modified procedure is described for performing the mrpah (mixed reverse passive antiglobulin haemagglutination) reaction as a simple micro-method to measure the classes of bacterial antibodies. this 'bacterial dilution procedure' gave results closely correlated with those obtained by the 'serum (sample) dilution procedure' previously reported and with great economy of materials, labour and time. the method was used to investigate human serum antibodies to br. abortus and s. enteritidis and ser ...1979108336
effect of listeria monocytogenes lipids on the course of infections with some gram-negative bacilli in mice.the effect of listeria monocytogenes lipids on the course of infections with salmonella enteritidis, yersinia pseudotuberculosis, pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella pneumoniae was studied in mice. the lipids were extracted with chloroform and methanol and used in various doses before and after infection with the bacilli. the lipids significantly increased mouse resistance toward the examined bacteria. the protective effect depended, to a large extent on the applied dose of lipids and its timi ...1979109064
effect of salmonella enteritidis 11rx infection on two-stage skin carcinogenesis in mice.s. enteritidis 11rx infection inhibits the growth of a number of transplantable tumours in mice. in addition, oral infection of mice with s. enteritidis 11rx inhibits colon carcinogenesis by 1,2 dimethylhydrazine. this study has examined the effect of s. enteritidis 11rx infection on two-stage skin carcinogenesis in mice using 7,12 dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (dmba) as initiator and croton oil as promoter. no protection was observed in either laca or (balb/c x c57bl/6j)f1 mice when live 11rx was r ...1978110298
partial characterization of anti-tumor effector macrophages in the peritoneal cavities of concomitantly immune mice and mice injected with macrophage-stimulating agents. 1979115998
effect of tilorone treatment on intracellular microbial infections in specific-pathogen-free mice.specific-pathogen-free cd-1 mice were treated orally with the drug tilorone (2,7-bis[2-diethylaminoethoxy]fluoren-9-one hydrochloride) at dosages of 10 or 100 mg per kg of body weight. drug was given 24 h before challenge and then every other day for up to 15 days. growth of sublethal doses of listeria monocytogenes, mycobacterium bovis (bcg montreal), m. tuberculosis h37rv, and salmonella enteritidis in the livers and spleens of intravenously challenged mice was significantly increased compared ...1975125066
effect of oral niridazole treatment on some bacterial infections in mice.treatment of specific-pathogen-free cd-1 mice with oral doses of 10 or 100 mg of niridazole per kg of body weight given 24 h before challenge and then every other day for up to 15 days altered the growth curves for listeria monocytogenes, mycobacterium bovis (bcg montreal), m. tuberculosis h37rv, and salmonella enteritidis seen in the livers and spleens of the treated animals. niridazole in an oral dosage of 10 mg/kg reduced (but did not eliminate) tuberculin hypersensitivity in the mycobacteria ...1975125067
effect of klebsiella pneumoniae enterotoxin on intestinal transport in the rat.the effects on intestinal transport of either a semipurified preparation of enterotoxin elaborated by klebsiella pneumoniae or similaryly prepared control material were tested by marker perfusion studies in the small intestine of rats. at a concentration of 2 mg/ml, the enterotoxin produced net secretion of water, na, and cl in both jejunal and ileal segments; hco3 transport was not affected. net secretion was evident within 30 min after intorduction of the toxin and was maximal after 90 min. th ...1975169297
non-specific immunity after local immunization.the most important advantage of local immunization is the non-specific effect. the active protection test in mice shows an immunity against oral infection with virulent salmonella typhimurium bacteria after oral immunization with heterologous inactivated enterobacteria. we observed the same non-specific protection in a viral model. after oral immunization with inactivated s. typhimurium bacteria, the mice are protected against oral infection with a virulent parapoliomyelitis virus. in the phagoc ...1976182583
interferon production in mice by the capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae.the capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae (cps-k) type 1, kasuya strain, induces interferon production in the blood of mice when injected intravenously. cps-k resembles bacterial endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide) in the time pattern of interferon production, with peak levels 2h after injection. cps-k on a weight basis exhibits a more potent interferon-inducing effect than lipopolysaccharide. the active substance responsible for the interferon-inducing activity of cps-k is the neutral cps ...1975166921
[use of bactorodencide in rodent control]. 1977143755
inhibition of na+, k+-adenosinetriphosphatase by endotoxin: a possible mechanism for endotoxin-induced cholestasis.cholestatic jaundice is one complication of nonhepatic gram-negative bacterial infection. the endotoxin of escherichia coli has been reported to cause cholestasis by inhibiting the bile salt-independent fraction (bsif) of bile in the perfused rat liver. accordingly, the effects of lipopolysaccharides (lps) of e. coli and salmonella enteritidis on the na+, k+-adenosinetriphosphatase (atpase) in canalicular-enriched plasma membranes of rate liver were examined. at 20 microgram/ml, both endotoxins ...1977143499
peyer's patch responsiveness to salmonella in mice. 1975234533
protection of mice against babesia microti with cord factor, coam, zymosan, glucan, salmonella and listeria.cord factor (trehalose 6-6' dimycolate). coam (chlorite-oxidized oxyamylose), zymosan, glucan, salmonella enteritidis 11rx and listeria monocytogenes were found to protect mice against subsequent infection with babesia microti, an intra-erythrocytic protozoan parasite. this protection was not observed after injection of staphylococcus epidermidis, a viridans group streptococcus, thioglycollate, or colloidal carbon. all the agents which protect against b. microti have also been reported to induce ...1979121772
suppressive effect of bacterial endotoxin on the expression of cell-mediated anti-listeria immunity.intravenous injection of bacterial endotoxin into mice at any time during ongoing infection with listeria monocytogenes resulted in a markedly increased multiplication of this organism in the liver and spleen. experiments designed to investigate the basis of this infection-enhancing effect revealed that endotoxin was also capable of inhibiting the expression of adoptive t-cell-mediated anti-listeria immunity if given to normal recipient mice up to 48 h before they were infused with protective t- ...1979112056
biochemically aberrant salmonella enteritidis ser. newington from human sources in connecticut. 1975239492
delayed-type hypersensitivity and acquired cellular resistance in mice immunized with killed listeria monocytogenes and adjuvants.delayed-type hypersensitivity (dh) and acquired cellular resistance (arc) to listeria monocytogenes in mice was studied following immunization with killed bacteria in combination with freund's complete adjuvant or the adjuvant dimethyldioctadecylammonium bromide (dda). intracutaneous or intraperitoneal injections of killed listeria mixed with freund's complete adjuvant did neither result in dh nor in acr. intracutaneous injections of killed listeria and dda resulted in an antigen-dose dependent ...1979112043
combined activitiy of clavulanic acid and ticarcillin against ticarcillin-resistant, gram-negative bacilli.fifty-one clinical isolates of ticarcillin-resistant, gram-negative bacilli were tested for susceptibility to combinations of ticarcillin and clavulanic acid (brl 14151), a potent beta-lactamase inhibitor. minimal inhibitory concentrations (mics) were measured by a microdilution method, and minimal bactericidal concentrations for selected strains were measured by the broth dilution method. ticarcillin mics were >/=128 mug/ml for all and >/=512 mug/ml for 38 (75%) of the strains. thirty-nine stra ...1978308792
antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella isolates from the broiler chicken industry in ontario.antibacterial drug resistance among 219 salmonella isolates recovered during 1974 from poultry and poultry environments at the various production stages of broiler chickens in three integrated ontario companies are recorded. all isolates were susceptible to ampicillin, trimethroprim-sulfamethoxazole complex, furazolidone, cephaloridine and amoxicillin. a relative increase in resistance to tetracycline and streptomycin with an accompanying decrease in resistance to triple sulfa compound was recor ...1977318909
[transferral of salmonella from mother to newborn infant (author's transl)].two newborn infants were infected with salmonella originating from their mothers. after infection of a newborn infant with salmonella typhi from a mother, known for a long time to be a chronic carrier, no pathological findings were observed but the child continued to secrete typhoid bacilli for three years. the infection of the second child with s. panama, from a mother recognized as a carrier post-partum, caused a fulminating diarrhoea accompanied by septicaemia which had a fetal outcome.1977318985
age-related humoral antibody responses of akr/j mice to t-cell dependent and independent antigens. 1978102588
treatment of chronic salmonella carriers. study with 40 cases of s. typhi, 19 cases of s. paratyphi b and 28 cases of s. enteritidis strains.the present stage of our studies suggests that, provided a highly effective combined therapy is, and can be, carried out correctly, all excreters can be cured of their chronic carrier state by chemotherapy within 8-12 weeks. although we cannot recommend a universal therapeutic regimen for all patients, a highly effective 'basic therapy' (rmp+tsp) is available for the majority of the cases, needing occasional modification, depending on the specific requirements of the individual patient as shown ...1977319963
salmonella nitra 2, 12: gm. a new serotype isolated in czechoslovakia. 197994082
endotoxins of anaerobic gram-negative rods.endotoxic lipopolysaccharides (lps) isolated from fusobacterium are similar to those of salmonella with respect to chemical composition, o-antigenic specificity and endotoxic activity. bacteroides lps are highly atypical with respect to the chemical composition, and their endotoxic activity is low. o-antigenic specificity is present. b. fragilis lps is chemotactic for polymorphonuclear leukocytes in vitro and in vivo. the chemotactic activity is brought about by activation of the alternative com ...197988759
involvement of t cells in the recall of salmonella-induced resistance to tumour.immunization of mice with salmonella enteritidis 11rx (11rx) induces resistance to tumour growth in these animals. the degree and duration of resistance is dependent on the routes used for immunization and tumour challenge. when resistance to tumour growth has declined, it can be recalled using various 11rx antigen preparations. in the present study we have shown that the ability to recall resistance to i.p. challenge with 131i-labelled ehrlich ascites tumour cells could be transferred to normal ...1977321336
plaque-forming cell response in balb/c mice to two preparations of lps extracted from salmonella enteritidis.the pattern of development of antibody-forming cells in balb/c mice after immunization with pw-lps or tca-lps was shown to be different. on days 10 and 20, the primary response to pw-lps was characterized by a low level of igm synthesis. the plaque-forming cell (pfc) response to tca-lps, however, increased from day 10 to day 20. initially, igm was the only detectable antibody synthesized but by day 20 a significant number of igg-producing spleen cells had developed. after a secondary immunizatio ...197987428
genetic properties of the salmonella enteritidis r404 plasmid aggregate. iv. reconstruction in r404 plasmid aggregate and separation of twelve genetically distinct derivative forms.r404 plasmid aggregate is composed of two conjugative and two nonconjugative plasmids. plasmid aggregate reconstructed from separated plasmids had the same genetic properties as the original r404 plasmid aggregate. it was found that plasmids of r404 factor could be transferred in conjugation in twelve different sets. these twelve genetically distinct classes of transconjugants formed only six groups differing in phenotypic characters.197987112
genetic properties of the salmonella enteritidis r404 plasmid aggregate. iii. entry exclusion features of its separative forms.the genetic relationship of four plasmids separated from r404 plasmid aggregate has been characterized by investigating entry exclusion and intracellular incompatibility. it has been found that the four plasmids exist in an autonomous state in cells carrying the aggregate. they are compatible and the two conjugative plasmids possess different tras genes.197886280
stable gas-liquid chromatography column for fatty acid analysis.a mixed gas-liquid chromatography column of ffap and apolar-7cp has excelelnt thermal stability and shows excellent characteristics for the separation of the methylesters of fatty acids from salmonella enteritidis call wall lipids.1977322613
genetic properties of the salmonella enteritidis r404 plasmid aggregate. ii. separation of plasmids by transformation.transformational separation of plasmids from r404 plasmid aggregate found in salmonella enteritidis strain was performed. three classes of transformants differing in their resistance patterns were isolated. genetic properties of the transformants suggest that their resistance is determined by single plasmids. plasmid pck3 (tra-apcbcrsusm) and pck4 (tra-apcbcrcm) are nonconjugative while plasmid pcg1 (traapcbcrsusmtckmnm) is conjugative. separation of all plasmids of r404 plasmid aggregate allowe ...197881594
ribonucleic acid in the immune the studies of experimental salmonellosis, immunization of mice with a live vaccine ser of s. enteritidis was found to be effective against further infection with virulent s. enteritidis 116--54. macrophages obtained from the peritoneal cavity, subcutaneous tissue or liver of immunized mice inhibited intracellular growth of bacteria and resisted cell degeneration caused by engulfment of virulent 116--54 bacteria. this immunity was called cellular immunity. we discovered by chance in 1961 a tr ...197881465
reiter's syndrome complicating salmonella enteritidis infection. 197878286
[role of the aqueous factor in the spread of acute salmonella gastroenteritis]. 1977324191
genetic properties of the salmonella enteritidis r404 plasmid aggregate i. conjugational separation of different derivative plasmid aggregates and their genetic properties.conjugational transfer of r404 factor, found in salmonella enteritidis strain, was examined. six derivative forms differing in resistance pattern were isolated. the manner of conjugational separation during transfer of r404 factor from e. coli to e. coli strain was the same as from the original strain of s. enteritidis to e. coli strain. during following conjugation, all isolated forms except one, could give forms differing in a resistance pattern from the parenteral ones. this one form, from wh ...197775661
[introduction of an additional h-agglutinating test antigen for the differentiation of specific positive reactions in pullorum disease-fowl typhoid in poultry experimentally infected with salmonella gallinarum-pullorum and salmonella enteritidis].explored were the possibilities to differentiate the specific positive reactions in case of pullorum disease in experimentally infected (salmonella gallinarum-pullorum and salmonella enteritidis) birds with the use of a typhoid test antigen and two h test antigens, obtained by the routinely employed method with formalin from salmonella enteritidis and salmonella adeoyo. it was demonstrated that the h-agglutinating antibodies persisted in the peripheral blood of the experimentally infected birds ...197775606
inactivation by ionizing radiation of salmonella enteritidis serotype montevideo grown in composed sewage sludge.s. enteritidis ser. montevideo were grown in composted sewage sludge to levels of approximately 10(9)/g. these bacteria were found to be inactivated by ionizing radiation at approximately the same rate (30 krads/log) as salmonella species in liquid digested sludge.1977326182
spectrophotometry as a tool for assaying endotoxins.a spectrophotometric method is reported for assaying endotoxins over a wide concentration range, including low parts per billion levels. five solution of endotoxins. escherichia coli 0127:b8, escherichia coli 055:b5, salmonella abortus-equi, salmonella enteritidis, and shigella flexneri, were examined. each exhibited an absorption maximum at 259 nm, but the absorptivities differed in each case. thus, rigorous quantification requires that the identity of the endotoxin be known. the uv absorbance ...1977327056
salmonella abscess. a potential nosocomial hazard.abscess formation by salmonella species is an uncommon but significant manifestation of salmonellosis. these localized infections can serve as sources for hospital outbreaks. appropriate isolation measures and management require early recognition. three patients with salmonella abscess were admitted to hospital with a diagnosis other than salmonella infection. in two, admitted with diagnoses of cholelithiasis and acute appendicitis, respectively, postoperative salmonella infections developed. a ...1977327976
[studies on the resistance of a congenic resistant strain of mice (dkir) against infection with salmonella enteritidis (author's transl)].a congenic strain of mice (dkir) having a relatively resistant gene for mouse typhoid was established by the beckcross mating between c3h/he and dki strains. dki strain is highly and uniformly susceptible to the infection with salmonella enteritidis and c3h/he is relatively resistant to that infection. the present paper reported the consistency of resistance to salmonella infection of dkir strain throughout generations after 10 backcross matings. difference of the number of infected organisms in ...1977328292
[comparison of various aspects of normal and filamentous forms of s. enteritidis].for more detailed information on filamentous and normal forms of s. enteritidis, electronmicrographic studies and slide cultures were carried out. the filaments show similarity to normal forms of s. entertidis except for their length. they produce the normal forms of bacteria when transferred to suitable media. some of the filaments exhibited various degrees of degeneration in their walls. some of them consist of only a collapsed cell wall, because they lose their cell content. we think those ar ...1977329071
letter: colonic involvement in salmonellosis. 197659131
[growth and lipopolysaccharide content of salmonellae grown in submersed cultures according to the batch-method. 2. communication: influence of growth phases on lipopolysaccharide synthesis (author's transl)].the paper describes cultivations of 4 salmonella s-forms and 1 sr mutant, performed in complex medium under constant conditions of temperature, ph and aeration. the experiments show that lipopolysaccharide (lps) biosynthesis underlies quantitative differences with the growth phases, resulting in changes in the lps content of the cell masses. during the exponential phase a decline takes place in the percentage of lps contained by the 4 s-forms. in addition, in the phase of delayed growth accelera ...197551551
evidence for o antigens as the antigenic determinants in "ribosomal" vaccines prepared from salmonella.the nature of the protective substance in ribosomal ribonucleic acid and protein extracts of salmonella has been investigated. the results of experiments in which vaccines were prepared from isogenic strains and strains with defects in lipopolysaccharide synthesis show that o antigens contaminate both ribonucleic acid and protein ribosomal extracts, and are responsible for at least part of their strain-specific protective activity. in addition, it was observed that a ribosomal ribonucleic acid p ...197551007
effect of capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella pneumoniae on host resistance to bacterial infections. i. induction of increased susceptibility to infections in mice.when klebsiella pneumoniae capsular polysaccharide (cps-k) from type 1, kasuya strain, was injected intraperitoneally (i.p.) immediately before i.p. bacterial challenge, the survival time of mice infected with salmonella enteritidis nub 1 (virulent strain) was shortened and the mortality rate for mice infected with s. enteritidis nub 31 (avirulent strain) was enhanced. the promotion of infection with s. enteritidis nub 1 by cps-k depended upon its dose, the effect of cps-k being demonstrable up ...19769528
[cellular immunity in salmonelloses]. 1977331773
[extraintestinal infections due to salmonella enteritidis]. 1977335678
mycotic aneurysm of the external iliac artery. a triad of clinical signs facilitating early diagnosis. 1977195098
increased histamine sensitivity in mice after administration of endotoxins.cfw mice given submicrogram doses of endotoxins intravenously became highly susceptible to the lethal effects of 0.5 mg of histamine given intraperitoneally 1 to 2 h later. the histamine-sensitizing effects of the endotoxins were transitory and disappeared within 6 to 8 h. l-epinephrine administered intravenously immediately after histamine challenge protected mice from death, but aterenol and isoproterenol were ineffective. the histamine-sensitizing effect in endotoxins was precipitated by anti ...1977188767
salmonella: an unusual urinary tract pathogen. 1978338869
[salmonella infections in childhood. personal cases]. 1977339053
commitment to deoxyribonulceic acid synthesis and the cell cycle in endotoxin-stimulated murine spleen associated with endotoxin-induced mitogenesis in murine spleen cells were investigated. commitment to deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) synthesis, the onset of dna synthesis, and phases of cell cycle were timed. increased levels of dna synthesis in murine spleen cells stimulated with endotoxin were observed 12 to 16 h after the addition of the mitogen. the total cell cycle time of stimulated b-cells was 11 to 14 h. the s-phase was 8 h. the g2-phase was 1 h, and the combined m-plus g1-phase of c ...1977197018
the procoagulant activity of human granulocytes, lymphocytes and monocytes stimulated by endotoxin. coagulation and electron microscopic studies.leukocytes from donor blood were separated by ficoll/urovison density centrifugation into granulocytes, lymphocytes and monocytes. the cell fractions were suspended in a culture medium to which endotoxin of salmonella enteritidis was added at a final concentration of 10 microgram/ml. endotoxin-stimulated monocytes developed a very high tissue factor (thromboplastin) activity while in granulocytes an only negligible amount of tissue factor activity was detectable. the tissue factor activity measu ...1977197302
[contamination of the czechoslovak section of the danube by bacteria of the salmonella group (author's transl)].120 water samples taken during 1972 and 1973 from 8 profilen of the danube as well as 15 samples taken from the morava and the váh rivers have been examined for salmonella contamination. salmonellas were present in 60-93.3% of examined water samples taken along the whole czechoslovak section of the danube. the results point on the longterm survival of salmonellas and consequently their long-distance contribution by the danube. we recovered altogether 769 salmonellas belonging to 11 serological g ...1977341604
dexamethasone antagonism of glucose dyshomeostasis in endotoxin shock.dexamethasone acetate (100 microgram ip) protected male holtzman rats (300-330 gm) against endotoxin shock due to salmonella enteritidis lipopoly-saccharide b iv. endotoxin (5.0 mg/rat) produced hypoglycemia within 180 minutes, ie, plasma glucose fell from 87 to 24 mg/dl; dexamethasone prevented the hypoglycemia, ie, plasma glucose levels were 129 mg/dl at 180 minutes after endotoxin. dexamethasone antagonized both endotoxin-induced depression of hepatic gluconeogenesis and enhanced glucose oxid ...1978280423
prevention of endotoxin-induced abortion by treatment of mice with antisera.small amounts of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (lps), usually extracted from smooth organisms, have previously been shown to interrupt pregnancy in mice. the findings reported here demonstrate that lps obtained from rough bacterial strains were also abortifacient. moreover, lipid a, which represents a common toxic structure of lps in many species of gram-negative enterobacteriaceae, had the same activity, whereas the nontoxic polysaccharide moiety did not affect pregnancy. our data also showed t ...1978342637
[use of an immunoadsorbent in differentiating b and d salmonelloses in poultry].an immunoadsorbent was obtained from a lipopolysaccharide of salmonella gallinarum-pullorum, employing the method of eskenazy. it was used to adsorb the o agglutinating antibodies against s. gallinarum-pullcorum, s. enteritidis, s. heidelberg in blood sera of birds. adsorption of sera was carried out at room temperature for 40 min. it was demonstrated that the product was highly specific. it fully and specifically found the o agglutinating antibodies in the sera of birds infected with s. gallina ...1977343356
[ulterior acquisitions regarding the salmonellosis (author's transl)].the authors report the results of the bacteriological researches on the incidence of the salmonella of our zone, after a brief consideration of general aspects salmonellosis. our observations are refered to 1005 samples of feces of which 84 cases proved positive to salmonella. it is pointed out that morbidity, represented by salmonella typhi, paratyphi a and b is low, while it is high for the salmonella typhimurium and salmonella enteritidis. the authors conclude stating that epidemiological sit ...1977343729
salmonella empyema: a review.a 35-year-old man developed salmonella pleural empyema during a three-month illness. cultures of the empyema fluid yielded s enteritidis, serotype typhimurium. cure was achieved by decortication and obliteration of the pleural empyema space, in combination with chloramphenicol therapy given parenterally. review of the published reports revealed eight similar instances of salmonella empyema. manifestations and treatment of this group are reviewed.1977322305
effect of platelet antiserum on the activation of intravascular coagulation by endotoxin. 1977322356
production of precipitating antibodies in chickens infected with salmonella gallinarum.vaccination of 10 days old chicken with a live relatively avirulent s. gallinarum induced antibodies against the main antigens of the pathogen, namely, its proteins. precipitations in agar gel were obtained against the free proteins and the protein conjugated in the somatic antigen of s. gallinarum and against antigens from the related s. enteritidis. antipolysaccharide antibodies were induced in small quantities which were however sufficient to allow their identification with the agar-gel-diffu ...1977322427
[abnormality of water and electrolyte balance caused by diarrhea (author's transl)]. 1978344945
membrane changes in human platelets induced by lipopolysaccharide endotoxin.the unexplained occurrence of thrombocytopenia in cases of gramnegative sepsis in man led us, in the light of animal experiments indicating the blood platelet as the target cell for endotoxin, to examine the effect of salmonella enteritidis lipopolysaccharide b on human platelets. human platelets were separated from a coat of plasma proteins by sepharose 2b filtration or by a combined procedure of albumin gradient and sepharose 2b filtration. the action of endotoxin on human platelets resulted i ...1977322697
role of radiosensitive and radioresistant cells in nonspecific resistance to infection of lps-treated mice. 1977323480
clearance of viable salmonella strains by the isolated, perfused rat liver: a study of serum and cellular factors involved and of the effect of treatments with carbon tetrachloride or salmonella enteritidis lipopolysaccharide. 1977323483
immunochemistry of salmonella o-antigens: preparation of an octasaccharide-bovine serum albumin immunogen representative of salmonella serogroup b o-antigen and characterization of the antibody response.the o-antigenic polysaccharide of phenol-water extracted salmonella typhimurium (o antigens 4, 12) lipopolysaccharide was enzymatically cleaved by phage p22 endorhamnosidase. an octasaccharide with the (formula: see text) structure gal-man-rha-gal-man-rha was isolated and shown to retain the o-antigen 4 specificity of the native polysaccharide. after oxidation of the terminal reducing rhamnose residue to the corresponding aldonic acid, the octasaccharide was covalently linked to bovine serum alb ...1978351058
diarrhoeal disorders of bacterial origin in jakarta.during a 21-month period from april 1974 to february 1976, 948 children with gastroenteritis were studied. aetiologic agents were identified in 43% of these patients. isolates were identified as follows: v. cholera el tor, 273 (67%); salmonella enteritidis, 64 (16%); enteropathogenic e. coli, 28 (7%); shigella, 28 (7%); vibrio (nag), 9 (2%): and v. parahaemolyticus, 7,2%). gastroenteritis with dehydration is a serious continuing pediatric problem in jakarta, constituting 30% of admissions to sum ...1977351819
[transfer of substituted sex factor f'lac in salmonellae]. 1978352052
[identification of lac+ -salmonellae]. 1978352068
effects of salmonella enteritidis endotoxin on the excretory function of the isolated perfused rat liver. 1977325571
in vivo vs in vitro effects of endotoxin on glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis, and glucose utlization. 1977325573
animal salmonellosis in peninsular malaysia. ii. annual and zoological distribution of salmonella serotypes over the 10-year period 1966-1975.a total of 860 salmonella isolations were made in peninsular malaysia from 15 animal species (domestic and wild), eggs, molluscs, flies, and animal feed. the isolations were distributed among 31 serotypes in eight groups. the most common serotype isolated was salmonella pullorum, followed by s. choleraesuis and s. infantis. s. typhimurium had the widest zoological distribution. the importance of controlling animal salmonellosis is emphasized.1978354419
incorporation of 125 i-fibrinogen in circulating soluble fibrin monomer complexes during hypercoagulability. 1977329464
estimation and characterization of soluble fibrin monomer complexes during endotoxin-induced intravascular coagulation. 1977329465
chemically defined bacterial products with immunopotentiating activity.the adjuvant activity of two chemically well-defined bacterial products is reviewed: (1) lipopolysaccharides of gram-negative bacillis and their acylated detoxified derivatives, and (2) mycobacterial water-soluble fractions and synthetic analogues. water-soluble adjuvant can substitute for mycobacteria in freund's adjuvant, but if it is administered in saline, it has little activity. in contrast, lipopolysaccharide under the same conditions markedly increases the humoral antibody response. howev ...1977330778
[enteritis salmonellae in urine, proved by means of the dip-slide method (author's transl)]. 1977331304
growth of staphylococcus and salmonella on frankfurters with and without sodium nitrite.conventional and nitrite-free frankfurters in loosely wrapped packages were compared as to their ability to support growth of salmonella, staphylococcus, and their naturally occurring spoilage flora at 7 c (simulating refrigerated storage) and 20 c (simulating possible temperature abuse). at 7 c salmonella did not grow in either type of frankfurter; staphylococcus and the natural spoilage flora sometimes grew more rapidly in the absence of nitrite, but the difference was not significant. at 20 ...1975952
[biochemical properties of salmonella enteritidis used for rodent control]. 1978364255
protective effects of a supernatant factor from salmonella typhimurium on salmonella typhimurium infection of inbred mice.a supernatant factor prepared from 48-h cultures of salmonella typhimurium has been used to immunize mice against subsequent challenge with normally lethal doses of s. typhimurium. the mouse strains used, c57bl and balb/c, were sensitive to s. typhimurium with 50% lethal doses of less than 50 organisms. two doses of supernatant factor, given intraperitoneally 20 days apart, protected mice against a subcutaneous challenge dose 10 days later of 100 50% lethal doses of s. typhimurium, resulting in ...1978365739
intestinal colonization and virulence of salmonella in mice.within 3 h after oral challenge of mice with salmonella typhimurium, foci of infection developed in the peyer's patches of the small intestine. the numbers of organisms in the cecum, although in excess of those found in the small intestine, were not firmly associated with the cecal wall but were present largely in the cecum's contents. the peyer's patches at first were remarkably incapable of eliminating even small numbers of salmonella, but at about 7 days after infection developed the ability ...1978365768
incidence of infections with salmonella enteritidis serotypes in black and indian children. a 16-year survey.a 16-year survey (1960--1975) of salmonella infections other than typhoid fever in black and indian children admitted to king edward viii hospital, durban, is reported. the 3,393 patients yielded 3,688 salmonella enteritidis serotypes, mainly typhimurium, johannesburg/duval, manhattan, enteritidis, and senftenberg. organisms were isolated from one or more of the following: stool, urine, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, liver, sputum, subcutaneous tissue, ear and bone. patients' ages varied from 1 day ...1978366775
bone and joint infections due to salmonella.a search of the records at the new york city department of health and the charts of patients at columbia presbyterian hospital identified 37 cases of bone infection and nine cases of joint infection due to salmonella between 1964 and 1978. factors that apparently contributed to the development of either osteomyelitis or septic arthritis in 23 of the patients included hemoglobinopathy, previous trauma or surgery, connective tissue disorder, and lymphoma. salmonella typhimurium and salmonella ente ...1978368264
antimicrobial resistance and incidence of r factor among salmonella isolated from patients with enteric fever and other clinical conditions in madras, india (1975-1976)the incidence of transmissible drug resistance among salmonella isolated from patients with enteric fever and other clinical conditions is reported. all of the salmonella isolated were studied for antimicrobial resistance. of the 336 strains, five were multiply resistant to drugs including chloramphenicol, and four of these strains transmitted resistance to escherichia coli f-lac+. multiply drug resistant e. coli were isolated from 12 patients receiving chloramphenicol, and in seven cases the e. ...1977336802
salmonella in sewage and sludge. serological profiles of isolates, their removal and/or survival in relation to potential health hazards to man and animals. 1977339698
adjuvant disease induced by mycobacteria, determinants of arthritogenicity.genetic, endocrine and immunological factors are probably involved in adjuvant polyarthritis. the nature of the vehicle and of the mycobacterial components administered also has a major influence. it was originally assumed that arthritogenicity and adjuvanticity of mycobacterial fractions such as wax d were intimately related. our previous findings showed that the water soluble adjuvant (wsa) of m.smegmatis which could substitute for mycobacterial cells in freund's complete adjuvant and induce d ...1976181972
salmonellosis in young calves due to salmonella enteritidis.the clinical and epidemiological features of an outbreak of salmonellosis due to salmonella enteritidis in a group of calves are described. the major clinical signs were dullness, pyrexia and diarrhoea. five of the 15 calves died but deaths were mainly confined to the younger members of the group. the recovery of salmonella organisms from rectal swabs was maximal shortly before four of the five deaths occurred and declined rapidly thereafter. only two of the surviving 10 calves developed signifi ...1977341475
protective effect of oral salmonella enteritidis 11rx infection against colon tumor induction by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine in mice.infection of mice with salmonella enteritidis 11rx has been shown previously to cause nonspecific immune stimulation and, consequently, resistance to subsequent challenge with a variety of transplantable tumors. the present study has examined the effect of infection with this organism in a chemical carcinogenesis system. colonic tumors were induced in laca and balb/c x c57bl/6jf1 mice by weekly s.c. injection of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (15 mg/kg) for 28 weeks. infection of mice p.o. with live s. e ...1979376122
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