salmonella serotypes encountered in animal feed additives in lebanon.animal feed-additive samples (n = 300) were examined for the presence of salmonellae, using the selenite-f broth-enrichment method followed by subculturing on salmonella-shigella and brilliant green agar with sulfadiazine selective agar plates. samples consisted of a variety of feed additives: 119 bone meal samples, 77 meat meal samples, 40 fish meal samples, and 64 miscellaneous meal samples. results of examination found 49 (41.2%) of the bone meal samples, 6 (7.8%) of the meat meal samples and ...1978365032
acute splenic abscess due to salmonella chester. 1977843874
computed tomography of acute renal abscess due to salmonella chester.a case of renal abscess caused by an unusual salmonella serotype is presented in which the clinical presentation was suggestive of renal neoplasia. the ct findings of renal abscesses and neoplasm are discussed as well as a brief discussion on the epidemiology of salmonella infections.19863956188
outbreak of salmonellosis caused by ingestion of cuttlefish chips contaminated by both salmonella chester and salmonella oranienburg. 199910508002
an outbreak of salmonellosis linked to a marine september 1998, an outbreak of gastroenteritis occurred in a coastal aboriginal community in the northern territory over a seven day period. an investigation was conducted by the center for disease control, territory health services. thirty-six cases were detected and 17% (n=6) were hospitalized. salmonella chester was isolated from eight of nine stool specimens. sixty-two percent of cases interviewed (n=28) reported consumption of a green turtle (chelonia mydas) within a median of 24 hours p ...199910774704
attachment and growth of salmonella chester on apple fruits and in vivo response of attached bacteria to sanitizer treatments.attachment and growth of salmonella chester on fresh-cut apple disks and in vivo response of attached bacteria to sanitizer treatments were investigated. apple disks (14 mm in diameter and 3 to 4 mm in thickness) were immersed in a bacterial suspension that contained 8.17 log cfu/ml of salmonella chester and air dried at room temperature for 10 min. after two rinses, the population of salmonella chester retained on apple disks that contained no skin was 13 to 19% higher than that retained on dis ...200010914653
analysis of native microflora and selection of strains antagonistic to human pathogens on fresh produce.the native microflora of three types of produce (green bell peppers, romaine lettuce, and prepeeled baby carrots) and two types of sprouting seeds (alfalfa and clover) were investigated. aerobic plate count (apc) for each produce or seed type as determined on pseudomonas agar f (paf) with incubation at 28 degrees c was in the range of 4 to 7 log cfu per g of tissue or seed. there was no significant difference (p > or = 0.05) in apc when the determinations were made with three agar media includin ...200111510644
[food poisoning caused by salmonella chester or mixed infections by salmonella chester and salmonella paratyphi b with special reference to the difference in clinical symptoms]. 195514352767
a case of retroperitoneal abscess caused by salmonella oranienburg.the authors report a case of retroperitoneal abscess caused by salmonella oranienburg in an 8-year-old girl. this was one case in an epidemic of food poisoning from salmonella oranienburg or salmonella chester transmitted by many kinds of contaminated dried squid products. this is the first reported case of a retroperitoneal abscess by salmonella oranienburg.200314614729
response to trisodium phosphate treatment of salmonella chester attached to fresh-cut green pepper slices.a laboratory model using green pepper disks was developed to investigate the attachment of salmonella chester on plant tissue and to evaluate the effectiveness of sanitizer agents in inactivating attached bacteria on fruits. pepper disks (14 mm in diam, and 3-4 mm in thickness) were immersed in a bacterial suspension containing 1.5 x 107 cfu x ml(-1) of s. chester for 30 s and subsequently air-dried at room temperature for 10 min. approximately 30% of the bacteria retained on the disk after imme ...200115049446
multinational outbreak of travel-related salmonella chester infections in europe, summers 2014 and 2015.between 2014 and 2015, the european centre for disease prevention and control was informed of an increase in numbers of salmonella enterica serotype chester cases with travel to morocco occurring in six european countries. epidemiological and microbiological investigations were conducted. in addition to gathering information on the characteristics of cases from the different countries in 2014, the epidemiological investigation comprised a matched case-case study involving french patients with sa ...201728230522
multistate outbreak of salmonella chester infections associated with frozen meals -- 18 states, 2010.on may 24, 2010, a cluster of 17 human salmonella enterica serotype chester clinical isolates with indistinguishable pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) patterns was reported to pulsenet, the national molecular subtyping network for foodborne disease surveillance. this pfge pattern had not been reported previously. subsequently, cdc conducted an investigation that identified 44 ill persons in 18 states during may 24-june 19, 2010. in a multistate case-control study, consumption of a brand a ...201324304829
an outbreak of salmonella chester infection in canada: rare serotype, uncommon exposure, and unusual population demographic facilitate rapid identification of food vehicle.salmonella chester infection has rarely been reported in the literature. in 2010, 33 case patients were reported in 2 months in four canadian provinces. we conducted an outbreak investigation in collaboration with public health agencies, food safety specialists, regulatory agencies, grocery store chains, and the product distributor. we used case patient interviews, customer loyalty cards, and microbiological testing of clinical and food samples to identify nationally distributed head cheese as t ...201222488063
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