phylogenetic relationships among phialocephala species and other ascomycetes.phialocephala was established for species in the leptographium complex that produce conidia from phialides at the apices of dark mononematous conidiophores. some species previously included in phialocephala were re-allocated to sporendocladia because they resembled thielaviopsis in having ring-wall-building conidial development and conidia with two attachment points that emerge in false chains. despite this significant realignment of the genus, a great deal of morphological heterogeneity remains ...200321148973
anti-insect secondary metabolites from fungal endophytes of conifer trees.choristoneura fumiferana is the most economically-important insect pest in eastern north america. historically, strategies to control epidemics have relied on chemical pesticides that are no longer approved for use. the presence of fungal endophytes in cool area grass species and their role in reducing the impact of herbivorous insects is well understood. recent work has demonstrated that foliar endophytes of conifers also produce anti-insect toxins. field and nursery studies testing trees infec ...200919967982
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