the structure and function of the adhesive organ in strigeid trematodes. 3. apatemon gracilis minor yamaguti, 1933. 19664289910
[intestinal digeneans of birds (superfamily diplostomoidea) of the masurian lakes].the aim of this study was to complete the information on digenean fauna of birds on the basis of the collection of diplostomid digeneans gathered in 1994-1970 during the field investigations directed by prof. wiśniewski in the region of masurian lakeland.200717912807
parasites of sticklebacks (actinopterygii: gasterosteidae) from south-eastern baltic sea (poland).a total of 142 individuals of gasterosteus aculeatus l. and 22 individuals of pungitius pungitius (l.) from several areas of the coastal waters of the gdańsk bay both brackish- and freshwater were examined for parasites. the survey was carried out within 1988-1991. six parasite species, namely: gyrodactylus arcuatus, apatemon gracilis, sphaerostomum bramae, phyllodistomumfolium, neoechinorhynchus rutili, and argulus foliaceus were recovered from sticklebacks caught in freshwater habitats; while ...200516838625
four-year monitoring of parasite communities in gobiid fishes of the south-western baltic. i. guild and component community.the parasite communities of goby species (teleostei, percomorphi) from the south-western baltic sea were investigated from 1997 to 2000 in three different seasons. in total, 30 parasite species were found in the guild of four goby spp. from dahmeshöved (lübeck bight). the component community of pomatoschistus minutus comprised 22, pomatoschistus pictus 20, gobiusculus flavescens 18 and gobius niger 14 parasite species, whereas pomatoschistus microps from the salzhaff (mecklenburg bight) harboure ...200312827504
multivariate analyses of morphometrical features from apatemon gracilis (rudolphi, 1819) szidat, 1928 and a.annuligerum (v.nordman, 1832) (digenea: strigeidae) metacercariae.only two species of the strigeid subgenus apatemon (apatemon) sensu sudarikov (1959), apatemon gracilis (rudolhi, 1819) and a. annuligerum (von nordmann, 1832), are known to infect british fishes. a. annuligerum is poorly characterised, with few life-cycle data available, since only the adult and metacercarial stages have been described. both of these life-stages demonstrate only minor morphological differences from those of a. gracilis. the multidimensional approach of principal components anal ...200211922047
cercarial emergence of ichthyocotylurus erraticus (rudolphi, 1809), i. variegatus (creplin, 1825) and apatemon gracilis (rudolphi, 1819) (digenea: strigeidae): contrasting responses to light:dark cycling.many digenean cercariae have been shown to emerge from their molluscan hosts with distinct shedding patterns that have enabled the discrimination of morphologically similar species, or even strains. in this study the cercarial emission patterns of three strigeid species, ichthyocotylurus erraticus, i. variegatus and apatemon gracilis, from experimentally infected natural hosts were found to exhibit rhythms that correlated with the light:dark cycle. both ichthyocotylurus spp. exhibited a diurnal ...199910227056
observations on the life-cycle of the strigeoid trematode, apatemon (apatemon) gracilis (rudolphi, 1819) szidat, 1928.the life-cycle of apatemon (a.) gracilis was completed in the laboratory. the snail host is lymnaea peregra (muller). the cercaria is redescribed from a wide range of material. metacercariae were found in naturally infected rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri richardson), three-spined sticklebacks (gasterosteus aculeatus l.) and stone loach (nemacheilus barbatulus (l.)) from scotland and in three-spined sticklebacks from iceland. in trout, most metacercariae were found in the pericardial cavity, in s ...1976965706
four-year monitoring of parasite communities in gobiid fishes of the south-western balticii. infracommunity.the parasite infracommunity of five goby species (pomatoschistus minutus, p. pictus, p.microps, gobiusculus flavescens, gobius niger) from the south-western baltic was investigated during spring, summer and autumn of the years 1997-2000. the mean parasite species number in single hosts was high, ranging between 1.1 (p. minutus), 2.1 (p. pictus) to even 3.3 (p. microps). gobius niger is the only host which lives longer than a year and is infested by almost identical parasites for longer times, i. ...200415034786
studies on the host-parasite interface of strigeoid trematodes. v. regional differentiation of the adhesive organ of apatemon gracilis minor yamaguti, 1933. 19695769495
[helminths in broiler geese fattened in runs].the occurrence of helminths in broiler geese was studied in the rapid-fattening technological system in 1974-1978. the birds were kept on grassy run adjacent to water. helminthological examination was performed in 1065 broilers and the following 16 helminth species were revealed: notocotylus attenuatus (0.3%), apatemon gracilis (1.5%), cotyrulus cornutus (0.1%), hypoderaeum conoideum (0.1%), retinometra longicirrosa (3.2%), drepanidotaenia lanceolata (3.1%), sobolevicanthus fragilis (0.7%), dior ...19806781122
studies on the host-parasite interface of strigeoid trematodes. iv. the ultrastructure of the lappets of apatemon gracilis minor yamaguti, 1933. 19695769492
a technique for the demonstration of the metacercariae of apatemon gracilis pellucidus (yamaguti, 1933) in the deep tissues of the brook stickelback (culaea inconstans). 1977884642
taxonomic structure of digenea in wild ducks (anatinae) from west pomerania.parasitic fauna of birds connected with water environment, including digeneans, is relatively well researched in poland. the exception, however, is west pomerania, where those birds were not frequent objects of parasitological research until recently. the purpose of this work is to determine the taxonomic structure of the digenea, parasitising wild ducks living in west pomerania. the research material was 124 individuals of wild anatinae (anseriformes) belonging to 8 species: anas strepera, a. c ...200818702318
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