alkaloids in madagascan frogs (mantella): pumiliotoxins, indolizidines, quinolizidines, and pyrrolizidines.brightly colored ranid frogs of the genus mantella are found only in rain forests of madagascar. gc-ms and gc-ft-ir analyses of skin alkaloids of seven different species, including four populations of mantella madagascariensis, are reported. all contain one or more representatives of the pumiliotoxin a (ptx-a) class with the 13,14-dihydro derivatives 309a and 325a found in major amounts in the four populations of m. madagascariensis, while 307a (ptx-a) is found in two populations of m. madagasca ...19938377013
individual and geographic variation of skin alkaloids in three swamp-forest species of madagascan poison frogs (mantella).seventy skins of three mantellid frog species from madagascan swamp-forest habitats, mantella aurantiaca, m. crocea, and m. milotympanum, were individually examined for skin alkaloids using gc/ms. these poison frogs were found to differ significantly in their alkaloid composition from species of mantella originating from non-flooded rainforest in eastern madagascar, which were examined in earlier work. only 16 of the previously detected 106 alkaloids were represented among the 60 alkaloids from ...201526329921
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