alkaloids in madagascan frogs (mantella): pumiliotoxins, indolizidines, quinolizidines, and pyrrolizidines.brightly colored ranid frogs of the genus mantella are found only in rain forests of madagascar. gc-ms and gc-ft-ir analyses of skin alkaloids of seven different species, including four populations of mantella madagascariensis, are reported. all contain one or more representatives of the pumiliotoxin a (ptx-a) class with the 13,14-dihydro derivatives 309a and 325a found in major amounts in the four populations of m. madagascariensis, while 307a (ptx-a) is found in two populations of m. madagasca ...19938377013
individual and geographic variation of skin alkaloids in three swamp-forest species of madagascan poison frogs (mantella).seventy skins of three mantellid frog species from madagascan swamp-forest habitats, mantella aurantiaca, m. crocea, and m. milotympanum, were individually examined for skin alkaloids using gc/ms. these poison frogs were found to differ significantly in their alkaloid composition from species of mantella originating from non-flooded rainforest in eastern madagascar, which were examined in earlier work. only 16 of the previously detected 106 alkaloids were represented among the 60 alkaloids from ...201526329921
mitochondrial introgression, color pattern variation, and severe demographic bottlenecks in three species of malagasy poison frogs, genus mantella.madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot particularly rich in amphibian diversity and only a few charismatic malagasy amphibians have been investigated for their population-level differentiation. the mantellamadagascariensis group is composed of two rainforest and three swamp forest species of poison frogs. we first confirm the monophyly of this clade using dna sequences of three nuclear and four mitochondrial genes, and subsequently investigate the population genetic differentiation and demography ...201931018611
phenotypic and genetic diversity in aposematic malagasy poison frogs (genus mantella).intraspecific color variation has long fascinated evolutionary biologists. in species with bright warning coloration, phenotypic diversity is particularly compelling because many factors, including natural and sexual selection, contribute to intraspecific variation. to better understand the causes of dramatic phenotypic variation in malagasy poison frogs, we quantified genetic structure and color and pattern variation across three closely related species, mantella aurantiaca, mantella crocea, an ...201930891212
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