treatment of fish parasites. 1. praziquantel effective against monogenea (dactylogyrus vastator, dactylogyrus extensus, diplozoon paradoxum). 19854082732
[study of communities of monogenea dactylogyridae parasites of the cyprinidae in lake mikri prespa (northern greece). description of 3 new species from an endemic barbus: barbus cyclolepis prespensis karaman, 1924].in this paper are described 17 species of monogenea dactylogyridae, parasites of cyprinidae from lake mikri prespa, in greece: 14 species have been already reported in mediterranean region; 3 new species have been harvested on an endemic barbus, b. cyclolepis prespensis, dactylogyrus balkanicus n. sp., dactylogyrus crivellius n. sp., dactylogyrus prespensis n. sp. for these communities of dactylogyrus, we discuss some problems of parasite specificity, speciation and biogeography. from the morpho ...19863566079
population dynamics and interrelationships of some dactylogyrus and gyrodactylus species on cyprinus carpio.during 1986/87, 922 carps have been examined for ectoparasitic helminths. altogether 6 species of gyrodactylus and 4 species of dactylogyrus were found. the most frequent parasite on the gills was d. extensus; it shows a great tolerance to the water temperature with two peaks of infestation between 2 and 9 degrees c. additionally, relationships between the seasonal dynamics of the invasion cycle of d. extensus and d. anchoratus were recognized. in addition to dactylogyrus 2 species of gyrodactyl ...19902291498
dactylogyrus aegyptiacus n.sp. (monogenetic trematode: dactylogyridae); a gill parasite of a atherinid fish from the red sea. 19836663105
[the relation between water temperature and intensity of infection of the bream with parasites of the genus dactylogyrus]. 19883388865
occurrence of monogeneans on freshwater fishes in iran: dactylogyrus spp. on cultured iranian fishes.thirteen dactylogyrus spp. were found on cultured fishes in five iranian fish farms. besides typical dactylogyrus vastator, specimens with small anchors were often found in goldfish, which were designated as d. vastator forma minor. rutilus frisii kutum, a fish cultured only in iran, was infected by two dactylogyrus spp. during its short period of prerearing in iranian fish farms. all dactylogyrus found are new for the iranian fauna.19902099610
treatment of fish parasites. 4. effects of sym. triazinone (toltrazuril) on monogenea.for chemotherapy in fish parasitized by monogeneans, toltrazuril was tested in vivo and in vitro against gill-parasitizing species (dactylogyrus vastator, d. extensus, d. cornu, pseudodactylogyrus anguillae, diplozoon paradoxum, dip. homoion) as well as the skin-parasitizing species gyrodactylus arcuatus. naturally infected fish were incubated at 20 degrees c for 0.3, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6h in water containing 0.5, 10, 20, 30, and 50 microgram toltrazuril/ml. in general, the damage observed resulted ...19883237675
[the dynamics of the immunologic indices of carp exposed to methylene blue].several immunological and haematological indices as well as infection of carp with ectoparasites of the dactylogyrus genus have been studied in fish that have been subjected to methylene blue treatment, to infection with rhabdovirus carpio and aeromonas hydrophila in different combinations. a dosage of 0.05 mg/l (exposure lasting for 3 days) over 20 days increases most of the immunological indices. a treatment of the carp with drug (dosage of 100 mg/l) for 4 hours has a stimulating effect on the ...19892792442
further monogeneans from iranian freshwater fishes.thirteen dactylogyrus, 1 dogelius and 1 tetraonchus species are first recorded on iranian fishes. of them, twelve dactylogyrus species and tetraonchus monenteron are identified with known species. dogelius persicus sp. n. from barbus sharpeyi, barbus grypus and carassobarbus luteus, as well as dactylogyrus holciki from chalcalburnus mossulensis and c. chalcoides are described as new species. besides the first record of the above monogeneans, new host records are given to some known species.19921476091
[fish parasites as bioindicators of the pollution of bodies of water].the paper presents the results of studies on the effect of wastes of the cherepovets iron-and-steel works containing phenol, naphthaline and oil products on fish parasites of the sheksna part of the rybinsk water reservoir (the volga river system). it has been shown that the number of highly sensitive ectoparasites of abramis brama (protozoa, dactylogyrus monogeneans, ergasilus sieboldi crustaceans and caspiobdella fadejewi leeches) considerably decreases in the zone of pollution. it has been fi ...19921299804
seasonality of two gill monogeneans from two freshwater fish from an oligotrophic lake in northeast finland.the seasonal occurrence of dactylogyrus amphibothrium and discocotyle sagittata from the gills of ruffe (gymnocephalus cernuus) and whitefish (coregonus acronius), respectively was studied in lake yli-kitka, a large oligotrophic lake in northeast finland. the lake, located near the arctic circle, is ice-covered for 7-8 months of the year. the prevalence of d. amphibothrium infection was 70.7% and remained high throughout all size-classes of fish. the length distribution and developmental stages ...19902312218
dactylogyrids on the gills of roach in central finland: features of infection and species composition.monogenean parasites were examined from the gills of 660 roach (rutilus rutilus) in four interconnected lakes in central finland between february and november 1986 and in three of the same lakes between february and december 1988. one of the lakes is eutrophic and polluted due to a paper and pulp mill, one is oligotrophic and in a natural state, and the other two lakes are eutrophic. the prevalence of dactylogyrus infection was always high. differences between the lakes and the years were observ ...19911743852
on the dissemination of two far east monogenean parasites (dactylogyrus achmerovi gussev, 1955 and gyrodactylus kherulensis ergens, 1974, of carp (cyprinus carpio l.)) in czechoslovakia. 19911937271
new species of gyrodactylus and dactylogyrus (trematoda: monogenea) from fishes of nebraska.six new monogenetic trematodes are described from nebraska fishes: gyrodactylus bulbacanthus sp. n. from fundulus kansae (garman); g. callawayensis sp. n. from notropis lutrensis (baird and girard); g. eos sp. n. from phoxinus eos (cope); g. nebraskensis from phoxinus neogaeus (cope); g. planensis from notropis dorsalis (agassiz); and dactylogyrus pectenatus from pimephales promelas (rafinesque). this is the second report of monogeneans from nebraska fishes.1977915609
[changes in the composition of leukocytes of carp after infection with dactylogyrus extensus (monogenoidea, dactylogyridae) in the light of a new classification of formed elements].the paper presents new data on the effect of dactylogyrus extensus on the blood of the carp. the data have become available due to a new classification of formed elements worked out by n.t. ivanova. one of characteristic features of dactylogyrosis is eosinophilia. polychromatophil anaemia and anisocytosis were recorded as well.19761035418
[action of chlorophos and neguvon on argulus foliaceus and dactylogyrus extensus in carp]. 1977607557
[the oncomiracidium of ancyrocephalus paradoxus creplin, 1839 (monongenea, monopisthocotylea), parasite of sander lucioperca (teleostei, percidae)].the distribution of ciliated cells and the oncomiracidium chaetotaxy in ancyrocephalus paradoxus creplin, 1839 (ancyrocephalidae) parasite of sander lucioperca (teleostean, percidae) are described for the first time as well as the larval ciliated cells in dactylogyrus extensus (dactylogyridae) parasite of cyprinus carpio. also is given a description of the larval haptorial armature of ancyrocephalus paradoxus which shows some original features in our region. the ciliated cell pattern and chaetot ...1977603199
[polymorphism of the median crochets of dactylogyrus vastator nyb., 1924 (monogenoidea) from the crucian carp, carassius carassius l].there are some variations in the dimensions of anchors depending on the age of the host, localisation and number of parasites. to differentiate such close morphological species as d. vastator and d. crassus it has been suggested to take into account, in addition to taxonomic features, the correlation between the anchor ventroapical length and the bend.1976958727
[mechanism of attachment of dactylogyrus extensus and d. achmerowi (monogenoidea) to host gills].the mechanism of adhesion was studied in two species of the genus dactylogyrus. the muscular system of the disc of both species is described. data are given on the presence of rudiment of the 8th pair of hooks and on the possible function of this formation as well as the data on the adhesion of the postlarva of d. extensus.1977145570
[evidence and importance of the larval chaetotaxy in the monogenea monopisthocotylea].the larva of ergentrema mugilis paperna, 1964 (ancyrocephalidae) occurring in liza ramada (risso, 1826) is described for the first time including the primary haptor description as well as the chaetotaxy. in addition, the sensillae position, previously unknown in the larva of dactylogyrus extensus muëller and van cleave, 1932 (dactylogyridae) a parasite of cyprinus carpio l., is specified. the comparison between these two chaetotaxies shows a proximity which was not obvious through the adult and ...1976819151
dactylogyrus atripinnei sp. n. from the blackfin sucker in tennessee.a new species of dactylogyrus, d. atripinnei, is described from the blackfin sucker, moxostoma atripinne bailey, collected from the barren river drainage in tennessee.1977859080
studies on gill parasitosis of the grasscarp (ctenopharyngodon idella) caused by dactylogyrus lamellatus achmerov, 1952. 19724669290
monogenetic trematodes from the bay of quinte area, ontario. iv. genus dactylogyrus diesing, 1850, with provisional host-parasite and parasite-host lists. 19724634346
[dactylogyrus tauricus sp. n. (monogenoidea: dactylogyridae), a new species of monogeneans from alburnoides bipunctatus fasciatus]. 1978146182
[biology of dactylogyrus nasalis strelkow et ha ky]. 19744275803
[new species of monogenea of the genus dactylogyrus diesing, 1850 from alburnoides sp]. 19734771004
dactylogyrus buddi n. sp. (monogenoidea: dactylogyridae) from the gills of the sculpins of lake huron. 19744451903
studies on gill parasitosis of the grasscarp (ctenopharyngodon idella) caused by dactylogyrus lamellatus achmerow, 1952. i. morphology and biology of dactylogyrus lamellatus. 19715168591
studies on gill parasitosis of the grasscarp (ctenopharyngodon idella) caused by dactylogyrus lamellatus achmerow, 1952. ii. epizootiology. 19715152840
studies on gill parasitosis of the grasscarp (ctenopharyngodon idella) caused by dactylogyrus lamellatus achmerow, 1952. 3. therapy and control. 19715152841
a report of dactylogyrus amphibothrium (monogenea) on the gills of european ruffe in western lake superior.the eurasian monogenean dactylogyrus amphibothrium wagener, 1857 is reported from the gills of ruffe (gymnocephalus cernuus) in western lake superior. the parasite must have arrived with fish discharged with ship ballast in the mid 1980s. it is the 12th species of monogenean known to have been introduced and established with its host in north america.19948195952
effect of exposure to malachite green solution on common carp fry with dactylogyrus vastator (monogenea) five experiments, common carp (cyprinus carpio) fry with dactylogyrus vastator (monogenea) infection of different severity, as well as parasite-free fry, were placed into aquaria containing malachite green solution of 0.5-10 mg/l concentration. most of the fish died within 6 hours. the correlation between the time of death and helminth infection was studied. the experiments demonstrated that in malachite green solution the carp with the heaviest helminth infection died first while the less se ...19957491866
ultrastructural observations on the anterior adhesive apparatus in the monogeneans dactylogyrus amphibothrium wagener, 1857 and d. hemiamphibothrium ergens, 1956.the light microscope and the transmission electron microscope have revealed that the anterior adhesive apparatus of dactylogyrus amphibothrium and that of d. hemiamphibothrium are similar and composed of three kinds of gland cell, one producing rod-shaped bodies (secretion s1), one producing spherical bodies (s2), and the third producing electronlucent vesicles (s3). in the cytoplasm of g1 gland cells each rod-shaped body is enclosed by a single layer of microtubules but no microtubules are asso ...19807368774
helminth ectoparasites of sillaginid fishes (perciformes: percoidei) have low species richness.just nineteen species of ectoparasitic helminths were found in a survey of over 1,500 individuals of 26 species of sillaginid fishes in the indo-west pacific. a twentieth worm is known only from the literature; a twenty-first, also known only from the literature, is considered a doubtful record. fifteen of the twenty worms are branchial monogeneans, one is a monogenean of the pharyngeal plates, one is an ectoparasitic digenean living under the scales, and three are leeches of the mouth cavity an ...19979332977
[on the finding of some zoogeographically interesting sucking worms from species dactylogyrus diesing, 1850]. 19676070415
the niche of the gill parasite dactylogyrus banghami (monogenea: dactylogyridae) on notropis stramineus (pisces: cyprinidae).distribution of the monogenean dactylogyrus banghami on the gills of the fish notropis stramineus (cyprinidae) was described by calculation of mean relative positions and levins' niche breadths on the linear spatial resource gradients gill filament length and gill arch length. thirty fish with 276 worms were examined; only 1 of the fish had an additional gill parasite species (trichodina sp). worms were more broadly and evenly distributed across the length of the gill arch than they were on the ...19938501602
studies on dactylogyrinae (monogenea) with descriptions of 24 new species of dactylogyrus, 5 new species of pellucidhaptor, and the proposal of aplodiscus gen. n. 19676026840
[the population level and distribution of ectoparasites in carp].the abundance and the distribution of dactylogyrus extensus and ichthyophthirius multifiliis on gills of two-years old carps have been investigated. it has been established that at least there are five groups, which differs from each other on the asymmetry of infection.19938488057
treatment of fish parasites. 10. effects of a new triazine derivative, hoe 092 v, on monogenea: a light and transmission electron microscopy study.for chemotherapy of fish parasitized by monogeneans, a novel triazine derivative, 2-[3,5-alpha-dichloro-4-(4-methyl-sulfonylphenoxy)-phenyl]-1-methy l- hexahydro-1,2,4-triazine-3,5-dion (hoe 092 v), was tested in vivo against the gill- and skin-parasitizing species dactylogyrus extensus, d. vastator, and gyrodactylus arcuatus. naturally infected fish were incubated in aerated, separate tanks at 22 degrees c for 1, 2, 3, and 4 h in water containing 0, 1, 5, 10, or 15 micrograms hoe 092 v/ml, wher ...19938278338
parasite community structure in pimephales promelas (pisces: cyprinidae) from two converging streams.parasites of the fathead minnow, pimephales promelas, were examined in fish collected from elk creek (40.88534 degrees n, 96.83366 degrees w) and west oak creek (40.90821 degrees n, 96.81432 degrees w), lancaster county, nebraska. these 2 streams are part of the salt valley watershed and flow together approximately 2 km downstream from the collection sites to form oak creek. this study examined the extent to which the 2 tributaries constitute a continuous habitat with respect to fish hosts. the ...200010864278
co-existence of nine gill ectoparasites (dactylogyrus: monogenea) parasitising the roach (rutilus rutilus l.): history and present among potentially competing species can be favoured by niche specialisation and/or by reducing the overall intensity of competition via aggregated utilisation of fragmented resources. we investigated the respective roles of niche specialisation and aggregation in the case of nine congeneric monogenean parasites on the gills of roach (rutilus rutilus l.) belonging to the genus dactylogyrus. the position of each individual parasite of the nine dactylogyrus species was recorded. niche ...200010996326
order and disorder in ectoparasite communities: the case of congeneric gill monogeneans (dactylogyrus spp.).the measure of order and disorder in the distribution of species in fragmented habitats proposed by atmar and patterson (oecologia, 96 (1993) 373-82) was applied to investigate nested patterns of dactylogyrus species parasitising the gills of roach. organisation in dactylogyrid assemblages was investigated at three levels: (1) host populations between localities; (2) local host populations over seasons; and (3) individual hosts over one season within a local host population. dactylogyrid assembl ...200111513889
the spatial distribution of dactylogyrus amphibothrium on the gills of ruffe gymnocephalus cernua and its relation to the relative amounts of water passing over the parts of the gills. 19744430823
potential impacts of clearcutting on parasites of minnows in small boreal lakes.clearcutting and deforestation lead to increased erosion, increased water temperature, altered water chemistry, and modified watershed hydrology in aquatic systems. effects on biological organisms have been documented for phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos, and fish. in this study, parasites of the northern redbelly dace, phoxinus eos (cope), were examined from an experimental area consisting of headwater lakes and their watersheds in the boreal forest of ontario, canada prior to and after clea ...200111817450
[the dynamics of the ectoparasite count and the protein level in the blood serum of infested carp under experimental conditions].carps of one and two years age used for laboratory experiments were collected in winter time. 7 groups of carps of one year age were examined each 10th day during 70 days and 5 groups of two years age were examined each 15 days during 75 days. in carps of one year age the increase of different parasites was observed in different time: dactylogyrus extensus--after 40 and 70 days, icthyophthirius multifiliis--after 50 days, trichodina sp.--after 60 days. in carps of two years age the increase of a ...199810206854
downstream changes in the composition of the parasite community of fishes in an appalachian stream.the spatial distribution of 6 parasite species (myxobolus sp., dactylogyrus sp., sterliadochona ephemeridarum, plagioporus sinitsini, allopodocotyle chiliticorum, allocreadium lucyae) was studied in 5 species of fishes (oncorhynchus mykiss, clinostomus funduloides, notropis chiliticus, rhinichthys atratulus, semotilus atromaculatus) in basin creek, an appalachian stream in north carolina. nonmetric multidimensional scaling and vector fitting were used to determine if the proximity of sampling si ...200111318552
helminths of freshwater animals from five provinces in northern species of fishes, 6 species of mollusks, 1 species of crab, and 1 species of shrimp were collected from 12 natural freshwater sites from 5 provinces: lumpang, phrae, phayao, chiang rai and chiang mai during the rainy season of 2000. fishes, channa striatus, dermogenus pusillus, oxyeleotris marmoratus, trichogaster trichopterus and trichopsis vittatus were examined for helminths and 34.69% (17/49) were infected. there were 2 genera of monogenean identified as follows: dactylogyrus and tria ...200112041591
[ectoparasite infection of some fish species in lake pleshcheev].ectoparasites have been investigated on gills of the ruff, perch, white bream, roach, bream, ide, and european cisco from the pleshcheevo lake. 13 parasite species were found: dactylogyrus falcatus, d. distinguendus, d. cornoides, d. cornu, d. sphyrna, d. robustus, d. amphibothrium, ancyrocephalus paradoxus, argulus foliaceus, ergasilus sieboldi, achtheres percarum, ancyrocephalus percae, and rhipidocotyle companula. a reliable negative correlation between the number of monogeneans an. paradoxus ...200212070962
biodiversity of parasites in a freshwater environment with respect to pollution: metazoan parasites of chub (leuciscus cephalus l.) as a model for statistical evaluation.this paper represents an attempt to evaluate the environmental indicative potential of the biodiversity of monogenean parasites using hierarchically structured species-abundance data. a logical set of statistical methods integrating standard diversity indices, a novel approach to quantitative analysis of cumulative species-abundance curves and species-abundance models was applied for this purpose. applicability of biodiversity measures was demonstrated using experimental data from a 1-year study ...19989801915
[dactylogyrids (monogenea: dactylogyridea) with unusual number of the anchors, their origin and phylogenetic significance. original data].the haptors dactylogyrus spp., anacanthorus sp., trianchoratus sp. and schilbetrematoides pseudodactylogyrus are investigated. on the base of the morphology, transfer of the domus, etc. a homology of the hooks in dactylogyrids (s. s.) and the pin-like structures (4 "a") in the haptor of anacanthorinae and dactylogyridae sensu bychowsky et nagibina, 1978 is demonstrated. the vestiges of the anchors in the haptor of dactylogyrids (s. l.), according to morphological data, correspond to the point of ...200111881139
biodiversity of parasites in freshwater environment in relation to pollution.during 1994, 129 specimens of chub (leuciscus cephalus l.) from two localities, polluted--bolelouc, 80th river kilometer, near the city of olomouc, and unpolluted--brodské, 225th river kilometer, near the lanzhot on the morava river, were examined for metazoan parasites. altogether 38 metazoan parasite species including helminths, leeches and glochidia belonging to 14 genera were found, 34 in the case of unpolluted locality (brodské) and 28 in the polluted one (bolelouc). in both localities, 24 ...19979802067
morphometric correlates of host specificity in dactylogyrus species (monogenea) parasites of european cyprinid fish.we test the hypothesis that living on larger fish may impose constraints, i.e. the need to develop large attachment organs, related to the necessity to remain attached on large gills. for this, we compiled data on body size and morphometric measurements of attachment organs of 44 dactylogyrus species (ectoparasites with direct life-cycle) from 19 cyprinid species. nineteen dactylogyrid species were considered as specialists (infecting only 1 host species) and 25 as generalists (infecting more th ...200111510682
aggregation of congeneric parasites (monogenea: dactylogyrus) among gill microhabitats within one host species (rutilus rutilus l.).parasite aggregation within the gill arches of 1 host species (rutilus rutilus l.) was studied in the case of 9 congeneric monogeneans belonging to the genus dactylogyrus. both intra- and interspecific aggregation were followed by considering gill arches as independent patches. parasite species were found to be aggregated both intra- and interspecifically. we showed that the intensity of parasite infection was positively related to intraspecific aggregation only for the more abundant species. no ...200111814047
diversity in the monogenea and digenea: does lifestyle matter?if the cestodes are excluded, then the parasitic platyhelminths of fishes divide neatly into the external and monoxenous monogenea and the internal and heteroxenous digenea. both groups have apparently had long associations of coevolution, host switching and adaptation with fishes and have become highly successful in their respective habitats. current estimates of species richness for the two groups suggest that they may be remarkably similar. here we consider the nature of the diversity of the ...200211835972
abundance-prevalence relationship of gill congeneric ectoparasites: testing the core satellite hypothesis and ecological specialisation.we investigated the abundance-prevalence relationships in monogeneans belonging to the genus dactylogyrus. a total of 182 dactylogyrid populations representing nine species were collected from the gills of roach ( rutilus rutilus). local abundance was found to be strongly positively correlated with prevalence. two hypotheses were tested to explain this relationship: (1) the core-satellite hypothesis, and (2) the ecological specialisation hypothesis. abundance was log-normally distributed, and th ...200212107462
[case report. treatment of the gillworm disease (dactylogyrosis) of some south american cichlids and catfish].the infection with gillworms (dactylogyrus sp.) causes severe problems in the keeping and breeding of tropical ornamental fishes, e.g. discus (symphisodon aequifasciata). treatment of gillworm disease with different drugs has been shown in the past to be insufficient. therefore, the effectiveness of a long-term use of praziquantel was evaluated in ornamental fish. cumulative doses up to 10 mg praziquantel/l water were tolerated without side-effects by angel fish (pterophyllum scalare), discus, a ...200312596668
parasitic infections in freshwater ornamental fish in sri lanka.a total of 1520 ornamental fish of 13 species from 26 export farms in sri lanka were collected between october 1999 and march 2000 and examined for parasites. fish species examined were guppy poecilia reticulata, goldfish carassius auratus, platy xiphophorus maculatus, molly poecilia sphenops, angel pterophyllum scalare, swordtail xiphophorus helleri, tetras hyphessobrycon species, barbs capeota and puntius spp., gourami colisa sp., carp cyprinus carpio, fighters betta spelendens and others (bra ...200312747641
occurrence of monogenea in italian freshwater fish (po river basin).sixteen monogenean species were found on the skin and gills of 10 different fish species collected from north italian water bodies. cleidodiscus pricei from ictalurus melas; dactylogyrus alatus from alburnus alburnus; d. anchoratus, d. formosus and d. vastator from carassius carassius; d. difformis from scardinius erythrophthalmus; d. rutili from rutilus aula; d. tincae and gyrodactylus gasterostei from tinca tinca; d. ergensi from leuciscus cephalus and telestes muticellus; d. vistulae and para ...200212701382
concurrent invaders--four exotic species of monogenea now established on exotic freshwater fishes in australia.four species of exotic monogeneans are reported from five species of exotic freshwater fish in australia: gytrodactylus bullatarudis from poecilia reticulata and xiphophorus helleri in queensland; gyrodactylus macracanthus from misgurnus anguillicaudatus in the australian capital territory; dactylogyrus extensus from cyprinus carpio in the australian capital territory; and dactylogyrus anchoratus from carassius auratus in the australian capital territory. this is the first published record of de ...19989846613
the distribution of monogenean parasites on aquatic vertebrates inhabiting chinese inland waters.the general distribution of monogenean parasites of aquatic vertebrates inhabiting chinese inland waters is summarised. five hundred and seventy-two out of a total of 581 species of monogeneans were discovered on fish, while only nine species were found on amphibia and reptilia. most dactylogyrids and diplozoids parasitise cyprinids, while ancyrocephalids occur on silurids and cyprinids, and gyrodactylids are found mainly on cyprinids and cobitids. analyses of host-specificity and host-diversity ...200010830838
molecular phylogeny of congeneric monogenean parasites (dactylogyrus): a case of intrahost speciation.dactylogyrus species (dactylogyridae: monogenea) are a group of monogenean gill parasites that are highly specific to freshwater fish of the family cyprinidae. dactylogyrus species were sampled from 19 cyprinids and one percid collected in europe. using partial 18s rdna and its1 sequences, a phylogeny of 51 dactylogyrus species was reconstructed to investigate the patterns of parasite speciation and diversification. three main dactylogyrus lineages were recognized from all phylogenetic trees, th ...200415212381
[on data on the genus dactylogyrus diesing 1850 (monogenoidea)]. 196514305889
[the adaptive reactions of the gill ectoparasites of the bream (abramis brama) and of the white bream (blicca bjoerkna) to exposure to an anthropogenic factor in the ivan'kovo reservoir].adaptive responses of some gill ectoparasites of the common bream abramus brama and the white bream blicca bjoerkna have been studied in five zones of the ivan'kovo reservoir: in the region of favorable ecological conditions, in two eutrophic zones and in two areas under the toxic loading. it is found out, that at the response to the pollution the infestation of fishes with most parasite species decreases. the replacement of dominant species is also can be considered as the adaptive response of ...200010750155
studies on monogenetic trematodes. xxii. dactylogyrus californiensis sp. n. from the sacramento squawfish. 196214474849
[new type of dactylogyrus from gills of amur hypophthalmichthys]. 195413220463
development of monogenean communities on the gills of roach fry (rutilus rutilus).the formation and development of monogenean communities on the gills of roach fry was followed in 1992 from early june to october (size range 9 to 47 mm). roach fry (n = 291) were sampled weekly from the small, humic river rutajoki in central finland. a further 209 roach fry were reared in a fish farm supplied by water from the river. four dactylogyrus species were found: d. nanus, d. crucifer, d. micracanthus and d. suecicus. other species found on the gills were gyrodactylus sp. and paradiploz ...199910363281
a survey of helminths in cyprinoid fish from the mae ngad somboonchon reservoir, chiang mai province, thailand.five species of cyprinoid fish, puntioplites proctozysron, hampala macrolepidota, labiobarbus siamensis, barbodes gonionotus, and henicorhynchus siamensis, were collected from mae ngad somboonchon reservoir, chiang mai province from october 2002 to september 2003 and examined for parasites. fourteen species of helminths were discovered: ten species of monogenea, dactylogyrus macrolepidoti, d. protozysron, d. puntioplites, d. quadribrachiatus, dactylogyrus sp i, ii, iii, gyrodactylus sp, paradipl ...200515906650
three new species of dactylogyrus diesing, 1850 (monogenea: dactylogyridae) from the gills of the bala sharkminnow balantiocheilos melanopterus (cyprinidae) from thailand.three new species of dactylogyrus are described from the gills of the cyprinid fish balantiocheilos melanopterus (bleeker) imported from thailand via the aquarium trade. they are d. coartatus n. sp., d. macrocolpius n. sp. and d. melanopteri n. sp. the double-bar species, d. coartatus n. sp. and d. melanopteri n. sp., are characterised by hooks that are markedly large in relation to the size of the anchors. clip-like anchors with a sharply recurved, long point are a unique feature of d. coartatu ...200616786286
[phylogenetic analyses of the family tetraonchidae (platyhelminthes: monogenea)].a phylogenetic reconstruction of the monogenean family tetraonchidae was carried out by methods of parsimony-based cladistics. the analysis included 20 species of tetraonchids and two out-groups (sundanonchus tomanorum and dactylogyrus amphibothrium) and was based on 34 morphofunctional characters. software paup 4.0 and winclada were used for the phylogenetic reconstructions. obtained results allow proposing a preliminary phylogenetic hypothesis of the family tetraonchidae along with the discuss ...200415553772
infracommunity level aggregation in the monogenean communities of crucian carp (carassius carassius).aggregation is one of the distinctive features in parasite-host relationships, which has generally been studied at the level of host communities. parasite aggregation at the infracommunity level may nevertheless be important for intraspecific interactions such as parasite mating success and opportunities for cross-fertilization. in the present paper, we studied the infracommunity aggregation of 3 highly abundant dactylogyrus (monogenea) species occurring on the gills of crucian carp (carassius c ...200516178358
fish population size, and not density, as the determining factor of parasite infection: a case study.the diversity and abundance of parasites vary widely among populations of the same host species. these infection parameters are, to some extent, determined by characteristics of the host population or of its habitat. recent studies have supported predictions derived from epidemiological models regarding the influence of host population density: parasite abundance and parasite species richness are expected to increase with increasing host population density, at least for directly transmitted para ...200415074879
fish monogeneans from a shallow, eutrophic oświn lake in poland.a study was carried out in a shallow, eutrophic oświn lake, within seven islands reserve (north-eastern poland), in order to determine the infection of fish with monogeneans as sensitive indicators of water quality. this paper presents comparative analysis of the occurrence of monogenea in fishes from two, distinctly separated pools of the lake, differing in environmental conditions. the impact of fish size and sampling season on the infection parameters was also analyzed.200617007335
parasites of native and nonnative fishes of the little colorado river, grand canyon, arizona.a 2-yr, seasonal, parasitological study of 1,435 fish, belonging to 4 species of native fishes and 7 species of nonnative fishes from the lower little colorado river (lcr) and tributary creeks, grand canyon, arizona, yielded 17 species of parasites. these comprised 1 myxozoan (henneguya exilis), 2 copepods (ergasilus arthrosis and lernaea cyprinacea), 1 acarine (oribatida gen. sp.), 1 piscicolid leech (myzobdella lugubris), 4 monogeneans (gyrodactylus hoffmani, gyrodactylus sp., dactylogyrus ext ...200415562604
a molecular phylogeny of the dactylogyridae sensu kritsky & boeger (1989) (monogenea) based on the d1-d3 domains of large subunit rdna.phylogenetic analyses based on the partial large subunit rdna (lsu) sequences of polyonchoinean monogeneans belonging to the dactylogyridea and monocotylidea were generated to investigate relationships among various subfamilies of the dactylogyridae sensu kritsky & boeger, 1989. monophyly of the dactylogyridae was supported by all analyses performed. status of the ancyrocephalidae sensu bychowsky & nagibina, 1978 and ancyrocephalinae sensu kritsky & boeger, 1989 was revised based on the present ...200616515727
[metazoan parasites of carp (cyprinus carpio linnaeus, 1758) and vimba (vimba vimba linnaeus, 1758) in the sapanca lake].in this study metazoan parasites of carp (cyprinus carpio linnaeus, 1758) and vimba (vimba vimba linnaeus, 1758) in the lake sapanca were investigated from january 2004 to december 2004. a total of 31 fish were investigated. out of the 16 c. carpio, 13 were infected by parasites and of the 15 v. vimba, 11. the parasites found in c. carpio were: dactylogyrus phoxini (malevitskaya, 1949), dactylogyrus extensus (müller, van cleave, 1932), gyrodactylus sp. monogenoidea, caryophyllaeus laticeps (pall ...200617124667
[occurrence of helminths during spring and autumn months on rudd (scardinus erythrophthalmus l. 1758) from kocadere stream (bursa)].the aim of this study was to determine the rate of helminth infection in rudd, (scardinus erythrophthalmus l. 1758) between spring and autumn seasons. a total of 87 rudd fish were investigated. of these, 66 were infected with four species [dactylogyrus difformis (monogenea), diplostomulum spathaceum metacerceria with asymplodora markewitschi (digenea), and hysterothylacium sp. (nematoda)]. during the study, it was noted that 46 out of 87 hosts were infected with d. difformis . the level of infec ...200617124668
parasite species coexistence and limiting similarity: a multiscale look at phylogenetic, functional and reproductive distances.the factors that control biodiversity have been the focus of numerous recent investigations; these include species interactions, speciation, environmental gradients and heterogeneity, all of these operating differently at each observation scale. we used a null model to examine the influence of two forces shaping the community structure of dactylogyrus species parasitic on roach (rutilus rutilus) gills: interspecific competition that might prevent the coexistence of the most similar species and e ...200516049715
the microhabitat distribution of two dactylogyrus species parasitizing the gills of the barbel, barbus barbus.the microhabitat distribution of two congeneric species dactylogyrus carpathicus and d. malleus (monogenea) parasitizing the gills of the barbel (barbus barbus l.) was investigated. we tested whether congeneric species exhibited microhabitat preference and whether interspecific interactions could be attributed to the microhabitat segregation of congeners. the outlying mean index method was used to evaluate species microhabitats. gill variables (different microhabitats within gills) were used as ...200314627448
[an investigation of helminth fauna of the bleak (alburnus alburnus l.) from the mustafakemalpasa stream, bursa, turkey].the purpose of the present study was to determine the helminth fauna of the bleak (alburnus alburnus l.). according to the results obtained, a total of 6 species of helminth parasites were encountered on the bleak. these parasites include dactylogyrus alatus, d. fraternus and diplozoon homoion (monogenea) on the gills; bothriocephalus acheilognathi (cestoda) and rhapdochona denudata (nematoda) in the intestine; and diplostomum sp. (digenea) in the eyes, on the surface of body and on the fins.200617106861
[taxonomic diversity of parasites from agnathans and fishes in the volga basin. ii. parasitic coelenterata and monogenea].a checklist of the monogeneans and coelenterates parasitizing fishes in the volga river basin is given. the list of hosts with the data on their occurrence in different areas of the volga river basin is provided for each parasite species. the data on the parasites from 46 fish species are presented. the checklist includes 139 species and 6 taxa of subspecific rank. 9 species (dactylogyrus aristichthys, d. ctenopharyngodonis, d. hypophthalmichthys, d. lamellatus, d. nobilis, d. suchengtaii, pseud ...200617042277
reproductive barriers between congeneric monogenean parasites (dactylogyrus: monogenea): attachment apparatus morphology or copulatory organ incompatibility?morphometrical parameters of the attachment apparatus and copulatory organs of 52 dactylogyrus species parasitizing 17 species of cyprinid fishes were analysed to test for the existence of reproductive barriers among congeneric species. the minimal spanning tree (mst) method was applied in the analyses. the position of "real" parasite communities, based on (1) observed infracommunities, (2) a checklist of parasites for a given host in the morphological space, was compared to the position of rand ...200414610669
[an investigation of parasites of goldfish (carassius carassius l., 1758) in kovada lake.]the aim of this study, carried out from 25.03.2003-17.02.2004, was to determine the ectoparasites and endoparasites of goldfish (carassius carassius l., 1758) inhabiting kovada lake. a total of 102 specimens were caught monthly and investigated parasitologically. as a result of the investigation, the ectoparasites, dactylogyrus anchoratus, dactylogyrus minutus, argulus foliceaus and trachellobdella torquata, and the endoparasite contracaecum sp. were found in the goldfish. among these, dactylogy ...200517160823
parasite community and mortality of overwintering young-of-the-year roach (rutilus rutilus).the composition and development of the parasite community of overwintering young-of-the-year (yoy) roach (rutilus rutilus) was studied in outdoor artificial ponds. cumulative mortality of the roach from november until may was about 20%. the prevalences of the epizoic ciliates trichodina sp. and apiosoma sp., and of the monogeneans dactylogyrus suecicus, dactylogyrus nanus, and gyrodactylus sp. in general tended to peak in the beginning of april at a water temperature of about 8 c. however, mean ...200718163330
interspecific and intraspecific interactions in the monogenean communities of fish: a question of study scale?monogenean communities of fish have generally been considered non-interactive as negative interspecific interactions have rarely been reported. most of the earlier studies on monogenean communities, however, have been conducted not only in systems with relatively low parasite abundances but, more importantly, at study scales where microhabitat-level interactions between the parasites are easily overlooked. we examined the communities of 3 abundant dactylogyrus (monogenea) species on the gills of ...200717428351
specificity and specialization of congeneric monogeneans parasitizing cyprinid fish.patterns and likely processes connected with evolution of host specificity in congeneric monogeneans parasitizing fish species of the cyprinidae were investigated. a total of 51 dactylogyrus species was included. we investigated (1) the link between host specificity and parasite phylogeny; (2) the morphometric correlates of host specificity, parasite body size, and variables of attachment organs important for host specificity; (3) the evolution of morphological adaptation, that is, attachment or ...200616817542
[an investigation of metazoan parasites of common carp (cyprinus carpio l.) in lake eber, afyon, turkey.].in this study, metazoan parasites of the following fish species were investigated in lake eber (afyon) from july 2002-2003. at the end of this research, 2 species of monogenea (gyrodactylus elegans, dactylogyrus extensus) were found on the gills and fins of the fishes; 1 species of digenea (posthodiplostomum cuticola), on skin and fins; 1 species of cestoda (bothriocephalus acheilognathi) in the intestines; and 1 species of arthropoda (argulus foliaceus), the skin, gills and fins of fish. the di ...200517160824
preliminary investigations of hydrogen peroxide treatment of selected ornamental fishes and efficacy against external bacteria and parasites in green swordtails.the objectives of these preliminary studies were to evaluate the use of hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) for the treatment of selected species of ornamental fishes and its efficacy in treating external bacteria and parasites. in the first part of the study, fish of five species (serpae tetra hyphessobrycon eques (also known as serpa tetra h. serpae), tiger barb puntius tetrazona, blue gourami trichogaster trichopterus, suckermouth catfish hypostomus plecostomus, and green swordtail xiphophorus hellerii) ...200718201053
[the occurrence of helminth parasites in vimba (vimba vimba l. 1758) of golbasi (bursa) dam lake, turkey].in this study, the occurrence of helminth parasites in vimba of golbasi dam lake was investigated monthly from may 2003 to april 2004. during the study, a total of 62 vimba specimens were examined for helminth parasites. a total of 4 species of helminth parasites were found on 43 fish examined as follows: (dactylogyrus sphyrna (monogenea), diplostomum sp. (digenea), caryophyllaeus laticeps (cestoda), contracaecum sp. (nematoda). d. sphyrna seen on gills of host fish was the dominant parasite spe ...200818351560
[dactylogyrids from the siberian loach nemachilus barbatulus toni in primor'e region].two species of dactylogyrids, dactylogyrus barbatuli ermolenko, 1992 and d. tonii ermolenko, 1992, occurring in the siberian stone-loah in primorye are redescribed. these species are distinguished from others monogenean of the genus dactylogyrus, that are found in fishes of the genus nemachilus, by the size of anchor structures and complexes of copulatory organs.200314964855
osthol and isopimpinellin from fructus cnidii for the control of dactylogyrus intermedius in carassius auratus.the efficacy of two active compounds, isolated from the fruit of fructus cnidii, was determined against dactylogyrus intermedius in goldfish (carassius auratus). the chemical structure of the two compounds was identified by spectral analysis. designated compounds i and ii, they were isolated by successive silica gel column chromatography and used, in combination, in an in vivo anthelmintic efficacy assay. at dose rates of 1.6 and 9.5 mg l(-1), respectively, the two compounds were 100% effective ...200818940522
[fauna of monogeneans (monogenea, platyhelminthes) of gudgeons (gobioninae, cyprinidae). 1. composition, structure, and characteristics of distribution].monogeneans parasitize 31 gudgeon species of 130, and 13 gudgeon genera of 30 known. monogenea from gudgeon comprise 48 species of the genus dactylogyrus, 1 bivaginogyrus (dactylogyridae), 18 ancyrocephalus s. l. (ancyrocephalidae), 6 gyrodactylus (gyrodactylidae), 3 paradiplozoon, and 1 species of the genus sindiplozoon (diplozoidae). the following characters were used in the morphological analysis: (1) structure of the copulatory organ, (2) morphology of the anchors, marginal hooks and bars, ( ...200819065839
helminth communities of the rudd scardinius erythrophthalmus (cypriniformes, cyprinidae) from srebarna biosphere reserve, bulgaria.a total of 180 individuals of scardinius erythrophthalmus from srebarna lake, north-east bulgaria, were examined for helminth parasites during spring, summer and autumn of 2005-2006 (30 specimens per season). helminth parasites were recorded in 166 individuals (92.2%). ten helminth species were found: trematodes--metacercariae of posthodiplostomum cuticola, diplostomum chromatophorum and d. spathaceum; monogeneans--dactylogyrus difformis, d. difformoides and diplozoon scardinii; cestodes--metace ...200818593505
[investigations of ectoparasite fauna of some fish species (cyprinus carpio linnaeus, 1758; cobitis simplicispinna hanko, 1924) from lake akşehir (konya)].in this study, the presence of metazoan ectoparasites on 7 cyprinus carpio and 90 cobitis simplicispinna from lake aksehir, turkey were investigated between july 2004 and june 2005. three parasite species were identified on the host fishes: gyrodactylus elegans nordmann, 1832 (42.9%, 293.6+/-482.0 parasite/fish) and dactylogyrus extensus mueller and van cleave, 1932 (85.7%, 9.8+/-6.8), were found on gills of c. carpio, and gyrodactylus cobitis bychowsky, 1933 (68.9%, 15.6+/-18.5) on gills and fi ...200919367558
[metazoan parasites of bream (abramis brama linnaeus, 1758) in lake durusu (terkos)].in this study, metazoan parasites of bream (abramis brama linnaeus, 1758) in the lake durusu (terkos) were investigated between june 2002 and may 2003. during this study, a total of 67 bream were examined for the presence of metazoan parasites. ten species of parasites were found on 64 of the 67 fish examined. these parasites are: dactylogyrus sphyrna (linstow, 1878) and d. distinguendus (nybelin, 1936) monogenoidea, caryophyllaeus laticeps (pallas, 1781) cestoidea, tetracotyle sp, diplostomum s ...200617160860
[influence of stress hormones (adrenalin and glucocorticoids) on the infestation rate of the carp cyprinus carpio l. by dactylogyrus sp. (monogenoidea)].influence of adrenaline, hydrocortisone, and prednisolone on the infestation rate of the carp cyprinus carpio by dactylogyrus sp. is investigated, according to the analysis of the abudance index of parasites. introduction of these hormones into experimental fish resulted in the increase of the abudance index of dactylogyrids. dependence of changes in the investigated parameters on the nature and character of the hormones' influence on the host immune system and metabolic processes is revealed.200919370984
parasite assemblages of european bitterling (rhodeus amarus), composition and effects of habitat type and host body size.parasite community composition of european bitterling (rhodeus amarus), the only bitterling species occurring on the european continent, was investigated in 16 different localities from four european sea drainages during 1998-2007. a total of 41 species of metazoan parasites was identified. nine parasite species are new records for european bitterling, namely dactylogyrus rarissimus, d. suecicus, d. yinwenyingae, gyrodactylus vimbi, sphaerostomum globiporum, petasiger sp., paryphostomum radiatum ...200818180954
[fauna of monogeneans (monogenea, platyhelminthes) of gudgeons (gobioninae, cyprininae). 2. coevolution].coevolution of parasites and in particular monogeneans and fishes, was characterized from two related angles--parallel coevolution and host switches, lead to the acquisition of new hosts from taxonomically distant but ecologically similar groups. modern views on the evolution and taxonomy of gudgeons are discussed. this group is very heterogeneous by morphology and biology, tales unclear taxonomic position in the family cyprynidae, and can be divided into two tribes or four groups of genera. ana ...200919370978
[behavior of monogenea of the genus dactylogyrus under extreme temperatures].behavior of monogeneans of the genus dactylogyrus under low (2-5 degrees c) and high (28-34 degrees c) temperatures was studied. it is established, that under extreme conditions movements of monogeneans and egg laying become more intensive. after the last egg is laid, the parasites become motionless, their bodies shrink and shorten. the motionless state in which monogeneans survive unfavorable conditions known as anabiotic or resting stage. when moved from extreme to normal conditions, dactylogy ...200919505015
[on pathogenecity of dactylogyrus solidus achmerov]. 195114849532
persistence of dactylogyrus eucalius (monogenea: dactylogyridae) on the short-lived host culaea inconstans (pisces: gasterosteiformes).the monogene dactylogyrus eucalius mizelle and regensberger, 1945 and its ability to maintain a population from year to year on the annual fish culaea inconstans kirkland was examined in a small lake in central ontario. fish were sampled toward the end of their annual breeding season, at a time when the host population consisted of 2 cohorts, i.e., young-of-the-year (0+) and mature adults (1+). prevalence of infection was 94%, with a mean intensity of 8.8 +/- 9.6; neither measure varied signific ...200818576820
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