identification and characterisation of the chinese herb langdu by lc-ms/ms lc-ms/ms method has been developed for the identification of three species of herb used as the traditional chinese medicine langdu, namely stellera chamaejasme l., euphorbia ebracteolata hayata and e. fischeriana steud. as these herbs contain different mixtures of marker compounds, they could be unambiguously differentiated from each other by comparing their respective characteristic segmental multiple reaction monitoring profiles. the profiles indicated that s. chamaejasme contained daphneti ...200312597254
separation and identification of botanical insecticide 7-hydroxycoumarin and its biological activity against aphis craccivora and culex pipiens pallens.the root powder of stellera chamaejasme was extracted with chloroform. the crude extract obtained was chromatographed with silica gel columns many times. one pure natural product was obtained. it was identified as 7-hydroxycoumarin. laboratory bioassay showed that it had a good insecticidal activity against aphis craccivora and culex pipiens pallens. its median lethal concentrations (lc50) (24 h after treatment) were 19.56 and 0.435 mg l(-1), respectively. the results of regressive and correlati ...200818322853
involvement of p21 and fasl in induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis by neochamaejasmin a in human prostate lncap cancer cells.neochamaejasmin a ( 1), a biflavonoid isolated from the roots of a traditional chinese medicine, stellera chamaejasme l., was shown to inhibit cellular (3)h-thymidine incorporation (ic 50 12.5 microg/ml) and subsequent proliferation of human prostate cancer lncap cells. treatment of lncap cells with low doses of 1 (< or =6.25 microg/ml) suppressed dna-binding activities of the transcription factors nfkappab and ap-1 to the promoter of cyclin d and also inhibited expression of the cell cycle regu ...200818380477
biflavanones, flavonoids, and coumarins from the roots of stellera chamaejasme and their antiviral effect on hepatitis b virus.a new 3,3''-biflavanone, isosikokianin a, was isolated from the roots of stellera chamaejasme, together with eleven known compounds. their structures and configurations were elucidated by spectroscopic methods including 2d-nmr techniques. sikokianin a, chamaechromone, and quercetin showed in vitro antiviral activity against hbsag secretion.200818649308
free radical scavenging action of medicinal herbs from the present study we evaluated the free radical scavenging action of some medicinal herbs growing in mongolia. the aqueous extract of nine herbs chamenerion angustifolium (ch.ang), equisetum arvense (eq.arv), gentiana decumbens (gn.dec), geranium pratense (gr.pra), lomatogonium carinthiacum (, nonea poulla (, phodococcum vitis-idaea (ph.v), sphallerocarpus gracilis (, stellera chamaejasme (st.cha) were used in the present experiment. the free radical scavenging action was de ...200011185733
mechanism of antitumor action of pkc activator, gnidimacrin.daphnane-type diterpene gnidimacrin isolated from the chinese plant stellera chamaejasme l. is an antitumor agent that activates protein kinase c (pkc). the mechanism of antitumor action of gnidimacrin and the possible involvement of pkc were examined using sensitive k562 and refractory hle cells. gnidimacrin did bind to k562 cells 3 times more than to hle cells. immunoblot analyses revealed pronounced pkc betaii expression in gnidimacrin sensitive cell lines including k562 cells, while refracto ...19989650560
antitumor activity of daphnane-type diterpene gnidimacrin isolated from stellera chamaejasme l.the daphnane-type diterpene gnidimacrin, isolated from the root of the chinese plant, stellera chamaejasme l., was found to strongly inhibit cell growth of human leukemias, stomach cancers and non-small cell lung cancers in vitro at concentrations of 10(-9) to 10(-10) m. on the other hand, even at 10(-6) to 10(-5) m, the small cell lung cancer cell line h69 and the hepatoma cell line hle were refractory to gnidimacrin. the agent showed significant antitumor activity against murine leukemias and ...19968603823
[the antitumor activities of gnidimacrin isolated from stellera chamaejasme l].gnidimacrin, a diterpene compound, isolated from the methanol extract of stellera chamaejasme l, showed significant antitumor activities against mouse leukemia p-388 and l-1210 in vivo. at the dosages of 0.02-0.03mg/kg ip, the in increase in life span (ils) was 70% and 80%, respectively. gnidimacrin was also active against murine solid tumors in vivo, such as lewis lung carcinoma, b-16 melanoma and colon cancer 26. it showed ilss of 40%, 49% and 41% at the dosages of 0.01-0.02mg/kg ip, respectiv ...19957656781
[enhanced transformation of human lymphocytes by chinese herbs].the enhancing effect of extracts from some chinese herbs on transformation of lymphocytes by epstein-barr (eb) virus was tested in soft agar system. daphne genkwa, wikstroemia chamaedaphne, wikstroemia indica, stellera chamaejasme and sparganium stoloniferum were found to activate early antigen (ea) of eb virus in raji cells and also enhance transformation of lymphocytes by eb virus. but some other herbs, such as abrus cantoniensis and bulbophyllum inconspicuum were not able to activate ea, henc ...19853015528
phytotoxic flavonoids from roots of stellera chamaejasme l. (thymelaeaceae).allelopathy, the negative effect on plants of chemicals released to the surroundings by a neighboring plant, is an important factor which contributes to the spread of some weeds in plant communities. in this field, stellera chamaejasme l. (thymelaeaceae) is one of the most toxic and ecologically-threatening weeds in some of the grasslands of north and west china. bioassay-guided fractionation of root extracts of this plant led to the isolation of eight flavonoids 1-8, whose structures were eluci ...201425096753
activity of the botanical aphicides 1,5-diphenyl-1-pentanone and 1,5-diphenyl-2-penten-1-one on two species of aphididnae.1,5-diphenyl-1-pentanone (a) and 1,5-diphenyl-2-penten-1-one (b) are natural products extracted for the first time from stellera chamaejasme. laboratory bioassay showed that the two products have strong contact activity and very good anti-feedant activity against aphis gossypii and schizaphis graminum. both products showed dose-dependent relationships for both forms of activity against the two aphids, the contact activity of b being about twice that of a. both products were inferior to methomyl ...200111455662
lead optimization and insecticidal activity of analogues of daphneolone isolated from stellera chamaejasme l.starting from the chemical structure of the botanical aphicides 1,5-diphenyl-1-pentanone and 1,5-diphenyl-2-penten-1-one, extracted from stellera chamaejasme l., the authors designed and synthesized a series of novel compounds following the concept of bioisosterism. their structures were established on the basis of (1)h nmr and gc-ms spectra, and the insecticidal activities of the compounds were evaluated against aphis gossypii glover. the results demonstrated that the substitution of a heterocy ...200717575567
isolation and identification of 2-isopropyl-5-methylphenol from stellera chamaejasme and its insecticidal activity against aphis craccivora and pieris this study, the root powder of stellera chamaejasme was extracted with chloroform. the crude extract thus obtained was chromatographed several times with silica gel columns and finally one pure natural product was obtained. this product was identified as 2-isopropyl-5-methylphenol (thymol), which was separated for the first time from s. chamaejasme root. the results of a laboratorial bioassay showed that it had good insecticidal activity against aphis craccivora and pieris rapae. its median l ...201121328133
phytotoxicity of umbelliferone and its analogs: structure-activity relationships and action mechanisms.two coumarins, umbelliferone and daphnoretin, were isolated from roots of stellera chamaejasme l; the former had been identified as one of the main allelochemicals in our previous studies. both of them have the skeleton of 7-hydroxycoumarin, but showed different phytotoxic effects. umbelliferone and its analogs were then prepared to investigate the structure-activity relationship of hydroxycoumarins and screened for phytotoxicity. the inhibitory effects varied observably in response to the couma ...201526509496
a review of the most economically important poisonous plants to the livestock industry on temperate grasslands of china.the majority of the literature on poisonous plant species in china is published in chinese and not available to the majority of interested researchers and grassland managers in other countries. therefore, a review of the chinese literature was conducted to summarize the occurrence of poisonous plant species on temperate grasslands in china. we reviewed the literature to obtain general information on poisonous species but focus on locoweeds (astragalus and oxytropis spp.), drunken horse grass [ac ...201323015535
effect of chinese herbal medicine extracts on cell-mediated immunity in a rat model of tuberculosis induced by multiple drug-resistant bacilli.drug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis poses a major threat to public health. the present study aimed to investigate the effects of radix ranunculi ternati, radix sophorae flavescentis, prunella vulgaris l. and stellera chamaejasme l. extracts on cell‑mediated immunity in a rat model of tuberculosis (tb) induced by multiple drug-resistant bacilli. the bacterium was isolated from patients infected with pulmonary tuberculosis. the immunological response in humans following infection with mycoba ...201323716296
isolation and identification of chemical constituents from the bacterium bacillus sp. and their nematicidal activities.a strain smrs28 was isolated from the rhizosphere soil of a toxic plant stellera chamaejasme and identified as bacillus sp. on the basis of morphological and partial 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. the crude extract of smrs28 fermentation broth showed strong nematocidal activities in preliminary test. to define the active nematocidal metabolites of smrs28, a novel compound (1), 4-oxabicyclo[3.2.2]nona-1(7), 5,8-triene, along with five known compounds (2-6), were isolated from the strain by vari ...201526058971
nematicidal metabolites from roots of stellera chamaejasme against bursaphelenchus xylophilus and bursaphelenchus mucronatus.bursaphelenchus xylophilus, the causal agent of pine wilt disease, severely damages pine forests, and bursaphelenchus mucronatus, a species related to b. xylophilus, is weakly pathogenic. because the use of synthetic pesticides to control pine wilt disease has raised concerns for human and environmental health, a search for useful botanically based compounds is needed.201423934879
stelleralides a-c, novel potent anti-hiv daphnane-type diterpenoids from stellera chamaejasme l.three novel 1-alkyldaphnane-type diterpenes, stelleralides a-c (4-6), and five known compounds were isolated from the roots of stellera chamaejasme l. the structures of 4-6 were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic analyses. several isolated compounds showed potent anti-hiv activity. compound 4 showed extremely potent anti-hiv activity (ec(90) 0.40 nm) with the lowest cytotoxicity (ic(50) 4.3 μm) and appears to be a promising compound for development into anti-aids clinical trial candidates.201121561135
purification and identification of carvacrol from the root of stellera chamaejasme and research on its insecticidal activity.the root powder of stellera chamaejasme was extracted with petroleum ether. the crude extract obtained was chromatographed repeatedly with silica gel columns. one pure natural product was obtained, which was identified as 5-isopropyl-2-methylphenol (carvacrol), separated for the first time from the root of s. chamaejasme. the results of a laboratory bioassay showed that it had good insecticidal activity against aphis craccivora and leucania separata. its median lethal concentrations (lc(50)) (24 ...201121294044
inhibition of cell growth by stellera chamaejasme extract is associated with induction of autophagy and differentiation in chronic leukemia k562 cells.stellera chamaejasme has been used as a therapeutic plant for treatment of various inflammatory diseases and solid tumors. our study was particularly interested in the differentiation inducing activity of the aerial parts of s.chamaejasme using human chronic leukemia cell line k562. the ethanol extract has been shown to be highly cytotoxic against k562 cells at >0.008% (v/v) doses. cell cycle arrest at g(0)/g(1) phase, not detectable dna fragmentation as well as positive staining with acridine o ...201020547324
the biogeochemistry of selenium in sunan grassland, gansu, northwest china, casts doubt on the belief that marco polo reported selenosis for the first time in order to clarify the historic academic problem of whether or not livestock poisoning in ancient suzhou of northwest china, recorded by marco polo in 1295, was selenosis, this study deals with the biogeochemistry of selenium in sunan county in the hexi corridor, which is part of ancient suzhou in china. it was found that quite a number of farm animals had suffered from intoxication and died as a result of grazing poisonous grasses, mostly oxytropis dc, stellera chamaejasme, and achnatheru ineb ...200818351293
experimental warming, not grazing, decreases rangeland quality on the tibetan plateau.we investigated experimental warming and simulated grazing (clipping) effects on rangeland quality, as indicated by vegetation production and nutritive quality, in winter-grazed meadows and summer-grazed shrublands on the tibetan plateau, a rangeland system experiencing climatic and pastoral land use changes. warming decreased total aboveground net primary productivity (anpp) by 40 g x m(-2) x yr(-1) at the meadow habitats and decreased palatable anpp (total anpp minus non-palatable forb anpp) b ...200717489258
a dna microarray for the authentication of toxic traditional chinese medicinal plants.a silicon-based dna microarray was designed and fabricated for the identification of toxic traditional chinese medicinal plants. species-specific oligonucleotide probes were derived from the 5s ribosomal rna gene of aconitum carmichaeli, a. kusnezoffi, alocasia macrorrhiza, croton tiglium, datura inoxia, d. metel, d. tatula, dysosma pleiantha, dy. versipellis, euphorbia kansui, hyoscyamus niger, pinellia cordata, p. pedatisecta, p. ternata, rhododendron molle, strychnos nux-vomica, typhonium div ...200515971136
[rp-hplc fingerprint of milk stellera chamaejasme].to establish a rp-hplc fingerprint of milk stellera chamaejasme.201223627083
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