effect of ak calotropis procera (ait.) r. br. flower extract on testicular function of the indian desert male gerbil meriones hurrianae jerdon: a biochemical & histological study. 1979544463
preliminary studies on the antiinflammatory and analgesic activities of calotropis procera root extract.a chloroform-soluble fraction from calotropis procera roots showed significant dose-related antiinflammatory activity in rats using the pharmacologic models of carrageenin-induced pedal oedema, cotton pellet granuloma and formaldehyde-induced arthritis. in addition, significant analgesic potential was demonstrated using acetic acid-induced writhing in mice.19912056759
[traditional therapy of dracunculiasis in the state of bauchi - nigeria].traditional medicinal treatments of guinea worm being applied in various parts of bauchi state were investigated. extracts of leaves of a number of plants were universally applied topically. users perceived relief of pain and accelerated expulsion of worms and healing process. in particular, tamarindus indica, adansonia digitata, calotropis procera, ziziphus jaozeiro and moringa olifera are known in nature to have relevant medicinal properties especially lessening of inflammation, relief of pain ...19937758381
ethnopharmacology of calotropis procera ethanolic extract of the flowers of calotropis procera was investigated for anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic and antimicrobial activities. the plant extract reduced the paw swelling induced by carrageenan by 37%, fever in rats by 40% and showed some weak effect in rats on the writhing induced by acetic acid. the growth of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria was significantly inhibited. a dose-dependent effect on prostaglandin release was also observed.19883259655
feeding rubberbush (calotropis procera) to cattle and sheep. 19846497815
insecticidal activity of calotropis procera extracts of the flesh fly, sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis fallen.the insecticidal activity, expressed by ld50 values, of acetone, ethanol, petroleum ether and water extracts of calotropis procera leaves against the flesh fly, sarcophaga haemorrhoidalis fallen was evaluated in the laboratory. based on ld50 values, ethanol extract was nearly 1.7, 1.3 and 1.3 times more toxic to larvae than water, petroleum ether and acetone extracts, respectively. it was 1.9, 1.4 and 1.2 times more toxic to pupae than water, acetone and petroleum ether extracts, respectively. i ...19979257990
studies on laticiferous plants: toxic effects in goats of calotropis procera latex given by different routes of administration.the effects on goats of calotropis procera latex given by different routes of administration were investigated. the administration of latex at 1 ml/kg body weight via the oral route or at 0.005 ml/kg body weight/day via the intravenous or intraperitoneal route caused death of the goats between 20 minutes and 4 days. when the small dose of latex (0.005 ml/kg body weight/day) was given by the oral route or intramuscular route no death among the goats occurred. nervous signs, frequent urination, fr ...19989857566
preliminary study on antifertility activity of calotropis procera roots in female rats.the effect of ethanolic extract of the roots of calotropis procera has been studied in albino rats to explore its antifertility and hormonal activities. a strong antiimplantation (inhibition 100%) and uterotropic activity was observed at the dose level of 250 mg/kg (1/4 of ld(50)). no antiestrogenic activity could be detected.200211978424
in vitro hemolysis of human erythrocytes -- by plant extracts with antiplasmodial activity.human erythrocytes were exposed in a dose dependent manner to various ethanolic plant extracts, and fractions obtained from plant parts of calotropis procera (ait.) r. br. and the gum--oleo resin of commiphora wightii (arnott.) bhand. these have been screened for in vitro schizontocidal activity and graded with respect to their 50% inhibitory concentration (ic(50)) derived from the twofold serial dilution of the dose range 0.0625--2 mg/ml. an attempt had been made to relate their antiplasmodial ...200111274824
a preliminary study on the anthelmintic activity of calotropis procera latex against haemonchus contortus infection in najdi sheep.the anthelmintic activity of calotropis procera latex was investigated in sheep that had been infected with single oral doses of 12000 infective haemonchus contortus larvae. inappetence, dullness, erosive abomasitis, decreased haemoglobin concentration and increased eosinophils were the main features of haemonchosis in the sheep. in the sheep treated with single oral doses of 0.01 ml or 0.02 ml/kg body weight of c. procera latex, egg production was significantly reduced, but not completely suppr ...200111214673
acaricidal effects of cardiac glycosides, azadirachtin and neem oil against the camel tick, hyalomma dromedarii (acari: ixodidae).the cardiac glycoside, digitoxin, from digitalis purpurea l (scrophulariaceae), a cardiac glycosidal (cardenolide) extract from calotropis procera (ait) r br (asclepiadaceae), azadirachtin and neem oil from azadirachta indica a juss (meliaceae) were tested for their effects against larvae and adult stages of the camel tick, hyalomma dromedarii koch (acari: ixodidae). the contact lc50 values of the first three materials against adults were 4.08, 9.63 and >40.7 microg cm(-2), respectively, whereas ...200314620053
calotropis procera (sodom apple)--a potential material for enzyme purification.a simple method based on precipitation with calotropis procera latex was developed for the purification of crude enzyme from fermentation broth. c. procera latex (10(-2) dilution) clarified and concentrated the crude amylase of aspergillus oryzae 4-fold with 97% recovery of the initial amylase activity in the filtrate in a single step operation. the latex was stable at ph < or = 4.5 and there was no significant difference (p < or = 0.05) in the purification potential of the latex at 4 and 28 deg ...200312733587
histamine mediates the pro-inflammatory effect of latex of calotropis procera in rats.introduction: calotropis procera is known to produce contact dermatitis and the latex of this plant produces intense inflammation when injected locally. however, the precise mode of its pro-inflammatory effect is not known. in present study we have pharmacologically characterized the inflammation induced by latex of c. procera in a rat paw edema model and determined the role of histamine in latex-induced inflammation.200314760937
chemical constituents and energy content of some latex bearing plants.the latex bearing plants plumeria alba, calotropis procera, euphorbia nerrifolia, nerium indicum and mimusops elengi were evaluated as potential renewable sources of energy and chemicals. plant parts (leaf, stem, bark) and also whole plants were analyzed for elemental composition, oil, polyphenol, hydrocarbons, crude protein, alpha-cellulose, lignin and ash. the dry biomass yields were between 4.47 and 13.74 kg/plant. the carbon contents in whole plants varied from 38.5% to 44.9%, while hydrogen ...200414766154
identification of a novel cardenolide (2''-oxovoruscharin) from calotropis procera and the hemisynthesis of novel derivatives displaying potent in vitro antitumor activities and high in vivo tolerance: structure-activity relationship analyses.analysis of the methanolic extract of calotropis procera root barks enabled the identification of a novel cardenolide (2''-oxovoruscharin) to be made. of the 27 compounds that we hemisynthesized, one (23) exhibited a very interesting profile with respect to its hemisynthetic chemical yield, its in vitro antitumor activity, its in vitro inhibitory influence on the na+/k+-atpase activity, and its in vivo tolerance. compound 23 displayed in vitro antitumor activity on a panel of 57 human cancer cel ...200515689169
in vitro spasmolytic effect of aqueous extract of calotropis procera on guinea-pig trachea smooth muscle chain.the aqueous extract of calotropis procera was evaluated for its spasmolytic effect using in vitro trachea smooth muscle chain of guinea-pig. the extract (50, 100 and 200 microg/ml) showed a dose-dependent relaxant activity probably exhibited through the direct relaxant action on the smooth muscle.200515752643
antioxidant and protective effect of latex of calotropis procera against alloxan-induced diabetes in the present study, dry latex (dl) of calotropis procera possessing potent anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated for its antioxidant and anti-hyperglycemic effects against alloxan-induced diabetes in rats. daily oral administration of dl at 100 and 400 mg/kg doses produced a dose-dependent decrease in the blood glucose and increase in the hepatic glycogen content. dl also prevented the loss of body weight in diabetic rats and brought down the daily water consumption to values comparable to ...200516054794
[glycosides of calotropis procera glycosides and aglycones. 320]. 19695361916
involvement of prostaglandins in inflammation induced by latex of calotropis procera.the aerial parts of the plant calotropis procera produce milky white latex that causes inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes. prostaglandins are one of the mediators released in an inflammatory response following induction of cyclooxygenase (cox). in the present study, we have evaluated the role of prostaglandins in inflammatory response elicited by the latex of c. procera.200415223605
antinociceptive activity of calotropis procera latex in mice.this work evaluated the antinociceptive effect of proteins from the calotropis procera (asclepiadaceae) latex using three different experimental models of nociception in mice. the latex protein fraction administered intraperitoneally in male mice at the doses of 12.5, 25 and 50 mg/kg showed the antinociceptive effect in a dose dependent manner compared to the respective controls in all assays. inhibitions of the acetic acid-induced abdominal constrictions were observed at the doses of 12.5 (67.9 ...200515848031
anthelmintic activity of calotropis procera (ait.) ait. f. flowers in sheep.the anthelmintic activity of calotropis (c.) procera flowers in comparison with levamisole was evaluated through in vitro and in vivo studies. in vitro studies revealed anthelmintic effects (p<0.05) of crude aqueous (cae) and crude methanolic extracts (cme) of calotropis procera flowers on live haemonchus (h.) contortus as evident from their mortality or temporary paralysis. for in vivo studies, calotropis procera flowers were administered as crude powder (cp), cae and cme to sheep naturally inf ...200516085379
anti-inflammatory effect of the latex from calotropis procera in three different experimental models: peritonitis, paw edema and hemorrhagic cystitis.latex from calotropis procera is widely used in folk medicine as a rich source of biologically active compounds capable of promoting diverse benefits such as control of dermal fungal infections, antimicrobial activities and pain relief among other useful properties. the aim of this work was to characterize the anti-inflammatory effect of a non-dialysable protein fraction recovered from the rubber-free latex using three different experimental models when administrated intravenously. in vivo neutr ...200415643548
in vivo and in vitro effect of latex of calotropis procera on gastrointestinal smooth muscles.the present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of dry latex (dl) of calotropis procera on smooth muscles of gastrointestinal tract. oral administration of dl to rats (50-1000 mg/kg) produced a dose-dependent decrease in intestinal transit along with a decrease in intestinal content as compared to control group. at lower doses dl produced dose-dependent contractions of gastrointestinal smooth muscles in vitro (rabbit ileum and fundus of rat stomach) that was followed by desensitization ...200415234780
inhibition of calotropis procera latex-induced inflammatory hyperalgesia by oxytocin and melatonin.the latex of the wild growing plant calotropis procera produces inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes upon accidental exposure. on local administration it elicits an intense inflammatory response due to the release of histamine and prostaglandins that is associated with hyperalgesia. in the present study we have evaluated the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activity of oxytocin and melatonin against rat paw edema induced by dried latex (dl) of c procera and compared it with that ag ...200516489256
latex proteins from the plant calotropis procera are partially digested upon in vitro enzymatic action and are not immunologically detected in fecal material.soluble proteins from the latex of calotropis procera (lp) were investigated in vitro and in vivo for digestibility as the latex has previously been shown to produce considerable toxic effects on animals. the latex is also an important biologically active compound that displays antiinflammatory and antidiarrhea properties. the proteins were digested by the action of trypsin, pepsin or chemotrypsin as revealed by gel filtration and sds-page analysis. furthermore, the full lp digestion was easily ...200616581200
anticancer and cytotoxic properties of the latex of calotropis procera in a transgenic mouse model of hepatocellular evaluate the anticancer property of the dried latex (dl) of calotropis procera, a tropical medicinal plant, in the x15-myc transgenic mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma and to elucidate its mechanism of action in cell culture.200616688796
latex constituents from calotropis procera (r. br.) display toxicity upon egg hatching and larvae of aedes aegypti (linn.).calotropis procera r. br. (asclepiadaceae) is a well-known medicinal plant with leaves, roots, and bark being exploited by popular medicine to fight many human and animal diseases. this work deals with the fractionation of the crude latex produced by the green parts of the plant and aims to evaluate its toxic effects upon egg hatching and larval development of aedes aegypti. the whole latex was shown to cause 100% mortality of 3rd instars within 5 min. it was fractionated into water-soluble dial ...200617072453
effect of anti-inflammatory drugs on pleurisy induced by latex of calotropis procera in present study, we have characterized the inflammation induced by latex of calotropis procera in the rat pleurisy model and evaluated the effect of various inhibitors of inflammatory mediators. injection of dried latex (dl) into the pleural cavity elicited an acute inflammatory response characterized by protein rich fluid accumulation and leucocyte (polymorphonuclear cells, and mononuclear cells) infiltration in the pleural cavity. the peak inflammatory response was obtained at 6h when the flu ...200415225678
immunological and allergenic responses induced by latex fractions of calotropis procera (ait.) and allergenic responses against the latex of calotropis procera were investigated in mice by oral and subcutaneous routes. the latex was fractionated according to water solubility and molecular size of its components. the fractions were named as non-dialyzable latex (ndl) corresponding to the major latex proteins, dialyzable latex (dl) corresponding to low molecular size substances and rubber latex (rl) which was highly insoluble in water. anti-sera against these fractions were as ...200717141437
pro- and anti-inflammatory activities of the latex from calotropis procera (ait.) are triggered by compounds fractionated by dialysis.previous studies have described pro- and anti-inflammatory activities displayed by the latex from calotropis procera. this report aims to clarify these observations and shows that such activities can be segregated from the whole latex.200617221170
commonly used tropical medicinal plants exhibit distinct in vitro antioxidant activities against hepatotoxins in rat liver.lipid peroxidation in biological systems has been considered as one of the major mechanisms of cell injury in aerobic organisms subjected to oxidation stress. plants, among other functions, are considered to act as free radical scavengers and as antioxidants. iron ii (fe(2+)), sodium nitroprusside (snp) and nitropropionic acid stimulate the production of free radicals and lipid peroxidation. in this study, four commonly used tropical medicinal plants (kigelia africana, calotropis procera, hibisc ...200717395447
a comparative study on the efficacy of rofecoxib in monoarticular arthritis induced by latex of calotropis procera and freund's complete adjuvant.the role of prostaglandins in calotropis procera latex induced inflammation and hyperalgesia has been well established. the acute inflammation induced by the dried latex (dl) of this plant could be effectively ameliorated by standard anti-inflammatory drugs. in present study we have evaluated the efficacy of rofecoxib, a cox-2 inhibitor in monoarthritis induced by intra-articular injection of dl and compared it with that against freund's complete adjuvant (fca). dl and fca were injected into the ...200616835708
effect of calotropis procera latex on isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction in albino rats.the alcoholic extract of the latex obtained from calotropis procera (asclepidaceae) was evaluated for protection against isoproterenol (20 mg/100 g body wt., s.c.)-induced myocardial infarction in albino rats. the heart damage induced by isoproterenol was indicated by elevated levels of the marker enzymes such as creatine kinase-isoenzyme (ck-mb), lactate dehydrogenase (ldh), serum glutamate oxaloacetic transaminase (sgot) and serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase (sgpt) in serum with increased ...200415185846
effects of calotropis procera on oestrous cycle and on oestrogenic functionality in rats.effects of ethanolic and aqueous extracts of calotropis procera (ait.) roots, have been studied on oestrous cycle and on some parameters of oestrogenic functionality in rats. both extracts have been shown to interrupt the normal oestrous cycle in 60 and 80%, respectively, of rats treated. the rats exhibited prolonged dioestrous stage of the oestrous cycle with consequent temporary inhibition of ovulation. the contemporary administration of commercial oestro-progestinic preparation exhibite ...200111482761
the antipyretic activity of some moroccan medicinal plants.the antipyretic activity of different extracts from calotropis procera, cotula cinerea and zygophyllum gaetulum was investigated experimentally in rats. the antipyretic effect was retained in all extracts tested and was comparable to that of acetylsalicylic acid used as the standard drug.200211933154
hepatoprotective activity of calotropis procera flowers against paracetamol-induced hepatic injury in rats.hydro-ethanolic extract (70%) of calotropis procera flowers was prepared and tested for its hepatoprotective effect against paracetamol-induced hepatitis in rats. alteration in the levels of biochemical markers of hepatic damage like sgpt, sgot, alp, bilirubin, cholesterol, hdl and tissue gsh were tested in both treated and untreated groups. paracetamol (2 g/kg) has enhanced the sgpt, sgot, alp, bilirubin and cholesterol levels and reduced the serum levels of hdl and tissue level of gsh. treatme ...200717600635
in-vitro schizonticidal screening of calotropis procera.following an ethnobotanical approach, the ethanol extracts of calotropis procera leaves, stems, roots, flowers and buds have been screened in vitro for antimalarial activity against chloroquine (cq)-sensitive and cq-resistant plasmodium falciparum strains.200011449477
inflammation induced by latex of calotropis procera--a new model to evaluate anti-inflammatory drugs.latex of calotropis procera was studied for its inflammatory reactions using pedal oedema and air pouch models of inflammation in rats. subcutaneous injection of aqueous solution (0.1 ml of 1%) of dry latex (dl) into the plantar surface of paw produced significant inflammation. maximum inflammatory response was obtained 1 h after the injection and was maintained for a further 1 h. the inflammatory response was accompanied by an increase in vascular permeability that reached its maximum within 15 ...200011257487
screening of yemeni medicinal plants for antibacterial and cytotoxic activities.ethanolic extracts of 20 selected plant species used by yemeni traditional healers to treat infectious diseases were screened for their antibacterial activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as for cytotoxic activity. fourteen of the ethanolic extracts showed variable degrees of antibacterial activity. the active ethanolic extracts were partitioned between ethyl acetate and water for a first separation. the ethyl acetate extract of lawsonia inermis was found to be ...200111167035
in vitro cytotoxicity against different human cancer cell lines of laticifer proteins of calotropis procera (ait.) r. br.this work evaluated the in vitro cytotoxic activity of laticifer proteins (lp) recovered from the latex of the medicinal plant calotropis procera. the lp displayed considerable cytotoxicity with ic(50) values ranging from 0.42 to 1.36 microg/ml to sf295 and mda-mb-435 cell lines, respectively. in healthy peripheral blood mononuclear cells exposed to lp (10 microg/ml) for 72 h, no noticeable effects on viability or cell morphology were seen. the fractionating of lp on an ion exchange chromatograp ...200717604595
heavy metal accumulation in medicinal plants collected from environmentally different estimate the heavy metal content in soil and selected medicinal plants procured from environmentally different sites of the same city.200818837296
protective effect of latex of calotropis procera in freund's complete adjuvant induced monoarthritis.the protective effect of latex of calotropis procera in freund's complete adjuvant (fca) induced monoarticular arthritis was evaluated in rats. arthritis was induced by a single intra-articular injection of 0.1 ml of 0.1% fca in the right ankle joint. the effect of dried latex (dl, 200 and 400 mg/kg) and its methanol extract (medl, 50 and 500 mg/kg) following oral administration was evaluated on joint inflammation, hyperalgesia, locomotor function and histology at the time of peak inflammation. ...200919048609
effect of aqueous suspension of dried latex of calotropis procera on hepatorenal functions in rat.the present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of dry latex (dl) of calotropis procera, a plant of the family asclepiadaceae, on the functions of liver and kidney in normal rats.200919111917
tuareg ethnoveterinary treatments of camel diseases in agadez area (niger).for generations, nomadic herders have been learning to manage herd health, particularly in dromedaries because of their great value. owing to the unavailability of veterinary services, camel herders in remote areas have been developing their own pharmacopoeia and veterinary techniques. the bleeding of sick animals is a common treatment, as tuareg herders believe that 'tainted blood' (izni) is the cause of many conditions. several surgical techniques are also used, such as excision of calcified s ...200718318345
extract from calotropis procera latex activates murine macrophages.calotropis procera latex has long been used in traditional medicines. extracts from c. procera latex have been reported to have various pharmacological actions, including protection from myocardial infarction, hepatoprotective action, antitumor activity, antinociceptive, and pro- and anti-inflammatory actions. to evaluate the immunomodulatory functions of the water-soluble c. procera extract (cpe), we investigated its ability to activate macrophages-effector cells in inflammatory and immune resp ...200919399577
ethnopharmacological survey of wild medicinal plants in showbak, jordan.two main research questions are framing this investigation: (1) the main taxa of the medicinal importance value altered the showbak forest stand and species composition? (2) the most safe species and what are the toxic ones (unsafe). these two research questions are the vital ones to draw a clear image about the wild medicinal plants of this investigated area of showbak region in jordan. 79 wild medicinal plant species were investigated in this study which are used in traditional medication for ...200919429338
healing potential of calotropis procera on dermal wounds in guinea pigs.calotropis procera (asclepiadaceae) is a well known plant in the ayurvedic system of medicine. based on its traditional use this plant was selected for evaluation of its wound healing potential. for this purpose four full thickness excisional wounds of 8.0 mm diameter were inflicted on the back of guinea pigs. topical application of 20 microl of 1.0% sterile solution of the latex of c. procera twice daily was followed for 7 days. the latex significantly augmented the healing process by markedly ...199910624886
evaluation of in vitro schizontocidal activity of plant parts of calotropis procera--an ethnobotanical approach.calotropis procera (ait.) commonly known, as 'arka' is a popular medicinal plant found throughout the tropics of asia and africa and is used in many traditional systems of medicine. important factors of the various parts of this plant have been widely reported. good record keeping of subjective and objectively recorded cures by practitioners of traditional medicinal system will help in the establishment of the use of c. procera as an antimalarial plant. it has been attempted to see the eff ...199910624866
screening of antibacterial and antiparasitic activities of six moroccan medicinal plants.the extracts of six plants selected on the basis of folk-medicine reports were examined for their antibacterial effects against eight pathogenic bacteria. the results showed that n-butanol extract of calotropis procera proved to be the most effective against the bacteria tested using the paper disc diffusion method. the antiprotozoal activity was also examined and showed that ethyl ether extract of sium nodiflorum exhibits a parasiticidal effect against trichomonas intestinalis and vaginalis.199910709454
involvement of no in the inhibitory effect of calotropis procera latex protein fractions on leukocyte rolling, adhesion and infiltration in rat peritonitis model.the latex of calotropis procera has been used in the traditional medicinal system for the treatment of leprosy, ulcers, tumors, piles and diseases of liver, spleen, abdomen and toothache. it comprises of a non-dialyzable protein fraction (lp) that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and a dialyzable fraction (df) exhibiting pro-inflammatory properties. the present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of lp sub-fractions on neutrophil functions and nociception in rodent models and to el ...200919647058
protective effect of calotropis procera latex extracts on experimentally induced gastric ulcers in rat.calotropis procera is a wild growing plant with multifarious medicinal properties. the present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of dried latex (dl) of calotropis procera and its methanol extract (medl) against gastric ulcers induced in rats.201019853030
in vivo growth inhibition of sarcoma 180 by latex proteins from calotropis procera.latex of calotropis procera has been described as a relevant source of pharmacologically active proteins, including proteins with anticancer activity. a previous in vitro study of laticifer proteins (lp) from c. procera reported that they had selective cytotoxic effects on human cancer cell lines. the aim of this study was to determine the effects of lp in vivo using mice transplanted with sarcoma 180. biochemical, hematological, histopathological, and morphological analyses were performed in an ...201020517595
urbanization and road-use determines calotropis procera distribution in the eastern indo-gangetic plain, india. 201020653282
studies on the possible mechanism of the gastric mucosal protection by calotropis procera--involvement of 5-lipoxygenase pathway.the role of chloroform fraction of calotropis procera root extract on different experimental ulcer models in rats was investigated. the extract demonstrated significant anti-ulcer activity against aspirin, indomethacin, ethanol, indomethacin + ethanol, or stress-induced ulcerations. significant inhibition of gastric secretory volume and total acidity in pylorus ligated rats were observed to occur with the extract. it was also observed that the root extract significantly inhibited arachidonic aci ...19989523189
extraction and phytochemical investigation of calotropis procera: effect of plant extracts on the activity of diverse muscles.calotropis procera (ait.) (asclepiadaceae) is a shrub or small tree that grows wild in egypt. calotropis acts as a purgative, anthelmintic, anticoagulant, palliative (in problems with respiration, blood pressure), antipyretic, and analgesic, and induces neuromuscular blocking activity. little research has been done to study the electrophysiological effects of this plant's extracts on cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle activities.201020690894
anti-inflammatory activity of the latex of calotropis procera.the anti-inflammatory property of the latex of calotropis procera was studied on carrageenin- and formalin-induced rat paw oedema model. a single dose of the aqueous suspension of the dried latex was effective to a significant level against the acute inflammatory response.19947853863
antimycoplasmal activity of some plant species from northern nigeria compared to the currently used therapeutic agent.mycoplasma spp. are obligate parasites of humans and animals. but due to the special requirements needed to culture mycoplasma in the laboratory, little or no research has been done to evaluate the efficacy of medicinal plants on the organism.201020819025
ayurvedic herbal drugs with possible cytostatic activity.ayurveda is considered to be the traditional science of health in india and is based on the principle of subjectivity. all matter is composed of five basic elements, which can be perceived by the five sense organs. all food and drugs are classified according to their pharmacological properties, which are derived from these five elements. to investigate which ayurvedic plants might have cytostatic activity, an ayurvedic model for the pathogenesis of cancer was made. based on this, selection crite ...19957500639
the activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes in goats treated orally with the latex of calotropis procera and the influence of dieldrin pretreatment.the effects of oral administration of different doses of the latex of calotropis procera on the activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes in the liver, kidneys and duodenal mucosa of nubian goats were investigated. lesions and changes in total plasma protein concentration and in the activities of plasma sorbitol dehydrogenase (sd), glutamate dehydrogenase (gd) and aspartate aminotransferase (ast) were studied. the daily oral administration of the latex at dose rates of 0.4 and 0.8 ml per kg for 7 ...19912061426
pharmacological studies on aerial parts of calotropis procera.the decoction of the aerial part of calotropis procera is commonly used in saudi arabian traditional medicine for the treatment of variety of diseases including fever, joint pain, muscular spasm and constipation. the present investigation was undertaken to confirm its claimed activity in traditional medicine. the ethanol extract of the plant was tested on laboratory animals for its antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, purgative and muscle relaxant activities. the results of ...19911767794
the effects of calotropis procera on small ruminants. ii. effects of administration of the latex to sheep and goats. 1979457944
the effects of calotropis procera on small ruminants. i. effects of feeding sheep with the plant. 1979457943
effect of silk flower hay (calotropis procera sw) feeding on the physical and chemical quality of longissimus dorsi muscle of santa inez lambs.the effect of different levels of silk flower hay (calotropis procera sw) in the diet of confined lambs by the substitution of the commonly used foraging broom corn hay (sorghum bicolor l) was investigated to evaluate its possible effects on the growth and quality of the lamb meat. twenty-four male santa inez lambs were divided in equal numbers into four treatment groups and fed diets containing 0%, 16.7%, 33.3% and 50% of silk flower hay (sfh). growth rate, feed intake and meat quality were inv ...200822062467
interleukin-1beta inhibits paw oedema induced by local administration of latex of calotropis procera extracts.interleukin-1beta (il-1beta), a pro-inflammatory cytokine, has been reported to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties in the carrageenan-induced paw oedema model. in the present study, we have evaluated the anti-inflammatory activity of il-1beta against inflammation induced by local administration of the methanol extract of dried latex of calotropis procera (medl) and compared it with that against carrageenan. the anti-inflammatory activity of standard anti-inflammatory drugs, phenylbutazone (pbz ...200415901416
larvicidal activity of some plant extracts to larvae of the mosquito culex quinquefasciatus (say 1823).searching for potent plant larvicides, crude aqueous extract of the latex of uschar (calotropis procera) and labakh (ficus benghalensis) were tested against the fourth instar larvae of the lymphatic filariasis vector culex quinquefasciatus (diptera: culicidae) using the conventional methods recommended by the who. likewise, the toxicity level of malathion was tested. the dose/response mortality relationship was statistically determined using double transformation regression analysis. the 24-hour ...201021284341
the toxicity of indian calotropis procera rbr latex in the black rat, rattus rattus linn.toxicity studies with latex of calotropis procera rbr were conducted in the black rat, rattus rattus. the latex was fed through bait prepared from wheat flour, ground nut oil and sugar at concentrations of 5, 7.5 or 10% (w/w). the bait was fed up to mortality and for a maximum of 10 days. the signs produced were passivity, sluggishness, sedation, dyspnea, weakness, reduction in weight, anorexia, diarhhea, hematuria, bleeding from nose, eyes and anus, eye lens opacity, mild tetanic convulsions, c ...19883176304
osmotin purified from the latex of calotropis procera: biochemical characterization, biological activity and role in plant defense.a protein, similar to osmotin- and thaumatin-like proteins, was purified from calotropis procera (ait.) latex. the isolation procedure required two cation exchange chromatography steps on 50mm na-acetate buffer (ph 5.0) cm-sepharose fast flow and 25 mm na-phosphate buffer (ph 6.0) resource-s, respectively. the protein purity was confirmed by an unique n-terminal sequence [atftirnncpytiwaaavpgggrrlnsggtwtinvapgta]. the osmotin (cposm) appeared as a single band (20,100 da) in sodium dodecyl s ...201121334906
antiinflammatory efficacy of extracts of latex of calotropis procera against different mediators of inflammation.the latex of the plant calotropis procera has been reported to exhibit potent antiinflammatory activity against carrageenin and formalin that are known to release various mediators. in the present study, we have evaluated the efficacy of extracts prepared from the latex of c procera against inflammation induced by histamine, serotonin, compound 48/80, bradykinin (bk), and prostaglandin e2 (pge2) in the rat paw oedema model. the paw oedema was induced by the subplantar injection of various inflam ...200516192673
calotropis procera latex-induced inflammatory hyperalgesia--effect of antiinflammatory drugs.the milky white latex of plant calotropis procera produces inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes on accidental exposure. it produces edema on local administration due to the release of histamine and prostaglandins and is associated with hyperalgesia. in the present study we have evaluated the antiedematous and analgesic activity of antiinflammatory drugs against inflammatory response induced by dried latex (dl) of c procera in rat paw edema model. an aqueous extract of dl of c procera wa ...200516192671
screening of herbal-based bioactive extract against carbapenem-resistant strain of acinetobacter baumannii.acinetobacter baumannii is grouped in the eskape pathogens by infectious disease society of america, which is linked to high degree of morbidity, mortality, and increased costs. the high level of acquired and intrinsic resistance mechanisms of these bacteria makes it an urgent requirement to find a suitable alternative to carbapenem, a commonly prescribed drug for acinetobacter infection. in this study, methanolic extracts of six medicinal plants were subjected to phytochemical screening and the ...201626910023
calotropis procera latex extract affords protection against inflammation and oxidative stress in freund's complete adjuvant-induced monoarthritis in view of the well-established anti-inflammatory properties of latex of calotropis procera (dl), the present study was carried out to evaluate the protective effect of its methanol extract (medl) against inflammation and oxidative stress in monoarthritis induced by freund's complete adjuvant (fca) in rats. intra-articular injection of fca produced inflammation of the joint with a peak effect occurring on day 4 where a maximum increase in the levels of myeloperoxidase and inflammatory mediators ...200717497032
hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities of flowers of calotropis procera (ait) r. br. in ccl4 induced hepatic damage.hepatoprotective activity of 70% ethanolic extract of flowers of c. procera was studied against ccl4 induced hepatic injury in albino rats and mice. in addition, antioxidant activity was studied by in vitro models. pre-treatment with 70% ethanolic extract (cpa) reduced the biochemical markers of hepatic injury like serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase, serum glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, cholesterol, hdl and tissue glutathione (gsh) levels. similarly pret ...200717373378
genetic diversity in some perennial plant species with-in short distances.distinct morphophysiological variations observed for over 2 years with-in short distances among four perennial plants indicated genetic diversity among the lines growing at three places. the isozyme and sds polyacrylamide gel banding patterns as genetic markers were used to investigate four perennial species, namely dalbergia sissoo roxb., delonix regia (boj.) refin., cassia fistula l. and calotropis procera r. br. plant materials collected from three locations (agra, gwalior and lucknow) differ ...200717717991
calotropis procera latex affords protection against carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in the present study, latex of calotropis procera possessing potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties was evaluated for its hepatoprotective effect against carbon tetrachloride (ccl(4)) induced hepatotoxicity in rats. subcutaneous injection of ccl(4,) administered twice a week, produced a marked elevation in the serum levels of aspartate transaminase (ast), alanine transaminase (alt) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-alpha). histological analysis of the liver of these rats revealed ...200717706384
calotropis procera latex-induced inflammatory hyperalgesia - effect of bradyzide and morphine.1 the milky white latex of the plant calotropis procera induces inflammatory response upon accidental exposure and on local administration that could be effectively ameliorated by antihistaminic and standard anti-inflammatory drugs. 2 the aim of the present study was to evaluate the anti-oedematogenic and analgesic effect of the bradykinin antagonist, bradyzide (bdz) and the opioidergic analgesic, morphine (mor) against inflammatory hyperalgesia induced by the dried latex (dl) of c. procera in t ...200717584444
anti-diarrhoeal activity of the latex of calotropis procera.the dry latex (dl) of calotropis procera (asclepiadaceae), a potent anti-inflammatory agent has been evaluated for anti-diarrhoeal activity. like atropine and phenylbutazone (pbz), a single oral dose of dl (500 mg/kg) produced a significant decrease in frequency of defecation, severity of diarrhoea and afforded protection from diarrhoea in 80% rats treated with castor oil. to understand the mechanism of its anti-diarrhoeal activity, we further evaluated its effect on intestinal transit, castor o ...200111378292
acetaminophen-induced liver damage in mice: effects of some medicinal plants on the oxidative defense system.paracetamol (acetaminophen, pcm) is widely used as an over-the-counter analgesic and antipyretic drug. intake of a large dose of pcm may result in severe hepatic necrosis. oxidative stress mediated by oxidative capacities of the pcm metabolite (n-acetyl-p-benzoquinoneimine (napqi), is considered as the main cause of hepatotoxicity of pcm. this work therefore seeks to induce liver damage in mice using single dose (25 0mg/kg) of acetaminophen and to evaluate the possible protective effects of admi ...200818054472
evaluation of some moroccan medicinal plant extracts for larvicidal activity.the larvicidal properties of 16 extracts of four moroccan medicinal plants: calotropis procera (wild.), cotula cinerea (l.), solanum sodomaeum (l.) and solanum elaeagnifolium (cav.) were tested against anopheles labranchiae mosquito larvae. among the extracts tested, nine exhibited high larvicidal activity with lc(50) (24 h) ranging from 28 to 325 ppm.200011025168
molecular and biochemical evaluation of genetic effect of calotropis procera (ait.) latex on aspergillus terreus (thom).the present study was conducted to observe the genotoxic effect of latex of calotropis procera. dense conidial suspensions of aspergillus terreus thorn were treated with different concentrations of calotropis latex and assayed for percentage survival, auxotrophic mutants, dna and total protein contents and further subjected to rapd and sds-page tests. it was found that latex of calotropis procera had potent lethal and mutagenic activities. percentage survival decreased as concentration or time o ...200819024171
[senegalese pharmacopoeia: study of acute toxicity and antitussive activity of calotropis procera ait (asclepiadaceae)].we confirmed the innocuity of different extracts (leaves and stem bark) of calotropis procera (asclepiadaceae), a plant widely used in asian and west african traditional therapy in dermatological and bronchal affections. we proved the against cough activity of the aqueous stem bark extract after administration, per os, upon bronchal irritation by ammoniac on guinea pig.19937882852
ontogenetical and histochemical studies on the translator apparatus in calotropis procera r. br. i. the retinaculum.translator apparatus consists of 2 parts--the corpusculum, which is attached to the margin of the stigmatic head between the anthers, and a pair of arms by which the corpusculum is attached to the pollinia of the adjacent anther halves. retinaculum spans the lateral blade of the corpusculum to the acellular beak of the pollinium. ontogenetically, it is the secretory product of the stigma along the secondary stigmatic groove. histochemically, it is composed of lipid, lignin, cutin and a little am ...1978411312
anticonvulsant action of calotropis procera latex proteins.calotropis procera (ait.) is a laticiferous plant belonging to the apocynaceae family. c. procera latex proteins were evaluated with respect to anticonvulsant and sedative activity in mouse models of pentylenetetrazol (ptz)-, pilocarpine-, and strychnine-induced convulsions or turning behavior and pentobarbital-induced sleep. in the strychnine- and pilocarpine-induced seizure models, c. procera latex proteins caused no significant alterations in latencies to convulsions and death, as compa ...201222227595
in vitro and in vivo antiproliferative activity of calotropis procera stem extracts.the cytotoxic potential of stem organic extracts from calotropis procera (asclepiadaceae) was firstly evaluated against cancer cell lines by mtt assay. subsequently, samples considered cytotoxic were tested for antimitotic activity on sea urchin egg development and for in vivo antiproliferative activity in mice bearing sarcoma 180 tumor. among the five extracts (hexane, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, acetone and methanol), ethyl acetate and acetone extracts displayed higher cytotoxic potential ...201020563422
latex protein extracts from calotropis procera with immunomodulatory properties protect against experimental infections with listeria monocytogenes.the latex from the medicinal plant calotropis procera is often used in folk medicine against infectious and inflammatory diseases.201627235713
inflammation induced by phytomodulatory proteins from the latex of calotropis procera (asclepiadaceae) protects against salmonella infection in a murine model of typhoid fever.laticifer proteins (lp) of calotropis procera were fractionated by ion-exchange chromatography, and the influence of a sub-fraction (lp(pi)) on the inflammatory response of swiss mice challenged by salmonella enterica ser. typhimurium was investigated.201222487850
germinating seeds of the mung bean, vigna radiata (fabaceae), as a model for the preliminary evaluation of cytotoxic effects of drugs.cytotoxic properties of plant extracts and drugs being developed for cancer treatment are usually evaluated by a variety of in vivo and in vitro tests carried out in animal or plant based models. in the present study we have evaluated the possibility of using the germinating mung beans (vigna radiata), for rapid and inexpensive screening of drugs exhibiting cytotoxic properties. mung beans were allowed to germinate either in tap water or in different drug solutions, and parameters like percent g ...200919499882
calotropis procera root extracts block vegf-induced angiogenesis: quantitative analysis.angiogenesis is controlled by number of growth factors, including vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf). plant derived anti-angiogenic molecules acting via vegf are being investigated for curtailing angiogenesis dependent diseases. in this study, methanolic (cm), n-hexane (ch), ethylacetate (ce) and water (cw) extracts of the roots of calotropis procera were tested for anti-angiogenic activity. in the chicken egg chorioallantoic membrane (cam) assay, cm, ch and ce but not cw inhibited vegf-i ...201122315805
proteins from latex of calotropis procera prevent septic shock due to lethal infection by salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium.the latex of calotropis procera has been used in traditional medicine to treat different inflammatory diseases. the anti-inflammatory activity of latex proteins (lp) has been well documented using different inflammatory models. in this work the anti-inflammatory protein fraction was evaluated in a true inflammatory process by inducing a lethal experimental infection in the murine model caused by salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar typhimurium.201020371281
laticifer proteins play a defensive role against hemibiotrophic and necrotrophic phytopathogens.proteins from latex of calotropis procera (cplp), plumeria rubra (prlp), carica candamarcensis (p1g10) and euphorbia tirucalli (etlp) were tested for antifungal activity against phytopathogens. cplp and p1g10 inhibited each fungi analyzed. prlp and etlp did not exert inhibition. cplp and p1g10 exhibited preferential inhibitory activity towards r. solani (icôéàôéç = 20.7 and 25.3 -ág/ml, respectively). the inhibitory activity was lost after heat treatment or proteolysis, providing evidence for th ...201121394468
potential of laticifer fluids for inhibiting aedes aegypti larval development: evidence for the involvement of proteolytic has been shown previously that the laticifer fluid of calotropis procera (ait.) is highly toxic to the egg hatching and larval development of aedes aegypti l. in the present study, the larvicidal potential of other laticifer fluids obtained from cryptostegia grandiflora, plumeria rubra l. and euphorbia tirucalli l. was evaluated. we attempted to correlate larvicidal activity with the presence of endogenous proteolytic activity in the protein fraction of the fluids. after collectio ...200919876551
antimicrobial activity of calotropis procera ait. (asclepiadaceae) and isolation of four flavonoid glycosides as the active constituents.antimicrobial activity of solvent extracts and flavonoids of calotropis procera growing wild in saudi arabia was evaluated using the agar well-diffusion method. a bioassay-guided fractionation of the crude flavonoid fraction (cf3) of meoh extract which showed the highest antimicrobial activity led to the isolation of four flavonoid glycosides as the bioactive constituents. structure of compounds have been elucidated using physical and spectroscopic methods including (uv, ir, (1)h, (13)c-nmr, dep ...201323417281
cysteine protease profiles of the medicinal plant calotropis procera r. br. revealed by de novo transcriptome analysis.calotropis procera r. br., a traditional medicinal plant in india, is a promising source of commercial proteases, because the cysteine proteases from the plant exhibit high thermo-stability, broad ph optima, and plasma-clotting activity. though several proteases such as procerain, procerain b, cpcp-1, cpcp-2, and cpcp-3 have been isolated and characterized, the information of their transcripts is limited to cdnas encoding their mature peptides. due to this limitation, in this study, to determine ...201525786229
chemical composition and in vitro activity of calotropis procera (ait.) latex on haemonchus contortus.calotropis procera is among the species of medicinal plants that have traditionally been used for the treatment of parasites in small ruminants, stimulating the scientific validation of anthelmintic effects. this study aimed to investigate the chemical composition of ethyl acetate extract of calotropis procera latex (eaecpl), assess the in vitro effect against haemonchus contortus and the structural changes caused in the adult worm. the latex was collected, lyophilized and subjected to washing w ...201627514877
anthelmintic potential of calotropis procera, azadirachta indica and punica granatum against gastrothylax indicus.anthelmintic activity of both ethanolic and aqueous extracts of calotropis procera flowers, azadirachta indica leaves and punica granatum fruit peel in comparison with albendazole was evaluated through in vitro studies by the worm motility inhibition assay. significant anthelmintic effects (p < 0.0005) were observed on live gastrothylax indicus worm as evident from their mortality at 4 h post exposure to both ethanolic and aqueous extracts. phytochemical analysis of extracts revealed the presenc ...201627876922
effect of cuscuta reflexa stem and calotropis procera leaf extracts on glucose tolerance in glucose-induced hyperglycemic rats and mice.cuscuta reflexa (whole plant) and calotropis procera (leaves) are used in folk medicine of bangladesh to control blood sugar in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. the hypoglycemic effects of methanol and chloroform extracts of whole plants of cuscuta reflexa, and methanol extract of leaves of calotropis procera were investigated in oral glucose tolerance tests in long evans rats and swiss albino mice, respectively. both methanol and chloroform extracts of cuscuta reflexa whole plant demo ...200921304621
clinical and pathological effects of calotropis procera exposure in sheep and rats.this study aimed to describe the toxic effects resulting from the administration of calotropis procera (aiton) w. t. aiton latex to rats and c. procera leaves to sheep. we studied male sheep that received c. procera leaves by gavage. twenty male rats were separated into 5 groups and were subjected to an intra-peritoneal injection of fresh c. procera latex (without carrier solvent) at 1.0, 0.6, 0.3 or 0.1 ml of latex/kg of body weight, and control animals were injected with 0.9% nacl. all rats we ...201021087619
crystal structure of an antifungal osmotin-like protein from calotropis procera and its effects on fusarium solani spores, as revealed by atomic force microscopy: insights into the mechanism of action.cposm is an antifungal osmotin/thaumatin-like protein purified from the latex of calotropis procera. the protein is relatively thermostable and retains its antifungal activity over a wide ph range; therefore, it may be useful in the development of new antifungal drugs or transgenic crops with enhanced resistance to phytopathogenic fungi. to gain further insight into the mechanism of action of cposm, its three-dimensional structure was determined, and the effects of the protein on fusarium solani ...201526456062
antibacterial potential of calotropis procera (flower) extract against various pathogens.increased bacterial resistance towards commonly used antibiotics has become a debated issue all over the world in a last few decades. due to this, consumer demand towards natural anti-microbial agents is increasing day by day. natural anti-microbial agents have gained enormous attention as an alternative therapeutic agent in pharmaceutical industry. current study is an effort to explore and identify a bactericidal potential of various solvent extracts of calotropis procera flower. flowers of c. ...201425176228
anti-inflammatory and gastromucosal protective effects of calotropis procera (asclepiadaceae) stem bark.this study was aimed at evaluating the anti-inflammatory and gastromucosal protective effect of chloroform extract (ch) and hydroalcoholic extract (he) of the stem bark of calotropis procera obtained successively by cold maceration. the anti-inflammatory effect of the ch and he extracts of the stem bark of calotropis procera against carrageenan-induced paw oedema and also its gastromucosal protective effect has been studied by using two acute models: aspirin (100 mg/kg, p.o.) and ethanol (96%) i ...201121400248
metal contamination of soils and plants associated with the glass industry in north central india: prospects of phytoremediation.introduction: the effect of the glass industry on urban soil metal characterization was assessed in the area of firozabad, india. a comprehensive profile of metal contamination was obtained in five zones each containing five specific sites. findings: zn, cd, and as showed a greater accumulation, whereas accumulation of ni and cu was high in limited samples. positive correlation was found for the metal pairs cu-zn, cu-co, and cu-cr at pôçë<ôçë0.01. moderate positive correlation was also observed ...201121735162
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