[materials for determination of physiological age and gonotrophic cycle duration in mosquito anopheles hyrcanus in the south of azerbaijan ssr]. 1975129669
[confirmation of the role of anopheles hyrcanus pall., 1771 and an. pulcherrimus theo., 1902 in the transmission of tertian malaria in the rice-growing areas of north-eastern afghanistan]. 1977927370
an epidemiological assessment of the residual effect of ddt on anopheles hyrcanus sensulato and a. pulcherrimus (theobold) in the north eastern region of the irrigated zones of north-eastern region of afghanistan malaria transmission is sustained by a. pulcherrimus and a. hyrcanus despite many years of ddt spraying. a. hyrcanus is an exophilic and exophagic mosquito, strongly resistant to ddt. a. pulcherrimus is still largely susceptible to the insecticide but seems to be deterred from entering houses when these are sprayed with ddt. entomological and parasitological studies in an area of the province of kunduz where ddt has not been applied f ...19751172640
contribution to the study of the biology of the anopheles hyrcanus species from the danube delta. 19751212087
[restriction fragment length differences of genomic repetitive dna from five sibling species of anopheles hyrcanus group].genomic dna were prepared from 5 sibling species of anopheles hyrcanus group including an. sinensis (ass), an. anthropophagus (ala), an. liangshanensis (als), an. crawfordi (acw) and an. xiaokuanus (axk). high molecular weight dna from each species were cut with three restriction endonucleases (bgl ii, hae iii and pst i) and the dna fragments analysed by agarose gel electrophoresis and ethidium bromide staining. three enzymes (bgl ii, hae iii and pst i) produced unique fragments in all sibling s ...19911676618
mosquito fauna of certain areas of deltaic west bengal--a preliminary report.survey of mosquito fauna in certain areas of deltaic bengal was conducted between september 1989 to february 1990. anopheles vagus predominated in canning study area and anopheles hyrcanus in budge budge. comparatively low densities of anopheles annularis were recorded from canning (6.05% of the total anophelines) and budge budge (7.36% of the total anophelines), respectively. c. vishnui, c. pseudovishnui and c. tritaeniorhynchus were collected from both canning and budge budge study areas. c. p ...19911680757
[epidemiological characteristics and control of filariasis in hunan province].of 98 counties or cities in hunan province, 55 were endemic areas of filariasis. the average microfilaria rate was 5.64% (180,046/3,194,102), and the incidence of advanced filariasis, including elephantiasis and hydrocele was 3.29%. the number of filariasis patients in the whole province was estimated to be 1.63 million, comprising 1.25 million of microfilaremia cases, culex fatigans and anopheles hyrcanus sinensis were the major vectors of bancroftian and malayan filariasis respectively in the ...19902208629
susceptibility status of vectors of japanese encephalitis to insecticides in south arcot and tirunelveli districts of tamil nadu.villages in south arcot and tirunelveli districts with high incidence of japanese encephalitis were selected for the study of insecticidal resistance to vectors. culex vishnui and anopheles hyrcanus group were found to be resistant to ddt (4 per cent for 60 min. exposure) and dieldrin (0.4 per cent for 60 min. exposure) but susceptible to malathion (5 per cent for 60 min. exposure). so far, this is perhaps the first report of anopheles hyrcanus group resistant to ddt and dieldrin to be reported ...19892559119
evaluation of permethrin-impregnated mosquito-nets against mosquitoes in yishan county, guangxi province, china, where malaria and brugian filariasis are transmitted by vectors belonging to the anopheles hyrcanus pallas group, a study was conducted from june to november 1986 to evaluate the effectiveness of permethrin-impregnated mosquito bednets to reduce man/vector contact. in three experimental villages a total of 246 mosquito nets were treated with permethrin ec at a dosage of 0.5 g/m2. control bioassays (1 h exposure) of treated nets gave up to 100% mortality ...19882908784
[isolation of tahyna virus from anopheles hyrcanus mosquitoes in kyzylagach preserve, south-eastern azerbaijan]. 19724259043
[observation on seasonal dynamics of anopheles hyrcanus sinensis as a vector of plasmodium vivax in rice fields of a southern part of shandong province]. 19826764381
[malaria in vietnam. environment, prevention and treatment].in viet-nam, malaria rages in mountainous and wooded areas, as well as in coastal areas. in these geographical zones, the diversified features of environment have different repercussions on the development of anopheles species. the main vector species have strict oecological requirements: an. dirus, disseminated in the forests, colonizes stagnant and shaded water, such as rain water collected in ground dips and in cavities of trees and rocks; an. minimus selects its breeding-sites in pure and sl ...19937819809
evaluation of bacillus thuringiensis and bacillus sphaericus strains from chinese soils toxic to mosquito larvaeduring our research to isolate and screen microbial agents, eight bacillus thuringiensis isolates and five bacillus sphaericus isolates were shown to have high toxicity to mosquito larvae. comparing the lc50 values, four b. sphaericus isolates with lc50 values ranging from 0.50 to 1.47 ng/ml were about two to six times more toxic than strain 1593 (lc50 3.00 ng/ml) against larvae of culex quinquefasciatus. four b. thuringiensis isolates (lc50 values ranging from 3.80 to 7.54 ng/ml) and four b. sp ...19968812574
a new species of anopheles hyrcanus group from nei mongol autonomous region (diptera:culicidae).morphology of anopheles (anopheles) hailarensis, a new species belonging to the anopheles hyrcanus group, collected from hailaer, nei mongol autonomous region, p. r. of china, is described in adult, pupal, larval and egg stages. it is closely related to anopheles sinensis wiedemann, 1828 and anopheles heiheensis ma, 1981. comparisons on adult morphology among above three species and egg morphology between the new species and anopheles sinensis are made.199812078208
[the microclimate of the habitat of anopheles hyrcanus and anopheles maculipennis in rice fields]. 196314159830
new irrigation methods sustain malaria control in sichuan province, china.malaria appears to have been all but eradicated from certain areas of sichuan province mainly as a consequence of draining a sufficient proportion of rice paddy fields. the two main malaria vectors, both members of the anopheles hyrcanus group, breed prolifically in rice paddy fields, which farmers have traditionally kept flooded all year round to ensure an adequate water supply. over the last three decades, the irrigation network has been gradually extended, thus ensuring water security and inc ...200414732245
a note on filariasis among the natives of okinawa, with particular reference to possible transmission of wuchereria bancrofti by anopheles hyrcanus sinensis. 195114878107
identification and characterization of larval and adult anopheline mosquito habitats in the republic of korea: potential use of remotely sensed data to estimate mosquito distributions.plasmodium vivax malaria reemerged in the republic of korea in 1993, with more than 2,000 cases reported in the northwestern part of the country over the last 10 years. to better assess the risk of malaria transmission we conducted a surveillance study to identify and characterize the habitats that produce potential anopheles vector mosquitoes. immature and adult mosquito collection data were incorporated into a geographic information system (gis) along with remotely sensed satellite imagery, an ...200516011809
studies on anopheles sinensis, the vector species of vivax malaria in korea.extensive previous studies on taxonomy, behavior/bionomics and control of anopheles sinensis are reviewed and summarized. recent molecular identification revealed that the population of an. sinensis complex includes an. sinensis, an. pullus, an. lesteri and at least two new species, and an. yatsushiroensis is synonmy of an. pullus. an. sinensis is the main vector species of vivax malaria in korea. larvae of an. sinensis breed in wide range of habitats which are naturally-made clean water, stagna ...200516192749
habitats and distribution of anopheles sinensis and associated anopheles hyrcanus group in japan.mosquito collections were carried out in august 2002 and july 2003 in japan. anopheles sinensis of the hyrcanus group, myzomyia series of anopheles, was the most common species encountered. the distribution and habitats of 5 anopheles hyrcanus group species are included. eight species belonging to aedes, culex, and uranotaenia were found associated with an. sinensis in rice paddies and a variety of other larval habitats.200516506573
anopheles peditaeniatus (leicester) new to the iranian mosquito fauna with notes on anopheles hyrcanus group in iran.anopheles peditaeniatus is reported for the first time in iran. species of the hyrcanus group previously reported in iran, including an. hyrcanus, an. pseudopictus, and an. nigerrimus, are reviewed.200616646339
horse-, bird-, and human-seeking behavior and seasonal abundance of mosquitoes in a west nile virus focus of southern france.after 35 yr of disease absence, west nile virus (family flaviviridae, genus flavivirus, wnv) circulation has been regularly detected in the camargue region (southern france) since 2000. wnv was isolated from culex modestus ficalbi, which was considered the main vector in southern france after horse outbreaks in the 1960s. recent wnv transmissions outside of the cx. modestus distribution suggested the existence of other vectors. to study potential wnv vectors, horse- and bird-baited traps and hum ...200617017231
molecular identification of palearctic members of anopheles maculipennis in northern iran.members of anopheles maculipennis complex are effective malaria vectors in europe and the caspian sea region in northern iran, where malaria has been re-introduced since 1994. the current study has been designed in order to provide further evidence on the status of species composition and to identify more accurately the members of the maculipennis complex in northern iran.200717233887
biology and dynamics of potential malaria vectors in southern france.malaria is a former endemic problem in the camargue, south east france, an area from where very few recent data concerning anopheles are available. a study was undertaken in 2005 to establish potential malaria vector biology and dynamics and evaluate the risk of malaria re-emergence.200717313664
revisited its2 phylogeny of anopheles (anopheles) hyrcanus group mosquitoes: reexamination of unidentified and misidentified its2 sequences.the anopheles (anopheles) hyrcanus group of mosquitoes is very important for human health because some are malarial vector mosquitoes. despite their pathological importance, some unidentified internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) sequences have been reported from members of this group, and their phylogenetic relationships have been rarely understood. in the present study, 84 its2 sequences for the hyrcanus group members were retrieved from genbank. the detailed sequence comparison unambiguously r ...200717514381
population dynamics of pest mosquitoes and potential malaria and west nile virus vectors in relation to climatic factors and human activities in the camargue, france.the camargue is an extensive wetland in the southeast of france, which is highly influenced by human activities. large ponds, marshes and irrigated fields provide abundant potential breeding sites for mosquitoes. mosquitoes, which are important in terms of the nuisance they cause to people and animals, the limitations they impose on tourism and their potential threat to human health. several of the mosquito species present are potential vectors of malaria and west nile virus. therefore, the popu ...200718092973
malaria reemergence in northern afghanistan.field investigations were conducted in kundoz province, an afghan high-risk area, to determine factors responsible for the rapid reemergence of malaria in that country, where 3 million cases were estimated to have occurred during 2002. results indicate the presence of nonrice-field-dependent plasmodium falciparum and rice-field-associated p. vivax malaria.200718252122
effects of local anthropogenic changes on potential malaria vector anopheles hyrcanus and west nile virus vector culex modestus, camargue, france.using historical data, we highlight the consequences of anthropogenic ecosystem modifications on the abundance of mosquitoes implicated as the current most important potential malaria vector, anopheles hyrcanus, and the most important west nile virus (wnv) vector, culex modestus, in the camargue region, france. from world war ii to 1971, populations of these species increased as rice cultivation expanded in the region in a political context that supported agriculture. they then fell, likely beca ...200718258028
using remote sensing to map larval and adult populations of anopheles hyrcanus (diptera: culicidae) a potential malaria vector in southern france.although malaria disappeared from southern france more than 60 years ago, suspicions of recent autochthonous transmission in the french mediterranean coast support the idea that the area could still be subject to malaria transmission. the main potential vector of malaria in the camargue area, the largest river delta in southern france, is the mosquito anopheles hyrcanus (diptera: culicidae). in the context of recent climatic and landscape changes, the evaluation of the risk of emergence or re-em ...200818302749
risk maps for range expansion of the lyme disease vector, ixodes scapularis, in canada now and with climate change.lyme disease is the commonest vector-borne zoonosis in the temperate world, and an emerging infectious disease in canada due to expansion of the geographic range of the tick vector ixodes scapularis. studies suggest that climate change will accelerate lyme disease emergence by enhancing climatic suitability for i. scapularis. risk maps will help to meet the public health challenge of lyme disease by allowing targeting of surveillance and intervention activities.200818498647
molecular evidence for similarity between anopheles hyrcanus (diptera: culicidae) and anopheles pseudopictus (diptera: culicidae), sympatric potential vectors of malaria in france.malaria was a former public health problem in the camargue, southeastern france, where members of the hyrcanus group were recently described as the main malaria potential vectors. however, the systematic status in this group, which includes at least two sympatric sibling species, anopheles hyrcanus (pallas) and anopheles pseudopictus grassi as well as a morphologically intermediate form in the camargue, is unclear. indeed, both species have been alternatively considered as separated or synonymou ...200818533455
a quantitative risk assessment approach for mosquito-borne diseases: malaria re-emergence in southern france.the camargue region is a former malaria endemic area, where potential anopheles vectors are still abundant. considering the importation of plasmodium due to the high number of imported malaria cases in france, the aim of this article was to make some predictions regarding the risk of malaria re-emergence in the camargue.200818673551
history of malaria control in tajikistan and rapid malaria appraisal in an agro-ecological setting.reported malaria cases in rice growing areas in western tajikistan were at the root of a rapid appraisal of the local malaria situation in a selected agro-ecological setting where only scarce information was available. the rapid appraisal was complemented by a review of the epidemiology and control of malaria in tajikistan and central asia from 1920 until today. following a resurgence in the 1990s, malaria transmission has been reduced considerably in tajikistan as a result of concerted efforts ...200818950536
molecular characterization of antifolates resistance-associated genes, (dhfr and dhps) in plasmodium vivax isolates from the middle iran, co-infections of plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum are common and p. vivax infections are often exposed to sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine (sp). in the present study, the frequency distribution of mutations associated to sp resistance was investigated in pvdhfr and pvdhps genes from field isolates.200919175936
spread of the west nile virus vector culex modestus and the potential malaria vector anopheles hyrcanus in central europe.mosquito faunal studies were carried out in five separate wetland regions in the czech republic during 2004-2007, sampling with dry ice-baited and sentinel host-baited cdc traps. a total of 79,245 adults was identified, representing 23 mosquito species that belonged to the genera anopheles, culiseta, coquillettidia, aedes, and culex. our findings reveal that the mosquito fauna is enriched by new elements in the mediterranean region. historical and cdc trap data suggest that the newly-emerging po ...200819263846
analysis of von willebrand factor a domain-related protein (warp) polymorphism in temperate and tropical plasmodium vivax field isolates.the identification of key molecules is crucial for designing transmission-blocking vaccines (tbvs), among those ookinete micronemal proteins are candidate as a general class of malaria transmission-blocking targets. here, the sequence analysis of an extra-cellular malaria protein expressed in ookinetes, named von willebrand factor a domain-related protein (warp), is reported in 91 plasmodium vivax isolates circulating in different regions of iran.200919549316
presence of the mosquito anopheles hyrcanus in south moravia, czech republic.during a survey of mosquitoes in the south moravian lowland area, the mosquito anopheles hyrcanus (pallas) (diptera: culicidae) was found breeding in an ancient fishpond (nesyt). it is not clear whether this southern palaearctic species, a known vector of malaria in asia which has not been recorded in the czech republic until this year, has gone undetected in the past or whether it has recently moved into the region as a result of climate change.200919712159
first record of a new member of anopheles hyrcanus group from iran: molecular identification, diagnosis, phylogeny, status of kdr resistance and plasmodium infection.the current study aimed to provide further evidence on the status of species composition, insecticide resistance, and vectorial capacity within the members of anopheles (anopheles) hyrcanus group in ardebil, giulan, and khuzestan provinces of iran. sequencing the internal transcribed spacer 2 (its2) of ribosomal dna gene led to identification of two members of hyrcanus complex: anopheles hyrcanus pallas and a new species/form, hereafter called anopheles hyrcanus sp(ir) as a world record. further ...200919769039
examining landscape factors influencing relative distribution of mosquito genera and frequency of virus infection.mosquito-borne infections cause some of the most debilitating human diseases, including yellow fever and malaria, yet we lack an understanding of how disease risk scales with human-driven habitat changes. we present an approach to study variation in mosquito distribution and concomitant viral infections on the landscape level. in a pilot study we analyzed mosquito distribution along a 10-km transect of a west african rainforest area, which included primary forest, secondary forest, plantations, ...200919915916
male mating biology.before sterile mass-reared mosquitoes are released in an attempt to control local populations, many facets of male mating biology need to be elucidated. large knowledge gaps exist in how both sexes meet in space and time, the correlation of male size and mating success and in which arenas matings are successful. previous failures in mosquito sterile insect technique (sit) projects have been linked to poor knowledge of local mating behaviours or the selection of deleterious phenotypes during colo ...200919917078
biting activity of mosquito species (diptera: culicidae) in the turkey-armenia border area, ararat valley, turkey.during nine consecutive nights in july 2007 (from 18:15-05:45 h), mosquitoes landing-biting on humans were collected outdoors and indoors at the turkey-armenia border. a total of 1005 females were collected consisting of nine species. the dominant species was aedes dorsalis (meigen) (47.5% of total catch), followed by anopheles hyrcanus (pallas) (22.9%), culex theileri (theobald) (9.3%),ae. vexans (meigen) (6.6%), ae. caspius (pallas) (4.9%),anopheles maculipennis s.l. (meigen) (3.1%), culex ter ...201020180304
the epidemiology and treatment of infection due to brugia malayi.the author reviews the distribution, epidemiology, and treatment of filarial infection due to brugia malayi, with special reference to malaya. b. malayi infection in man is confined to the far east between longitudes 75 degrees e and 140 degrees e and is essentially rural. the chief vectors are mansonia spp., anopheles hyrcanus group, a. barbirostris group, and aëdes togoi. the epidemiological picture is complicated by the fact that b. malayi and other closely related species have now been found ...196220604131
mosquito (diptera: culicidae) fauna in an area endemic for west nile virus.mosquito collections with cdc light traps using dry ice and pigeon-baited traps were carried out in south moravia (czech republic) from april to october in 2007 and 2008 at two study sites. in 2007, 11 two-day captures were carried out in two-week intervals, and 1,490 female mosquitoes of nine species were caught. in 2008, 15 two-day trappings of mosquitoes were carried out: 6,778 females of 22 species of mosquitoes were trapped. the results showed marked differences in abundance and species com ...201020618662
malaria resurgence risk in southern europe: climate assessment in an historically endemic area of rice fields at the mediterranean shore of travel and immigration have been related with an increase of imported malaria cases. this fact and climate change, prolonging the period favouring vector development, require an analysis of the malaria transmission resurgence risk in areas of southern europe. such a study is made for the first time in spain. the ebro delta historically endemic area was selected due to its rice field landscape, the presence of only one vector, anopheles atroparvus, with densities similar to those it ...201020673367
malaria risk in corsica, former hot spot of malaria in france.background: the prevalence of plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax malaria was very high in corsica just before the second world war. the last outbreak was in 1972 and the most recent indigenous case was in 2006. results: analysis of historical data shows that anopheline vectors were abundant. recent surveys demonstrated that potential vectors are still present in corsica, despite the likely disappearance of anopheles sacharovi. moreover, p. falciparum can develop experimentally into these ...201020704707
pathogenic landscapes: interactions between land, people, disease vectors, and their animal hosts.landscape attributes influence spatial variations in disease risk or incidence. we present a review of the key findings from eight case studies that we conducted in europe and west africa on the impact of land changes on emerging or re-emerging vector-borne diseases and/or zoonoses. the case studies concern west nile virus transmission in senegal, tick-borne encephalitis incidence in latvia, sandfly abundance in the french pyrenees, rift valley fever in the ferlo (senegal), west nile fever and t ...201020979609
entomologic and molecular investigation into plasmodium vivax transmission in singapore, 2009.singapore has been certified malaria free since november 1982 by the world health organization and despite occasional local transmission, the country has maintained the standing. in 2009, three clusters of malaria cases were reported in singapore.201021029478
population dynamics of five anopheles species of the hyrcanus group in northern gyeonggi-do, investigate the population densities of potential malaria vectors, anopheles species were collected by light traps in malaria endemic areas, paju and gimpo, gyeonggi-do of korea. five anopheles hyrcanus sibling species (an. sinensis, an. pullus, an. lesteri, an. kleini, and an. belenrae) were identified by pcr. the predominant species, an. pullus was collected during the late spring and mid-summer, while higher population consists of an. sinensis were collected from late summer to early autum ...201021234242
anopheles belenrae, a potential vector of plasmodium vivax in the republic of korea.the malarial parasite, plasmodium vivax, was detected in 4 species of anopheles (hyrcanus group) mosquitoes, namely an. kleini, an. pullus, an. belenrae, and an. sinensis, from gyeonggi province, republic of korea (rok). this study confirmed that an. belenrae was infected by p. vivax, and implicated this species as a potential vector of vivax malaria in the rok.201021290939
seasonal prevalence of mosquitoes, including vectors of brugian filariasis, in southern islands of the republic of korea.a survey of mosquitoes, including the vector status of brugia malayi filariasis and their relative larval density, was conducted from 2002 to 2005 at several southern remote islands of jeollanam-do (province), gyeongsangnam-do, and jeju-do, korea, where filariasis was previously endemic. overall, a total of 9 species belonging to 7 genera were collected. ochlerotatus togoi (formerly known as aedes togoi), anopheles (hyrcanus) group, and culex pipiens were the predominant species captured at all ...201121461270
role of the repartition of wetland breeding sites on the spatial distribution of anopheles and culex, human disease vectors in southern france.abstract: background: in this study, carried out in the camargue region (france), we combined entomological data with geomatic and modelling tools to assess whether the location of breeding sites may explain the spatial distribution of adult mosquitoes. the species studied are important and competent disease vectors in europe: culex modestus ficalbi and cx. pipiens linnaeus (west nile virus), anopheles atroparvus van thiel, a former plasmodium vector, and an. melanoon hackett, competent to trans ...201121548912
Preliminary vivax malaria vector competence for three members of the Anopheles hyrcanus group in the Republic of Korea.In a study on the comparative susceptibility of Anopheles kleini, An. lesteri, and An. sinensis to Plasmodium vivax, we examined the feeding of laboratory-reared mosquitoes on blood of a patient carrying gametocytes from the Republic of Korea. Sporozoites in salivary glands from day 14 postfeeding were detected in An. kleini and An. lesteri with numbers high enough to initiate infection, while no sporozoites were detected in the salivary glands of An. sinensis. This result suggests that An. klei ...201122017097
larval habitat characteristics of the genus anopheles (diptera: culicidae) and a checklist of mosquitoes in guilan province, northern iran.ecological data are important in the vector control management of mosquitoes. there is scattered published information about the larval habitat characteristics and ecology of the genus anopheles (diptera: culicidae) in iran and most of available data is in relation to malaria vectors in southern iran.201122808409
pilot longitudinal mosquito surveillance study in the danube delta biosphere reserve and the first reports of anopheles algeriensis theobald, 1903 and aedes hungaricus mihályi, 1955 for romania.mosquito-borne viruses (moboviruses) are of growing importance in many countries of europe. in romania and especially in the danube delta biosphere reserve (ddbr), mosquito and mobovirus surveillance are not performed on a regular basis. however, this type of study is crucially needed to evaluate the risk of pathogen transmission, to understand the ecology of emerging moboviruses, or to plan vector control programmes.201627066827
direct pcr of indigenous and invasive mosquito species: a time- and cost-effective technique of mosquito barcoding.millions of people die each year as a result of pathogens transmitted by mosquitoes. however, the morphological identification of mosquito species can be difficult even for experts. the identification of morphologically indistinguishable species, such as members of the anopheles maculipennis complex (diptera: culicidae), and possible hybrids, such as culex pipiens pipiens/culex pipiens molestus (diptera: culicidae), presents a major problem. in addition, the detection and discrimination of newly ...201526663040
european surveillance for west nile virus in mosquito populations.a wide range of arthropod-borne viruses threaten both human and animal health either through their presence in europe or through risk of introduction. prominent among these is west nile virus (wnv), primarily an avian virus, which has caused multiple outbreaks associated with human and equine mortality. endemic outbreaks of west nile fever have been reported in italy, greece, france, romania, hungary, russia and spain, with further spread expected. most outbreaks in western europe have been due ...201324157510
west nile virus state of the art report of malwest project.during the last three years greece is experiencing the emergence of west nile virus (wnv) epidemics. within this framework, an integrated surveillance and control programme (malwest project) with thirteen associate partners was launched aiming to investigate the disease and suggest appropriate interventions. one out of seven work packages of the project is dedicated to the state of the art report for wnv. three expert working groups on humans, animals and mosquitoes were established. medical dat ...201324317379
monitoring of west nile virus in mosquitoes between 2011-2012 in hungary.west nile virus (wnv) is a widely distributed mosquito-borne flavivirus. wnv strains are classified into several genetic lineages on the basis of phylogenetic differences. whereas lineage 1 viruses are distributed worldwide, lineage 2 wnv was first detected outside of africa in hungary in 2004. since then, wnv-associated disease and mortality in animal and human hosts have been documented periodically in hungary. after the first detection of wnv from a pool of culex pipiens mosquitoes in 2010, s ...025229703
field evaluation of picaridin repellents reveals differences in repellent sensitivity between southeast asian vectors of malaria and arboviruses.scaling up of insecticide treated nets has contributed to a substantial malaria decline. however, some malaria vectors, and most arbovirus vectors, bite outdoors and in the early evening. therefore, topically applied insect repellents may provide crucial additional protection against mosquito-borne pathogens. among topical repellents, deet is the most commonly used, followed by others such as picaridin. the protective efficacy of two formulated picaridin repellents against mosquito bites, includ ...201425522134
genetic compatibility between anopheles lesteri from korea and anopheles paraliae from assess differentiation and relationships between anopheles lesteri and anopheles paraliae we established three and five iso-female lines of an. lesteri from korea and an. paraliae from thailand, respectively. these isolines were used to investigate the genetic relationships between the two taxa by crossing experiments and by comparing dna sequences of ribosomal dna second internal transcribed spacer (its2) and mitochondrial dna cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (coi) and subunit ii (coii). resul ...023778670
recurrence of japanese encephalitis epidemic in wuhan, china, 2009-2010.japanese encephalitis (je) was once epidemic in most areas of china, including wuhan, a city located in the central part of china. the incidence of je dramatically decreased due to nationwide immunization with the live attenuated je virus (jev) vaccine, and no je cases were reported during 2005-2008 in wuhan. in 2009 and 2010, 31 je cases reoccurred in this area. in this study, we investigated the causes of je recurrence.201323326348
susceptibility of eight species members in the anopheles hyrcanus group to nocturnally subperiodic brugia malayi.filariasis, caused by brugia malayi, is a public health problem in thailand. currently, at least two locations in southern thailand are reported to be active endemic areas. two and four mansonia species are primary and secondary vectors, respectively, of the nocturnally subperiodic race, whereas, coquillettidia crassipes is a vector of the diurnally subperiodic race. although several anopheles species have been incriminated extensively as natural and/or suspected vectors of b. malayi, little is ...201323289957
a video clip of the biting midge culicoides anophelis ingesting blood from an engorged anopheles mosquito in hainan, china.biting midges are hematophagus ectoparasites of insects, humans and other animals. culicoides (trithicoides) anophelis edwards1922 is a predator of engorged mosquitoes.201324499575
evidence to support natural hybridization between anopheles sinensis and anopheles kleini (diptera: culicidae): possibly a significant mechanism for gene introgression in sympatric populations.malaria caused by plasmodium vivax is still a public health problem in the republic of korea (rok), particularly regarding the recent re-emergence of this malarial species near the demilitarized zone in northwestern paju city, gyeonggi-do province. currently, at least 4 species (an. kleini, an. pullus, an. belenrae and an. lesteri) of the hyrcanus group are reported as possible natural vectors of vivax malaria in the rok, and an. sinensis, which is the most dominant species, has long been incrim ...201424443885
detection of west nile virus in six mosquito species in synchrony with seroconversion among sentinel chickens in india.west nile virus (wnv) is a zoonotic flavivirus maintained in mosquito-bird transmission cycle. although humans are accidental hosts, fatal outcomes following wnv infection have been reported from india. studies have identified wnv as an important etiological agent causing acute encephalitis syndrome in assam, northeast india. while circulation of wnv is evident, the role of vectors and avian hosts involved in the transmission remains unclear. in this study we identified local mosquito species fo ...201728061903
cow-baited tents are highly effective in sampling diverse anopheles malaria vectors in cambodia.the accurate monitoring and evaluation of malaria vectors requires efficient sampling. the objective of this study was to compare methods for sampling outdoor-biting anopheles mosquitoes in cambodia.201627577697
the complete sequence of a west nile virus lineage 2 strain detected in a hyalomma marginatum marginatum tick collected from a song thrush (turdus philomelos) in eastern romania in 2013 revealed closest genetic relationship to strain volgograd this study the first complete sequence of the west nile virus (wnv) lineage 2 strain currently circulating in romania was determined. the virus was detected in a hyalomma marginatum marginatum tick collected from a juvenile song thrush (turdus philomelos) in the romanian danube delta close to the city of tulcea, end of august 2013. our finding emphasizes the role of ticks in introduction and maintenance of wnv infections. sequence analyses revealed close genetic relationship of the romanian w ...201425279973
anopheles plumbeus (diptera: culicidae) in europe: a mere nuisance mosquito or potential malaria vector?anopheles plumbeus has been recognized as a minor vector for human malaria in europe since the beginning of the 20th century. in recent years this tree hole breeding mosquito species appears to have exploited novel breeding sites, including large and organically rich man-made containers, with consequently larger mosquito populations in close vicinity to humans. this lead to investigate whether current populations of an. plumbeus would be able to efficiently transmit plasmodium falciparum, the pa ...201223181931
entomological determinants of insecticide-treated bed net effectiveness in western a large cluster randomized control trial of insecticide-treated bed nets (itn) in western myanmar the malaria protective effect of itn was found to be highly variable and, in aggregate, the effect was not statistically significant. a coincident entomological investigation measured malaria vector abundance and biting behaviour and the human population sleeping habits, factors relevant to itn effectiveness.201324119994
structural divergence of chromosomes between malaria vectors anopheles lesteri and anopheles sinensis.anopheles lesteri and anopheles sinensis are two major malaria vectors in china and southeast asia. they are dramatically different in terms of geographical distribution, host preference, resting habitats, and other traits associated with ecological adaptation and malaria transmission. both species belong to the anopheles hyrcanus group, but the extent of genetic differences between them is not well understood. to provide an effective way to differentiate between species and to find useful marke ...201627887641
effects of microclimate condition changes due to land use and land cover changes on the survivorship of malaria vectors in china-myanmar border the past decade, developing countries have been experiencing rapid land use and land cover changes, including deforestation and cultivation of previously forested land. however, little is known about the impact of deforestation and land-use changes on the life history of malaria vectors and their effects on malaria transmission. this study examined the effects of deforestation and crop cultivation on the adult survivorship of major malaria mosquitoes, anopheles sinensis and an. minimus in the ...201627171475
historical survey of the kdr mutations in the populations of anopheles sinensis in china in 1996-2014.anopheles sinensis has become an important malaria vector in china. the long-term extensive utilization of pyrethroids for itns and irs for mosquito control in the last three decades has resulted in the occurrence of resistant an. sinensis populations in many regions. knockdown resistance (kdr), caused by point mutations in the vgsc gene, is one of the mechanisms that confer resistance to ddt and pyrethroids. recently, several investigations revealed the kdr occurrence in some an. sinensis popul ...201525888824
time series analysis of malaria in afghanistan: using arima models to predict future trends in incidence.malaria remains endemic in afghanistan. national control and prevention strategies would be greatly enhanced through a better ability to forecast future trends in disease incidence. it is, therefore, of interest to develop a predictive tool for malaria patterns based on the current passive and affordable surveillance system in this resource-limited region.201627876041
the ecology and larval habitats characteristics of anopheline mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in aligudarz county (luristan province, western iran).to determine ecology and characteristics of the larval habitats of the genus anopheles (dipetra: culicidae) in aligudarz county, western iran.025183088
plasmodium vivax malaria in cambodia.the cambodian national strategic plan for elimination of malaria aims to move step by step toward elimination of malaria across cambodia with an initial focus on plasmodium falciparum malaria before achieving elimination of all forms of malaria, including plasmodium vivax in 2025. the emergence of artemisinin-resistant p. falciparum in western cambodia over the last decade has drawn global attention to support the ultimate goal of p. falciparum elimination, whereas the control of p. vivax lags m ...201627708187
impact of a spatial repellent on malaria incidence in two villages in sumba, indonesia.a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study was conducted to examine the effect of spatial repellent (sr) in households at risk of malaria in indonesia. following presumptive radical cure for malaria in 180 adult men representing sentinels of new infection in four clusters within two villages, all households were given either metofluthrin or placebo mosquito coils. weekly blood smear screening and human-landing mosquito catches were done throughout the 6 months intervention. malaria i ...201425311699
outdoor malaria transmission in forested villages of cambodia.despite progress in malaria control, malaria remains an important public health concern in cambodia, mostly linked to forested areas. large-scale vector control interventions in cambodia are based on the free distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets (llins), targeting indoor- and late-biting malaria vectors only. the present study evaluated the vector density, early biting activity and malaria transmission of outdoor-biting malaria vectors in two forested regions in cambodia.201324044424
progress towards malaria elimination in sabang municipality, aceh, indonesia.indonesia has set 2030 as its deadline for elimination of malaria transmission in the archipelago, with regional deadlines established according to present levels of malaria endemicity and strength of health infrastructure. the municipality of sabang which historically had one of the highest levels of malaria in aceh province aims to achieve elimination by the end of 2013.201323363768
elimination of plasmodium vivax malaria in azerbaijan.azerbaijan in the south caucasus region of far southeastern europe has a long history of malaria endemicity but just successfully eliminated local transmission. after a period of relatively stable malaria situation (1960-1970), the country witnessed an epidemic followed by a series of outbreaks of various magnitudes in the following two decades, all caused by plasmodium vivax compared with 1993, the number of malaria cases in the country jumped 29 times in 1994, 123 times in 1995, and 571 times ...201627708184
analysis of the causes of spawning of large-scale, severe malarial epidemics and their rapid total extinction in western provence, historically a highly endemic region of france (1745-1850).the two main puzzles of this study are the onset and then sudden stopping of severe epidemics in western provence (a highly malaria-endemic region of mediterranean france) without any deliberate counter-measures and in the absence of significant population flux.201424581282
dirofilaria repens microfilariae in aedes vexans mosquitoes in this study, we screened field-caught mosquitoes for presence of dirofilaria spp. by using a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay. potential occurrence of dirofilaria repens and dirofilaria immitis microfilariae was examined in 3,600 mosquitoes of eight species (aedes vexans, aedes cinereus, aedes rossicus, culex pipiens, culiseta annulata, ochlerotatus sticticus, ochlerotatus cantans and ochlerotatus caspius) collected from five locations in two districts (kosice and trebisov) of eastern slo ...201323846240
surveillance and vector control of lymphatic filariasis in the republic of korea.until the early 2000s, lymphatic filariasis would commonly break out in the coastal areas in korea. through steady efforts combining investigation and treatment, filariasis was officially declared eradicated in 2008. this study surveyed the density of vector species of filariasis in past endemic areas, and inspected filariasis dna from collected mosquitoes for protection against the reemergence of filariasis.024159506
status of insecticide resistance in high-risk malaria provinces in afghanistan.insecticide resistance seriously threatens the efficacy of vector control interventions in malaria endemic countries. in afghanistan, the status of insecticide resistance is largely unknown while distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets has intensified in recent years. the main objective of this study was thus to measure the level of resistance to four classes of insecticides in provinces with medium to high risk of malaria transmission.201626888409
mosquitoes of anopheles hyrcanus (diptera, culicidae) group: species diagnostic and phylogenetic relationships.herein, we report the results of study of anopheles species in primorsk and khabarovsk regions of russia. three species of the anopheles hyrcanus group: an. kleini, an. pullus, and an. lesteri were identified by molecular taxonomic diagnostics for the first time in russia. surprisingly, an. sinensis, which earlier was considered the only species of anopheles in russian far east, was not observed. we analyzed nucleotide variation in the 610-bp fragment of the 5' end of the cytochrome c oxidase su ...201526149867
development and application of an allglo probe-based qpcr assay for detecting knockdown resistance (kdr) mutations in anopheles sinensis.anopheles sinensis is one of the most important malaria vectors in china and other southeast asian countries. high levels of resistance have been reported in this species due to the long-term use of insecticides, especially pyrethroids, for public health and agricultural purposes. knockdown resistance (kdr) caused by a single base pair mutation in the gene encoding the sodium channel is strongly associated with pyrethroid insecticide resistance in many anopheles mosquitoes. there are few methods ...201425245258
assessment of the risk of malaria re-introduction in the maremma plain (central italy) using a multi-factorial approach. 201222463387
lymphatic filariasis and its control in japan -the background of success-. 022028596
next-generation sequencing reveals recent horizontal transfer of a dna transposon between divergent mosquitoes.horizontal transfer of genetic material between complex organisms often involves transposable elements (tes). for example, a dna transposon mariner has been shown to undergo horizontal transfer between different orders of insects and between different phyla of animals. here we report the discovery and characterization of an itmd37d transposon, mj1, in anopheles sinensis. we show that some mj1 elements in aedes aegypti and an. sinensis contain intact open reading frames and share nearly 99% nucle ...201121379317
circulation of dirofilaria repens, setaria tundra, and onchocercidae species in hungary during the period 2011-2013.dirofilaria repens and recently dirofilaria immitis are known to be endemic in hungary. since there is no related research on dirofilaria carrier mosquito species from hungary, we conducted a three-year mosquito surveillance study between 2011 and 2013. during the study period we examined 23,139 female mosquitoes with a generic filaria-specific taqman pcr assay, and characterized them by sequencing a 500 bp segment of 12s rrna. an important result of our study was the detection of setaria tundra ...201526412142
elisa incrimination of anopheles superpictus and anopheles hyrcanus (diptera: culicidae) as vectors of plasmodium vivax (haemosporida: plasmodiidae) in tajikistan.entomological surveys were conducted in the malaria-endemic southwestern region of tajikistan to establish which species of anopheles may be responsible for malaria transmission. the head-thorax portions of 2,213 wild-caught anopheles females-anopheles superpictus grassi (n = 1,292), anopheles pulcherrimus theobald (n = 376), anopheles hyrcanus (pallas) (n = 544), and anopheles claviger (meigen) (diptera: culicidae) (n = 1)-were tested for the presence of plasmodium sporozoites using enzyme-link ...201324843935
isolation of tahyna virus (california encephalitis group) from anopheles hyrcanus (diptera, culicidae), a mosquito species new to, and expanding in, central europe.two strains of tahyna virus (tahv; orthobunyavirus, bunyaviridae) were isolated from 4,568 (92 pools) female anopheles hyrcanus pallas (diptera, culicidae) mosquitoes collected on the fishponds in south moravia (czechland, central europe) during july-august 2013. this is the first isolation of tahv from an. hyrcanus in europe. an. hyrcanus is a species new to czechland since 2007; its population density was very high in the year 2013 at these ponds. the virus isolation procedure was based on int ...201426309316
finding of anopheles (anopheles) hyrcanus (pallas, 1771) (diptera, culicidae) during the entomological surveillance for west nile virus in umbria, italy.this study reports the mosquito collections conducted in july-august 2013 in castiglione del lago (umbria region, italy) during the entomological surveillance within the west nile national control program. the mosquito collections showed the noteworthy occurrence of anopheles hyrcanus s.l. (n = 156; 35.8% of the whole sample), a relatively rare mosquito species in italy, with molecular analyses con rming that these mosquitoes belong to an. hyrcanus s.s. the same catching site was characterized b ...201627723051
comparison of different trapping methods for surveillance of mosquito vectors of west nile virus in rhône delta, france.five trapping methods were compared for monitoring potential vectors of the west nile virus in four areas in the camargue plain of france: carbon dioxide traps, bird-baited traps, gravid traps, resting boxes, and human landing catches. a total of 73,721 specimens, representing 14 species, was trapped in 2006. results showed significant differences in species and abundance between the type of traps. many more specimens were collected using co(2) traps than any other method, with an average of 212 ...201223181848
mosquito biodiversity patterns around urban environments in south-central okinawa island, is the largest, most urbanized, and densely populated island in the ryukyus archipelago, where mosquito species diversity has been thoroughly studied. however, the south-central okinawa mosquito fauna has been relatively poorly studied. here, we present results from a mosquito faunal survey in urban environments of nishihara city, south-central okinawa. mosquitoes were sampled biweekly, from april 2007 to march 2008, at 3 different environments: a forest preserve, an animal farm, and a w ...201425843131
comparison of adult mosquito black-light and light-emitting diode traps at three cowsheds located in malaria-endemic areas of the republic of mosquito surveillance and field trials evaluated selected commercially available ultraviolet black-light (bl) and light-emitting diode (led) traps at three sites where vivax malaria is endemic from may to october 2015 in northwestern republic of korea. collections totaled 283,929 adult mosquitoes (280,355 [98.74%] females and 3,574 [1.26%] males) comprising 17 species (including six members of the anopheles hyrcanus group) belonging to six genera. the four most predominant female species c ...201728082650
comparison of adult mosquito black-light and light-emitting diode traps at three cowsheds located in malaria-endemic areas of the republic of mosquito surveillance and field trials evaluated selected commercially available ultraviolet black-light (bl) and light-emitting diode (led) traps at three sites where vivax malaria is endemic from may to october 2015 in northwestern republic of korea. collections totaled 283,929 adult mosquitoes (280,355 [98.74%] females and 3,574 [1.26%] males) comprising 17 species (including six members of the anopheles hyrcanus group) belonging to six genera. the four most predominant female species c ...201627638960
an evaluation of the suitability of coi and coii gene variation for reconstructing the phylogeny of, and identifying cryptic species in, anopheline mosquitoes (diptera culicidae).we assessed the practicality and effectiveness of using variation in the mitochondrial coi and coii genes to discriminate species and reconstruct the phylogeny of anophelene mosquitoes. phylogenetic relationships among the subfamily anophelinae were inferred from portions of the mitochondrial coi (92 species) and coii genes (108 species). phylogenetic trees were reconstructed on the basis of parsimony, maximum likelihood and bayesian methods. the suitability of coi and coii gene variation for id ...201627937065
scanning electron microscopy of anopheles hyrcanus group (diptera: culicidae) eggs in thailand and an ultrastructural key for species identification.the eggs of anopheles argyropus, anopheles crawfordi, anopheles nigerrimus, anopheles nitidus, anopheles paraliae, anopheles peditaeniatus, anopheles pursati, and anopheles sinensis are described with the aid of scanning electron micrographs. comparisons of the egg structure among the eight species showed that the eggs differed with respect to the following characteristics: the deck-complete (an. argyropus, an. nigerrimus, an. paraliae, an. peditaeniatus, and an. sinensis); variable (complete, s ...201424337511
molecular taxonomy of members of the anopheles hyrcanus group from thailand and indonesia.during studies of malaria vectors in indonesia and thailand, several specimens identified by field staff as members of the anopheles barbirostris group (diptera: culicidae) were found to belong to the anopheles hyrcanus group, as shown by marked differences in the size of the nuclear rdna second internal transcribed spacer (its2) between the barbirostris (~1500 bp) and hyrcanus (~600 bp) groups. identification of the species concerned required a more detailed study of its2 sequences and subunit ...201121198713
species composition, co-occurrence, association and affinity indices of mosquito larvae (diptera: culicidae) in mazandaran province, northern iran.although considerable progress has been made in the past years in management of mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever and west nile fever through research in biology and ecology of the vectors, these diseases are still major threats to human health. therefore, more research is required for better management of the diseases. this investigation provides information on the composition, co-occurrence, association and affinity indices of mosquito larvae in mazandaran province, ...201626805471
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