effect of exogenous acth on serum corticosterone and cortisol concentrations in the moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis).the effects of exogenous adrenocorticortrophic hormone (acth) on the serum corticosterone and cortisol concentrations were determined in 28 mature moluccan cockatoos (cacatua moluccensis), a representative of the psittacine species. birds were randomly assigned to 4 groups (2 acth-treated groups and 2 saline-treated controls). group i (10 cockatoos [5 males and 5 females] ) was given 15 iu of acth after blood samples (base line) were taken at 10:00 am. blood samples were taken again at 30 minute ...19852992330
[fixation of an upper beak fracture in a moluccan cockatoo (c. moluccensis)].in this report the successful stabilisation by full-pin external fixation of the fractured beak of a moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) was described. suppositions and the technique of this surgical procedure were discussed.19892651080
myocardial sarcocystosis in a grand eclectus parrot (eclectus roratus) and a moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis).cardiac sarcocystosis is described in a grand eclectus parrot and a moluccan cockatoo. many cysts containing metrocytes were observed within cardiac muscle fibers on tissue sections stained with hematoxylin and eosin. characteristic ultrastructural features of the cyst walls included the presence of villous projections containing microtubules. compartmentalization of the cysts resulted from inward extensions of the cyst wall. the differential diagnosis of sarcocystosis, the life cycle of the par ...20042114872
axillary cystadenocarcinoma in a moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis).an adult moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) was diagnosed with a cystadenocarcinoma in the right axillary region that was treated symptomatically with surgical debulking and periodic drainage. the bird eventually died and a necropsy was performed. the neoplasm extended through the humerus, and small neoplastic foci were seen within the ipsilateral lung parenchyma. rare groupings of microvilli were observed lining intercellular canalicular lumens on electron microscopy within the axillary tu ...20049645336
pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism in a cockatoo.a 13-year-old female intact moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) was evaluated because of coelomic distention, presumed to be secondary to an abdominal hernia. the patient also had a history of rapid weight gain and polyuria and polydipsia.200818241105
survival on the ark: life history trends in captive parrots.members of the order psittaciformes (parrots and cockatoos) are among the most long-lived and endangered avian species. comprehensive data on lifespan and breeding are critical to setting conservation priorities, parameterizing population viability models, and managing captive and wild populations. to meet these needs, we analyzed 83, 212 life history records of captive birds from the international species information system and calculated lifespan and breeding parameters for 260 species of parr ...201222389582
efficient isolation of avian bornaviruses (abv) from naturally infected psittacine birds and identification of a new abv genotype from a salmon-crested cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis).avian bornaviruses (abv) have been discovered in 2008 as the causative agent of proventricular dilatation disease (pdd) in psittacine birds. to date, six abv genotypes have been described in psittacines. furthermore, two additional but genetically different abv genotypes were recognized in non-psittacine birds such as canary birds and wild waterfowl. this remarkable genetic diversity poses a considerable challenge to abv diagnosis, since polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assays may fail to detect ...201222824256
zoo playgrounds: a source of enrichment or stress for a group of nearby cockatoos? a case study.there is increasing evidence that in some circumstances, zoo visitors may be aversive stimuli to nonhuman animals housed in zoos. yet, most previous research has focused on primates with little attention given to numerous other species who are housed in zoos. the focus animal of this project was the cockatoo, a species who has received minimal attention in zoo-based research. furthermore, although the influence of the zoo setting has become increasingly important in visitor effect studies, this ...201525932924
comparison of hematologic and biochemical test results in blood samples obtained by jugular venipuncture versus nail clip in moluccan cockatoos (cacatua moluccensis).in birds, blood samples are often collected from the jugular, medial metatarsal, and basilic vein. samples are sometimes collected by toe nail clip, but concerns to avoid drawing blood from the nail include pain after nail clips for blood collection, potential differences in complete blood count (cbc) results, and potential contamination with uric acid values. to compare differences in biochemical and hematologic values in blood samples obtained by jugular venipuncture versus toenail clip, blood ...201526771320
infundibular pulmonic stenosis in a moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis).a 31-year-old female moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) was examined for intermittent foot clenching of 4 months' duration. physical examination revealed feather-destructive behavior and clinical findings compatible with hypovitaminosis a. neurologic examination was unremarkable. results of radiographs, hematologic testing, plasma biochemical analyses, and measurement of lead and trace element blood concentrations were unremarkable, except for degenerative joint disease of several thoracic ...201728358604
polyuria and polydipsia due to vitamin and mineral oversupplementation of the diet of a salmon crested cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) and a blue and gold macaw (ara ararauna).this paper describes a salmon-crested cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) and a blue and gold macaw (ara ararauna) of one owner, both presented with polyuria/polydipsia and weight loss. a tentative diagnosis of hypervitaminosis d(3) was based on the condition of hypercalcaemia, radiological findings and dietary history. on postmortem examination of the cockatoo, metastatic calcifications in the kidneys, lungs and proventriculus were seen. the diet was found to be oversupplemented with vitamin and min ...199718483902
salmonella typhimurium phage type dt160 infection in two moluccan cockatoos (cacatua moluccensis): clinical presentation and pathology.this paper reports on two fatal cases of salmonella typhimurium phage type dt160 infection in moluccan cockatoos (cacatua moluccensis) from a zoological collection in italy. no previous clinical signs were observed in birds before death, except for anorexia and mild diarrhea in one bird. at post mortem, necrotic foci surrounded by a hyperemic halo were observed in lungs, heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and intestine. microscopically, heterophils and macrophages with rare lymphocyte infiltration a ...201020408412
three cases of systemic atypical granulomatous disease in moluccan cockatoos (cacatua moluccensis): a new syndrome.a 1.5-year-old male moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) presented to kansas state university veterinary medical teaching hospital with a 4-month history of lethargy and weakness. hematologic and radiographic diagnostic testing revealed profound leukocytosis and coelomic and pulmonary granulomatous masses of unknown origin. the bird died during laparoscopic evaluation under general anesthesia. necropsy revealed multiple pulmonary and hepatic soft-tissue nodules and an intracoelomic mass over ...200818689074
baylisascaris procyonis infection in a moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis).an adult female moluccan cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) was evaluated for a 10-day history of progressive ataxia and weakness. the bird had been exposed intermittently over a 3-day period to a cage that had previously housed juvenile raccoons. results of diagnostic tests were inconclusive and, despite supportive care, the bird died 7 days after the initial presentation. histopathologic examination revealed a single nematode larva in the midbrain that was consistent with baylisascaris species and ...200718087940
the sensitivities of various erythrocytes in a haemagglutination assay for the detection of psittacine beak and feather disease virus.the erythrocytes of various species were tested in psittacine beak and feather disease (pbfd) virus haemagglutination (ha) and haemagglutination inhibition assays to determine which are suitable for use in these assays. ha activity was observed for erythrocytes of the salmon-crested cockatoo, the sulphur-crested cockatoo, the umbrella cockatoo, the goffin's cockatoo and the cockatiel, with differences amongst individuals within species, but not for erythrocytes of humans, the pig, the guinea pig ...200011014065
sarcocystis falcatula from passerine and psittacine birds: synonymy with sarcocystis neurona, agent of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis.equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (epm) is a neurologic disease of horses caused by sarcocystis neurona. the horse is a dead-end host for s. neurona and the definitive and intermediate hosts have not previously been identified. we hypothesized that s. neurona is actually sarcocystis falcatula, a parasite that cycles in nature between virginia opossums (didelphis virginiana) and any of a variety of avian intermediate hosts. we extracted dna from s. falcatula sarcocysts in the muscle of a brown-h ...19958544067
the isolation and characterisation of a newcastle disease virus from an exotic parrot.a newcastle disease virus was isolated from a salmon-crested cockatoo (cacatua moluccensis) illegally introduced into australia, viral-characterisation and chicken-transmission studies indicated that the isolate, g5320/1, was a lentogenic pathotype. it caused a severe respiratory disease in chickens exposed oronasally at 1-day old and in chickens housed at 1 day of age with chickens infected with newcastle disease virus. no harmful effects were detected in 5-week old chickens inoculated intraven ...1978753214
prosthetic beak for a salmon-crested cockatoo. 19836643254
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