complete mitochondrial genome sequence of chestnut-flanked white-eye (zosterops erythropleurus).the chestnut-flanked white-eye (zosterops erythropleurus) is a species of family zosteropidae, which is distributed widely in the world. in the present study, the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of chestnut-flanked white-eye was determined. it has a total length of 17 811 bp, and contains 13 protein-coding genes, 22 trna genes, 2 ribosome rna genes and 2 control regions. the total base composition was 30.2% for a, 31.0% for c, 14.2% for g and 24.6% for t. the phylogenetic tree of chestnut ...201626260179
new species and records of quill mites of the family syringophilidae (acari: prostigmata) from the passerines (aves: passeriformes) from the russian far east.two new species, syringophilopisis pari sp. nov. from poecile palustris linnaeus (paridae) and torotrogla volgini sp. nov. from emberiza elegans temminck (emberizidae) are described. additionally, new host species are reported for three syringophilid species: emberiza tristrami swinhoe and e. rutila pallas for betasyringophiloidus schoeniclus (skoracki); sitta europaea linnaeus (sittidae) for syringophilopsis sittae skoracki et al., and zosterops erythropleurus swinhoe (zosteropidae) for neoaulo ...201326287106
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