autochthonous circulation of saint louis encephalitis and west nile viruses in the province of la rioja, louis encephalitis (slev) and west nile (wnv) arboviruses, which circulate in argentina, are maintained in enzootic transmission cycles involving culex mosquitoes (vectors) and birds belonging to orders passeriformes and columbiformes (amplifier hosts). the objective of this work was to determine the circulation of both viruses among wild birds in a semiarid ecosystem in the province of la rioja through a serologic survey. during spring 2013 and fall 2014, a total of 326 wild birds belonging ...202033176955
comparative chromosome painting in columbidae (columbiformes) reinforces divergence in passerea and columbea.pigeons and doves (columbiformes) are one of the oldest and most diverse extant lineages of birds. however, the karyotype evolution within columbiformes remains unclear. to delineate the synteny-conserved segments and karyotypic differences among four columbidae species, we used chromosome painting from gallus gallus (gga, 2n = 78) and leucopternis albicollis (lal, 2n = 68). besides that, a set of painting probes for the eared dove, zenaida auriculata (zau, 2n = 76), was generated from flow-sort ...201829882066
a comprehensive cytogenetic analysis of several members of the family columbidae (aves, columbiformes).the columbidae species (aves, columbiformes) show considerable variation in their diploid numbers (2n = 68-86), but there is limited understanding of the events that shaped the extant karyotypes. hence, we performed whole chromosome painting (wcp) for paints gga1-10 and bacterial artificial chromosome (bac) probes for chromosomes gga11-28 for columbina passerina, columbina talpacoti, patagioenas cayennensis, geotrygon violacea and geotrygon montana. streptopelia decaocto was only investigated wi ...202032521831
eimeria ferreirai n. sp. (chromista: miozoa: eimeriidae) from doves leptotila spp. (columbiformes: columbidae) from brazil.the doves and pigeons constitute a taxonomic group (columbiformes: columbidae) of granivorous and frugivorous birds with a worldwide distribution. the current work aims to describe morphologically and molecularly a new protozoan from white-tipped doves leptotila verreauxi bonaparte, 1855 and grey-fronted doves leptotila rufaxilla (richard bernard, 1792) in southeastern brazil. eimeria ferreirai n. sp. has oocysts that are sub-spherical to ellipsoidal, 21.4 × 18.8 μm, with smooth, bilayered wall, ...202033056336
first record of microlynchia pusilla (diptera: hippoboscidae) in northeastern brazil.the present paper reports the occurrence of microlynchia pusilla in the state of rio grande do norte (rn) on leptotila verreauxi approximans from a deciduous forest fragment located in the municipality of macaíba. a specimen of l. v. approximans was collected in june 2012, wrapped in paper towels and kept under refrigeration in a plastic bag for later analysis of parasite fauna, taxidermy, and eventual storage in the ornithological collection of the federal university of rio grande do norte (ufr ...201323778828
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