simultaneous detection of six stone fruit viruses by non-isotopic molecular hybridization using a unique riboprobe or 'polyprobe'.a new strategy for the simultaneous detection of plant viruses by molecular hybridization has been developed. two, four or six viral sequences were fused in tandem and transcribed to render unique riboprobes and designated as 'polyprobes'. the 'polyprobe four' (poly 4) covered the four ilarviruses affecting stone fruit trees including apple mosaic virus (apmv), prunus necrotic ringspot virus (pnrsv), prune dwarf virus (pdv), and american plum line pattern virus (aplpv) whereas the 'polyprobe two ...200415664050
low genetic variability in the coat and movement proteins of american plum line pattern virus isolates from different geographic origins.until very recently isolates of american plum line pattern virus (aplpv) had not been reported from outside north america. the nucleotide sequences corresponding to the movement (mp) and coat (cp) proteins of eight aplpv isolates from five mediterranean countries were determined. sequence analysis showed that both mp and cp genes are highly conserved irrespective of geographic origin. the study of the distribution of synonymous and nonsynonymous changes along both open reading frames revealed th ...200818080796
generic amplicon deep sequencing to determine ilarvirus species diversity in australian prunus.the distribution of ilarvirus species populations amongst 61 australian prunus trees was determined by next generation sequencing (ngs) of amplicons generated using a genus-based generic rt-pcr targeting a conserved region of the ilarvirus rna2 component that encodes the rna dependent rna polymerase (rdrp) gene. presence of ilarvirus sequences in each positive sample was further validated by sanger sequencing of cloned amplicons of regions of each of rna1, rna2 and/or rna3 that were generated by ...201728713347
ilarviruses of prunus spp.: a continued concern for fruit trees.prunus spp. are affected by a large number of viruses, causing significant economic losses through either direct or indirect damage, which results in reduced yield and fruit quality. among these viruses, members of the genus ilarvirus (isometric labile ringspot viruses) occupy a significant position due to their distribution worldwide. although symptoms caused by these types of viruses were reported early in the last century, their molecular characterization was not achieved until the 1990s, muc ...201223148725
the promiscuous evolutionary history of the family bromoviridae.recombination and segment reassortment are important contributors to the standing genetic variation of rna viruses and are often involved in the genesis of new, emerging viruses. this study explored the role played by these two processes in the evolutionary radiation of the plant virus family bromoviridae. the evolutionary history of this family has been explored previously using standard molecular phylogenetic methods, but incongruences have been found among the trees inferred from different ge ...200818559945
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