The neuromuscular activity of Micrurus pyrrhocryptus venom and its neutralization by commercial and specific coral snake antivenoms.The neuromuscular activity ofMicrurus pyrrochryptus venom was studied in chick biventer cervicis (BC) and mouse phrenic nerve-diaphragm (PND) preparations. The venom (0.5-50µg/ml) caused irreversible, time- and concentration-dependent blockade, with BC being more sensitive than PND (50% blockade with 10µg/ml in 22±;3min and 62±4min, respectively; mean±SEM, n=6; p<0.05). In BC preparations, venom (0.5µg/ml) progressively abolished ACh-induced contractures, whereas contractures to exogenous KCl an ...201121858249
biochemical characterization of the micrurus pyrrhocryptus venom.snake venom toxicity is the consequence of a combination of peptides and proteins whose identification and characterization are of great importance to understand envenomation and develop new clinical treatments. the elapinae subfamily includes coral snakes whose bite causes mainly neurotoxic effects which disable muscle contraction and paralyse the heart as well as inhibit respiration. however, the structure-function relationship of venom toxins has been investigated only for a few species. we h ...200919135468
the bold and the beautiful: a neurotoxicity comparison of new world coral snakes in the micruroides and micrurus genera and relative neutralization by antivenom.coral snake envenomations are well characterized to be lethally neurotoxic. despite this, few multispecies, neurotoxicity and antivenom efficacy comparisons have been undertaken and only for the micrurus genus; micruroides has remained entirely uninvestigated. as the usa's supplier of antivenom has currently stopped production, alternative sources need to be explored. the mexican manufacturer bioclon uses species genetically related to usa species, thus we investigated the efficacy against micru ...201728674788
myotoxicity and nephrotoxicity by micrurus venoms in experimental envenomation.micrurus venoms are essentially neurotoxic but other activities, such as myotoxicity, may be apparent under experimental conditions. although this myotoxicity has been occasionally reported, there are no studies addressing it systematically across the genus, particularly in its relationship to other systemic manifestations such as renal impairment. the lethal potency of micrurus fulvius, micrurus nigrocinctus, micrurus surinamensis, micrurus altirostris, micrurus balyocoriphus and micrurus pyrrh ...201222133570
[note on micrurus surinamensis nattereri schmidt and micrurus pyrrhocryptus cope]. 195913715150
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